Chapter 1781 – Going Against An Imperial Monarch

At the instant his identity was exposed, Chen Xi was clearly aware that it wouldn’t end peacefully today.

So, as soon as he attacked, he’d decided to end the battle quickly and strive to break out of the encirclement. Moreover, he’d even not hesitated to utilize his full strength to achieve this goal.

So, he’d killed Ye Yunlong with a single strike of the sword.

So, he’d severed that short and plump old man’s arm with a single strike of the sword. Of course, he intended to take the old man’s life.

However, the development of the situation had still exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations. Those Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods of the Ye Clan were much stronger than he’d expected. Moreover, their reaction speed was top-rate, causing his plan to break out of the encirclement to fail.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi immediately decided that he could only annihilate these Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods before dealing with everything else.

Thus, he’d revealed the might of the 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm as soon as they collided, and a single strike of the ‘Dismemberment Style’ had practically annihilated all his opponents.

But in this way, it caused Chen Xi to completely lose any chance of fleeing. However, he’d expected this since the beginning, so he didn’t panic at all when facing Imperial Monarch Nandu who arrived here with violent fury.

However, Chen Xi would absolutely not dare to be careless.

Early on when he was still at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, he’d once experienced the ability of the Imperial Monarch Realm. At that time, it was outside Phoenix Perch City and at the shore of the God Burial Ocean, and he was facing the Luo Clan’s Imperial Monarch Chong Dou!

At that time, Imperial Monarch here mere spoken a single sentence before rendering Chen Xi completely powerless, and Chen Xi was completely suppressed and restrained. If Empress Yu Che hadn’t come to his rescue in time, then the consequences would truly be unimaginable.

Later on, before he advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, the conversations he had with Empress Yu Che allowed Chen Xi to have a deeper understanding of the Imperial Monarch Realm, and he had a clearer understanding of the gap between the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm and Imperial Monarch Realm.

For example, Imperial Monarchs could absolutely be considered as the top force in the Ancient God Domain. All of them were like peerless overlords that controlled a myriad of Daos, could overturn the world, and utilize the might of the world.

Existences beneath the Imperial Monarch Realm could only bow and submit before them!

Even if he’d advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm now, possessed a foundation established by the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root, attained the second forging of the True Heart Sutra, and possessed a combat strength that couldn’t be compared to the past, Chen Xi still had no choice but to be cautious when facing this Imperial Monarch Nandu from the Ye Clan.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless at all.

Terrifying pressure enveloped this area like a dark cloud.

The eyes of Imperial Monarch Nandu who’d fallen into an infuriated state were like a blazing pair of sun and moon that reflected the ages. Moreover, his entire body emanated an imposing aura that caused this expanse of the starry sky to fall into a terrifying and deathly silent atmosphere.

Space, light, the meteors, dust, airflow, the stars…. Everything was shivering, and they were bowing and submitting to him.

The rage of a monarch caused a million corpses to be born. Imperial Monarch Nandu was an imperial monarch amongst gods, so once he was enraged, how could his might and imposing aura he revealed be ordinary?

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression became solemn to the extreme as well. His eyes surged with strands of piercingly cold light, and he seemed to be deducing something and accumulating strength.

His entire body was suffused with a myriad of strands of divine radiance, and the Infinite Divine Talisman in the universe within his body circulated at full strength, causing every single inch of his skin to seem as if it was burning like lava while his spirit, energy, and essence seethed. He was ready to go all out.

“Little Bastard, do you know that I originally didn’t intend to kill you. After all, your origins are slightly strange, and I just have to capture you in order to complete my mission’s objective.” Imperial Monarch Nandu’s voice seemed as if it was emitted from his chest, and it revealed piercingly cold and terrifying killing intent that assaulted the face.

“However, you really shouldn’t have killed so many clansmen of my Ye Clan. If I don’t eliminate you today, then would I have any face to maintain my foothold in the world?” Imperial Monarch Nandu’s entire body surged with killing intent while his voice resounded like a thunderclap that shook the surroundings. “So, what if you’re from Oracle Mountain? So long as you’re dead, then would anyone in this world know that it was I who did it?”

He wasn’t talking nonsense. Because as he spoke, this expanse of the starry sky was completely locked down after his imposing aura seeped through it.

In other words, unless an Imperial Monarch arrived personally right now, otherwise, Chen Xi would be utterly unable to flee!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He’d naturally noticed the change in the aura of this area. However, he didn’t become flurried because of it, and he said indifferently instead, “It isn’t so easy to kill me. Watch out or you might pay with your lowly life!”

Lowly life! When he heard this insult, Imperial Monarch Nandu couldn’t help but start laughing from extreme rage, and his laughter was like thunderclaps that rumbled through the surroundings.

“Hahaha! The disciples of Oracle Mountain really are extraordinary. Since I’ve stepped into the Imperial Monarch Realm until now, you’re the first that dared to provoke me like this!” When he spoke up to here, Imperial Monarch Nandu took a deep breath, and then a ghastly and cruel arc arose on the corners of his mouth.


He attacked in an extremely sudden manner, and his palm that was thick and broad like a cattail leaf fan clawed lightly through space.

In the next moment, this expanse of space collapsed. A strand of terrifying tearing force whistled out and smashed fiercely towards Chen Xi with the intention of crushing his body and tearing it into powder.

This strike really did possess inconceivable might. Everywhere it passed, everything was crushed into powder, and this expanse of the world was thrown into disorder.

It was like this expanse of the heavens and the earth had been transformed into a piece of canvas. At this moment, this strike had completely torn apart, crushed, and collapsed it, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

This was the might of an Imperial Monarch!

As soon as one attacked, it was sufficient to control a myriad of Daos and collapse the world.

This was the first time Chen Xi faced the attack of a furious Imperial Monarch head-on after he’d advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and its terrifying might caused his entire body to be unable to help but stiffen.


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all. The Banisher glowed like it was burning, and it illuminated the world as it slashed down with formidable might.

The Ocean Cliff Style!

The most vast and powerful strike in the Profound Heart Sword Technique.


The sound of a violent collision resounded, and divine radiance rumbled towards the surroundings.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was struck to the point of staggering back by over 10 steps. Moreover, numerous holes were stomped upon in space as he staggered back. This obviously showed how terrifying the impact Chen Xi suffered from this strike was.

When he steadied himself, Chen Xi’s countenance suddenly turned pale while the vital blood in his entire body roiled without end.

But in the end, he’d resisted this attack!

With a cultivation at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, he’d resisted the attack of an expert at the Imperial Monarch Realm!

Even though it was merely a single strike and the outcome of the battle was impossible to determine, being able to accomplish this was sufficient to shock all the cultivators in the world and cause countless people to burst into an uproar!

“Hmm?” Imperial Monarch Nandu’s eyes narrowed, and he seemed to have never imagined that the young man standing before him would actually be able to resist a blow of his. Even though the young man was in a slightly sorry state, he’d survived after all.

“No wonder you dared to be so arrogant. With your natural talent, perhaps it would be sufficient for you to be ranked in the top 50 of the Universe Enlightened Chart. Unfortunately, the stronger you seem to be, the firmer it makes my resolution to kill you!” Every single word he spoke rumbled like the Grand Dao, and they were cold and murderous.

As he spoke, Imperial Monarch Nandu attacked once more. A wisp of dazzling silver lightning surged out from his palm.


The bolt of silver lightning shook fiercely in space, and then it swiftly transformed into a bright silver spear that seemed like the spear of judgment that came from the heavens and possessed the might to destroy the world.

This attack was clearly much more terrifying that the previous attack. As soon as it appeared, the surroundings dimmed down, and it seemed like the energy of the Grand Dao in this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth had been extracted and converged onto that silver spear.


Chen Xi practically instinctively shook the Banisher, and it reversed Yin and Yang to draw a completely round sword barrier. On the sword barrier, divine radiance flowed, the sun and moon alternated, and all sorts of Divine Dao Order circulated, and strands of obscure and crystalline Heart Energy seethed and glowed within it.

The Impeccable Style!

The strongest defensive move in the Profound Heart Sword Technique!

All those years ago, for the sake of tempering this move, Chen Xi had once been attacked by countless Staray Butterflies in Master Xuan’s Divine Temple, and he’d completely comprehended its core profundities a long time ago.

Now, his cultivation was completely different from then, so the Impeccable Style he revealed was even more formidable and flawless.


In an instant, that silver spear struck down. It was like a bolt of Chaotic Lightning had exploded from the nine heavens, and it actually instantly shattered the sword barrier!

In other words, Chen Xi’s strongest defensive move was actually unable to resist a strike from an Imperial Monarch before it collapsed.

After that, Chen Xi was blasted back once more. He let out a muffled groan and almost coughed up blood while his countenance turned completely pale.

However, his black eyes became even colder and indifferent. His gaze was like burning and seething lava, and it truly seemed like it intended to incinerate the sky.

He’d fully determined that even though Imperial Monarch Nandu’s combat strength was formidable, it was much more inferior to Imperial Monarch Chong Dou, and it was even to the extent of being inferior to Imperial Monarch Kun Mu and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying.

Of course, even if he was clearly aware of this, Chen Xi knew that he was utterly unable to guarantee that his current strength could shake Imperial Monarch Nandu.

After all, an Imperial Monarch was like a supreme monarch, and since the ancient times until now, how many Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods had been able to surmount a realm and kill an Imperial Monarch?

At the very least, based on Chen Xi’s present knowledge, he’d never heard of such an incident.

“He blocked it?” Imperial Monarch Nandu was stunned once more, and his expression grew even more gloomy and livid. The tenacious combat strength Chen Xi revealed had completely exceeded his expectations, and it caused him to wonder if this kid could rival those two descendants of the Yea Clan and Yu Clan, Yea Chen and Yu Jiuyue, that were renowned throughout the world now.

It was precisely this sort of understanding that caused killing intent to blaze in Imperial Monarch Nandu’s heart. He was very clearly aware that once a peerlessly monstrous young man like this were to mature in the future, he would absolutely be a disaster for the Ye Clan!

These thoughts had flashed through his heart in an instant, and then Imperial Monarch Nandu practically didn’t stop and attacked once more.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

He clawed with both hands, causing bolts of bright silver lightning to surge out explosively from the center of his palms. They were dazzling, brilliant, and covered in supreme Divine Dao Laws. Moreover, they were dazzling to the point they even illuminated this entire expanse of the starry sky.

“Thunderzap Blast!” Imperial Monarch Nandu roared loudly. He seemed like he’d transformed into a supreme god that controlled lightning, and he lifted up a myriad of bolts of silver lightning like he was swinging a silver whip, and then he struck it down forcefully at Chen Xi who stood in the distance.

This scene was too terrifying. It possessed the might to destroy the world and reign supreme over it. Merely the murderous aura it emanated caused all the meteors in an area of 50,000km in the surroundings to explode into powder.

Obviously, he’d been utterly infuriated, and he’d utilized the true might of an Imperial Monarch with the intention of annihilating Chen Xi with a single strike and putting an end to all future troubles.


Chen Xi had clearly realized this, so he flipped his palm at practically the exact same moment.

An umbrella with a gold frame suddenly opened up before him. The umbrella was completely round like the fusion of Yin and Yang, and it promoted the generation of spirit and essence. Moreover, it emanated an expanse of dazzling azure light that illuminated the world!

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