Chapter 1776 – The Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin

Her voice stopped abruptly while her deep gaze shot towards the distance.

After a short moment, she suddenly smiled and said, “Looks like there’s no need to wait for five years.”

Her voice hadn’t finished resounded through the air when a warm and bright voice resounded. “Thank you for taking care of my Little Junior Brother throughout these years.”

This voice was like sunlight in the winter, like jade rocks rubbing against each other. It made others feel very comfortable as if they were listening to the profound tune of the Dao.

Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. Eldest Senior Brother!

Ye Yan was stunned instead, and then she actually instantly became extremely reserved. She seemed to be extremely perturbed in her heart and didn’t know how to face this legendary figure.

Only Huicong was stunned, and then she said with surprise. “Who? Wu Xuechan?”

In next to no time, a figure arrived swiftly. He was tall with snow white long hair hanging loosely on his shoulders, and he possessed a clear and ordinary appearance. As his eyes opened and closed, it seemed like countless stars were surging, seething, and vanishing within them, and it reflected the grand scene of the movement of the universe and the cycle of life and death.

It was exactly the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain, Wu Xuechan!

“Little Huicong is already so big. You’ve even attained the fifth level in the Dao Control Technique of Tranquility. That’s really good.” Wu Xuechan smiled as he rubbed Huicong’s head in an extremely amiable manner. Obviously, he’d known Huicong for a long time.

As he spoke, he glanced at Chen Xi and said, “Little Junior Brother, I’ve made you wait.”

Chen Xi shook his head and smiled, “It was merely five years.”

“Greetings… Grand Lord.” Ye Yan hesitated for a moment, but she still took a deep breath and greeted him in the end.

“You’re that little girl from the Ye Clan. I remember you.” Wu Xuechan nodded with a warm expression, and this caused Ye Yan to feel relaxed for no rhyme or reason.

“You’re injured?” The Goddess spoke abruptly with a tone that carried a trace of surprise.

“I fought the Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin. I never expected that old fellow improved greatly in these past few years, and he caused me to suffer quite a disadvantage.” Wu Xuechan smiled casually and spoke indifferently.

Just these words alone caused Chen Xi to be instantly shocked. Merely based on his external appearance, it was truly difficult to determine that his Eldest Senior Brother was actually injured.

Mo Lin! Ye Yan’s heart shook fiercely when she heard this name, and a wisp of astonishment surged out from within it. As one of the Sovereign Sect’s elders, she was naturally clearly aware that the Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin was a Daolord that possessed extraordinary ability!

He’d been constantly in closed door cultivation throughout the recent years, and he would rarely step foot outside the Sovereign Sect. However, no one dared to disregard his existence.

Because he was Mo Lin, a Divine Sovereign Priest at the Daolord Realm. His status was so lofty, and his authority was so monstrous that it was merely inferior to the Sovereign Sect’s Master!

Such a great figure had entered into conflict with the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain, and he’d even made the Grand Lord suffer quite a disadvantage. This obviously showed how formidable Mo Lin was.

“He was actually able to injure you. Could it be that Mo Lin has already seen through the ‘World Transcendence Form’?” The Goddess seemed to be lost in thought.

“Even though he still hasn’t, he’d on the verge of it.” Wu Xuechan thought for a moment, and then he suddenly shook his head and smiled. “However, he’s in a much more terrible state than I am. If I didn’t pass by your place this time, we would probably have to continue fighting for over 10 years of time in order to decide on a victor.”

“Do you want my help?” The Goddess pondered for a moment before she spoke.

“It’s fine. Once you make an appearance, that old fellow will probably flee immediately. I caught ahold of him with great difficulty this time, and I’m unwilling to let him flee.” Even though Wu Xuechan spoke in a flat tone and seemed as if he was chatting casually, his voice revealed a wisp of a resolute tone.

This allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, had aroused killing intent and intended to put an end to Mo Lin!

“Since you’ve already made a decision, then why did you come here?” asked the Goddess.

“I promised Little Junior Brother that I would come to get him, so I naturally had to come.” Wu Xuechan smiled, and then he suddenly sighed while his smile turned bitter. “However, regretfully, I can only ask him to return himself now.”

Chen Xi hurriedly said, “Eldest Senior Brother, it’s not a big deal, and you don’t have to trouble yourself over it. The important matter at hand is that you need to be careful in your battle with that Mo Lin.”

What a joke, it was merely returning to the Oracle Mountain. So long as he was provided with the path, then he could return on his own. Was there any need for Wu Xuechan to send him there?

If others were to hear about this, they would definitely say Chen Xi was putting on an act.

“Don’t worry, Mo Lin isn’t able to do anything to your Eldest Senior Brother.” The Goddess spoke abruptly, and she seemed to be lost in thought as she gazed at Wu Xuechan.

Wu Xuechan smiled and didn’t speak any further.

“Little Junior Brother, the path to the sect is contained within this talisman. There’ll naturally be someone to receive you once you return to the sect.” Wu Xuechan flipped his palm and withdrew a talisman. It was like a star, and it emanated brilliant and clear radiance that was illusory and mysterious.

Chen Xi hurriedly received it from Wu Xuechan, and then he swept it with his will. He instantly noticed numerous pieces of information that were like maps, and he understood that this was the path to Oracle Mountain.

“Don’t worry Senior Brother.” Chen Xi smiled, and then he suddenly gazed at Ye Yan and spoke hesitantly. “Eldest Senior Brother, there’s one more thing I want to….”

“There’s no need to speak any further. I’m already clearly aware of it.” Wu Xuechan smiled as he interrupted. “Little Junior Brother, you decide. So long as you think it’s correct, then we’ll support you. After all, you’re a member of our Oracle Mountain.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother!” Chen Xi nodded while a wisp of warmth surged from his heart.

On the other hand, Ye Yan couldn’t help but open her eyes wide and feel slight disbelief when she saw Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan briefly discuss and resolve the problem that caused her to feel extremely troubled and despaired.

After that, she sighed with emotion in her heart. Perhaps this is where Oracle Mountain is unique. Unlike all the other sects and clans in the world, it has its own pride, resources, and reserves, and it’s sufficient to make its disciples reside within it wholeheartedly.

“Fantastic! Fantastic!” Huicong was excited to the point of dancing with joy.

“Little Huicong, why don’t you come to Oracle Mountain as well?” Wu Xuechan couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw this.

Huicong became serious instead, and she glanced hesitantly at the Goddess and said, “I want to go along as well. But….”

“You can’t.” The Goddess refused in a very direct manner. “Unless you advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm one day, otherwise, entering the world to undergo tempering now would only cause you to become entangled with all sorts of karma, and it’ll taint your mental state.”

Huicong’s eyes instantly dimmed down, and she lowered her head while puckering her lips. She was really slightly reluctant to be separated with her older sister right now.

“Since it’s like that, then all of you can leave now.” The Goddess gazed at Wu Xuechan. “After all, your thoughts haven’t been here for a long time now, right?”

“Indeed. That old fellow, Mo Lin, is still waiting for me, and I’m worried that he’ll make an excuse and flee with his tail between his legs.” Wu Xuechan laughed lightheartedly as he spoke.

Wu Xuechan arrived swiftly and left quickly as well. In less than an eighth of an hour, he’d left hastily, and he seemed to have merely come to see Chen Xi.

Not long after Wu Xuechan left, Chen Xi brought Ye Yan along and intended to leave Arambha Temple and head to the Imperial Region.

Earlier, he’d already taken Zhen Liuqing from the Goddess. Now, he’d obtained the secret map that led to Oracle Mountain from Wu Xuechan, so he naturally had no intention to stay in Arambha Temple.

The Goddess didn’t ask them to say, and she brought Huicong, the white spirit deer, and Little Bao along to send Chen Xi and Ye Yan off.

Creak! Creak!

When he saw Chen Xi and Ye Yan were about to leave, Little Bao couldn’t help but seem anxious and cried out with extreme reluctance.

“You monkey!” The Goddess glanced at Little Bao while she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. She was clearly aware that the mental state of this Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey had changed.

Little Bao immediately lowered his head upon being berated, and he didn’t dare make another sound.

“Chen Xi.” The Goddess suddenly called out to Chen Xi.

“Senior, is there something else you need?” Chen Xi turned around and asked with surprise.

“You intend to leave just like that after causing such trouble?” She pointed at Little Bao. “Bring him along with you.”

Chen Xi was instantly stunned.

Little Bao was stunned as well, and then he was extremely overjoyed and beamed from ear to ear. Little Bao knelt on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly to the Goddess.

“Let’s go then.” Chen Xi smiled bitterly, yet he was rather happy in his heart.

“Go on.” The Goddess waved her hand.

Only now did Little Bao seem as if he’d been forgiven, and he crawled up from the ground.


He leaped up onto Chen Xi’s shoulder, and his face was covered in a smile of excitement.

“Senior, farewell.” Chen Xi cupped his hands before turning around and leaving.

Little Bao squatted on Chen Xi’s shoulder while ceaselessly waving goodbye to the Goddess, the white spirit deer, and Huicong.

In the end, this monkey’s eyes turned red, and it actually seemed to be on the verge of crying.

In the end, even though his cultivation was extraordinary, he hadn’t taken a single step out of the Divine Arambha Garden. He was like a naïve child whole heart hadn’t been tainted by the outside world, and not that he was about to go out to the outside world, even though he was overjoyed in his heart, he was rather reluctant when he thought about having to leave the Goddess, the white spirit deer, and Huicong.

It was like the first time a young man left their house to travel. There was longing and excitement towards the outside world, yet there was also the inability to give up one’s hometown. It caused one’s mental state to be rather complicated.

“Goddess, why can Little Bao leave, but I can’t?” Huicong couldn’t help but feel slightly sad when she saw the figures of Chen Xi and the others vanish, and she muttered in a dispirited voice.

“Do you remember what I said. This Chen Xi’s fate is unfathomable while you’re innately prone to triggering tribulations of karma. So, if you travel with him, then it’s truly impossible to determine if it’ll be good or bad.” The Goddess sighed and pondered deeply before she said, “Rest at ease and cultivate. If that kid, Chen Xi, is able to attain the Imperial Monarch Realm in the future, then you can go look for him then. However, you can’t be related to him at all until then.”

Huicong was stunned, and then she said with wonder, “Goddess, why must I go looking for him? I’m just unwilling to part with my big sister.”

The Goddess was stunned, and she actually had a rare moment of self-ridicule. “I was probably too worried.”

As she spoke, she placed her hands behind her back, and then turned around and walked back towards Arambha Temple. “Lu’er, seal the secret paths, and begin closed door cultivation from today onward.”

“Yes, Master.” The white spirit deer nodded, and then it swiftly turned around and left.

“Goddess.” Huicong followed behind the Goddess and seemed hesitant to speak.

The Goddess said indifferently, “Speak.”

“If I really attain the Imperial Monarch Realm, then can I really head out to the outside world?” Huicong hesitated for a long time before she asked in a low voice.

The Goddess stopped moving, and she went silent for a long time before she said, “At that time… I would probably be unable to stop you even if I wanted to, right?”

“I knew Goddess loves me the most.” Huicong hugged her arm and revealed an extremely brilliant smile.

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