Chapter 1791 – Blood Tempering Spirit Control Technique

Their spirits were refreshed when they heard Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, and they didn’t hesitate to continue forward.


Stars burned while emanating pale green divine flames that seemed to form an ocean, and they even carried strands of Tribulation Energy, causing it to seem extremely dangerous.

When faced with such a situation, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing didn’t hold back any longer. He suddenly withdrew another Natural Spirit Treasure that was suffused with an ancient and desolate aura. It was shaped like a jar, had a rough exterior, was inscribed with the mysterious diagrams of plants, animals, and people of ancient times offering sacrifices to the gods and ancestors.

At this moment, as soon as the jar appeared, it droned before emanating a ray of light, and it was like a boundlessly vast silver river that poured down from the sky.


The images of numerous Fiendgods appeared from within the silver river. They were extremely divine, mighty, and haughty, and they actually resided in the surroundings and completely dispersed the attacks that came from all directions!

In an instant, all the others in the group felt the pressure upon them lessen abruptly, and they felt a wave of relief.

“The Jar of Ancient Barbarians!” The Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods exclaimed with surprise as they’d recognized this Natural Spirit Treasure that was passed down in the Shaohao Clan. This treasure was like a treasure born to be a Barbarian God ‘farm’, and it was capable of completely refining one’s enemies into ‘Barbarian Gods’ that would be under one’s control. It was extremely miraculous and unfathomable.

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing couldn’t help but feel a wave of self satisfaction when he noticed this. The Jar of Ancient Barbarians was one of his trump cards, and he’d tempered it for almost 19,000 years while the amount of ‘Barbarian Gods’ sealed within it amounted to over 1,000!

Most of these Barbarian Gods were refined from the prisoners that the Shaohao Clan had captured. The weakest amongst them was at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and Barbarian Gods like these occupied more than half of the total. The amount of Barbarian Gods that possessed the strength of Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods occupied almost 20% of the total. Whereas the remaining 10% was occupied by ferocious beasts, divine flying beasts, and so on and so forth that possessed unique abilities.

At this moment, all the Barbarian Gods he’d utilized possessed a strength comparable to Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. Moreover, they were dead beings that had been refined into Barbaric Gods, so they could be said to be impermeable to the elements and unafraid of Tribulation Energy. So, they just happened to be able to display unexpected effects here.


This expanse of the starry sky was fluctuating like waves while the pale green divine flames shook, and the burning stars circulated while emanating a force that was capable of obliterating the world.

But at this moment, all of this destructive force was unable to harm Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group at all.

In next to no time, their group had passed through this dangerous area, and the scene in the surroundings became deathly silent and ghastly once more.

The burning stars had become motionless, the pale green divine flames had stopped surging, and even the Tribulation Energy in the air had silently vanished without a trace.

Only deathly silence remained, and it was extremely silent and mysterious.

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing suddenly stopped moving when he noticed this, and his eyes flickered with a cold glow.


“Where are we?”

“We seem to have… lost our way!”

“How could this have happened? Could we have fallen into a type of restriction?”

All the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were shocked, and they stopped moving right after Imperial Monarch Tai Jing had before becoming vigilant to the extreme.

“Watch out!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing seemed to have noticed something, and his expression suddenly changed. He shouted out loudly in a deep voice while he suddenly activated the Jar of Ancient Barbarians in his hand.


At practically the exact same moment and along with a dragon roar that surged through the surroundings, an extremely enormous dragon head shot out from the starry sky in the distance. Its horn was like a mountain, its whiskers were like waterfalls that descended from the heavens, and its eyes that seemed like a pair of brilliant suns had swiftly locked onto them.

In an instant, a wave of icy coldness swept through the figures of everyone including Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, and their expressions changed rapidly.

An aura of extreme danger covered the heavens and the earth as it descended towards them….

Seven days later, strands of light violet divine light suffused Chen Xi’s body. It flowed densely, was illusory, and enveloped his entire body while emanating an ancient and tranquil aura.

On the other hand, the blood within his body seethed like lava and rumbled as it swept through him. It was like a myriad of tempestuous waves were howling furiously and ceaselessly tempering his physique.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, in the area above this deathly silent starry sky that was covered by the skeletons of dragons, a wave of endless rumbling that sounded like two divine mountains colliding with each other resounded and surged through the surroundings.

This sound came from the vital energy within Chen Xi’s body, and it seemed to be extremely grand yet didn’t carry any offensive ability. Otherwise, the entire Tomb of Dragons would have been alarmed by it and an unknown calamity would have definitely descended.

“This kid is really extraordinary. The Blood Tempering Spirit Control Technique is a Holy Shaman’s secret technique that came from the last era, and it’s completely different from the techniques of the current era. I never expected that he would be able to pass through the threshold so easily….” At this moment, Senior White who’d been constantly paying close attention to Chen Xi couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of admiration in his eyes.

He was very clearly aware that Chen Xi’s body had been tempered successively by the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Technique, the Roc Divine Technique, and the energy of numerous Grand Daos. It had long since moved towards a state akin to the Dao, and it was like a Dao Body.

It was precisely such a solid and deep foundation that allowed it to seem so easy for Chen Xi to cultivate the Blood Tempering Spirit Control Technique, and it could be said to have been accomplished without any extra effort.

“Senior White, this technique refined the blood to a state similar to lava, and then it benefits the soul and Dao Foundation. It truly is unfathomably miraculous. Can you pass it down to me as well?” Little Bao seemed extremely covetous as he watched from the side, and he couldn’t help but seek guidance from Senior White.

“You?” Senior White shot a sideways glance at Little Bao, and then he chuckled and shook his head. “The technique that Temple Master passed down to you can be said to be peerlessly extraordinary and unique, yet you covet this technique of the last era. You really are greedy.”

“Just tell me yes or no.” Little Bao scratched his ears and head anxiously.

“Chen Xi can cultivate this technique because his destiny and fate is concealed, and it allows him to avoid being detected and controlled by the current Heaven Dao, but you….” Senior White puckered his lips. “If you cultivate this technique, then it’s equivalent to courting death. As it’s said, the fortune of the past is a tribulation for the next generation. Something left behind from the last era may not necessarily be a good thing.”

When he heard all of this, Little Bao was shocked in his heart, and he glanced doubtfully at Senior White. In the end, he discarded that trace of hope in his heart.

As they conversed, the imposing aura around Chen Xi had suddenly retracted while the surging and rumbling vital blood in Chen Xi’s body seemed as if they’d returned to their source and had silently fallen into a dormant state.

“Looks like the side effects of the Godslaughter Burst will be completely healed in around 2 hours from now.” Senior White nodded to himself.

“Hmm?” Little Bao seemed to have noticed something, and a wisp of bright golden radiance suddenly suffused his eyes while he exclaimed with surprise via voice transmission. “Someone’s coming!”

In an instant, Chen Xi was alarmed, and he awoke from his cultivation. He practically instinctively circulated the Daoseal Mark to conceal the figures of Little Bao, Senior White, and himself.


At practically the exact same moment that Chen Xi had finished doing all of this, a circle of ripples suddenly arose in this expanse of the starry sky that was covered by the ‘Tomb of Dragons’, and then numerous figures appeared.

Surprisingly, it was Imperial Monarch Tai Jing who was in the lead!

However, at this moment, he was gasping for breath. His expression was ashen and unsightly while his clothes were bloody and in rags. He seemed like a primeval ferocious beast that emanated a terrifying aura after been injured and infuriated.

It wasn’t just Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, the four Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods by his side had extremely unsightly expressions as well, and their faces were gloomy to the extreme.

An entire seven days of time!

They’d been trapped within the Mirage Dragon’s World for an entire seven days of time! And they’d practically suffered the attacks of that Mirage Dragon at all times.

With Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s combat strength, the two Natural Spirit Treasures he possessed, and the assistance of over 10 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, they were actually not a match for that Mirage Dragon!

This battle was extremely horrifying. During these seven days of time, an entire nine Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from their side were unable to persist in the battle and had been crushed on the spot. Their losses were so severe that it even caused them to feel despair.

Even if it was at this moment when they’d arrived at the Tomb of Dragons, they still felt like it was unreal, and they felt extremely terrified.

“That really was too terrifying….” Someone muttered with an ashen expression.

“If we knew this would happen, we really shouldn’t have come here. According to rumor, no one has even been able to survive here since the ancient times until now!” Someone spoke with bitter regret.

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing calmed down instead when he heard all of this, and then he swept the surroundings with his gaze. He remained silent for a long time before he said indifferently, “Is it even possible to regret it now?”

All of them went silent. They were naturally clearly aware that it was utterly impossible to regret their actions at this point, and they were just unable to calm down in their hearts.

“Since it’s impossible to regret it, then we’ll continue forward!”

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing spoke word by word, and his voice emanated a wisp of resolution. “If my deductions aren’t wrong, then this expanse of the starry sky before us is an area called the Tomb of Dragons. So long as we traverse through it, then we’ll arrive at the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “This also means that supreme fortune is already close at hand!”

Their bodies shook while they swept the surroundings with their gazes in succession, and their originally dispirited and dejected emotions gradually brightened once more.

“But… we still haven’t located the target’s tracks until now. It would seem to be slightly bad if we place all our attention on looking for this fortune.” One of them hesitated for a moment and spoke in a low voice.

The others were stunned, and their expressions changed indeterminately.

Indeed, they’d come here for the sake of hunting that kid. But up until now, they actually hadn’t even noticed a trace of him. If news of this were to be sent back to the clan, then the great figures of the clan would probably not forgive them.

“Do all of you think that kid has already perished here? After all, even we’ve suffered heavy losses while that kid is all alone. So, he would definitely be far inferior than us.” One of them pondered deeply and analyzed.

“Even if he’s alive, he’s bound to be unable to escape this place. We can’t allow him to lead us by the nose.” One of them spoke with a gloomy expression.

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing couldn’t help but frown as he listened to these discussions, and he said in a low voice, “How long more do all of you intend to continue discussing all of this here?”

All of their faces froze, and they went silent like cicadas in the winter.

“Set out!” He merely lightly spat out two words from between his lips, and then Imperial Monarch Tai Jing glanced coldly at all of them before his figure flashed towards the distance.

The others exchanged glances when they saw this, and then they hurriedly chased after Imperial Monarch Tai Jing.

“Be careful and don’t touch those dragon skeletons, otherwise, even I would be unable to save all of you!”

“Head this way. There’s a unique aura being faintly emanated from there. Let’s go investigate it.”

As they flew, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing guided the others in order to prevent them from accidentally bringing down calamity to their group, and their group quickly vanished in the depths of the boundless starry sky.

From the beginning until the end, they’d utterly not noticed that Chen Xi was just beneath a dragon’s skeleton that wasn’t too far away, and he’d heard and noticed everything.

“One Imperial Monarch and four Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.” After a short moment, Chen Xi frowned and said, “Looks like we have to make the best use of our time and continue on our journey. If those fellows obtain the fortune hidden here, then it would be difficult to reclaim it.”

“Chen Xi, you promised to help your ancestor, I.” Senior White quickly interrupted.

“Of course.” Chen Xi nodded, and then he took a deep breath before he said, “Let’s go. My cultivation has more or less recovered.”

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