Chapter 179 – Golden Hall Realm

Chapter 179 – Golden Hall Realm


Chen Xi had just swallowed the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core when he felt as if a volcano had erupted within his body. The scorching and surging terrifying energy was like violent lava as it roared and rolled while flowing throughout the meridians and apertures in his entire body, causing the intense pain as if he was about to be melted to swiftly soar up.

The energy contained within the Inner Core of the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat was extremely enormous and had even overcome the Heavenly Tribulation of transformation, allowing the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat to become a colossus that was just about to take human form. Once it took human form, the denseness of its True Essence would even be 10 or 20 times more than an ordinary Rebirth Realm cultivator!

Chen Xi was only at the Violet Palace Realm now, and there were the Golden Hall Realm and Golden Core Realm between him and the Rebirth Realm. At this moment, when he swallowed energy that was so terrifying, it was instantly as if there was a savage fierce beast within his body that intended to tear apart and burn the meridians and internal organs in his entire body into nothingness before breaking out from his body!


Boundless Pain!

It was like sledgehammers were violently smashing within his body or as if he was about to be blazed into nothingness by the scorching flames, causing Chen Xi’s entire body to be unable to refrain from trembling as the veins on his body bulged up. His face was warped and flushed red as his entire body emitted a blazing stream of air that even caused the air to become distorted and evaporate.

“AH! I forget to tell you that you have to absorb this Inner Core slowly over a few hundred times… You’re truly impetuous!” Ling Bai’s voice swiftly sounded out in Chen Xi’s ears. “Quickly! Quickly! Circulate your cultivation technique, keep your mind clear and maintain consciousness. You must not allow your consciousness to be destroyed by it, otherwise, you’ll surely die!”

Chen Xi’s mind instantly recovered a trace of clarity when he heard Ling Bai’s voice, and he immediately forcefully endured the intense pain from within his body that felt as if he was about to ignite and started to circulate the Ice Crane Technique.

“Hiss hiss!” Under the guidance of Chen Xi’s powerful soul, the essence of the Inner Core that was violent like a ferocious fire dragon once again struggled for a long time before finally becoming like stubborn donkeys that were led by the nose and started to unwilling circulate according to a fixed pathway.

After that, a strand of ice True Essence that was like a hair on a cow abruptly surged into existence and instantly caused Chen Xi, who felt as if he was within a sea of lava, to feel refreshed. Chen Xi concentrated deeply and cleared his heart, and it seemed as if he’d severed the source of the pain in one swing of the sword. His entire body instantly entered into a peaceful and tranquil state as the Ice Crane Technique ceaselessly circulated in a well arranged rhythm.

The Ice Crane Technique was a rare and precious cultivation technique. Not only had it allowed Chen Xi’s violet palace lake to expand and deepen by more than 10 times normal, moreover, his True Essence contained an icy cold and pure energy of ice within it. At the instant it was circulated, it just happened to neutralize the violent and scorching energy of the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core, and it was as if rain had fallen from the skies, causing him to feel extremely refreshed.


Strands of vast and mighty pure True Essence gushed into his Dantian, instantly causing his entire violet palace lake to start roiling, and ceaselessly expanding and deepening, and it simply was almost becoming a boundless ocean! In the sky above the large lake, the size of the True Essence stars was enlarging at a terrifying speed as well.


Ten times.

One hundred times!

Along with the passage of time, the size of the nine True Essence stars were enormous, to the point that they were like ancient stars and rays of light that were dazzling and resplendent to the extreme, and they illuminated the entire violet palace lake to the point it was dazzlingly gorgeous.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi hadn’t even absorbed 10% of the energy contained within the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core, and there was still extremely vast energies swimming about within the meridians all over his body. If he was unable to completely absorb this energy, then he would still be in danger of exploding from the pent up energy.

Under these circumstances, Chen Xi utterly didn’t dare to stop cultivating, but he wouldn’t stop anyway, as he’d originally wanted to rely on this energy to charge into the Golden Hall Realm.

Crack! Crack!

After the time for an incense stick to burn, countless cracks suddenly appeared on the surface of the nine True Essence Stars that had risen explosively in size to the limit, and then they shattered with a bang!

Boundless cold and clear brilliance splashed onto the violet palace lake, causing the entire violet palace lake to start boiling, before spinning and gradually forming a Yin and Yang pattern that seemed round yet wasn’t. Moreover, at the center of the pattern was an extremely deep black hole that revolved and hummed endlessly as if a life was being developed within it, and it was like a beating heart that gushed out with strands of profound and unfathomable rhythm.

True Essence Yin Yang pattern!

Golden Hall Realm!

At this moment, Chen Xi had finally entered the Golden Hall Realm and stepped into a completely new height!

Within his violet palace lake, his True Essence had at least become thicker by more than 10 times, and he was confident that if he were to encounter that Whitecrane Sect’s Xue Chen now, he would be able to go against Xue Chen and have no need of fleeing in a sorry state.

Presently, his violet palace lake had split into two, one half Yin, the other half Yang. In the future, he had to absorb the energy of Yin and Yang in the heaven and earth to completely temper all his True Essence, causing them to be clearly distinguished between black and white, then allow the Yin and Yang to converge, and he would be able to charge into the Golden Core Realm.

The revolving black hole at the center of the violet palace lake was instead called the Door of Life!

The Dao was everlasting, and it is the source of life. The Door of life could be considered to be the foundation of the heaven and earth.In other words, the revolving black hole at the center of the violet palace lake was the doorway for one to transform into the Grand Dao, and it was the foundation of the heaven and earth, whereas, the foundation of the heaven and earth to a qi refinement cultivator was the Yin-Yang Golden Core!

That is to say the so-called charging into the Golden Core Realm was to develop a Golden Core that blended Yin and Yang together while promoting the generation of spirit and essence from the Door of Life.

But when one arrived at the Golden Core Realm from the Golden Hall Realm, the Yin and Yang qi that was required to be accumulated was unbelievable. Moreover, there were different qualities of Yin and Yang qi. Yin and Yang qi of superb quality were able to provide a 50% increase in success rate when condensing a golden core, whereas, Yin and Yang qi of inferior quality were probably forever unable to support the condensation of a golden core.

This was precisely the reason why Chen Xi wanted to head to the Oceanic Desert. So long as he found the place in the Oceanic Desert that was filled with Nine-Yang Profound Qi, he would be able to fully temper all the True Essence in his body in one go and attain the state of extreme Yang opening.

As soon as he attained the Golden Hall Realm, Chen Xi started cultivating the Blackhole Void Technique right away, and the pathway of his cultivation’s circulation changed instantly to become straight, calm, clear, and simple, and it was precisely the characteristics of a Taoist cultivation technique.

This cultivation technique was given to him by Bei Heng, and it was obtained by Bei Heng from a secret realm of a sect that was almost annihilated while he was traveling. The qi refinement cultivation technique contained with it was exceedingly profound and recorded all the cultivation methods from the Congenital Realm to the Earthly Immortal Realm, and it was an extremely perfect sect inheritance cultivation technique. When Chen Xi left the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Bei Heng had gifted this cultivation technique to Chen Xi.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Blackhole Void Technique was worthy of being a Taoist cultivation technique, and there was a reason why Bei Heng fancied it. The instant Chen Xi circulated this cultivation technique, the energy of the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core that remained within his body was instantly like tamed sheep as it circulated through the meridians and apertures all over his body before transforming into a flowing stream that gushed into his Dantian.

Moreover, Chen Xi acutely noticed that at the instant he circulated the Blackhole Void Technique, the vital energy in his entire body actually seemed to have merged with the heaven and earth to bring forth a type of resonance. Even when his True Essence circulated around his body, it faintly emitted a trace of a ringing sound of nature that was light, graceful, peaceful, and tranquil.

When he advanced to the Golden Hall Realm, Chen Xi had only absorbed 10% of the energy contained within the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core. Now, the remaining 90% of the energy had fully transformed into pure True Essence that gushed into his Dantian, causing the violet palace lake that had split into Yin and Yang to instantly expand once more, and it continued for an entire seven days before the surging True Essence became dense to the point it almost solidified!

If it was said that his previous violet palace lake was a washbasin, then now it was a millstone, and the True Essence within was pure, thick, powerful, and vast. Compared to an ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivator, Chen Xi’s violet palace lake was more than 100 times larger! When possessing such an exceedingly solid foundation, Chen Xi didn’t even need to execute the Grand Astral Palm before being able to surmount a realm to kill his enemies!

But the thicker his accumulations were, the more Yin and Yang qi Chen Xi would require to charge into the Golden Core Realm, and it was similarly much more than ordinary cultivators.

“Hu~” Deep within the forest, Chen Xi who’d cultivated for an entire 10 days had finally opened his eyes and deeply let out a ball of white air, the airflow was like a sword, like a wyrm, like a spirit crane, taking a myriad of forms, and was exceedingly miraculous.

In his dazed state, as he felt the surging energy within his entire body, Chen Xi felt as if he’d been reborn, and everything within his eyes had become clearer and fresher. This type of fresh feeling had the profound feeling of seeing beyond what was on the surface, as if he’d suddenly moved from the flatlands to an extremely high cliff, and the vastness of his field of vision allowed him to see a whole new heaven and earth that he’d never seen before.

Now that my qi refinement cultivation has already attained the Golden Hall Realm. I’ll be able to enter the Abode once more if I’m able to attain another breakthrough in my body refinement cultivation. Not only will I be able to see Senior Ji Yu, I’ll even be able to take on the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials. Perhaps I’ll be able to learn a new Divine Ability cultivation technique… Chen Xi silently pondered in his heart. But I can’t be impatient about this. If it wasn’t for relying on the Inner Core of a Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat this time, I’m afraid I would be unable to advance to the Golden Hall Realm so quickly. After all, this was striding over between realms, and although accumulation was one aspect to it, it also requires ceaseless tempering and meditation to capture the trace of fortune that’s contained in the world to smoothly breakthrough.

“Chen Xi, how do you feel?” Ling Bai stood on Chen Xi’s shoulder with a swish before grinning as he asked.

Chen Xi glared angrily at him. “You clearly knew that the energy within that Inner Core was extremely terrifying, yet why didn’t you tell me beforehand? You caused me to have an awfully hard time.”

“Danger, danger. If there’s no danger, then where would fortune come from?” Ling Bai spread out his hands in a questioning gesture. “Let’s go. Besides spirit liquid, everything else within the Buddha’s Pagoda has been cleaned out. You have to quickly gather more, otherwise, we’ll be poor as beggars.”

Chen Xi was stunned and stared blankly as he said, “I remember that when we left the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Big Brother Bei Heng, Daoist Wen Xuan, Ling Kongzi, and the others had all given my many medicinal pills…”

“Yes, all of them have been cleaned out.” Ling Bai’s expression remained unchanged as he interrupted. “You don’t have to feel pained. With the energy of these treasures, my cultivation now is already on par with Golden Core Realm cultivators. My presence is undoubtedly like a gold medal fighter at your side, and it’s worth the price.”

“If you didn’t advance in cultivation, I’d surely give you a beating.” Chen Xi shook his head helplessly, but he wasn’t so pained about it in his heart. The treasures within the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda had been prepared for the two little fellows in the first place. As for the octagonal containment bottle, the Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl, the Netherworld Register, the Condemn Evil brush and other precious treasures like them, he’d hid all of them and was completely not worried that these two little gluttons would squander them.

After all, the Buddha’s Pagoda had an entire eight layers, and every single layer was a small world, so it was extremely easy for Chen Xi to hide some things.

“Chen Xi…” Ling Bai spoke once more.

“Huh? Is there something else?”

“I want to eat roast meat.”


Chen Xi glared ferociously at this insatiable little fellow that was getting more and more shameless, yet in the end, he couldn’t go against the little fellow’s pitiable gaze and agreed to it.

Of course, there was another extremely important reason. After he advanced to the Golden Hall Realm, he needed to experience battles as well to properly temper his strength and completely master the entirely new strength of his.

After all, a true expert couldn’t be steeled and tempered by sitting on the spot and cultivating for a few tens or few hundreds of years!

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