Chapter 1779 – Specter Galaxy

Specter Galaxy was extremely vast, and it was shaped like a Death Lark that had its wings spread and intended to fly off. A myriad of stars were covered within grey and hazy mist, and the mysterious surroundings here revealed a terrifying sinister feeling.

Cultivators that were frequently travelling through the starry sky all year long were absolutely not unfamiliar with Specter Galaxy.

However, if it was in terms of how terrifying Specter Galaxy was, then very few were able to provide an exact answer.

Because in the numerous rumors circulating throughout the Ancient God Domain, practically none of the cultivators that took the risk of entering Specter Galaxy in the boundless years of the past had survived!

At this point in time, all the cultivators were clearly aware that Specter Galaxy was extremely dangerous. Natural calamities appeared frequently, and it was covered in danger. It was filled with unimaginable lethality.

This was a very vague understanding, yet it caused Specter Galaxy to seem even more mysterious and terrifying.

Fortunately, there was a safe path through Specter Galaxy, and it was sufficient for cultivators to ceaselessly travel through it from both directions.

At this moment, Chen Xi had suddenly stopped moving while his expression turned solemn, and it instantly caused Ye Yan to be shocked.

She couldn’t restrain herself from asking. “What’s wrong?”

“Someone has taken control of that path through Specter Galaxy.” Chen Xi frowned.

“You suspect that it’s the forces dispatched by the Ye Clan?” Ye Yan’s heart shook while her expression turned solemn.

“It’s extremely likely. If I was a member of the Ye Clan, I would definitely choose to wait here for my prey to come to me. This is like wait at ease for an exhausted enemy to arrive. Perhaps they’ve already guessed that if we intend to enter the Imperial Region within an extremely short period of time, then we definitely have to pass through this place.” Chen Xi swiftly spoke of his deductions.

“Then… should we change our path?” Ye Yan frowned as she spoke. She hadn’t imagined that their revenge would actually come so quickly.

“If we change our path, then we’ll have to waste an unknown amount of time. In this way, I’m worried that it wouldn’t just be the Ye Clan then, and even the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect’s forces would probably arrive successively. At that time, it would probably be too late for us to even abandon our objective of heading to the Imperial Region.” Chen Xi pondered deeply before he spoke.

Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d been pursued for innumerable times. So, he was naturally clearly aware that once they avoided their pursuers, it would cause them to fall into a disadvantaged situation. Because the forces of the enemy would always far exceed one’s expectations.

Under such circumstances, the only way to overcome the situation was to face it head-on and not avoid it or hesitate!

Of course, it didn’t mean a head-on battle, but to determine one’s objective and utilize everything at one’s disposal to accomplish it.

“Then what should we do?” asked Ye Yan.

Chen Xi glanced at Ye Yan and Little Bao before he suddenly smiled and said, “Don’t both of you think that it’s too conspicuous if we travel in a group of three?”

After a short moment, only Chen XI himself transformed into a flowing ray of light that swiftly approached Specter Galaxy.

At this moment, Ye Yan and Little Bao had been hidden away in the universe within his body, and his appearance had changed as well. He was like a completely different person.

Coupled with the energy of the Daoseal Mark concealing his aura, even the people most familiar with Chen Xi would probably be unable to recognize him.

In next to no time, expanse after expanse of grey and hazy mist surged into appearance within his field of vision, and Chen Xi’s figure had arrived at the border of Specter Galaxy.

The grey and hazy mist was actually filled with extremely vicious and corrosive energy. As soon as he approached it, it intended to seep through Chen Xi’s flesh and skin to tarnish his soul.

Hiss! Hiss!

With a command in his heart, the energy within his body circulated, and it easily expelled the mist.

This Specter Energy really is powerful. If a cultivator below the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm were to come here, then it would probably be impossible to resist. Chen Xi couldn’t avoid feeling shocked after he silently sensed the Specter Energy around him. This was merely the edge of Specter Galaxy, so it would probably be even more dangerous once he went deeper.


“Hurry up!”

“You over there! Behave yourself!”

As he ceaselessly moved deeper into Specter Galaxy, a wave of clamorous voices sounded out from afar.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, and he saw that there was a winding stellar path which was visible to the naked eye. It stretched out from the center of the myriad of stars that were covered by the grey and hazy mist.

It was like a gorgeous arched bridge was hanging in the grey and hazy sky.

That was the path that led through Specter Galaxy. However, surprisingly, there were numerous figures standing in the starry sky before the path right now.

They stood on guard at the space on both sides of the path, and they seemed to be extremely far away from each other, yet they faintly revealed an encirclement that completely sealed off this expanse of the starry sky.

In other words, if one wanted to pass through the path, then one had to go through the area they were guarding.

Even from extremely far away, Chen Xi acutely noticed that there was a total of 16 figures at the sides of the path. Shockingly, all of them were Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods!

Even though they were merely 16, they were all Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods! Every single Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was an existence that could be considered as an overlord in any universe.

For example, if Ye Yan didn’t betray the Sovereign Sect, then she was an elder of the Sovereign Sect who possessed a status that far surpassed Elite Disciples of the sect.

For example, old fellows like Gongye Nanli and Di Yunqiu from the top-rate powers of the Imperial Region were merely at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Yet now, 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods had actually been dispatched merely for the sake of taking control of a pathway, and anyone would be shocked by this scene.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that even though those 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were dressed differently, all of them had the totem of ‘brambles of swords and blades’ on their chests.

This allowed Chen Xi to instantly determine that they really were members of the Eternal Ye Clan!

Because the Ye Clan’s totem was this ‘brambles of swords and blades’, whereas, the Shaohao Clan’s totem was ‘a divine sun dazzling the heavens’, so anyone would be able to discern their identity with a single glance.

They really were fast. Looks like the destruction of the marriage agreement and Ye Feng’s death caused the Ye Clan to finally become infuriated…. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. But in next to no time, he was shocked because he acutely noticed that a strand of terrifying will had swept past his body just an instant ago, but it quickly vanished.

Chen Xi feigned ignorance while his gaze swept over inadvertently. He instantly noticed that a meteor was floating in an expanse of mist in the distance. Surprisingly, it was a mighty figure that was sitting cross-legged there. The figure’s aura was obscure, and he himself was enveloped by mist. So, if one didn’t search carefully, it would be almost impossible to notice his existence.

An Imperial Monarch! Chen Xi’s pupils constricted imperceptibly before recovering to normal. However, he became vigilant in his heart instead. Never had he imagined that the Ye Clan would actually dispatch such a formidable expert to deal with him.

At this moment, many cultivators in front of the path were being questioned and inspected by the clansmen of the Ye Clan before they were allowed to pass.

Before long, it was Chen Xi’s turn.

“Name.” A robust and brawny middle aged man spoke in a low voice.

“Chen Xun.” Chen Xi had a clam expression.

“Stand still!” As he spoke, the middle aged man’s eyes were suffused with a pair of mysterious deep blue vortexes, and he started to inspect Chen Xi.


In an instant, Chen Xi sensed a strand of a mysterious and icy cold force surge into his body like tentacles, and it moved along his meridians and apertures towards the universe within his body.

Obviously, the middle aged man had cultivated a form of secret technique that allowed him to inspect his opponent’s ability with his eyes.

However, this sort of technique was extremely malicious and disrespectful. It was like stripping someone of their clothes and inspecting their bodies. If it was any ordinary time, it would probably infuriate others.

However, it was very obvious that when they faced 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts from the Ye Clan, everyone had no choice but to silently swallow this insult and humiliation.

Hmph! Chen Xi couldn’t help but grunt coldly when that mysterious and icy cold force was about to enter the universe within his body. The Daoseal Mark within his soul suddenly swept out, and it completely concealed everything within Chen Xi’s body.

At this moment, a deathly still universe was reflected in the middle aged man eyes, and it was on the verge of drying up and without any vitality at all.

Heh! What an unlucky fellow. The universe within his body is actually ruined to such an extent. He clearly encountered some sort of problems in his cultivation. The middle aged man withdrew his gaze while he revealed a wisp of pity on his face, and then he waved his hand and said, “Go on, go on.”

“Thank you.” Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and then he intended to leave.

However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded. “Wait!”

His voice was indifferent, and it was merely a single word, yet it was filled with an extraordinarily dignified aura.

Chen Xi’s heart shook while a bad feeling instantly surged out from within it. He was just about to disregard everything and make a move, yet before he could even move, a wave of fluctuation arose in the distant space before a figure appeared from within it.

He had a tall figure, wore a violet robe, and had a dignified appearance that revealed an oppressive gloomy aura. If Ye Yan was here, she would definitely recognize this person as the Ye Clan’s Elder, Ye Nandu, who was also Ye Feng’s father! Imperial Monarch Nandu!

All the 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods of the Ye Clan were stunned when they saw this, and they were extremely puzzled. They didn’t know what was going on.

On the other hand, Ye Nandu’s gaze immediately shot over like a bolt of lightning as soon as he arrived, and it locked onto Chen Xi in the first possible moment. He said coldly, “Young man, will you still not reveal your true appearance?”

These words alone caused the hearts of the 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from the Ye Clan to tremble. They practically instinctively flickered to instantly surround Chen Xi and seal off all his paths of retreat.

Moreover, their gazes towards Chen Xi even carried a wisp of surprise, bewilderment, and ghastly killing intent.

“Everyone, what’s the meaning of this?” Even though he was shocked in his heart, Chen Xi didn’t even frown or reveal any anxiousness.

“Young man, others might be unable to see through your disguise, but do you think you can deceive the Truth Enlightenment Mirror in my possession?” Imperial Monarch Nandu had an icy cold and gloomy expression while his eyes were filled with extreme killing intent.

As he spoke, a completely round and translucent bronze mirror suddenly floated up into appearance in his palm. It was like a bright and clear full moon that was suffused with and emanated brilliant radiance.

At this moment, everyone noticed to their shock that light flowed in the mirror before a tall figure with a handsome appearance and black eyes that were deep like abysses was revealed within it.

Even though the appearance of this figure was completely different from the young man before them, every single move they made was actually exactly similar!

In an instant, the expressions of all 16 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from the Ye Clan turned gloomy, and they revealed killing intent from their gazes. Earlier, they’d were actually on the verge of being deceived by their enemy!

Yes, even though they didn’t recognize the person standing before them, they recognized that figure in the mirror. It was exactly that person who was with Ye Yan and the Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey that killed Ye Feng!

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