Chapter 1775 – Ready To Go

Even though she spoke in this way, the Goddess spoke directly towards the outside. “Lu’er.”

“Yes Master.” The white spirit deer’s warm voice resounded.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be puzzled. What does she intend to do?”

“Go kill them.” What she said next utterly stunned Chen Xi, and he opened his eyes wide while his heart couldn’t help but tremble.

“Yes.” The white spirit deer replied, and then there was no further sound from it.

This allowed Chen Xi to finally confirm that the Goddess wasn’t joking!

When he thought up to here, waves couldn’t help but arise in his heart. Shaohao Yu was a direct line descendant of the Eternal Shaohao Clan, and his background was extremely great. Moreover, there were two Imperial Monarchs following by his side!

However, the Goddess had just casually given them the death sentence. How could anyone stay calm when facing such a scene?

“Since they’ve been offended, then potential troubles should be completely eliminated. If the Shaohao Clan dares to feel disgruntled, then they can feel free to come here and look for me.” When she spoke up to here, she suddenly glanced at Chen Xi and said, “Little Fellow, you have to be careful. All those that’re capable of becoming Daolords are decisive figures that do as they please. If they intend to kill you, then they won’t care if you’re a member of Oracle Mountain or not.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he pondered deeply for a long time before he nodded and said in a serious tone, “Thank you for the guidance.”

At this moment, what she’d said had really moved and shocked him greatly. He was finally clearly aware of how terrifying the resolution, boldness, and ability of a Daolord was.

“Of course, under normal circumstances, Daolords wouldn’t attack rashly. After all, even though they weren’t afraid of any opponents. But once they attacked and killed some opponents with extraordinary backgrounds, then it would cause a great deal of trouble for them in the end.

As she spoke, she took up and said, “After all of you leave, I’ll completely close off all the secret passageways to Divine Arambha Garden. In the future… unless I’m willing to allow it or a Daolord travels here personally, no one will be able to find this place.”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Is it because of Shaohao Yu’s group of three?”

She shook her head and said, “They’re nothing.”

As for the exact reason, she didn’t speak about it.

Chen Xi didn’t pursue an answer when he heard this.

“Come see Huicong with me.” She walked towards the outside.

Presently, Chen Xi had confirmed that Ye Yan was definitely Huicong’s older sister.

However, Ye Yan had said that she owed her younger sister a great deal. So, Chen Xi thought that Ye Yan would definitely encounter some problems when meeting Huicong.

However, when he arrived there with the Goddess and saw both Ye Yan and Huicong, Chen Xi noticed to his astonishment that it wasn’t as he’d imagined.

They hadn’t gotten into an argument nor were they giving each other the silent treatment, and they hadn’t even entered into conflict from misunderstanding each other like Chen Xi had expected.

At this moment, Ye Yan was crying silently on the ground with her arms wrapped around her knees, and Huicong seemed like an older sister who was rubbing Ye Yan’s back from the side while consoling her in a light voice….

Obviously, they were on very good terms. However, Ye Yan still felt very guilty, and it was even to the extent that she was unable to control her emotions and had started sobbing.

This couldn’t help but arouse Chen Xi’s curiosity. Exactly what happened between them in the past?

Perhaps the Goddess knew the answer, but this question was too private and sensitive, so it wasn’t suitable for Chen Xi to ask it.

‘Don’t worry, Huicong is a disciple of my Arambha Temple, so it’s naturally impossible for her to be easily betrothed to anyone without my approval.” The Goddess spoke in a flat tone, yet it carried a form of convincing charm.

Ye Yan’s sobs stopped abruptly before she hurriedly stood up. She bowed and said, “Thank you, Senior, for fulfilling my wish.” She was still choking with sobs as she spoke.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be flabbergasted by this scene. He’s never expected that Ye Yan, a woman who seemed to be strong and cold, would actually have such a tender side.

“Goddess.” Huicong stood up and stood by the Goddess’ side before she said furiously, “That Shaohao Clan and the Sovereign Sect are too detestable. I don’t even know who they are. How can they ask me to agree on a marriage agreement!?”

“Alright, you ought to feel lucky. Not many people who’re born in a clan like the Ye Clan are able defy the will of the clan.” The Goddess consoled in a casual manner.

These words caused Huicong to be stunned, and then she glanced at Ye Yan who stood at the side. She couldn’t help but speak with a pained tone. “Goddess is right, my Big Sister is very pitiable. She was taken as sacrifice for the clan to gain benefit from the Sovereign Clan.”

Ye Yan was stunned, and she seemed to be moved and said, “Huicong, don’t speak like that. I’ve already left the Sovereign Sect.”

“Goddess, my big sister is unable to return home now, and the Sovereign Sect and Shaohao Clan are hostile towards her. Please be benevolent and help her, alright? Or it’s fine to keep her in our Arambha Temple as well.” Huicong gazed at the Goddess with a pitiable expression as she implored the Goddess.

“That won’t do.” The Goddess spoke indifferently, yet it carried an indisputable tone. “If a disciple of the Sovereign Sect resides here, then Arambha Temple will have no peace in the future.”

Huicong was instantly extremely disappointed, and even her eyes dimmed down.

Ye Yan’s entire figure stiffened while her pretty face turned ghastly pale. Even if she’d completely severed all ties to the Sovereign Sect now, it was still a from of betrayal to the Sovereign Sect.

It was common knowledge that the Sovereign Sect was merciless, and it would absolutely not show kindness and mercy when facing a traitor.

At this moment, even Chen Xi was slightly unable to bear the sight of this.

“Then… is there no place in this world that can shelter my big sister?” Huicong muttered, and she was slightly dejected.

“There are, but it isn’t Arambha Temple.” The Goddess sighed and said, “Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Dao Institute are possible places. However, it all depends on whether they’re willing to take your older sister in.”

“Oracle Mountain?” Huicong’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she gazed at Chen Xi. “Young Brother, aren’t you a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain. Can you help my big sister?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and the he said hesitantly. “About that….”

Huicong couldn’t help but feel anxious, and she grabbed onto Chen Xi’s sleeve and said, “Young Brother, you can’t refuse to help.”

Ye Yan had become completely dispirited a long time ago, and when she saw this, she couldn’t help but stop Huicong. “Huicong, don’t force others to do something they’re unwilling to do. The outside world is so huge, so how could there be no place for I, Ye Yan, to reside?”

Huicong glared fiercely at Chen Xi instead. “Ungrateful bastard!”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. “Can the two of you let me finish? Did I say that I wouldn’t help?”

“Then why did you act in that way just now!?” Huicong was still displeased.

Chen Xi said with a helpless tone. “I was just about to speak when I was interrupted by you.”

Huicong instantly felt embarrassed, and she said with an ashamed expression, “Young Brother, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you. Please forgive me.”

As she spoke, she intended to bow to Chen Xi and apologize. Chen Xi hurriedly stopped her and said, “Alright, listen to what I have to say first, alright?”

Huicong hurriedly nodded while seeming cute and innocent. “Right, right. Go ahead, Young Brother.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle from this sight. He’d always had a good impression of Huicong. She had a clean mental state, and she was bright and straightforward, so it caused others to unconsciously arouse a good impression of her.

“I can promise you that I’ll give it a try. But I don’t dare guarantee whether Oracle Mountain will take Miss Ye Yan in. After all, I’m only a disciple.” Chen Xi spoke of the reason for his hesitance. Yes, he was utterly unable to make any decisions for a place like Oracle Mountain. Coupled with the fact that Oracle Mountain had always been sworn enemies with the Sovereign Sect, what would his senior brothers and senior sisters think if he brought Ye Yan back with him?

However, Huicong already felt extremely happy for what Chen Xi had said, and she said while jumping for joy. “That’s fine, that’s fine. It’s much better than having no hope at all.”

Ye Yan felt slightly hesitant instead. Truthfully speaking, she didn’t dare have any extravagant hopes that Oracle Mountain would take her in. She was very grateful indeed when she heard Chen Xi, but she didn’t dare have any hopes.

“Then, I’ll leave this matter to you.” The Goddess that had remained silent until now spoke abruptly, and she gazed at Chen Xi.

“Of course.” Chen Xi nodded. However, he’d already realized since a long time ago that the Goddess had probably brought him to see Huicong and Ye Yan because she’d decided to make him help Ye Yan.

If it wasn’t for that, when she saw Huicong begging him just now, any other master would have restrained their disciple out of considerations for their face.

After all, no matter who it was, watching one’s own disciple seeking the help of another while being unable to help at all, it would be extremely aggrieving for the master.

However, the Goddess seemed to be utterly composed, and it was even to the extent that she didn’t allow Chen Xi to refuse at the end and decided on the matter. Obviously, she’d had such intentions since the beginning.

Chen Xi would naturally not expose this. Even if the Goddess had schemed against him in this matter, he would still complete it because she’d helped suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom within Zhen Liuqing.

“Master.” Meanwhile, the white spirit deer walked over from afar. “It’s done.”

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to shake. He was clearly aware that from this moment onward, Shaohao Yu, Imperial Monarch Kun Mu, and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying had completely vanished from this world.

The Goddess nodded, and then she said to Chen Xi, “Yu Che is in closed door cultivation to charge into the Sixth Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm. She’ll probably be unable to leave with you this time.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said with a smile, “That’s for the best. Being able to cultivate by Senior’s side is an extraordinary blessing.”

However, the Goddess said instead, “Your Oracle Mountain is much more formidable than Arambha Temple. If you’re willing, you can stay here and cultivate as well.”

“Absolutely not!” She had just finished speaking when Huicong objected to it.

Chen Xi instantly smiled bitterly. He was clearly aware that this little girl was worried her older sister, Ye Yan, would have no place to stay without him taking her to Oracle Mountain.

“Yu Che asked me to tell you that the enmity between you and the Gongye Clan is related to her in the end, and she’ll lend you a hand when you intend to get even with the Gongye Clan.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly moved. He knew that Empress Yu Che didn’t have to act in that way at all, yet she just happened to make such a decision, and it naturally caused Chen Xi to feel extremely moved.

When she spoke up to here, the Goddess said abruptly, “When do you intend to leave?”

Chen Xi pondered deeply and said, “Eldest Senior Brother promised me that he would come get me and take me back to the sect after 5 years or 10 years at most. Presently, almost five years have passed now, so perhaps he’ll be here soon.”

“10 years?” The Goddess frowned, and then she sighed. “Nevermind. I just hope no trouble arises in the remaining five years of time.”

She wasn’t asking Chen Xi to leave. It was just that because of some sort of reason, she wanted to completely close off all the secret pathways that led to the Divine Arambha Temple as soon as possible.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned, and he was at a loss for what to say in response.

“In the remaining period of time….” She was just about to provide some instructions when a wisp of faint bright light arose abruptly in her eyes, and she gazed towards the distance.

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