Chapter 1786 – Dangerous Area

This time, Chen Xi had really been infuriated.

Even the nicest person had a temper, let alone Chen Xi. As soon as he left Arambha Temple, he’d encountered pursuit after pursuit, and they really took him to be a ‘ripe persimmon’ that they could squash at will.

Little Bao scratched his head and asked. “What if the enemy notices us?”

“It isn’t so easy for them to notice us.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. As he spoke, he circulated the energy of the Daoseal Mark within his soul, and it swiftly swept out and concealed both Little Bao and him.

In an instant, Little Bao’s eyes opened wide, and he said with disbelief, “Why… why do I suddenly feel like I’ve vanished from this world?”

In an instant, Little Bao understood the meaning behind Chen Xi’s words and clicked his tongue with admiration. “This technique is truly profound. Even the technique Goddess passed down to me is far from being capable to compare with it.”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t explain further.

He withdrew numerous bottles of pills and various peerless medicinal herbs, and then he chose those that were suitable for him before he started meditating while sitting cross-legged on the ground.

He’d gathered all of these medicinal pills and medicinal herbs throughout the years, and he’d been unwilling to sell them in order to avoid the situation where he was powerless to save himself when he encountered an unexpected event.


Chen Xi took a deep breath, discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and started to absorb the medicinal strength contained within them in order to repair his body that was damaged by the Godslaughter Burst technique.

According to his estimations, it would at least take three months under the assistance of all this medicine in order to completely recover to his prime state.

Little Bao squatted silently at the side instead, and he glanced vigilantly towards the surroundings. Even though the energy of the Daoseal Mark had concealed them, he didn’t dare be careless.

Time passed unnoticeably, and over a month had quickly passed by.

Everything was calm and tranquil, and nothing unexpected had occurred. This caused Little Bao who’d been constantly staying vigilant by Chen Xi’s side to be unable to help but heave a sigh of relief.

It was even to the extent that he was only too eager for such a situation to continue, and he was waiting for Chen Xi to recover completely before they could charge out and kill all of those bastards that just refused to leave.

However, a mishap had still occurred.

Two days later, a wave of conversations conducted via voice transmission had been captured by the Daoseal Mark, and it caused Chen Xi who’d fallen into deep levels of cultivation to be jolted awake.

“Dammit! Over a month has passed, but besides encountering endless waves of Specter Beasts, we haven’t even encountered a hair from that kid. Could he have perished here?”

“There’s no need to be anxious. According to 16th Elder, that kid is definitely still in this galaxy.”

“Then what should we now?”

“We naturally have to do as 15th Elder instructed. No matter if we find him or not, we have to destroy all the stars we encounter on the way. In this way, the places that kid can hide at would grow lesser and lesser, and he’ll be exposed sooner or later.”

“That’s the only thing we can do. However, have you not noticed that as we head deeper into Specter Galaxy, the atmosphere here seemed to grow dangerous?”

At this moment, how could we be bothered about that? Let’s take action first.”

When he heard this, Chen Xi’s heart instantly shook. They intend to destroy all the stars they encounter on the way?

“Little Bao, there’s something I need you to do.” Chen Xi practically didn’t hesitate to swiftly send a voice transmission to Little Bao.

Two figures stood side by side on a desolate star.

One of them had the totem of a Blessed Dove embroidered on his chest while the other had the totem of a King Dove embroidered on his chest. Obviously, these two Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods had come from two different ancient bird races.

“Let’s begin.” The expert from the Blessed Dove Race spoke in a deep voice. As he spoke, he made a grabbing motion with his palm, and an expanse of dazzling flames silently surged into appearance within his palm before it burned and corroded black hole after black hole in the surrounding space.


At the other side, the expert from the King Dove Race drew a blood red spider club.


In an instant, both of them made a move at the same time. The glow of flames seethed and instantly swept out, and it covered more than half of the star. On the other hand, the blood red spider club tore through the sky as it ascended, and then it smashed down forcefully towards the star beneath it.

Both these Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods had attacked and targeted a single star, so it was indeed sufficient to easily crush the star into powder.

This was the might of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. If it was Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods instead, then it would be slightly difficult to accomplish this.


However, right at the instant that they attacked, the space above their heads had suddenly collapsed and exploded into pieces.

After that, an iron rod carried monstrous ferocious might as it smashed down at them.

This scene had occurred so suddenly, and they were caught off guard. The head of the expert from the Blessed Dove Race was instantly smashed into mush, and he perished on the spot.

“Bastard!” At the other side, the expert from the King Dove Race was extremely formidable. He’d actually relied on the experienced he’d gain through years of tempering to swing the blood red spider club instinctively and block this attack.


However, in the next moment, the blood red spiked club in his hand was blasted flying. Moreover, a ‘crack’ resounded as his right arm exploded into pieces, and his entire body was blasted towards the ground like a sandbag.

“AH!!!” He let out a shrill cry and was both furious and terrified while his eyes almost split apart from rage. He still didn’t dare believe that such an unexpected event would occur in a short instant.


In the next moment, his entire figure was enveloped by peerlessly violent images of the iron rod. His body was smashed into mush, and his shrill cry stopped abruptly.

In an instant, the battle had come to an end, and two Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods had perished!

All of this had occurred too swiftly, and if an ordinary cultivator was here, that cultivator would definitely think that he was seeing things.

“How weak.” Little Bao’s figure appeared in midair, and he shook his head with dissatisfaction. However, he was clearly aware that if Chen Xi hadn’t helped him conceal his aura and caused them to be unable to detect him, it would have been absolutely impossible for him to kill two Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods so easily.

“We have to leave quickly! If I’m not wrong, then their companions will probably arrive here very soon.” At this moment, Chen Xi was lying on Little Bao’s back, and he had a cold expression while he spoke swiftly via voice transmission.

Because his injuries hadn’t recovered completely, he was still in a ‘weak’ state at this moment. Even though he could move normally, he didn’t possess sufficient strength to teleport.

“Where are we going?” Little Bao’s heart shook.

“Deeper.” Chen Xi gazed at the distant area that was completely covered by grey and hazy Specter Energy as he decided.

He was clearly aware that the closer they got to the depths of this area, the more dangerous it would be. At that time, they wouldn’t just have to be on guard against their enemies that may catch up to them, they had to be on guard against the various calamities and dangers in Specter Galaxy.

However, Chen Xi obviously couldn’t be bothered about all of that.

He urgently required time to recover his injuries, and just two months would be sufficient. He wasn’t willing to see the scene of them going head-on against their enemies occurring before then.

Two months of time!

It seemed to be very short, but it seemed extremely long now.

This obviously showed that if Little Bao wasn’t travelling alongside Chen Xi this time, then he might have really suffered calamity.


Right when Little Bao left with Chen Xi on his back, the space above this desolate star suddenly exploded into pieces, and then a figure that was covered in a murderous aura appeared.

He wore a green robe, had a skinny face, and eyes that were narrow and long like blades. He was exactly the Shaohao Clan’s 15th Elder, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing!

At this moment, he held the Lofty Cloudview Disk in his hand while his gaze swept through the surroundings like a bolt of lightning, and his expression instantly sank.


Two Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods perished in less than 30 breaths of time!

This caused the killing intent in Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s heart to almost go out of control, and his expression grew even more icy cold and murderous.


A strand of peerlessly enormous will suddenly swept out like a gale from Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, and it shattered the space before it as it swept out in all directions.

After a short moment, a golden figure flashed in the area covered by Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s will, and when he intended to lock onto that figure once more, he was unable to find it because it was too far away.

However, this was already sufficient for Imperial Monarch Tai Jing.

After over a month had passed, the enemy had finally revealed himself. So, even if he’d lost two subordinates, but Imperial Monarch Tai Jing couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief while feeling furious at the same time. At the very least, it proved that his target hadn’t escaped!

“Hear my orders! The target has shown himself. Quickly move towards the depths of Specter Galaxy and make sure to completely seal off his paths of retreat!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing sent a voice transmission via the Lofty Cloudview Disk in his palm, and it was instantly transmitted to the other Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

After he finished doing all of this, he didn’t hesitate any longer. He flicked his sleeve and directly tore through space and pursued along the path Chen Xi had fled.

“Looks like this Chen Xi possesses a unique technique to conceal his aura, and it’s able to conceal him from the detection of an Imperial Monarch. No wonder he seemed as if he’d vanished from the world for over a month now.”

“Imperial Monarch Tai Jing has already gone off in pursuit. Should we continue forward? We’ll arrive at the most dangerous area in Specter Galaxy if we continue forward. Calamities descend successively and death is everywhere there. At that time, we might fall into a predicament before we’re even able to capture that kid.”

“It should be fine if we act carefully.”

“Exactly, we have Imperial Monarch Tai Jing playing the role of vanguard. So even if there are any dangers ahead, it would be very difficult for us to be dragged into it as well.”

After a short moment, the figures of the five Divine Spirit Generals from the Sovereign Sect appeared on that desolate star, and they gazed at the direction Imperial Monarch Tai Jing left towards. They discussed for a moment before they decided to continue forward.

However, compared to before, they seemed to be have become much more cautious and careful now.

Because all of them were clearly aware that if they went deeper into Specter Galaxy, then it would become extremely dangerous, and it might even threaten their lives!

Expanse after expanse of meteors whistled by. They whistled ceaselessly through space like an enraged god was venting the flames of rage in his heart.

Spatial rifts that were sufficient to cause Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods to become lost within them swayed in space, and they were like translucent ribbon that lay across the surroundings and were faintly visible.

Spatial black holes that swallowed everything before them appeared from time to time and vanished from time to time as well. They were like the bloody mouths of ferocious primeval beasts that intended to swallow their prey.

Multicolored illusory droplets of light that could penetrate and corrode the soul rained down….

All along the way, Chen Xi noticed to his surprise that Specter Galaxy really became more and more dangerous the deeper they went, and calamities occurred frequently all over the surroundings. Moreover, they were covered by the grey and hazy Specter Energy, so if one didn’t look carefully, then it would be utterly impossible to notice them.

Under such circumstances, if one ventured into one of these calamities, then the dangers of the consequences was obvious.

However, Chen Xi was even more surprised and shocked that Little Bao seemed as if he possessed the ability to predict the future, and while Little Bao seemed to be charging recklessly all along the way, but he was always able to barely avoid all of these dangers. It was an extremely miraculous sight.

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