Chapter 1789 – The Dragon Tongue


A dragon roar that was heavy like a thunderclap resounded. It surged through the surroundings, causing the heavens and the earth to dim down while space roiled violently.

Along with this dragon roar, an extremely terrifying pressure swept over like tidewater, and it stretched throughout the starry sky.

In an instant, Chen Xi felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit, and his entire body stiffened. This pressure was too formidable, and it caused his hairs to stand on end while he shuddered with fear.

It wasn’t just him, even Little Bao suddenly opened his eyes wide and grimaced. He was just about to exclaim with shock when he received a voice transmission from Chen Xi. “Stay calm and leave everything to Senior White!”

As soon as Chen Xi finished speaking, an extremely enormous dragon head suddenly stretched out from the depths of the starry sky. Its eyes were like a pair of blazing suns, its horn was like a mountain, and its brilliant whiskers were like silver rivers that were descending from the sky.

Merely this head alone had actually filled the starry sky in the distance.

Its aura was dignified, vast, and filled with a primitive aura that seemed as if it came from the ancient times. It seemed like an overlord that controlled all things, and it even caused this expanse of the starry sky to fall into deathly silence.

In an instant, Chen Xi felt cold from top to bottom, and he was astounded in his heart. If Senior White hadn’t warned them beforehand, he would have almost been unable to restrain himself from fleeing.

It was even to the extent that he felt the aura emanated by this dragon head was even more horrifying than any Imperial Monarch he’d met in the past!


Its dragon roar rumbled towards the surroundings like a current, and it was deafening. Moreover, this expanse of the starry sky seemed to be on the verge of exploding into pieces because of it.

“How lucky! How lucky! It’s only a Mirage Dragon’s brand….” While Chen Xi was in a surprised and anxious state, Senior White’s relived voice transmission suddenly sounded out by his ears. Before Chen Xi could react, he saw Senior White reveal a solemn expression, and then Senior White strode through space while his entire body actually revealed a rare imposing aura that was sacred and mighty.

He raised his head to gaze at the dragon head in the starry sky, and he remained silent for a long time before he emanated a wave of extremely obscure and desolate syllables.

Every single syllable was extremely complicated. Its tone changed repeatedly with pauses and transitions that were sometimes simple and sometimes forceful. As soon as Senior White started emanating these sounds, he actually revealed a terrifying pressure that shook the soul.

It was the Dragon Tongue!

Moreover, it carried the unique pressure and aura of supremacy that belonged to the Dragon Race.

Even though Chen Xi had never heard it in the past, he was sure that it was definitely the Dragon Tongue. As for what Senior White was saying, he was utterly unable to discern that.

The ancient and desolate Dragon Tongue resounded through the starry sky, and it seemed extremely sacred.

The dragon head in the starry sky had originally revealed a ferocious glare, and it was roaring without end and seemed to intend to annihilate Chen Xi’s group. However, when it heard Senior White speak with the Dragon Tongue, its roars stopped abruptly, and its eyes narrowed and locked onto Senior White.

At this instant, Chen Xi acutely noticed that Senior White’s wings that were folded behind his back had trembled imperceptibly.

However, on the surface, Senior White seemed to be extremely calm and composed at this moment, and he emanated another wave of the obscure and desolate Dragon Tongue.

This sound was extremely long. It seemed to be recollecting an ancient period of time, and it was like it was describing a solemn and divine achievement.

Chen Xi could clearly notice that the ferocious glow in the dragon’s eyes were flickering without end, and it seemed to be pondering and seemed to be unable to ascertain something.

When Senior White stopped speaking, the enormous dragon head actually spoke with the Dragon Tongue as well. It was forceful yet simple, and it was thunderous like lightning and shook the heavens and the earth.

Senior White seemed to heave a sigh of relief when he heard this, and he actually smiled and continued conversing with it via the Dragon Tongue.

This scene seemed to be extremely strange. One was a mysterious enormous dragon that resided in the starry sky and merely revealed its head, and the other was a bird with snow white feathers and sharp claws that seemed as if they were made from gold.

One was like the lord of the heavens and the earth while the other was like an ant. However, at this moment, they were conversing via the Dragon Tongue, and they seemed as if they were of the same race.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but exclaim with admiration in his heart. Never had he imagined that this old bird actually possessed such ability, and he was unable to guess the content of the conversation between Senior White and the mysterious dragon.

However, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that as their conversation continued, the Dragon Pressure that filled this expanse of the heavens and the earth was gradually weakening, and it wasn’t so horrifying as it was before this.

Even this expanse of the starry sky had become quiet.

This allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart. At the very least, it proved that Senior White’s communication with the dragon had gained a great deal of progress.

After the time for an entire incense stick to burn, Senior White suddenly waved his wings towards the dragon, and it was like Senior White was bidding his farewells. After that, Senior White turned around in a carefree manner and arrived by Chen Xi’s side.

When he turned his back to the dragon, Senior White’s originally calm, composed, and jovial expression had suddenly crumbled, and he revealed a wisp of lingering fear. He swiftly sent a voice transmission and ceaselessly repeated the same time. “That scared me to death. That scared me to death….”

Chen Xi was stunned. He raised his head to look over, and he saw the dragon in the distance actually nod lightly to him, and then it swiftly transformed into an expanse of brilliant light that vanished in the starry sky and was impossible to find.

When he saw this, Chen Xi understood that Senior White had merely relief on his talking skills to deal with the danger that they faced!

However, at this moment, Senior White seemed to be in a slightly sorry state. His entire body was trembling, and he seemed as if he’d returned from death’s door.

“What exactly did you say that it actually terrified you to such an extent?” Little Bao couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Does your ancestor, I, look like I’m terrified?” Senior White’s expression turned solemn, and he criticized. “Monkey, your ancestor, I, am like this because of happiness. To think that you possess a pair of golden eyes that are capable of seeing through the secrets of the heavens and the earth, yet you’re actually unable to discern that your ancestor, I, am happy?”

Little Bao grinned. “I really didn’t notice. You clearly seem like you’ve been scared out of your wits, yet you refuse to admit it. You really try to keep up appearance no matter the cost.”

Senior White’s face sank immediately, and he was just about to berate Little Bao when he was directly stopped by Chen Xi. “Alright, what exactly happened just now?”

When this topic was mentioned, Senior White was instantly delighted. “Heh, even you witnessed the scene from before. That was a Will Brand left behind by a Mirage Dragon who was born from within the Chaos. Unfortunately, he was too inexperienced and was easily deceived by your ancestor, I, and he took me to be his senior. Hahaha.”

The more Senior White spoke about it, the more excited he became, and his face was covered in pride and complacency.

“Be careful.” Chen Xi glanced at the surroundings and reminded. “It would be bad if he notices this and returns.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Senior White spoke while seeming to be in high spirits. “I’ve already coaxed it to obtain a great deal of secrets from it. So, this Mirage Dragon’s World is unable to harm us any longer.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he heard this, and he praised. “Senior White, you did well!”

“Hmph! Stop trying to flatter your ancestor.” Senior White grunted coldly, yet his face was covered in a complacent and proud expression.

However, in the next moment, he beamed and chuckled. “Oh, I never expected that you would learn how to flatters others, little fellow. Forget it, forget it, your ancestor, I, will lead all of you out of this Mirage Dragon’s World.”

As he spoke, he flapped his wings and flashed towards the distance.

“Follow me. According to that Mirage Dragon, this Dao Domain is called Jaderain, and it’s the tomb of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord from extremely far in the past.

“This Mirage Dragon’s World isn’t the only dangerous place here, and this means that it wont be so easy for us to find that Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb.

“After all, 99% of the cultivators that came to explore this place perished here, and there still hasn’t been a single person that was able to obtain the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord. This obviously shows how dangerous this place is.

“Of course, so long as both of you follow your ancestor, I, then there’ll naturally be no mishaps. Otherwise, where would your ancestor, I, put my face?”

All along the way, Senior White chirped on continuously as he led the way, and his mouth hadn’t stopped for even a moment.

The Jaderain Dao Domain was extremely dangerous. It was filled with Tribulation Energy, and all sorts of terrifying dangers were hidden within it. Since the ancient times, countless peerlessly formidable figures had perished here, and this caused it to seem extremely ghastly and terrifying.

Yet now, with Senior White explaining everything without end while leading the way, it caused the originally deathly silent and horrifying atmosphere here to become completely nonexistent.

Besides feeling that this was absurd, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly speechless. With a weirdo like Senior White here, it seems like even the most terrifying places in the world would be transformed to have a very… strange atmosphere.

The stars burned and emanated pale green divine flames. They were like specks of Ghost Flames that studded the graveyard that resided in the starry space, and it caused the surroundings to be enveloped in a deathly still and ghastly auras.

It was right amidst this atmosphere that Senior White’s voice resounded without end, and it frequently carried complacent laughter. It caused anyone how witnessed this scene to really feel that it was inconceivable.

“Senior White.” After a long time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but interrupt. “I just want to look for a place to recover. Who told you that I’m determined to seek for fortune in that Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb?”

Senior White was stunned, and he cried out. “Could it be that you’re able to restrain yourself? That’s a fortune left behind by a Daolord! Everyone else would fight to the death to obtain it, yet you actually remain indifferent towards it?”

Chen Xi said angrily, “Then do you dare guarantee that we’ll be able to obtain that fortune when I’m in my current condition?”

Senior White was stunned, and he actually revealed a rare moment of deep contemplation. He said after a long time, “It’s slightly troublesome indeed. That Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb is extremely mysterious. If we don’t make sufficient preparations and head over rashly, then we might really suffer a setback.”

“So, the first thing you should do is help me find a place to meditate and cultivate, and it wouldn’t be late to decide what to do after I fully recover my strength.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and then he said seriously, “Not to mention that there are numerous formidable enemies rushing over from behind us!”

“Them?” Senior White laughed with ridicule, and he said with disdain, “They don’t have a ‘destiny’ like yours that’s able to avoid being affected by Tribulation Energy, nor do they have your ancestor, I, to lead the way. Once they fall into the Mirage Dragon’s World, how many of them do you think will be able to survive?”

“But what if they really overcome it?” Chen Xi frowned as he spoke.

“Nevermind, I’ll listen to you.” Senior White puckered his lips.

After 10 minutes of following behind Senior White, Chen Xi felt the scene before his eyes change, and an expanse of space that had numerous skeletons floating in it had appeared before Chen Xi’s eyes!

The smallest amongst those skeletons was over 30km long. It was like a mountain that lay across space, and it was extremely enormous.

On the other hand, the largest skeleton could even lay across numerous stars, and they were like masses of land that floated in the starry sky.

Shockingly, all of them were the skeletons of dragons!

There was a dense mass of them that covered this expanse of the starry sky, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

“This is the Tomb of Dragons, and some of the experts from the Dragon Race that perished alongside the Ancestral Dragon Daolord all those years ago were buried here. Remember that you must not touch those bones, otherwise, I’ll draw down an unimaginable calamity!”

When they arrived here, Senior White’s expression had suddenly turned solemn, and he sent a voice transmission and warned both Chen Xi and Little Bao in a serious tone.

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