Chapter 1785 – Arriving Successively


Space fluctuated violently, and an extremely sharp howl resounded.

It was the effect of teleporting at an extremely swift speed. When the sharp howl had just resounded, Chen Xi’s figure was already 50,000km away.

This obviously showed how shocking his current speed of teleportation was.

It was indeed so. Since he decided to withdraw from there, Chen Xi travelled at full speed and flew ceaselessly along that path through Specter Galaxy.

During this entire process, Chen Xi’s snow white hair silently started to gradually turn grey, and it slowly lost its luster and color. Moreover, his imposing aura was gradually weakening….

This was the sign of his strength starting to disperse after executing the Godslaughter Burst technique.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, he would probably fall completely into a ‘weak’ state in six hours from now.

He couldn’t help but frown because of this. Because according to Ye Yan, not to mention six hours of time, even if he flew for an entire day at his current speed, it would still be impossible for him to traverse this path that was established through Specter Galaxy.

If I really can’t carry on, then I can only ask Little Bao to do the travelling…. Chen Xi sighed in his heart.

The combat strength Little Bao revealed was extremely shocking. Even if he’d left Arambha Temple and was unable to utilize the energy of the restrictions that covered the Divine Arambha Garden, merely his own combat strength was sufficient to equally match Imperial Monarch Nandu that was in a heavily injured state. This was something that even Chen Xi felt slightly unable to accomplish.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that if Little Bao were to do the travelling, then it would absolutely be a horrible idea. Because it was the first time Little Bao had stepped foot into the outside world. Even though his combat strength was ferocious, he didn’t have any experience and knowledge in the end. He was like a blank piece of paper that was probably be utterly unable to deal with the deception and dangers of the world.

On the other hand, if Ye Yan did it instead, it would be extremely easy for them to be exposed. Because it wasn’t just the Ye Clan that knew her, even the colossi that were the Sovereign Sect and Shaohao Clan knew her as well.

Under such circumstances, once someone noticed her, it would similarly cause all sorts of danger for them.

“Little Bao.” Chen Xi spoke abruptly.

Little Bao asked. “What is it?”

“If we encounter any unforeseen events throughout the way, then you must listen to my instructions and must not get entangled with the enemy.” Chen Xi instructed swiftly.

He was really worried about Little Bao because Little Bao had a hot temper and was easily infuriated, so it very easy for it to be used by the enemy.

“Hehe! Don’t worry Chen Xi, I’ll listen to everything you say.” Little Bao grinned as he spoke.

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment. He was just about to give further instructions while his pupils constricted abruptly, and he suddenly stopped moving.


“Quickly take a look and see if it’s that kid!”

“Pursue them!”

At practically the exact same moment that Chen Xi stopped moving, numerous formidable strands of will suddenly swept over from extremely far away in the starry sky.

Because Chen Xi possessed the Daoseal Mark, he’d practically instantly heard the content of their conversations, and he determined that they were most probably after him!

When he realized this, Chen Xi’s gaze glanced at the area that was covered by Specter Energy, and then a wisp of a resolute expression flashed abruptly in his eyes.


In the next moment, Chen Xi swiftly vanished on the spot with Little Bao, and he flashed towards the area of Specter Galaxy outside the path that was covered in Specter Energy.

Leaving this path represented danger and calamity. Because according to rumor, all the cultivators who’d tried to enter Specter Galaxy since the ancient times had practically never survived.

But at this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of that.

The strength he obtained after executing the Godslaughter Burst was weakening, and he was about to fall into a ‘weak’ state. So, he didn’t have much time to go head-on against his enemies.

Thus, charging into Specter Galaxy to lie low was undoubtedly the only choice he had.


Not long after Chen Xi left, a golden treasured vessel that was extremely grand had crushed through space to arrive here. When looked at from afar, it was like an extremely magnificent divine mountain moving about.

At this moment, over 10 figures were standing on that treasured vessel. There were both men and women of all ages, and all of them wore luxuriant clothes, possessed formidable auras, and were at least at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Especially the green robed man in the lead. As he stood there casually, he emanated an imposing aura of supremacy and control, and he was actually an Imperial Monarch!

“That kid was actually terrified to the point of fleeing into the dangerous area of Specter Galaxy. Haha, he really is cowardly.”

“He didn’t even dare to meet us. This kid… is probably one of those culprits that murdered Ye Feng.”

“According to the information provided by the Ye Clan, it’s very likely that he’d the personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi. Moreover, Young Master Ye, Imperial Monarch Kun Mu, and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying’s deaths were related to him.”

“What should we do?”

“We should naturally pursue that kid and annihilate him!”

“May I know what 15th Elder thinks?”

Amidst their discussions, all of these Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods shot their gazes towards the green robed man in the lead.

All of them were from the forces of the Shaohao Clan, and many of them were Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts from the vassal clans of the Shaohao Clan.

For example, they were from powers like the Swallow Clan, the Azure Phoenix Clan, the Wood God Clan, the Gold God Clan, and the five doves and five pheasants.

Only the green robed man in the lead was a true clansman of the Shaohao Clan. His name was Shaohao Tai, and he was called Imperial Monarch Tai Jing. He was the 15th elder of the Shaohao Clan, and he could be said to possess monstrous authority and a lofty status.

After they found out about the deaths of Shaohao Yu, Imperial Monarch Kun Mu, and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying, the entire Shaohao Clan was furious, and it sent this force led by Shaohao Tai to pursue and kill Chen Xi’s group.

However, it may have been a coincidence, or their luck was too good, but they’d actually encountered their target while they were travelling.

But to their disappointment, their target had actually disregarded his own safety and charged into the area that was enveloped by dense Specter Energy. This caused them to be unable to help but hesitate slightly, and they didn’t know if they should continue their pursuit.

“Pursue!” When he saw all of their gazes descend onto him, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing who had narrow and long eyes and a skinny face was silent for a moment before he lightly spat out a single word.

Merely this word alone had clearly displayed his attitude towards the matter.

When they heard this, all of them intended to say something. However, they were actually terrified to the point of speechlessness when they met Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s icy cold and horrifying gaze.

However, they were clearly aware that Shaohao Yu’s death had utterly infuriated the Shaohao Clan. Under such circumstances, as the person in-charge of this mission, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing would naturally not shrink back before anything.

“All of you split up and search for the target with all your ability. I’ll lock onto your positions with the Lofty Cloudview Disk. I’ll rush over at the first possible moment if you encounter any mishaps.” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing spoke slowly while a powerful and low voice. It was like the sound of metal colliding, and it carried an icy cold and oppressive aura of slaughter.

As he spoke, a completely round bronze disk had silently floated up into appearance on his palm. It was around the size of a cattail leaf fan, and its borders were inscribed with extremely dense markings and patterns. Moreover, the center of the disk was smooth like a mirror and seethed with strands of illusory divine mist.

This was the Lofty Cloudview Disk. So long as one’s aura was branded within it, then that person would be accurately detected by the Lofty Cloudview Disk no matter where that person went.

“Do any of you have objections?” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing glanced at them before asking in an icy cold tone.

All of them knew that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing had made his decision when they say this. So, no matter how dangerous Specter Galaxy was, they were unable to shake his resolution.

All of them immediately agreed, and they successively branded a strand of their auras into the disk.

“Then let’s set out!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing waved his hand. The golden treasured vessel beneath his feet rumbled, and then it crushed through space and charged towards the expanse of Specter Galaxy that was covered in Specter Galaxy.

In next to no time, the gold treasured vessel vanished.

“Looks like the Shaohao Clan can’t wait any longer.”

“Then let’s allow them to make a move first. It’s fine for us to wait a while.”

“Exactly. Shaohao Tai has probably not received the news of the deaths of Imperial Monarch Nandu and the 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. Otherwise, he would probably not act so rashly.”

“Let’s watch first. I keep having the feeling that since he was able to kill Imperial Monarch Nandu, that little fellow from the Oracle Mountain would absolutely not be so simple.”

“He isn’t just not simple. Once you find out about his accomplishments in the three dimensions, you’ll understand that this kid is definitely a trump card Oracle Mountain planted, and he absolutely can’t be taken to be an ordinary cultivator.”

Not long after Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group left, a wave of fluctuation arose in that expanse of space, and then five more figures actually floated up into appearance.

These five people were extremely unique. There were three men and two women amongst them. All of their bodies flowed with extremely pure energy of the five elements, and their auras were either violent like fire, gentle like water, sharp like metal, heavy like earth….

Even the clothes they wore respectively reflected the different colors of the five elements, and it was extremely conspicuous.

They were the five Divine Spirit Generals of the Sovereign Sect!

They were spirits that were born from the quintessence of the five elements, and they were gods that were innately strong. They respectively possessed the ability to control the might of the Grand Daos of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth!

According to rumor, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had personally made a move and brought them back to the Sovereign Sect all those years ago. He guided them in their cultivations, passed down supreme techniques to them, and took them to be his personal disciples. This caused their cultivations to not just be unfathomable, their status in the Sovereign Sect was extremely lofty as well. They were simply comparable with red robed Grand Priests that were at the Imperial Monarch Realm.

Obviously, these five Divine Spirit Generals had made an appearance here for the sake of annihilating Chen Xi as well. Moreover, they’d already found out that Ye Yan’s betrayal was closely related to Chen Xi.

“Come, let’s follow them. Killing Ye Yan is nothing. We wouldn’t have made this trip in vain if we’re able to reclaim the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and River Diagram fragments in that kid’s possession.” After discussing for a moment, Gold Spirit who was in the lead spoke. He had light golden skin, brows that were sharp and slanted like swords, and his entire body was suffused with a fierce and murderous aura, causing him to seem like a god of death.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the next moment, these five Divine Spirit Generals had swiftly vanished on the spot.

Even Chen Xi himself had never imagined that he’d seemed to have become prey in the eyes of others now, and he was in a precarious situation.

However, since he distinguished that the golden treasured vessel had come for him, Chen Xi had determined that the following part of the journey was bound to be extremely dangerous.


Four hours later.

Chen Xi stopped on a desolate star that was completely covered by Specter Energy, and he found a natural cave in an inconspicuous gap within a hill, and he flashed into it and hid himself there.

“Little Bao, you just have to stay calm and stand on guard by my side for now. Once I’ve recovered my strength, I’ll naturally bring you along to have some fun with these bastards.” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he quickly instructed Little Bao, and a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent couldn’t help but suffuse his eyes as he spoke.

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