Chapter 1784 – Using Others To Commit The Deed

The Overarching Heaven Net!

A Natural Spirit Treasure passed down from the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, and it possessed unfathomable might.

As soon as it appeared, it transformed into a clear and chilly ripple that enveloped this expanse of the starry sky, and it completely sealed off Imperial Monarch Nandu’s paths of retreat.

“The Overarching Heaven Net!” Imperial Monarch Nandu’s face sank as he suddenly let out a grim howl, and he swung the gold spear in his hand to block the Overarching Heaven Net that was approaching him from ahead.

Powerful cold winds surged by while the image of the spear was like a scorching sun.


The illusory net that seemed like chilly starlight was struck by this strike of the spear to the point it shook violently. However, it wasn’t stopped, and it started to close together like a net used to capture a shoal of fish in the ocean. It was time to harvest the gains.

“Bastard!” Imperial Monarch Nandu was both shocked and furious. A wisp of an extremely strong feeling of danger arose in his heart, and it caused him to not hesitate at all before swiftly spitting out a mouthful of Blood Essence. This caused the imposing aura emanated from his body to rise explosively once more, and he charged and attacked once more.


The gold spear was like a surging bolt of lightning that was bright golden, dazzling, and resplendent. It truly seemed as if it intended to pierce through this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and it carried a terrifying and all-powerful aura.

However, right at this moment, an iron rod whistled over. It was like a myriad of mountains crushing down from the sky, and it was violent and ferocious.

Space shattered and collapsed while sharp and ear-piercing rumbling resounded.

In an instant, Imperial Monarch Nandu’s expression changed abruptly. He didn’t dare continue charging at all, and he turned around and forcefully swept his spear towards the iron rod.


Divine radiance shot towards the surroundings while thunderous rumbling resounded.

Little Bao’s 300m tall figure was actually struck to the point of staggering back in midair.


However, before Imperial Monarch Nandu could be delighted by his success, a wisp of sword qi that was simple, primitive, seemed as if it had traversed the ages, and was filled with a chaotic and natural aura arrived before him.

This attack was too swift, and it just happened to appear at the instant Imperial Monarch Nandu blasted Little Bao flying, causing him to be unable to avoid this attack at all.

Imperial Monarch Nandu was terrified to the point his hairs stood on end, and his soul almost left his body. For the first time, he felt terror that came from the heart.

“Once….” He opened his to shout, yet merely a single word had left his mouth before his voice stopped abruptly, and then his eyeballs bulged out from their sockets.


A bloody hole had suddenly been blasted open on his neck, and it caused blood to surge out from it like a waterfall and dye the sky red.

It turned out that Chen Xi’s sword strike was too quick, quick to the point Imperial Monarch Nandu didn’t even have the time to react to it before his throat had been pierced!

“Uh…. Uh….” Imperial Monarch Nandu’s eyes were opened wide. Having his neck pierced caused strange sounds to escape his lips, and he seemed as if he still didn’t dare believe that this would have occurred.

At this moment, Imperial Monarch Nandu’s appearance seemed extremely shocking. His entire body was mangled, his bones were faintly visible, his expression was warped and savage, his eyes had bulged out, and his throat was pierced. He was simply miserable to the extreme, and it caused others to be unable to believe that this was an Imperial Monarch that possessed monstrous authority and the might to control the world.


Chen Xi’s hair was snow white as snow. He held the Banisher in his hand as he slashed off Imperial Monarch Nandu’s head without the slightest hesitation, and he put a complete end to this Imperial Monarch’s life.


However, right at the instant Imperial Monarch Nandu was killed, a wisp of white light suddenly flashed out from his corpse and tore through space.

It was the Spirit Plate!

Chen Xi had seen this treasure when Ye Feng had just been killed, and it was even to the extent that if it wasn’t for this treasure, then they would have probably not encountered such danger when traversing the Specter Galaxy this time.

Yet now, after Imperial Monarch Nandu perished, the Spirit Plate in his possession intended to fly off as well. If news of this were to spread back to the Ye Clan, then it would probably draw over even more danger to Chen Xi’s group.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi had been vigilant towards all of this since the very beginning, and he reacted.


The Overarching Heaven Net emanated a gentle glow as it lightly closed together, and it captured that white light formed from the Spirit Plate and caused it to be unable to struggle free at all.

This was the strong point of the Overarching Heaven Net. Even though its offensive ability couldn’t be considered to be formidable, it was capable of capturing the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao and confining everything in the surroundings. Now, it was merely restraining a Spirit Plate, so it was naturally extremely easy.


Chen Xi took the Spirit Plate in his hand, and then he crushed it into pieces, causing it to transform into a rain of light that dispersed into the surroundings.

After he did all of this, he immediately flicked his sleeve and took Imperial Monarch Nandu’s corpse along with the gold spear, and then he flashed off from here with Little Bao.

Since this battle erupted until it came to an end, merely the time of an incense stick to burn had passed. However, it was so dangerous and intense that it could be said to be world shocking.

If the outside world found out that 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods and an Imperial Monarch from the Eternal Ye Clan had perished miserable at Chen Xi’s hands, then it would definitely cause a mighty uproar.

However, Chen Xi had paid a huge price to accomplish this. Firstly, he’d lost a Natural Spirit Treasure, the Netherblood Sabre. After that, for the sake of annihilating Imperial Monarch Nandu, he’d executed a technique like the Godslaughter Burst which brought as much harm to one’s self as it would to one’s enemies.

Even though it allowed his combat strength to instantly double, the consequences were extremely severe. At the very least, he would be in a ‘weak’ state for three to five months of time, and he was bound to be unable to fight back if he encountered the pursuit of a formidable enemy.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to leave with Little Bao after he’d annihilated Imperial Monarch Nandu. He’d done it for the sake of passing through the path that was established within Specter Galaxy before the side effects of utilizing the Godslaughter Burst technique appeared.

“An Imperial Monarch actually perished in that battle just now!”

“If I’m not wrong, that was probably Imperial Monarch Nandu from the Ye Clan. It’s truly impossible to imagine exactly who killed him?”

“They lost 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods in one go and even an Imperial Monarch perished. Now, the Ye Clan would definitely become furious.”

“Quickly send the news back. This matter is too serious, and I believe it won’t take long before it’ll stir the entire Ancient God Domain.”

Not long after Chen Xi left, numerous figures flew over from extremely far away in the starry sky, and all of them couldn’t help but be astounded when they saw this expanse of the starry sky that had been reduced to ruins and was covered in desolation.

They were cultivators from Lunar Pool Region, and they noticed the commotion here and sensed this battle from afar.

However, because it was too far, they were unaware about exactly who’d entered into battle with Imperial Monarch Nandu and the others from the Ye Clan.

But they were sure that Imperial Monarch Nandu was dead! Moreover, even the 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods that came with Imperial Monarch Nandu had perished in this battle as well!

Such a world shocking and extremely tragic battle had never occurred in the Ancient God Domain throughout the recent years. Especially when the cultivators who had died were clansmen of the Ye Clan, it was even more shocking.

There was no doubt that this battle was bound to cause a mighty uproar and cause the Ancient God Domain to fall into an uproar!

The Imperial Region. The Ye Clan.

The atmosphere before the ancient Ancestral Hall of the Ye Clan was deathly silent, and it was like the air had frozen.

The Ye Clan’s Patriarch, Ye Beihe, and all the higher-ups were surprisingly present here.

However, at this moment, their expressions were extremely gloomy while their eyes were filled with a cold and fierce glow. Moreover, the imposing auras emanated from their bodies terrified the female attendants in the distance to the point they shivered and almost fell to their knees.

“They’re all dead….” An aged sigh sounded out from within the Ancestral Hall, and it caused the expressions of all the great figures from the Ye Clan to turn unsightly.

Earlier, they’d received over 10 Spirit Plates that had returned simultaneously, and all of them belonged to the experts of the Ye Clan that had headed out with Imperial Monarch Nandu.

All of them had perished, and the Spirit Plate that returned recorded everything that occurred before the pathway through Specter Galaxy.

This caused them to finally discern that it was done by a green clothed man at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

“Ancestor, that kid is probably the disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi.” Ye Beihe took a deep breath before he said in a low voice. “This kid is skilled in Divine Talismans and formations. Moreover, his combat strength is heaven defying and far surpasses an ordinary Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. Only a disciple of Oracle Mountain is able to possess such might.”

“You’re saying that a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm disciple of Oracle Mountain like him was able to kill Nandu?” That aged voice resounded once more, and it had become indifferent.

“Even though it’s unbelievable, Nandu… has definitely suffered calamity.” Ye Beihe’s expression was gloomy while a wisp of indescribable sorrow and rage surged from his heart. Imperial Monarch Nandu was his younger brother, yet Imperial Monarch Nandu had perished now. So, how could his heart not ache?

The aged voice asked. “What do you intend to do?”

“We must kill that kid no matter the cost!” Ye Beihe gritted his teeth, and his voice seemed to have been squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth and carried extreme killing intent.

“Oracle Mountain… isn’t terrifying. So long as we make the best use of our time and form an alliance with the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect, then we don’t have to fear Oracle Mountain at all.” After remaining silent for a short while, the aged voice resounded once more. “However, we should temporarily exercise forbearance until then.”

Ye Beihe and the others were stunned. Never had they imagined that their ancestor would actually make the decision to swallow this insult and humiliation silently.

This caused all of them to be disgruntled.

“Ancestor, you mean that we should let the matter go? Then what would the Imperial Region and the entire Ancient God Domain think of our Ye Clan in the future?” Ye Beihe couldn’t restrain himself from saying. “We lost an Imperial Monarch and 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods this time!”

When he spoke up to here, Ye Beihe’s heart was on the verge of bleeding. Even though the loss of so many clansmen was unlikely to injure the foundation of the Ye Clan, it was sufficient to be considered as a heavy injury.

If they didn’t launch a counterattack, then their Ye Clan would definitely become the laughingstock of the world!

“No matter how disgruntled all of you are, you have the observe the times and act accordingly. Our Ye Clan has experienced countless calamities and tribulations in order to remain towering through the boundless years of time and possesses the title of an Eternal Clan. Could it be that it’s not even able to endure this little bit of pain now?” The aged voice paused for a moment and continued. “Of course, it’s merely temporary forbearance. But we can send news of this to the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect. Tell them that Ye Yan’s betrayal and the deaths of Shaohao Yu and the others are very likely to be related to that little fellow from the Oracle Mountain, and they should do as they see fit.”

The eyes of Ye Beihe and the other great figures lit up when they heard this. Using others to kill him?

“Go on. If I’m not wrong, then this kid… definitely intends to return to Oracle Mountain. Tell the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect about this as well. They’ll naturally understand what to do. If that kid is allowed to return safely to Oracle Mountain, then it would be difficult to kill him in the future.”

After he finished providing his instructions, the aged voice went silent.

On the other hand, at this moment, Ye Beihe had finally decided to exercise temporary forbearance and use the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect to kill Chen Xi instead!

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