Chapter 1783 – Sudden Change In The Situation

Actually, Chen Xi had taken an extremely great risk when executing this attack.

Firstly, he wasn’t sure if the might of the Terminus Dao Insight would be able to damage a Natural Spirit Treasure’s internal structure in order to accomplish his objective of making it explode.

Secondly, Chen Xi was unable to confirm if Imperial Monarch Nandu would fall into his trap. If he was unable to attain success, then he would have wasted a Natural Spirit Treasure for nothing.

Fortunately, after he deduced and tested from the shadows, he realized that the heaven defying force of the Terminus Dao Insight which was a taboo in the world really deserved its reputation. It wasn’t just able to terminate all things in the world, even Natural Spirit Treasures that were born from within the Chaos were unable to endure the assault of its might.

This allowed Chen Xi to obtain a deeper understanding of how formidable the Terminus Dao Insight was.

On the other hand, everything that had occurred before him proved that he’d made the right bet!

If it wasn’t for this, then he would be utterly unable to shake an Imperial Monarch while relying solely on his combat strength at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

This was a gap between two realms, and it was like a natural chasm. At the very least, Chen Xi was unable to surmount it for now.

So, he could only form such a plan and risk everything as he had done by destroying a Natural Spirit Treasure to fight for a chance at victory.

The starry sky was still collapsing while divine radiance flowed in a disorderly manner, and then entire area there had fallen into great chaos.

However, right when Chen Xi felt that Imperial Monarch Nandu had already perished, a roar that carried extreme rage resounded abruptly.

“Little Bastard! I’ll kill you!!” Along with this voice, rumbling resounded as a figure charged out from that expanse of chaos, and his entire figure flowed with extremely terrifying killing intent. Surprisingly, it was Imperial Monarch Nandu!

He’s actually still alive! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he couldn’t help but feel slight disbelief. Who would have imagined that Imperial Monarch Nandu would have actually been able to survive such an extremely terrifying explosion?

However, at this moment, even though Imperial Monarch Nandu was still alive, he was in an extremely horrifying state. His hair was disheveled, a large patch of skin on his face had been scorched black, his left arm had vanished, and the exposed skin on his entire body was covered in scars while his bones were faintly visible.

When looked at from afar, it was like looking at a mangled corpse.

This obviously showed that even though the blast from the destruction of the Netherblood Sabre hadn’t completely put an end to Imperial Monarch Nandu’s life, it had caused him to suffer a heavy injury and was in a miserable state.

This allowed Chen Xi to finally realize how terrifying an Imperial Monarch was!

“Die!” As soon as he appeared, Imperial Monarch Nandu seemed as if he’d gone mad. He held the golden spear and shattered space as he assaulted Chen Xi ferociously.

Even though he’d suffered a heavy injury and was in a miserable state, he was still an Imperial Monarch after all. A starving camel was still larger than a horse. At this moment, when he attacked in an infuriated state, his might was so formidable that it was even on par to his might from before he suffered these injuries.


Chen Xi was caught off guard, and he could only meet this strike head-on. However, he was struck by this attack to the point the bones in his entire body were on the verge of breaking, and his entire figure was blasted flying.

“Die!” Imperial Monarch Nandu roared, and he’d pursued Chen Xi before Chen Xi could even make any reaction. The gold spear in his hand was like the scythe of the reaper, and it carried an obliterating might as it stabbed forcefully towards Chen Xi’s head.

If this strike were to hit, then no matter how formidable Chen Xi’s soul was, he would definitely be slaughtered on the spot.


At this critical moment, a golden figure suddenly flew out from Chen Xi. It waved the iron rod in its hand and forcefully blocked this attack, and it even shook Imperial Monarch Nandu to the point of staggering back by a few steps.

“Old bastard! Allow your grandfather to deal with you!” This golden figure instantly transformed to a size of 300m in height, and it had three heads and six arms. Its golden eyes were brilliant like the sun, and it held a pitch black iron rod while its entire body emanated an oppressive and ferocious aura that threw the surroundings into disorder.

Surprisingly, it was the Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey, Little Bao!

He’d been hiding in the universe within Chen Xi’s body since the beginning. At this moment, when Chen Xi’s life was in danger, Chen Xi had immediately decided to summon Little Bao.

“A Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey! So, it’s you! That animal that killed my son!” At this moment, Imperial Monarch Nandu finally saw his opponent’s appearance clearly. For a time, his eyes almost split apart from rage, and his eyes became bloodshot.

“Die!” Imperial Monarch Nandu roared furiously.

A shocking scene occurred. This expanse of the starry sky was boundlessly vast, and it was situated at the border of Specter Galaxy. However, at this instant, an expanse of stars in the distance actually exploded into pieces along with this roar, and they transformed into meteors that shot towards the surroundings.

Such might was extraordinary. His rage collapsed the world and forcefully shattered an expanse of stars to the point they transformed into meteors that descended towards the surroundings.

At this moment, even though Imperial Monarch Nandu was heavily injured, he’d fallen into a berserk state and seemed to be extraordinarily terrifying.

The gold spear in his hand flowed with divine radiance, and it seemed as if it was burning. It was covered in a layer of violent energy of Divine Dao Order, and he swung it forcefully and attacked Little Bao.


The image of a golden spear burned through space and even melted this expanse of the heavens and the earth. It was like they’d fallen into an expanse of purgatory that was covered in scorching lava.

However, Little Bao wasn’t afraid at all. His golden eyes burned with battle intent instead, and he held the iron rod in his hand as he attacked in an extremely ferocious and overbearing manner.


In the next moment, both of them were locked in battle. It was like two divine mountains colliding in the starry sky, and a myriad of torrents of dazzling divine light erupted from their collisions, causing the world, sun, and moon to dim in comparison.

Such a scene could really be described as ‘doomsday’ because the signs of destruction were everywhere.

If this had occurred on land where living beings resided, then it would have destroyed countless cities and expanses of landscape.

Chen Xi gasped for breath as he stood up, and his expression gradually turned solemn as he gazed at the extremely intense battle in the distance.

As Chen Xi had expected, Little Bao was only able to easily crush Shaohao Yu, Imperial Monarch Kun Mu, and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying that day because he’d relied on the might of the restrictions in Divine Arambha Garden, and it had allowed Little Bao to accomplish something that was practically impossible with Little Bao’s cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Yet now, they’d left Divine Arambha Garden. So, even though Little Bao’s combat strength could still be considered as heaven defying, his combat strength was merely able to evenly match Imperial Monarch Nandu who was in a heavily injured state.

If it was at Imperial Monarch Nandu’s prime, then Little Bao would probably not be a match for him.

On the other hand, the tenacious vitality and combat strength Imperial Monarch Nandu revealed had shocked Chen Xi to the extreme as well.

An old fellow that was heavily injured and on the verge of death was actually still able to bring forth such terrifying might, and this obviously showed how extraordinary an Imperial Monarch’s strength was.

“Animal! Even if I completely damage my foundation today, I’ll definitely burn your bones and scatter your ashes!” Imperial Monarch Nandu grew even more infuriated from being unable to attain success after attacking for so long. The blood red glow in his eyes seethed while his face warped and had a savage expression on it. Moreover, his entire body emanated a violent aura that seemed almost capable of destroying the world.


Amidst his roar, his imposing aura actually rose explosively once more. His gold spear crushed through space and forcefully blasted Little Bao’s 300m tall figure back.


Little Bao roared repeatedly as he fought as well. The battle had completely aroused the ferocity in Little Bao’s bones, and he swung the iron rod violently.

However, Chen Xi was able to discern that if this continued, then Little Bao might be unable to persist until the end of the battle….

What should I do? Chen Xi’s expression changed indeterminately, and he seemed to be hesitating about something.

In the end, he suddenly gritted his teeth while a wisp of a resolute expression arose in his black eyes that were deep like an abyss.


In the next moment, the blood, spirit, energy, and essence within Chen Xi’s body seemed like a volcano that had awakened from its formant state, and they burned and erupted simultaneously before falling into a completely berserk state.

One could clearly notice that this dense jet black hair had instantly turned snow white while his imposing aura rose ceaselessly and steadily.

At this moment, it was like an ancient ferocious beast had come back to life within his body, and it intended to charge into the world and swallow its enemies!

The Godslaughter Burst!

An ultimate technique that was passed down in the Yazi Clan.

It was a supreme technique that harmed the spirit, energy, essence, and foundation within one’s body as the price to induce an explosive increase in one’s strength, causing one’s combat strength to double. Since he’d cultivated it until now, Chen Xi would absolutely not utilize this technique unless it was a moment of life and death.

In an instant, the heavens and the earth rumbled while a peerlessly terrifying aura shot out from Chen Xi’s body, and it formed into powerful divine radiance that coiled around Chen Xi.

Earlier, while Imperial Monarch Nandu was still at his prime, Chen Xi was able to resist his attacks by merely relying on Chen Xi’s own combat strength. Now, Chen Xi’s combat strength had doubled, and it was obvious how formidable his might would be. It caused even the starry sky to suddenly explode into pieces.

“Hmm?” This scene drew the attention of Imperial Monarch Nandu who was in an intense battle in the distance, and it caused him to be unable to avoid feeling shocked.

However, before he could even make any reaction, Little Bao had swung his iron rod at Imperial Monarch Nandu, causing him to not dare allow himself to be distracted again.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi held the Banisher while his snow white hair fluttered, and he was like a emperor of the sword as he attacked.

The heavens and the earth collapsed while the might of this strike shook the nine heavens, and it was like the moment the Chaos was split apart to form the world.

The Dismemberment Style!

This was the most accurate, sharp, and fierce attack in the Profound Heart Sword Technique. When utilized by Chen Xi, the sword qi emanated from it even formed a world of the sword that reflected the entire universe!

“Dammit!” Imperial Monarch Nandu’s expression changed abruptly while his mind cleared up from its previously berserk state. He’d realized that an enormous change had occurred in Chen Xi’s combat strength, and it was sufficient to threaten him.

However, he was in a battle with Little Bao now, and he was unable to extricate himself from the battle. So, he could only go head-on against Chen Xi’s attack that struck from the side.

A violent bang resounded. It seemed like everything was destroyed while extreme radiance shot towards the surroundings. After that, the light in this expanse of the starry sky suddenly collapsed like a vast ocean, and then it started burning!

The vast waves were extremely gorgeous, and they could be said to be capable of startling the universe and moving the gods!


When facing this attack, Imperial Monarch Nandu who’d been heavily injured a long time ago wasn’t able to hold on any longer, and he was blasted flying. At this moment, his mangled corpse emanated numerous sounds of cracking and exploding. Blood sprayed from his body while his bones were revealed between his flesh, and he seemed to be extremely miserable and terrifying.

“Bastard!” Imperial Monarch Nandu felt extremely infuriated, and he was overwhelmed with rage and extreme resentment.

He was originally certain of his victory when he set out this time because he’d brought numerous clansmen at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm along with him, and he felt that it would be sufficient to capture and annihilate his targets.

However, never had he imagined that merely a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm would actually cause him to suffer losses repeatedly, and at this moment, he’d even encountered lethal danger.

He was simply unable to accept this!

Since when were Imperial Monarchs capable of being defeated by Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods?

“Damnable little bastard, animal! I’ll definitely get even with all of you in the future!” No matter how disgruntled he was, Imperial Monarch Nandu was clearly aware that the situation had gone out of his control, and if this continued, then the situation he faced would absolutely be unimaginable.

He turned around and teleported with the intention of fleeing.

“Trying to flee?” A wisp of a cold arc arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and then he flicked his sleeve, causing a clear seemingly illusory net to suddenly spread out from his palm.

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