Chapter 1777 – Spirit Plate

In the boundlessly vast starry sky.


A wave of spatial fluctuation arose, and then a pathway stretched out from within space, and it wasn’t long before Chen Xi, Ye Yan, and Little Bao’s figures walked out from it.

Chen Xi glanced at his surroundings and said, “This is Violet Jade Region?”

Ye Yan said, “Yes. If we set out from here, then we only have to traverse 16 regions to arrive at the Imperial Region.”

Unlike the secret pathway to enter the Divine Arambha Garden from within the South Sea Region, the secret path Chen Xi’s group took when they left this time was the secret path that Ye Yan had taken to Arambha Temple.

Little Bao opened his eyes wide instead and was sizing up the surroundings with curiosity. Moreover, he grinned without end and seemed to be extremely excited.

It was the first time he’d left Divine Arambha Garden, so he was filled with curiosity towards everything.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said, “Then let’s set out.”

After five years of time, he was about to step foot onto the territory of the Imperial Region, and Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but carry a wisp of anticipation.

Ye Yan nodded, and she was about to set out.

Suddenly, Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he stopped her. “Wait.”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the surroundings when a wave of fluctuation arose in the distance, and then divine radiance flowed before a figure appeared.

His brows were sharp like swords, his face was thin, and he wore a loose black robe. Moreover, his entire body revealed a casual and lazy aura.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. This black clothed man’s aura was formidable, and it was merely slightly inferior to Shaohao Yu. So, he was probably ranked on the Universe Enlightened Chart as well.

However, Chen Xi was curious why such a figure that could even be considered a dazzling figure would be hiding in the distance. Could it be that he has been waiting for us to make an appearance?

In next to no time, Chen Xi found out the answer.

“Little Sister, you’ve finally made an appearance after almost three years of time.” The black clothed man stroke through the starry sky while sighing, and he revealed a slightly emotional expression.

Little sister! This caused Chen Xi’s heart to instantly tremble, and he was clearly aware that this man was definitely from the Eternal Ye Clan.

Ye Yan seemed to be slightly surprised, but she didn’t show any delight from seeing a relative. Her face sank instead, and she said coldly, “Ye Feng, why have you come here?”

“I haven’t just come here, I’ve been waiting for three years.” Ye Feng spoke slowly. “I originally thought that you’d suffered calamity in Arambha Temple, yet who would’ve imagined that… you were actually still alive. This was truly surprising.”

A wisp of coldness arose in the space between Ye Yan’s brows. “What do you mean by that?”

“What do I mean? Tell me, why was the marriage agreement between Huicong and Shaohao Yu destroyed?” In an instant, the lazy smile on the corners of Ye Feng’s mouth had vanished, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept coldly at Ye Yan. “Do you know that the destruction of the marriage agreement put our Ye Clan in a very disadvantageous position!?”

“So, you’ve come here to denounce my crimes?” Ye Yan’s heart sank. Never had she imagined that she would encounter such a situation after she’d just left Arambha Temple.

On the other hand, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised, and he was unable to figure out the relationship between Ye Yan and Ye Feng. They were clearly relatives, yet they were in confrontation like enemies.

However, this allowed Chen Xi to finally realize why Ye Yan would rather head to Oracle Mountain with him than return to the Ye Clan.

She was probably clearly aware that after the marriage agreement was destroyed and Shaohao Yu’s group were killed, it wouldn’t just be the Sovereign Sect, she wouldn’t even have a place to stay in the Ye Clan.

But Chen Xi had never imagined that they would actually act so quickly. Because his group had just left Arambha Temple when Ye Feng who’d been waiting here for a long time had shown himself.

This obviously showed that the destruction of the marriage agreement had caused an extraordinary stir in the Ye Clan as well.

“Denounce your crimes? No, I just wanted to confirm exactly who destroyed the marriage agreement,” said Ye Feng in a low voice.

Ye Yan sneered as she said, “Do you think I would tell you?”

“I forgot to tell you. Your failure caused out entire Ye Clan to be furious, and if you still refuse to realize your errors, then don’t blame me, your older brother, for personally capturing you and bring you back!” Ye Feng’s face was expressionless while his eyes flickered with a cold glow. “It’ll be too late for you to regret it once I’ve taken you back to the clan.”

Every single word he spoke was covered in killing intent, causing the atmosphere to suddenly become tense and filled with an aura of conflict.

“What exactly… is the relationship between you two?” Chen Xi spoke abruptly.

“According to our relationship by blood, he’s my cousin brother. However, he has been my enemy since my mother was killed when I was young. However, for the sake of my survival, I’ve never mentioned this matter for so many years. Because I was clearly aware that if I were to speak of it, then not to mention taking revenge for my mother, I would probably have been killed by his father and him.” Ye Yan’s voice sounded as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between her teeth, and her expression was terrifyingly icy cold.

She’d been constantly hiding this secret in her heart, and no one knew about it. But now, she’d completely severed all connection with the Ye Clan and the Sovereign Sect, so she would naturally not continue wronging herself.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that Ye Yan actually carried such bitter enmity and hatred on her shoulders, and for the sake of survival, she was even able to bitterly exercise forbearance before her enemies for so many years before finally revealing everything now. It was clear how painful it would have been for her in the years of the past.

For a time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slight pity for Ye Yan. Her relatives had become her enemies, and such a feeling was bound to be unpleasant.

At this moment, even Ye Feng’s expression changed abruptly. He seemed to be slightly surprised, and then he berated in a fierce voice. “What nonsense! Ye Yan, it looks to me like you’ve gone completely mad!”

“What? You dare to commit the act yet don’t dare to admit it?” Ye Yan’s expression grew even more icy cold, and her voice was filled with boundless hatred and ridicule.

“How presumptuous! You’ve simply completely disgraced the clan!”


As he spoke, Ye Feng raised his hand, and then a golden divine mountain was formed in his palm. It crushed through space as it smashed down forcefully at Ye Yan.

This strike was extremely fierce, violent, and powerful. He clearly intended to annihilate Ye Yan on the spot.

“Let me do it!” Chen Xi was just about to lend a hand when Little Bao suddenly roared before he could do anything, and the iron rod in Little Bao’s hand erupted with divine radiance as it swept out horizontally.

At this moment, Little Bao was clearly slightly impatient, and his battle intent surged violently. Even though he hadn’t transformed into his 300m figure that had three heads and six arms, he was still extremely ferocious once he entered into battle. He was like a god of war that possessed an imposing aura of destruction and supremacy.


A world shaking sound of collision resounded. It was like a thunderclap had surged down from the nine heavens, and it caused the meteors and space in an area of 4,000km to be crushed into powder while a rain of light dispersed into the surroundings.

The golden mountain formed in Ye Feng’s palm had been easily destroyed while the bones within his entire right arm were struck to the point of cracking, and his knuckles broke.

If he hadn’t dodged in time, then he would have almost been smashed to death by a single strike of this iron rod.

“Bastard!” Ye Feng roared from pain, and his face warped. He simply didn’t dare believe that he would be injured from a single strike.

After all, he was a direct line descendent of the Eternal Ye Clan. He’d cultivated for 16,000 years until now, and his cultivation had attained perfection in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm since a long time ago. Moreover, he was ranked at the 92nd position on the Universe Enlightened Chart and could rival all the old fellows at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

In the Imperial Region, he was one of the few dazzling figures that possessed a resounding reputation.

Yet now, his right arm had almost been shattered by a single strike of the rod from a monkey. How could he accept this?


However, before Ye Feng could recover from his shock, Little Bao had already attacked once more with the iron rod. It was simply and violent, and it carried the intent to destroy everything before it.


Ye Feng instinctively withdrew a golden greataxe to meet this rod head on. The two of them collided, and then the golden greataxe rumbled as it exploded into pieces. It was forcefully smashed into pieces by the iron rod.

On the other hand, Ye Feng was blasted flying like a kite without its string, and he smashed forcefully into a desolate star.

At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised as well. Earlier, Little Bao had relied on the restrictions that enveloped Divine Arambha Garden in order to make a clean sweep of Shaohao Yu, Imperial Monarch Kun Wu, and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying, and that was the reason why Little Bao seemed extremely ferocious and could be said to be invincible.

Yet now, he’d clearly left Arambha Temple, but he was still able to reveal such monstrous might, and it truly surprised Chen Xi.

If Chen Xi wasn’t mistaken, then even though Little Bao’s current cultivation hadn't attained the Imperial Monarch Realm, Little Bao could absolutely be considered a top peak existence in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and he was much stronger than Shaohao Yu who was ranked at the 72nd position on the Universe Enlightened Chart!

“Dammit!” Amidst a roar that shook the heavens, Ye Feng’s entire body was drenched in blood as he charged out with a dirty appearance, and his expression was extremely savage.

“Ye Yan, could it be that you think you can act wildly because you’ve found help? Just you wait, from today onward, you’ll be the shame of the entire Ye Clan, and you’ll definitely suffer a punishment of death!”

Amidst his loud roar, he actually turned around and fled.

However, Little Bao seemed to have expected this. He suddenly chuckled as his figure flashed, and he transformed into a wisp of golden flowing light that swiftly obstructed Ye Feng’s path before smashed his iron rod down at Ye Feng!


The iron rod was like a descending mountain, and it carried powerful force that was terrifying and shocking to the limit.

“You animal! How dare you!!!” Ye Feng was finally terrified at this moment, but he was unable to dodge at all. His head was directly smashed into pieces while his body was crushed into mush.

This scene was too blood, and it was violent and ferocious to the limit.

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but rub his nose, and he muttered to himself. This Little Bao seems to be lively and obedient, but who would dare imagine that he would become so ferocious and cruel upon entering into battle?


Suddenly, Chen Xi acutely noticed that something seemed to have shattered when Ye Feng was killed, and then a strand of white light suddenly tore through the sky and shot towards the distances.

Little Bao wanted to stop it, yet he was actually unable to succeed.

“It’s the Ye Clan’s Spirit Plate. Once it shatters, then it’ll be sent back to the clan, and the great figures of the clan will be able to find out about everything from it.” Ye Yan’s countenance instantly turned solemn and ghastly pale.

Chen Xi’s heart shook. Spirit Plate?

“Miss Ye Yan, you wouldn’t blame me for killing that fellow, right? He was truly too detestable, and it was to the point I couldn’t bear the sight of him.” Meanwhile, Little Bao had returned, and he’d recovered his lively and clever appearance as he scratched his head with slight embarrassment and grinned while speaking to Ye Yan.

“You’ve helped me take revenge, so how could I do that?” Ye Yan forced out a smile. She didn’t care about Ye Feng’s fate, and she was worried about the trouble that would follow after the news of Ye Feng’s death was sent back to the Ye Clan.

“Let’s make the best use of our time and set out. Once we return to Oracle Mountain, then we wouldn’t have to worry about any further danger.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and he quickly decided.

“I’m sorry for dragging you into trouble again,” said Ye Yan in an apologetic tone.

“Remember that this isn’t only your problem. It was I that destroyed the marriage agreement on that day, so it should be me that they have to kill.” Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder as he spoke seriously.

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