Chapter 1788 – Mirage Dragon’s World

According to legend, the Ancestral Dragon Daolord had utilized his supreme ability to establish a tomb to bury himself before perishing, and he’d left a supreme fortune behind.

Some said that it was a strand of Dragon Soul.

Some said it was a strand of Quintessence Energy from the Ancestral Dragon Daolord.

Some said that it was a Dragon Pearl that contained Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s entire inheritance.

It could be said that there were all sorts of different opinions.

But it was undoubtable that it was absolutely a supreme fortune.

Because of this legend, this extremely dangerous area in Specter Galaxy had attracted countless cultivators to explore it throughout the boundless years of the past.

Unfortunately, not only were they unable to locate that supreme fortune, most of them perished within Specter Galaxy in the end.

Up until now, rumors related to this supreme fortune had gone silent, and very few people knew about it. However, a figure like Imperial Monarch Tai Jing had never forgotten this legend.

Even if he was unable to determine exactly what the true appearance of that supreme fortune the Ancestral Dragon Daolord left behind was, he was very clearly aware that even if he was merely able to locate the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s corpse, then it could be considered as a fortuitous encounter as well!


Because unlike other Daolords, the Ancestral Dragon Daolord was a true dragon! He was an innate god born from within the Chaos, and his bloodline was much more noble than the likes of the Qilin, the Bi’an, the Bai Ze, and the Xiezhi.

Only a divine flying beast like the True Phoenix could compare with it.

Moreover, the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s cultivation was extraordinary and had attained the Daolord Realm, so how could the corpse he left behind be normal?

No matter how useless it was, it would still be sufficient to be forged into a divine weapon!

Of course, if one really obtained the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s corpse, then there would probably be no one that would waste god’s given gifts like that.

All of these thoughts flashed through Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s heart in an instant, and it caused his gaze towards the Jaderain Dao Domain in the distance to be unable to help but carried a wisp of burning desire.

If I’m able to obtain this supreme fortune while annihilating my target, then it would really be a great fortune for me!

But in next to no time, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing started to hesitate slightly.

People had been searching for this fortuitous encounter since the ancient times until now, but all of them had failed without exception! Moreover, they came to extremely horrifying ends. Not only had they perished, there was no news about them at all. So, they weren’t able to receive a proper burial.

In the current cultivation world, Specter Galaxy was simply like a restricted area that none dared to trespass into because entering it was equivalent to waiting for a horrifying end to befall.

Not to mention that according to Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s knowledge, all those cultivators that dared to enter this area were extraordinary and formidable fellows that were renowned during their time. However, they were never heard of again after arriving here….

Under such circumstances, no matter how confident Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was towards his strength, he didn’t dare art rashly and carelessly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, a wave of spatial fluctuation suddenly surged, and then numerous figures appeared. Surprisingly, it was those Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts from the Shaohao Clan’s vassal clans.

This caused Imperial Monarch Tai Jing to be instantly jolted awake from his deep thought, and he glanced at them before he couldn’t help but frown. “Why are there only 11 of you? Where are the others?”

Their expressions turned slightly unsightly when they heard this, and a wisp of terror still remained in the space between many of their brows. It seemed like they’d encountered something terrifying on the way here.

“15th Elder, there were too many dangers and natural disasters all along the way, and we can be considered to have been lucky to arrive here safely. As for the others, I’m afraid that….” Someone spoke with a slightly heavy tone.

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s face instantly sank. He withdrew the Lofty Cloudview Disk and carefully checked the aura of the brands within it, and then he instantly noticed that besides the two Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods who were killed by Chen Xi, merely this period of pursuit had actually caused three Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods to suffer calamity!

Their auras weren’t even present within the Lofty Cloudview Disk, so they’d clearly perished!

“What a bunch of trash!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing berated coldly. Even though he was clearly aware that the way here was filled with all sorts of dangers like meteor showers, spatial rifts, spatial blackholes, multicolored rains of light…. It could be said to be a place of grave danger, and it was extremely threatening even to Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

However, when he thought about how even Chen Xi was able to arrive here safely while three of their Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts had perished on the way here, he felt that they were truly too useless.

At this moment, all the other Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods in the surroundings couldn’t help but go silent like cicadas in the winter, and they were slightly aggrieved in their hearts. Because they’d they taken an extremely great risk in order to arrive here. How could those natural disaster be things that could be avoided so easily?

“Forget it. Our mission is more important. I’d already locked onto that kid’s tracks earlier. Unfortunately, he’d seized the opportunity before I arrived to flee into the Jaderain Dao Domain. After this….” When he spoke up to here, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing suddenly took a deep breath, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “We’ll set out together. No matter how dangerous it is, all of you don’t have to worry with me there.”

The Jaderain Dao Domain!

Hearing this name caused the expressions of those Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods to instantly change. Obviously, they’d heard of the numerous legends about the Ancestral Dragon Daolord.

It was even to the extent that many revealed a wisp of deep terror, and they were extremely hesitant.

Unfortunately, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing had already made his decision, and refusal wouldn’t be tolerated.

“Don’t worry. If we’re able to succeed this time, then not only would we be able to kill the target, we might even be able to obtain a supreme fortune. At that time, I will definitely not treat all of you unfairly.” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s narrow and long eyes swept past all of them and gave them a promise. This caused the expressions of those Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods to ease up slightly.


Imperial Monarch Tai Jing withdrew a portrait of landscape that emanated blue ripples, and divine radiance shot out from it and enveloped all of them.

“Let’s go!” In the next moment, they charged into the Jaderain Dao Domain that was like a graveyard in space.

It wasn’t long before another wave of fluctuation arose in this expanse of space, and then five dazzling lights that were in the color of gold, green, blue, crimson, and yellow had appeared.

After that, these lights emanated a wave of fluctuation before they formed the figures of the five Divine Spirit Generals from the Sovereign Sect.

“The Jaderain Dao Domain!”

“The place where the Ancestral Dragon Daolord is buried!”

“Haha! I never expected that kid would actually accidentally enter this place. I wonder if I should call him unfortunate or too lucky?”

“Imperial Monarch Tai Jing still dared to bring that group of subordinates with him even to such a place of danger. He clearly hasn’t done that merely for the sake of killing that kid.”

“This is the burial ground of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord. According to legend, a supreme fortune is hidden here. There’s probably no one that can resist such temptation.”

All of them simultaneously looked towards the expanse of starry sky that was covered in burning stars and pale green divine flames, and they revealed all sorts of expressions.

“Should we give it a try?” said Fire Spirit. She had fiery red lips, misty starry eyes, and a charming and enchanting figure. She wore a thin lace dress and had a slender and curvaceous figure. The skin on her entire body was extremely fair like snow, and every single move she made revealed a wild and amorous aura.

Just like Water Spirit, they were the only two women amongst the five Divine Spirit Generals. One was fire and the other was water, and it was a very interesting combination.

“To give our lives away?” Gold Spirit who led the group spoke coldly, and his gaze was like a sharp blade that was murderous and oppressive.

“Then what do you think we should do? After all, if that kid is killed by Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, then the River Diagram fragments and Copper Coin of Treasurefall in his possession would fall into Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s hands! Can you… bear to watch that happen?” Fire Spirit spoke slowly with a uniquely attractive voice, and it was like invisible charm that plucked one’s heartstrings.

“You’re wrong. We just have to wait here. At that time, no matter if it’s that kid who’s lucky enough to return or if it’s Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group that escape safely, we just have to kill them, and it’ll be equivalent to completing our mission.” Gold Spirit spoke indifferently, and his suggestion was none other than to be the oriole that watched the mantis stalk the cicada.

“What if all of them die in there?” Fire Spirit frowned. When facing such a supreme fortune, she was truly unwilling to wait outside.

“Then we should be happy that we hadn’t stepped foot into that area.” Gold Spirit spoke without the slightest hesitation. “It’s decided. Even though fortune is great, you need to be alive to obtain it!”

The others exchanged glances before they provided their silent approval.

Deathly silence.

This Dao Domain that was covered by Tribulation Energy was completely silent. Only the sound of Little Bao teleporting resounded, and it was strange and terrifying.

Numerous stars were burning and emanating pale divine flames. They were like numerous bright lanterns that were guarding a stellar tomb that had been buried in history a long time ago.

It was grand, strange, and terrifying.

After entering into this Dao Domain, Chen Xi acutely noticed that the energy of the Heaven Dao in the Ancient God Domain had been isolated outside, and the air was filled with the energy of tribulation that caused one’s heart to go cold. It seemed like so long as one was even tainted by a trace of it, then even one’s soul would suffer calamity and be dragged into oblivion.

However, Chen Xi quickly noticed that as soon as this invisible Tribulation Energy approached him, they were like waves that had collided against a cliff, and they were dispersed and retreated.

“It really is as I’d expected. The Tribulation Energy here is unable to harm you….” Senior White heaved a sigh of relief, and he seemed to have been enduring extremely great pressure just now.

“You weren’t sure just now?” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

“Err.” Senior White’s face froze, and he seemed to be speechless. After that, he refused to admit his mistakes and said, “Your ancestor, I, has never encountered a freak like you in the past, so it was normal for me to be unsure. Not to mention that haven’t you see it already? The Tribulation Energy is really unable to harm you at all.”

Chen Xi glared angrily at this old bird. “If a mishap really occurred, then you can dream off surviving!”

“Chen Xi, which way are we going?” Little Bao asked with wonder in his tone. Since they entered this Dao Domain, he’d completely lost his sense of direction. It was like he’d entered into a maze. Burning stars and pale green divine flames covered the surroundings, and it was a horrifying sight.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he glanced towards the surroundings. He couldn’t help but be shocked because he was actually unable to determine the direction!~

“Could we have… fallen into some sort of restriction?” Chen Xi frowned as he started to deduce swiftly.

“It’s not a restriction. It’s the Mirage Dragon’s World!” Senior White’s expression was extremely unsightly while he said with exasperation. “Why would this damnable thing appear here!?”

Chen Xi was immediately shocked in his heart, and he said with surprise, “Is it very formidable?”

Senior White seemed to have lost his patience and said swiftly, “Forget that for now. Both of you mustn’t make a sound from now on, and don’t reveal any fear as you move forward, otherwise, we’re dead this time. As for everything else, leave it to me….”

Senior White’s voice hadn’t finished resounding when an unexpected event suddenly occurred!

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