Chapter 1787 – Ancestral Dragon Daolord

In next to no time, Chen Xi noticed that Little Bao was able to accomplish this because of his pair of bright golden eyes.

As his eyes opened and closed, golden divine radiance flowed within them, and numerous obscure and mysterious symbols seethed in the depths of his pupils. They transformed and reflected all sorts of profundities, and they seemed as if they were capable of seeing through the truths of the world and observe the secrets of the Grand Dao. It seemed extremely terrifying.

This was the innate ability of Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkeys. They were said to be unique in the world, capable of observing the Karmic Luck in the world, and hearting the profundities of the heavens and the earth. They were extremely miraculous.

Actually, it was obvious. Since Little Bao was able to cultivate by the side of the Goddess from Arambha Temple and even caused Senior White to click his tongue in admiration, it was obvious how heaven defying Little Bao’s natural talent was.

This sort of natural talent allowed Little Bao to safely avoid all sorts of dangers as he flew in this area that was filled with unfathomable danger and kill intent.

If it was any other cultivator, that cultivator would probably encounter difficulty with every step he took and fall into an extremely story state. It was even to the extent that an ordinary cultivator wouldn’t dare enter arbitrarily into the depths of this place.

After all, this area was covered in boundless Specter Energy, and it was filled with numerous meteors, spatial rifts, spatial black holes and vortexes, multicolored rains of light, and various other terrifying natural disasters. The slightest carelessness would cause one to face death.


Little Bao carried Chen Xi on his back as he flew like a wisp of dazzling golden light, and he moved straight through the dense Specter Energy and vanished in an instant.

However, after just the time for an incense stick to burn, an unexpected event occurred.

Little Bao stopped abruptly and didn’t move forward any longer. Golden light flowed in his eyes while he revealed a restless, hesitant, and indeterminate expression.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he raised his eyes to look over. He instantly noticed that numerous burning stars were actually floating in the distant starry sky!

There was a dense mass of them, and he was actually unable to see the end of them. Every single star was covered in strange pale green divine flames, and it was horrifying and seemed like Ghost Flames.

They were floating and burning silently. The pale green flames caused the starry sky to be covered in a ghastly and deathly aura, and it was actually like a graveyard in space!

Even with Chen Xi’s disposition that was firm like a rock, he couldn’t help but gasp when he saw such a strange, grand, and ghastly scene.

A myriad of stars were burning while pale green divine flames illuminated the starry sky. Would anyone dare believe that such a shocking scene actually existed in the starry sky?

The atmosphere here was deathly silent and horrifying. There was practically no need to think before one could instantly determine that this place was extremely dangerous!

“What the heck is this place?” Chen XI frowned. He was very clearly aware that if they turned back or went around this place now, then it would be no different from delivering himself to the enemy.

“I don’t know.” Little Bao scratched his head and was very upset because even his golden eyes were unable to see through its secrets. “However, if I possess a cultivation at the Imperial Monarch Realm, then I’ll definitely be able to see through it.”

“How ignorant! This is a Dao Domain that has been covered by Tribulation Energy. So, no matter how extraordinary your strength becomes, little monkey, you’ll still be unable to see through its secrets.” Suddenly, a lazy voice resounded, and it carried a teasing and ridiculing tone.

Senior White! Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed. He immediately noticed that Senior White had actually awakened from that obsessed state Senior White was in before this.

“What’re you still standing there for, quickly let your ancestor, I, out!” Senior White ordered in an extremely proud manner.

Since he obtained that Origin Bone of a Holy Shaman five years ago, this old bird seemed as if he’d been possessed and had constantly stayed in the universe within Chen Xi’s body to study that treasure. Moreover, Senior White even forgot to eat and sleep, and he’d simply attained a state where he’d forgotten everything but the Origin Bone.

He didn’t even pay any attention to Chen Xi’s calls.

However, never had Chen Xi imagined that Senior White would awaken at this moment. Moreover, Senior White had recovered his complacent, proud, and self-satisfied bearing.

Chen Xi didn’t have the mood to joke with Senior White now, and he directly dragged Senior White out and said swiftly, “You said this is a Dao Domain?”

Senior White was extremely displeased by Chen Xi’s rudeness. He struggled free from Chen Xi’s palm before he puffed up his chest and said indifferently, “Wrong, this is a Dao Domain that’s covered by Tribulation Energy!”

“Is there a difference?” Chen Xi frowned.

“Little Fellow, have you still not noticed. A Daolord suffered tribulation here, and the Tribulation Energy that enveloped his body hadn’t dispersed after he fell, so it corroded his Dao Domain.” Senior White sighed. “However, it makes sense because you haven’t even seen a Daolord suffer tribulation, so you’re naturally not aware of how such a scene would look like.”

A Daolord suffering tribulation!

In an instant, Chen Xi recalled the legend that Ye Yan had told him about.

Countless years ago, Specter Galaxy was a paradise of cultivation, but along with a supreme existence at the Daolord Realm suffering calamity here, it caused this paradise to be affected as well. Specter Energy covered it and caused it to become completely desolate, and it became a place of great danger.

Chen Xi originally thought that it was merely a legend, but after Senior White said this, he immediately realized that the legend was probably true!

When he thought about how a Daolord had perished here countless years ago, and the Tribulation Energy remaining on the Daolord’s body after the Daolord’s death was still capable of completely transforming a galaxy into a place of danger and desolation, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but experience a wave of terror.

This was simply too alike to the Roc Daolord that had transformed into the Last Days Domain.

“Do you have a way to traverse this Dao Domain?” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he focused his gaze towards the distance as he spoke.

Presently, time was of the essence. There were formidable experts pursuing them from behind, so he couldn’t allow his thoughts to run wild at all.

When he heard this, Senior White revealed a strange expression as he glanced at Chen Xi, and then he suddenly held his belly and roared with laughter.

Chen Xi glared at the old bird and simply wished to choke the old bird to death. He still refuses to be serious even at a time like this!

“Alright, alright! Don’t get angry!” Senior White instantly cried out when he noticed this. “Could it be that you’re unaware that Tribulation Energy destroys one’s fate? Fate is the Karmic Luck of life, and everything is determined by destiny. Presently, your destiny is impossible to determine, and even your ancestor, I, am unable to see through it. So, do you think this Tribulation Energy can harm you?”

Chen Xi was stunned because he didn’t know about this.

“You’re still too young. You possess a precious treasure yet just fail to realize it.” Senior White let out a long sigh. “Even though it’s easy for the Heaven Dao to take one with unfathomable fate to be a variant that isn’t tolerated by the Heaven Dao, it’s precisely because of this that you have an advantage that other cultivators don’t. It’s impossible for your fate to be seen through and controlled by others!”

When he spoke up to here, a wisp of ridicule couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Senior White’s mouth. “Merely this alone is sufficient to cause the eyes of Daolords to turn red with envy. Existences like them have started to comprehend and cultivate in one’s own destiny. They seek the Dao of Destiny, and it can be said to be a path that defied the heavens. Every single step on this path is filled with danger, and the slightest mistake would end with death. If they possessed ability like yours, they would at least be able to avoid more than half of these dangers.”

A tempestuous wave couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart when he heard this. He finally understood that existences at the Daolord Realm comprehended their own destiny!


Control over one’s own self. It was the most illusory, ethereal, and difficult to figure out. The energy of destiny was one of the most mysterious and supreme taboos in the world.

As it was said, ‘defy the heavens and change one’s fate’. It meant that one could only change fate by ‘defying’ the heavens. This obviously showed how great of a taboo this force was, and it had already touched upon the Heaven Dao’s ‘reverse scale’!

There were always arrogant and conceited young people in the mortal world that screamed ‘I control my own fate, and not the heavens!’. However, they didn’t know how laughable and ignorant such actions were.

Because they didn’t know what ‘fate’ was at all!

Even Chen Xi was unable to pry into and try to figure out such a force. Even though he was able to understand all of this, he was unable to figure out its profundities.

It was still too far away from him now. If he was really able to attain such a state, then he would simply be no different than the ‘creator’ that created all things.

For Chen Xi right now, the important matter at hand was to leave this place first, avoid the dangers that were about to arrive, and recover his injuries. As for the Grand Dao of Destiny, he would definitely have a chance to seek it in the future so long as he was still alive.

“You have to be careful. Even though the Tribulation Energy in this Dao Domain is unable to harm you, there are other dangers within it as well.” Senior White couldn’t help but remind when he noticed Chen Xi was about to act. “If my deductions aren’t wrong, then this Dao Domain is a form of protection, and it’s protecting that fallen Daolord’s tomb!”

Chen Xi was shocked, and he was just about to ask about it when an extremely terrifying strand of will suddenly swept over.

Shit! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he shouted in a low voice. “Little Bao, move quickly!”

There was practically no need for Chen Xi to say anything because Little Bao had noticed that strand of will as well. His figure suddenly flashed while carrying Chen Xi on his back, and he charged into the mysterious Dao Domain that was covered in Tribulation Energy.


Right after the two of them had just left, the space where they stood moment ago suddenly exploded into pieces and collapsed. It was like it had collapsed into a blackhole, and it was rather shocking.

It was obvious that if Chen Xi and Little Bao had been a step slower, then merely this attack alone would have been sufficient to annihilate them.

“Hmph! Little Fellow, let me see how long you can struggle for.” At practically the exact same time, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s mighty figure appeared abruptly. His eyes that were narrow and long like blades emanated cold bolts of lightning as he glanced towards the distance.

But in merely an instant, his face sank, and he said with surprise and bewilderment, “This…. Could this be the Jaderain Dao Domain of legend?”

Numerous stars were burning while suffused with horrifying pale green divine flames. It was like clusters of Ghost Flames had studded the quiet starry sky, and it created a grand and mysterious scene that made it seem like a graveyard in the starry sky.

The atmosphere here was deathly silent, strange, and horrifying.

With Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s experience and knowledge, he was naturally clearly aware that the Ancestral Dragon Race of an innate god that was born from the Chaos resided here countless years ago.

However, the Ancestral Dragon Daolord failed to overcome his tribulation here, it caused the paradise that the Ancestral Dragon Race resided in to be transformed into the dangerous expanse of ruins that lay before him right now.

But even though he was aware of this, it was the first time Imperial Monarch Tai Jing had arrived at such a dangerous place, and when he noticed the Dao Domain that was covered in Tribulation Energy, he finally determined that the legends were true.

“The Jaderain Dao Domain. The tomb where the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s corpse is buried…. If this is true, then the supreme fortune of legend is probably hidden in there….” At this instant, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing suddenly recalled that numerous formidable cultivators had come to Specter Galaxy since the ancient times until now, and they’d come here for the sake of searching for a supreme fortune that resided within Specter Galaxy. However, no one had succeeded until now.

Moreover, as time passed by, this supreme fortune had been gradually forgotten by the world….

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