Chapter 1790 – The Tomb Of Dragons

The Tomb of Dragons!

The dense expanse of dragon skeletons floating in the starry sky where actually left behind by the experts who’d been buried alongside the Ancestral Dragon Daolord all those years ago!

Chen Xi gasped. He was truly unable to imagine why the Dragon Race would commit such a practically insane action all those years ago.

Why did they do this?

Was it a belief?

Or perhaps it was a form of ceremony?

Chen Xi was unable to figure out all of this. However, this allowed him to possess a deeper understanding of how extraordinary the Ancestral Dragon Daolord was.

“Even though this place is dangerous, there’s no need to worry about danger so long as we don’t touch those skeletons. If you want to meditate and cultivate, then this place is the most suitable.” Senior White spoke swiftly via voice transmission.

Chen Xi nodded, and then he swept the surroundings with his gaze. He looked for a safe and concealed place before he sat down cross-legged.

However, right when he intended to meditate and recover from his injuries, Senior White spoke abruptly with a mysterious expression. “Little Fellow, do you want to know what sort of secret technique your ancestor, I, comprehended from that Origin Bone of a Holy Shaman?”

As he finished speaking, his voice carried a wisp of uncontrollable excitement, and he seemed extremely complacent.

Chen Xi glanced at this old bird and said, “No.”

As he spoke, he closed his eyes. He was very clearly aware that the more curious he seemed, the more this old bird would keep him guessing, and he wasn’t willing to let this old bird have his way.

Senior White’s face froze, and he said anxiously, “Wait! Your ancestor, I, hasn’t finished speaking, yet you’ve already refused it. Aren’t you not giving me face at all?”

Chen Xi remained silent and acted as if he hadn’t heard Senior White at all, and the scene of this caused Little Bao to chuckle without end from the side.

“Alright! Remember that it’s you who refused it. What a pity. If you cultivate such a secret technique that was passed down from the last Era, it would at least be able to eliminate half of the side effects left behind by the Godslaughter Burst Technique. Unfortunately, someone just refuses to appreciate it.” Senior White’s eyeballs spun about as he sighed deeply.

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he suddenly opened his eyes and said, “What technique?”

Senior White said complacently, “Weren’t you unwilling to cultivate it? Don’t ask me about it. This secret technique that your ancestor, I, comprehended painstakingly is probably unsuitable for you.”

Chen Xi said angrily, “Hurry up and tell me!”

“Hey, learn how to speak to your ancestor!” Senior White was extremely displeased.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Will you tell me or not?” Chen Xi’s face sank, and he spoke indifferently.

When he saw Chen Xi act like this, Senior White was utterly defeated. He hadn’t forgotten the miserable state he encountered in the past when Chen Xi would just grab his throat.

“Alright, I’ll tell you. But you must agree to a condition of mine.” Senior White spoke in a dispirited manner.

“Speak.” Chen Xi lightly spat out a single word.

“If we’re able to find the supreme fortune left behind by that Ancestral Dragon Daolord, then you must give it to me!” Senior White spoke extremely swiftly.

Chen Xi was stunned. He stared at Senior White for a long time, and when Senior White felt utterly uncomfortable from being stared at by Chen Xi for so long, Chen Xi finally said indifferently, “Alright.”

When he heard Chen Xi agree so readily, Senior White seemed to feel slight disbelief, and he was stunned for a short moment before he suddenly sighed. “Actually, it isn’t that your ancestor, I, am being insatiably greedy, and it’s because that it’s very likely for that supreme fortune to be able to help your ancestor, I, overcome a tribulation.”

His voice carried a rare wisp of sorrow.

This sorrow wasn’t feigned, otherwise, Chen Xi would have been able to instantly discern it. This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel slightly surprised, and he said, “Senior White, exactly what sort of calamity is it?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” Senior White shook his head. “You just have to understand that if I want to survive, then I have to do this. Perhaps… this is because the damnable heavens envy your ancestor’s ability?”

As he finished speaking, he actually laughed with self-ridicule.

“Chen Xi doesn’t understand, but I do. I heard the Goddess say that you were born from within the Chaos and innately possess the ability to see through everything. Moreover, with just a little bit of cultivation, you’re able to possess great knowledge of both ancient and present information and discern all techniques of the world. You’re said to be a Master of all!” Little Bao grinned from the side and said, “Actually, it isn’t much different from the divine abilities I possess. These eyes of mine can see through everything in the heavens and the earth, and my ears can hear the profundities of the world.”

A Master of all!

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he couldn’t help but glance at Senior White with surprise. However, he noticed that the latter actually had a dazed expression and seemed to have recalled matters of the past.

No wonder this old bird frequently mentioned that even the Master of the Manku Period, Xuan, addressed him as teacher. Could it be that it’s true? Chen Xi was surprised. Since he’d known Senior White until now, it was the first time he’d found out about Senior White’s origins.

“However, Goddess also said that the Grand Dao takes from those that have too much and provides for the lacking. A natural talent that’s too heaven defying will suffer the envy of the heavens in the end. In my opinion, Senior White will definitely frequently encounter some tribulations as he cultivates, and it’ll be his end if he’s unable to overcome them.” Little Bao spoke casually and had utterly not noticed that it wasn’t just Chen Xi’s expression that had changed slightly, even Senior White actually seemed to be laden with anxiety.

“Senior White, is that true?” Chen Xi was silent for a long time before he suddenly asked in a serious tone.

“Yes.” Senior White nodded with a slightly heavy voice. “If I didn’t leave Master Xuan’s Divine Temple, the I naturally wouldn’t have to worry about the descent of any tribulations. After all, with the protection of Xuan’s Dao Domain, it would be impossible for the Heaven Dao to notice my existence.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t willing to hide there forever. Even though I would be able to live longer that way, but wouldn’t it be meaningless?

“Not to mention that there’s another disadvantage from hiding in Master Xuan’s Divine Temple, and that disadvantage is that even though I don’t have to worry about encountering tribulations, my cultivation would remain stagnant. Even you’ve seen that I’m still merely at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm now.”

A wisp of self-ridicule arose on the corners of Senior White’s mouth, and he muttered. “The heavens envy me. Otherwise, with all the knowledge I possess, why would I worry about being unable to attain a supreme path in the Dao?”

When he spoke up to here, Senior White’s voice carried a wisp of resolution. “If I can choose, I would rather not possess this ability. I would rather use my own strength to seek the Grand Dao like all the cultivators of the world!”

Chen Xi was actually at a loss for words. Because Chen Xi had never imagined that Senior White had so many worries hidden within his heart and an existence that like him that knew practically everything would actually have so many difficulties.

“Heh! What a pity! This is fate!” Senior White spoke with self-ridicule and sighed with emotion. “So long as my cultivation is on the verge of advancing, it would incur the envy of the heavens, and a tribulation would descend. The higher my cultivation is, the more terrifying the tribulation would be. It would be fine if it was an ordinary tribulation, but….”

When he spoke up to here, Senior White’s voice carried a wisp of hatred and rage. “But the damnable heavens are clearly too unjust! Not to mention a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, even an Imperial Monarch would find it difficult to resist the tribulations that are sent to deal with me! Yet I’m… merely a Domain Enlightened Spirit God!”

At this moment, Senior White had clearly stopped calling himself ‘ancestor’, and this obviously showed how agitated he was right now.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he finished listening to all of this.

Senior White’s ability was sufficiently heaven defying, and he was called the Master of all. But it was precisely because of this that it caused his cultivation to easily draw down tribulations. This was the might of the Heaven Dao that took from those that had too much and provided for the lacking.

“So, in this way, you intend to rely on the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord to deal with the tribulation that you have to face when advancing in your cultivation?” Chen Xi asked after waiting for Senior White’s emotions to calm down.

Senior White remained silent, and it could be considered as tacit approval.

“Alright. Once my cultivation recovers completely, I’ll help you seize this fortune!” Chen Xi’s voice was flat, yet it revealed a wisp of firm determination.

Senior White was stunned. He stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he suddenly chuckled and roared with laughter. “Your ancestor, I, knew that you wouldn’t leave your ancestor, I, in the lurch. Oh, you’re agreed to it, so you can’t go back on your word.”

As he finished speaking, he’d recovered his complacent appearance from before.

Chen Xi felt relaxed in his heart when he saw this. Chen Xi would rather see Senior White always like this than see Senior White being angry and helpless like he was just now.

“Don’t worry, I’ve never gone back on my word.” Chen Xi smiled.


Senior White tossed out a jade slip to Chen Xi and said, “This is a technique that your ancestor, I, comprehended from that Holy Shaman’s Origin Bone, and it’s called the Blood Tempering Spirit Control Technique. It’s from the last Era, and it’s different from the cultivation techniques of the current era.”

Senior White paused for a moment and continued. “This technique can’t be said to be really formidable. However, it has extremely inconceivable effects towards the recovery of injuries, and you’ll naturally understand it once you’ve cultivated it.”

Chen Xi received the jade slip and nodded.


Jaderain Dao Domain.

Numerous burning stars circulated while emanating expanse after expanse of pale green divine flames, and they surged ceaselessly through the starry sky.

When looked at from afar, it was like an ocean of pale green flames was roiling while numerous stars rose and fell within it, causing it to be an extremely shocking scene.

At this moment, a group was ceaselessly moving forward in this expanse of the starry sky. Surprisingly, it was the Shaohao Clan’s Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others.

Unlike Chen Xi, they suffered the assault of strands of Tribulation Energy as soon as they arrived here. Moreover, they were caught off guard by it, and a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God suffered calamity. His body was inflicted by Tribulation Energy, and it caused him to instantly suffer qi deviation and perish on the spot.

If Imperial Monarch Tai Jing hadn’t come to their rescue in time, it wouldn’t be merely this Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that perished.


A landscape painting created with splashes of ink revolved in the air above Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, and it emanated divine radiance and strands of blazing symbols that isolated all the Tribulation Energy which surged over from the surroundings.

They’d already been trapped in this place that seemed like a stellar graveyard for a very long time, and it could be said that it was difficult for them to even take a single step forward. Because they encountered all sorts of dangers with every small amount of distance they traversed.

Some came from the Tribulation Energy that surged out ceaselessly, some came from the burning stars in the surroundings, and some came from the ocean of pale green divine flames.

When looked at from afar, they were like a little boat that was floating on a vast ocean, and they were suffering the strikes of tempestuous waves. They were in a dangerous situation and could lose their lives at any moment.

Such a dangerous situation caused the expressions of everyone including Imperial Monarch Tai Jing to be extremely gloomy.

It was even to the extent that many felt extraordinarily regretful in their hearts and felt that they shouldn’t have taken the risk to come here with Imperial Monarch Tai Jing. Of course, they merely dared to grumble and feel regretful in their hearts.

“Everyone, encountering some danger is unavoidable in order to obtain that supreme fortune. According to my deduction, it won’t be long before we’ll be able to escape this predicament and leave this damnable place. So, all of you must be sure to not be careless at such a moment.” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing took a deep breath and spoke in a deep voice via voice transmission.

He was very clearly aware of how these people thought in their hearts, but he didn’t care. So long as he was able to kill Chen Xi and obtain the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord, then any price was worth paying!

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