Chapter 1780 – Indescribable Beauty

The Truth Enlightenment Mirror!

A Natural Spirit Treasure passed down from the ancestors of the Ye Clan. It possessed numerous miraculous effects. Not only was it capable of seeing through the essence of all things, all disguises and deception would be exposed before it.

Even though Chen Xi didn’t recognize this treasure, he immediately knew that the situation was bad when he witnessed his true appearance on the mirror!

Sure enough, in an instant, the expressions of those 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from the Ye Clan had turned murderous. Their imposing auras surged while their vital energy instantly locked onto Chen Xi.

“Capture that bastard!” Imperial Nandu shouted loudly and indifferently from extremely far away.


However, right at the instant he spoke, Chen Xi withdrew the Banisher and took the initiative to attack!

At this moment, his entire body flowed with Sword Insight, and his imposing aura had become arrogant, fierce, and powerful. He swung his sword towards a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that stood the closest to him.


A wisp of blood sprayed. That Universe Enlightened Ancestral God didn’t even have the time to react before his head was severed, and that peerless formidable strand of sword qi even forcefully transformed his soul into powder, causing him to be die miserably on the spot.

All of this had occurred too quickly, and it was over in practically an instant. When Imperial Monarch Nandu’s voice had finished resounding through the air, that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God had already perished on the spot while blood was spraying through the air.

The hearts of everyone shook fiercely while their pupils constricted, and they were both surprised and furious to the extreme.

That Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was their companion, and he was called Ye Yunlong. He’d attained the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm since a long time ago, and he could be considered as an old fellow even in the Ye Clan.

However, at this moment, he didn’t even have the chance to dodge or let out a shrill cry before he lost his life instantaneously. So, how could they dare believe their eyes?

It took a long time to describe, yet it occurred in an instant. After he slaughtered Ye Yunlong with a single strike, Chen Xi didn’t stop at all. He held the Banisher in his hand as he retreated explosively.

There was an Imperial Monarch ahead, so Chen Xi wouldn’t be stupid enough to collide head-on with them.

“Bastard! Don’t you even think of fleeing!” However, there was someone on guard behind him as well. It was a short and plump old man. When he saw Chen Xi charge over, he suddenly roared loudly, and he held a pitch black large axe in his hand as he chopped it down at Chen Xi.


The axe carried a myriad of strands of jet black light as it tore through the sky in a ruthless and violent manner. It simply seemed as if it intended to annihilate the world and overturn the five elements.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly. The Banisher seemed like a ray of flowing light that flowed indeterminately, and it vanished into thin air with a swish.

Profound Heart Sword Technique, Flowing Light Style!

This strike was ethereal and traceless. It was like a sudden and indistinct flash, like a bolt of lightning, like an illusion.

“Shit!” The old man’s heart jerked. He relied on the experience he’d obtained through the tempering of years of slaughter to dodge instinctively.


Blood sprayed. Even though he’d dodged in time, his right arm that held the axe was severed, and it was thrown into the sky while he let out endless shrill howls of pain.

He could already be considered to be lucky. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have just lost his arm, and even his life would have been taken.

However, after they experienced such a sudden and unexpected event, all the other Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods had recovered from their shock, and they encircled Chen Xi from all directions.

All of them had solemn expressions that revealed boundless killing intent.

At this moment, they finally realized that this young man before them was extraordinarily difficult to deal with.


“Attack together!”

All of these Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts from the Ye Clan withdrew various divine artifacts, and they were like ferocious fiends as they smashed down towards Chen Xi.

For a time, axes, battleaxes, hook swords, forks, blades, spears, swords, halberds…. All sorts of divine artifacts flowed with divine radiance and emanated terrifying might. It was like a shooting stars were raining down and rumbling as they crushed through space. The blazing and monstrous radiance they emanated drowned this expanse of the starry sky in light.

Moreover, the impetus of their attacks was monstrous!

Over 10 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods had attacked at the same time, and such a scene could be considered to be world shocking and inconceivably formidable.

If it was any other ordinary figure, then that person would have probably been annihilated on the spot a long time ago!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression remained calm and indifferent as before. Only his eyes burned with killing intent that surged like lava.


His imposing aura rose explosively while his long hair fluttered, and a myriad of strands of divine radiance formed into mysterious talismans that flowed around him. The Banisher in his palm emanated a clear and resounding sword howl that sounded like the roar of a dragon, and it caused Chen Xi to seem like an imposing peerless exalt of the sword that controlled the starry sky.


He strode according to the position of the stars in the big dipper while all the apertures on every inch of his body emanated divine radiance. They formed numerous grand and obscure Divine Talisman diagrams that swept out, resided in the surroundings, and protected Chen Xi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous divine artifacts whistled over like scorching suns that were falling from the sky, and they collided with the grand Divine Talismans, causing deafening rumbling to resound.

At this instant, the stars in an area of 500,000km in the surroundings trembled violently and were on the verge of falling. Moreover, the over 1,000 stars that were closest to the battlefield had even simultaneously exploded into pieces and transformed into powder.

However, it was precisely such an extremely terrifying attack that was actually unable to shake the Divine Talisman diagrams that were formed around Chen Xi!

This caused the pupils of those Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from the Ye Clan to constrict. Isn’t this kid’s combat strength a bit too heaven defying?


Right at this moment, Chen Xi took the initiative to attack once more, and he casually swung the Banisher that lay in his palm.

It was utterly otherworldly, and it was filled with a simple, primitive and natural aura.

As soon as it appeared, it even gave others an extremely tranquil and carefree feeling. It pleased the eyes and gladdened the heart, and it was like they were witnessing the traces of the Grand Dao and caused them to be unable to help but become immersed in it.

The greatest beauty in the world was indescribable.

The greatest profundity in the world couldn’t be explained.

This sword strike reflected the ‘beauty’ of the Dao in the heavens and the earth, and it contained the ‘profundity’ of all things. It was extremely shocking.

This was the true might of the 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

In an instant, the hearts of all the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from the Ye Clan were filled with shock, but horror came right after it.

It was extreme horror!

Every single one of them had stepped into the peak ranks of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm since a long time ago, and they could be said to be the pillars of the Eternal Ye Clan. Normally, they were very rarely dispatched because with their cultivations, power, and influence, there was utterly no need to mobilize them to deal with ordinary opponents.

If Ye Feng hadn’t perished miserably this time, and it completely infuriated Imperial Monarch Nandu, it would be utterly impossible for them to be dispatched.

This caused them to think that their strengths were sufficient to crush any opponent. However, who would have imagined that as soon as they entered into battle, a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God from their side had been slaughtered while another had his right arm severed.

Perhaps this was caused by the sudden attack that was launched by their opponent.

After that, when they were alert, ready for battle, and utilized all their strength, they were actually unable to annihilate their opponent in one go. This caused them to be completely shocked, and they had a deeper understanding of how terrifying this young man was.

However, at this moment, when they witnessed this sword strike of Chen Xi’s, they weren’t shocked anymore. They were horrified and astounded, and they felt a form of indescribable terror creep through them.

What sort of Sword Dao is this? Their minds shook, and they were unable to maintain their calm and composure.

When the battle between Chen Xi and those Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from the Ye Clan began, Imperial Monarch Nandu that had been standing extremely far in the distance since the beginning couldn’t help but reveal a cold smile on the corners of his mouth.

Moreover, he gazed at Chen Xi as if he was looking at a dead man.

The miserable death of his son, Ye Feng, causing Ye Nandu, an Imperial Monarch, to be unable to maintain his calm, and extreme rage and killing intent had accumulated in his heart.

So, as far as he was concerned, that young man in the distance had to die no matter what, the young man had to pay the price with his blood and life.

However, the development of the situation had exceeded Imperial Monarch Nandu’s expectations. He couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw Chen Xi actually didn’t fall into a disadvantaged position while fighting against numerous opponents by himself.

On the other hand, when he saw grand Divine Talismans arise from Chen Xi and reside in the surroundings to defend against all the attacks that struck towards Chen Xi, Imperial Monarch Nandu was extremely shocked.

He’d vaguely guessed Chen Xi’s background, but he didn’t dare believe it. Or it should be said that he was unable to accept it.

Oracle Mountain!

How could this kid be from Oracle Mountain?

Imperial Monarch Nandu merely struggled in his heart for an instant before he decided to disregard Chen Xi’s background in order to avenge his son!

However, in merely an instant, his expression couldn’t help but change abruptly when he saw that sword strike Chen Xi had executed, and he cried out involuntarily. “Watch out! Retreat! Quickly!”

Imperial Monarch Nandu’s voice resounded through the starry sky like a thunderclap, yet it was obviously a step too late.

At the instant Chen Xi executed that sword strike, a strand of indescribably terrifying aura swiftly swept through the surroundings, causing space to freeze while all things went silent.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next moment, a wave of terrifying explosions resounded while chaotic flows of energy shot towards the surroundings and divine radiance dispersed. It was the sound of divine artifacts being crushed in powder successively.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

At practically the exact same time, ball after ball of blood sprayed into the sky. Those Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods of the Ye Clan didn’t even have the time to dodge before some of their bodies were slashed into two, some had their head chopped off, some were even blasted into mush by the might of this sword strike….

It was extremely bloody and shocking to the extreme!

This was the might of Chen Xi’s sword strike. It was the strongest sword strike he’d executed since he’d stepped foot into the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and its might couldn’t be compared to the past.

“Bastard!” However, before the might of this strike could come to an end, a loud shout resounded as a strand of terrifying force transformed into a torrent that smashed down at Chen Xi.


Chen Xi blocked Imperial Monarch Nandu’s attack with his sword, yet he was forcefully blasted back by over 10 steps, and the vital blood in his entire body roiled.

It turned out that all of this was because Imperial Monarch Nandu had acted instinctively to save them when he noticed the situation was bad. However, he was merely able to rescue two Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods in the end, and the others were all annihilated!

On the other hand, even though those two Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were lucky enough to survive, they’d suffered heavy injuries and were terrified out of their wits. Moreover, their wills to fight had collapsed, so it was impossible for them to join in the fight any longer.

“Damnable little bastard!” Imperial Monarch Nandu’s expression was livid while he flew into a rage, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi was like an extremely shocking bolt of lightning.

He’d actually allowed 14 of his clansmen to be killed right before his eyes, and this was simply an extraordinary humiliation that caused Imperial Monarch Nandu to feel utterly humiliated and infuriated.

It was fine if it was ordinary clansmen of the Ye Clan who were killed, but these were 14 peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. They were the pillars of the Ye Clan!

Losing so many in an instant was a deep and heavy blow even to the Ye Clan!

“Little Bastard, you’ve utterly infuriated me. No matter who you are, you’ll pay with your life today and atone for all your crimes!” As Imperial Monarch Nandu spoke, a terrifying aura suddenly enveloped the surroundings like a dark cloud the blotted out the sky, and it completely locked down this area.

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