Chapter 1782 – Spirit Treasures Shooting Into The Sky

The Azurelight Goldframe Umbrella!

A Natural Spirit Treasure passed down in the Kunwu Clan. All those years ago, Kunwu Qing had taken it into the Desolate Manku Ruins, and it had fallen into Chen Xi’s hands after Chen Xi had killed him.


At this moment, this treasure was utilized by Chen Xi. It instantly emanated Chaotic Qi and an azure glow. It was boundlessly bright, and it even illuminated this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth.

It fluctuated without end and produced obscure markings that ceaselessly flowed throughout the surface of the umbrella, causing it to seem extraordinarily divine.


At practically the exact same moment, Imperial Monarch Nandu had already arrived with the myriad of bright and silver bolts of lightning that he whipped down. They were like violently dancing silver snakes that blasted forcefully onto the Azurelight Goldframe Umbrella, and they caused deafening rumbling that sounded like thunderclaps from the nine heavens to resound.

In an instant, the umbrella was blasted flying.

However, to Imperial Monarch Nandu’s surprise, Chen Xi had actually vanished!

“The Azurelight Goldframe Umbrella, isn’t that the Natural Spirit Treasure that’s passed down in the Kunwu Clan? How could it have fallen into this little bastard’s hands?” Imperial Monarch Nandu’s gaze swept over inadvertently, and his attention was instantly drawn by the treasure that had been blasted flying.

“Hmm? That little bastard couldn’t be that Chen Xi, right?” Suddenly, Imperial Monarch Nandu recalled a rumor from a few years ago. The rumor said that the personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi, had killed Luo Shaonong, Gongye Zhefu, and four more Spirit God Exalts in the Desolate Manku Ruins. In the end, this matter had even caused Imperial Monarch Chong Dou, Empress Yu Che, and the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain, Wu Xuechan, to make an appearance successively. Thus, this matter caused the world to be stirred.

It was also at that time that Chen Xi’s name seemed as if it had grown wings and was well known to the entire Ancient God Domain.

If it was any other cultivator, it would naturally not draw the attention of a figure like Imperial Monarch Nandu. However, when Chen Xi was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain and the Little Junior Brother of the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan, even Imperial Monarch Nandu had no choice but to pay attention.

However, never had he imagined that the little bastard he was going against right now was actually extremely likely to be that Chen Xi!

It’s definitely him!

The Divine Talismans this kid revealed in the battle just now are secrets of Oracle Mountain that aren’t passed down to outsiders. Coupled with the heaven defying combat strength this kid possesses at such a young age, only a place like Oracle Mountain can foster such a freak….

These thoughts had practically flashed through Imperial Monarch Nandu’s heart in an instant, and it caused him to be unable to help but feel slightly hesitant.

If Chen Xi was merely an ordinary disciple of Oracle Mountain, then it would be unlikely for him to feel fearful, and he would kill decisively.

However, when Chen Xi had the identity of being the Little Junior Brother of Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan, Imperial Monarch Nandu had no choice but to be fearful.

As a senior of the Eternal Ye Clan, Imperial Monarch Nandu was naturally much more clearly aware of exactly how terrifying Oracle Mountain’s resources and reserves were.

This was precisely the reason why he felt a trace of fear at this moment.

However, in merely an instant, when he saw the Azurelight Goldframe Umbrella that had been blasted into the distance and recalled his son, Ye Feng, that had perished miserably and all those Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm clansmen of his that had been slaughtered earlier, the last remaining trace of fear in Imperial Monarch Nandu’s heart had vanished without a trace.

Rage and greed burned like a wildfire in his heart, and it caused his killing intent to seethe once more. He’d decided to annihilate Chen Xi.

So long as I complete it in secrecy, then who would know that it was I who did it?

Not to mention that this little bastard killed my son!

How can I spare him because of that?

“Hmph! Let me see what sort of tricks you can play, little bastard!” Even though he was unable to sense Chen Xi’s tracks, Imperial Monarch Nandu relied on his instinct and instantly locked onto the Azurelight Goldframe Umbrella with his vital energy.

Moreover, he dared guarantee that Chen Xi hadn’t fled because the area of 500,000km in the surroundings had been sealed off by his aura since the beginning!


Imperial Monarch Nandu stretched out his hand with the intention of grabbing the Azurelight Goldframe Umbrella. Because if he was able to seize this opportunity to obtain a Natural Spirit Treasure, then it would be an unexpected gain.


However, right at the instant he made a move, an apricot yellow flag suddenly soared into the sky. It formed expanse after expanse of divine radiance that instantly constructed a divine formation that smashed down ruthlessly towards Imperial Monarch Nandu.

The Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag!

The Natural Spirit Treasure passed down by the ancestors of the Di Clan.

Imperial Monarch Nandu’s pupils constricted as he suddenly shouted loudly, and a bright silver ball of lightning floated up from his palm and collided head-on with the divine formation.


A wave of terrifying sounds of collision resounded. The formation created by the Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag collapsed while divine radiance shot into the surroundings.

“What a treasure! Unfortunately, its might was completely wasted when utilized in the hands of a little bastard like you. In the future, I’ll be taking care of it!” Imperial Monarch Nandu sneered as he grabbed towards the Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag.

At this moment, Imperial Monarch Nandu had confirmed that Chen Xi was nearby and had just utilized a concealment technique in order to deceive his senses.


When Imperial Monarch Nandu was just about to succeed, a desolate and heavy dragon roar resounded abruptly. It seemed like it had come from the moment the Chaos was split apart, and it was extremely loud.

At practically the exact same moment, a brilliant azure pearl revolved as it floated up into the air. Its surface was branded with countless mysterious markings of the Dao, and the dragon roar had come from this pearl.


The extremely loud dragon roar caught Imperial Monarch Nandu off-guard, and it shook him to the point he felt a piercing pain from his ear drums. Moreover, his head felt slightly swollen while the vital blood in his heart seethed, causing him to feel extremely agitated.

“The Dragon Origin Pearl!” Imperial Monarch Nandu was shocked, and he recognized this treasure as a Natural Spirit Treasure that was passed down in the Jin Clan. Besides causing him to feel shocked and infuriated, a wisp of burning greed couldn’t help but surge from his heart.

The Azurelight Goldframe Umbrella, the Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag, and the Dragon Origin Pearl. It was an entire three Natural Spirit Treasures!

Figures like Imperial Monarch Nandu usually possessed one or two Natural Spirit Treasures, so how could he have imagined that a little fellow would actually possess so many Natural Spirit Treasures?

“Hahaha! Let me see exactly what other methods you possess!” Imperial Monarch Nandu roared with laughter. When he thought about how he would be able to obtain so many Natural Spirit Treasures after killing Chen Xi, he couldn’t help but feel overjoyed and extremely excited.

As he spoke, he stood in an imposing manner as he swung his hands repeatedly, and he grabbed towards the three Natural Spirit Treasures with the intention of taking them for himself.


A simple bronze mirror appeared in the air, and then strands of dazzling violet divine radiance erupted from it.


A yellow bell resounded, and waves of divine energy swept out like ripples.


A divine sword that was pitch black like the eternal veil of night shot into the sky. It carried a myriad of strands of lightning as it rumbled and swept down like a river of stars.

In an instant, another three Natural Spirit Treasures had soared into appearance, and they shot explosively towards Imperial Monarch Nandu from three different directions.

“The Yue Clan’s Ancient Soul Refinement Mirror! The Pei Clan’s Divine Blood Desolation Bell! The Luo Clan’s… Blackspirit Sword!” When he saw these three Natural Spirit Treasures appear, even with Imperial Monarch Nandu’s mental state, his heart couldn’t help but twitch fiercely at this moment while he was stunned for a brief moment.

So many Natural Spirit Treasures!

How could Imperial Monarch Nandu have imagined that he would actually see so many precious treasures that could only be chanced upon by luck while trying to annihilate a little fellow at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

This was simply no different than witnessing natural treasure troves being revealed successively before his eyes.


The strand of violet divine light that shot out explosively from the Ancient Soul Refinement Mirror was like a sharp blade, and it forcefully tore open a bloody mark on Imperial Monarch Nandu’s left shoulder. Moreover, his skin and flesh had been split open by this attack, and his bones were faintly visible.

This attack caused Imperial Monarch Nandu to return completely to his senses, and it caused his eyes to go red with greed.

This little injury was naturally unable to make his countenance change, and the true reason for his excitement was that it would be extremely likely that he would instantly obtain six Natural Spirit Treasures after this battle ended!

When facing such an unexpected and enormous gain, any Imperial Monarch would probably go mad with envy!


Imperial Monarch Nandu took a deep breath, and then a bright golden spear suddenly appeared in his palm before he swept it horizontally through the starry sky.

In an instant, he’d completely crushed the attacks of the Blackspirit Sword, Ancient Soul Refinement Mirror, and Divine Blood Desolation Bell, and his attack shook those three Natural Spirit Treasures to the point they trembled violently and were on the verge of falling.

“Hahaha! Little Fellow, a man’s wealth is his own ruin. With this little bit of ability you possess, it’s useless no matter how many Natural Spirit Treasures you possess!” Imperial Monarch Nandu roared with laughter and was extremely self-satisfied. He flicked his sleeve and intended to take all these six Natural Spirit Treasures away.


Just like before, another blood red sabre soared into the sky at this instant, and it was like a blood red full moon that was descending into the world.

The Netherblood Sabre!

A Natural Spirit Treasure passed down in the Gongye Clan!

Imperial Monarch Nandu almost jumped for joy when he saw this. He truly wished for nothing more than to roar loudly and ask Chen Xi to utilize all the Natural Spirit Treasures he possessed.

At this moment, he was even unable to restrain the excitement in his heart. He suddenly flashed forward while his palm carried a terrifying force, and he forcefully grabbed the Netherblood Sabre!


Blood colored divine radiance shot out while the Netherblood Sabre wailed violently. It was actually forcefully grabbed by Imperial Monarch Nandu.

“Hahaha! This sabre isn’t bad, I’ll accepting this gift of yours….” Imperial Monarch Nandu couldn’t help but roaring happily with laughter. However, in the next moment, his pupils constricted abruptly. He suddenly noticed that an extremely dangerous aura seemed to be faintly spreading through the Netherblood Sabre in his hand.

Hmm? This caused Imperial Monarch Nandu to be slightly stunned. Before he could recover from his shock, a world shocking bang resounded. The Netherblood Sabre had exploded in his palm, and it emanated an indescribably terrifying force that rumbled as it swept out.

In an instant, the expanse of the starry sky where Imperial Monarch Nandu stood had been blasted into pieces, and it collapsed to swiftly form a black hole.

The scene of it was simply shocking to the extreme.

“AH!!!!” A shrill cry resounded. It was completely chaotic there. Blood red divine light flowed, and it was impossible to see Imperial Monarch Nandu’s figure any longer.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s tall figure suddenly appeared extremely far away in the distance, and he put the six Natural Spirit Treasures away with a flick of his sleeve.

“Now, that old dog is probably dead, right?” Chen Xi gasped for breath with a pale countenance. Earlier, he’d utilized the Daoseal Mark to conceal himself and hide in space, and then he utilized divine artifact after divine artifact to attack Imperial Monarch Nandu. He was almost unable to bear the exertion from this.

It was even to the extent that for the sake of taking Imperial Monarch Nandu by surprise and killing him, Chen Xi had even utilized the Terminus Dao Insight to ceaselessly damage the internal structure of the Netherblood Sabre while he hid in the shadows. He’d done it for the sake of seizing the opportunity when Imperial Monarch Nandu dropped his guard to utilize the force of the Netherblood Sabre’s explosion to annihilate Imperial Monarch Nandu!

Fortunately, he’d accomplished all of this successfully. Even though he’d lost a Natural Spirit Treasure, it was worth it if he could kill an Imperial Monarch.

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