Chapter 1774 – The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos

What exactly was Region Energy? Chen Xi didn’t know, but he couldn’t avoid feeling surprised and bewildered upon hearing the Goddess’ explanation.

Such a force can actually be seized?


Suddenly, she gestured with her fair hand, and a vast screen of light floated up into appearance. The image reflected a myriad of stars and the landscape of the world. Moreover, it was even to the extent that if one looked carefully, one would be able to notice that every single star had numerous cities standing towering within them, and it was an extremely miraculous sight.

Looking at this screen of light was like looking at a Region.

“This is Region Energy, and it carries the projection of South Sea Region.” She spoke indifferently. “However, my current cultivation has exceeded the Imperial Monarch Realm since a long time ago, and I’ve already given this Region Energy over to Imperial Monarch Chang Le.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he said with surprise., “Exactly what profound effects does this energy possess?”

She said, “It allows you to be supported by the quintessence energy of the entire region as you cultivate. So, the stronger the quintessence energy is, the greater your chances are of advancing into the Daolord Realm.”

At this moment, Chen Xi finally came to a complete understanding. He pondered deeply before he said, “So, in this way, after stepping foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm, if I want to step foot into the Daolord Realm, then such energy is needed to support by cultivation?”

She shook her head. “It’s not after you step foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm, and you have to make sufficient preparations before advancing into the Imperial Monarch Realm.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. “There are only over 1,000 regions in the entire Ancient God Domain, and all of them are in the control of other Imperial Monarchs. Under such circumstances, it’s obviously impossible to rely on a cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm to obtain Region Energy.”

She nodded and said, “If it wasn’t for that, how could the difference between Region Lords and ordinary Imperial Monarchs stand out?”

She paused for a moment and continued. “You ought to be clearly aware that all those in the Ancient God Domain who’re capable of advancing into the Imperial Monarch Realm possess natural endowments of a Monarch Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm at least. This is already extremely extraordinary. At the very least, in the entire South Sea Region, there have only been a mere 13 experts that have stepped foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm.”

What did this mean?

It meant that experts at the Imperial Monarch Realm could already be considered as peak existences in the Ancient God Domain, and it was obvious how few there were of them.

When compared to this, the number of Imperial Monarchs that possessed Region Energy were naturally even fewer.

Under such circumstances, it was already extremely difficult for existences with Monarch Rank natural endowments in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm to advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm, and if they wanted to become Region Lords, then it would seem even more difficult.

Actually, it was very simple. The lord of a region controlled thousands of universes, and every single universe encompassed innumerable galaxies and stars. Its territory was so expansive, and the living beings within it were so numerous that it was obvious how vast it was.

On the other hand, as a Region Lord, one was simply a supreme overlord to a region, and one possessed unimaginably monstrous authority.

Not to mention Region Lords, even mere ordinary Imperial Monarchs were revered and respected by all living beings no matter where they went, and they were like true monarchs that were dazzling like the scorching sun in the sky.

The value of objects rose along with their rarity.

Cultivators were no exception. The scarcity of Imperial Monarchs implied that they already represented the top forces of the Ancient God Domain.

On the other hand, North Light Region’s Lord, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu; South Sea Region’s Lord, Imperial Monarch Chang Le, and Snow Ink Region’s Lord, Empress Yu Che were naturally distinguished figures amongst Imperial Monarchs. They were existences that no one in the Ancient God Domain dared to overlook.

If it was so easy to ascend into the Imperial Monarch Realm, then it wouldn’t have come to the extent that the names of countless old fellows resided on the Universe Enlightened Chart.

Even though all of this seemed to be slightly far away from Chen Xi who was merely at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm now, the Goddess’ words still made Chen Xi feel a great deal of pressure in his heart.

Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were divided according to their respective Ancestral Dao Roots into Ordinary Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, Top-rate Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, Peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, Monarch Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, King Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, and Emperor Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

On the other hand, when it came to the advancement into the Imperial Monarch Realm, it directly eliminated all existences had advanced by utilizing Ancestral Dao Roots that were inferior to a Monarch Rank Ancestral Dao Root. In other words, only cultivators that possessed the natural endowment of a Monarch Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral God had the chance to become an Imperial Monarch.

Yes, it was merely a chance!

Hard work and cultivation in other aspects was still need in order to become an Imperial Monarch!

Possessing the natural endowment of a Monarch Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was merely a precondition to attain the Imperial Monarch Realm.

On the other hand, the different in Region Energy would cause varying gaps to be created between Imperial Monarchs.

Imperial Monarchs that possessed Region Energy while charging into the Daolord Realm had a higher chance of success. Conversely, the chances of success would be tiny.

Merely this restriction alone caused countless Imperial Monarchs to have no chance of advancing into the rank of Daolords.

With all of these barriers present before them, it was obvious how rare cultivators that were able to step foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm, possessed Region Energy, and had a chance to advance into the Daolord Realm were. Even in the entire Ancient God Domain, they could be said to be rare like phoenix feathers and Qilin horns.

Just look at the amount of Region Lords in the Ancient God Domain, then take a look at the amount of Daolords, and it would be obvious exactly how difficult this path was.

Presently, because he possessed the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about charging into the Imperial Monarch Realm.

However, if he didn’t make sufficient preparations and obtained Region Energy, then it would probably be very difficult for him to charge into the Daolord Realm in the future.

When he realized this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Senior, what’s the difference between seizing the Region Energy of others and establishing a region of one’s own to obtain Region Energy?”

She seemed to have guessed that Chen Xi would ask this question, and she immediately answered in a casual manner. “Along with the passage of time, the quintessence energy of a Region would grow lesser and lesser. For example, the South Sea Region was established by an innate god that was born from within the Chaos, and it only fell into the control of another expert after 130 million years. After that, it experienced a change of four Region Lords before falling into my control. However, at that time, merely less than 40% of the quintessence energy of South Sea Region remained.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “In other words, I’m merely the sixth Region Lord of South Sea Region, and when I advanced into the Daolord Realm, I passed down the Region Energy to the current Region Lord, Imperial Monarch Chang Le. At that time, less than 20% of South Sea Region’s quintessence energy remained.”

“Under such circumstances, even though Imperial Monarch Chang Le possesses good natural talent, he doesn’t have a good chance to charge into the Daolord Realm with less than 20% of South Sea Region’s Region Energy for him to cultivate with.”

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “So, in this way, even if I seized that Region Energy from Imperial Monarch Chang Le now, it would be very difficult for me to charge into the Daolord Realm?”

The Goddess nodded and said, “It’s roughly like that. Yu Che is in a similar situation. Even though she’s Snow Ink Region’s Region Lord, the quintessence energy of Snow Ink Region had already been completely exhausted during the time of its last Region Lord. So, when it fell into Yu Che’s hands, it had practically zero Region Energy for her to utilize. So, her chances of charging into the Daolord Realm in the future is even smaller than Imperial Monarch Chang Le.”

“I never expected that this threshold would actually be so difficult to surmount….” Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh after he heard all of this. It was difficult, truly too difficult. Along with the improvement of one’s cultivation, further advancement became extremely difficult, and it didn’t just test one’s strength, it even tested one’s karmic luck and natural talent.

“It’s best for you to choose to establish a new region.” She suddenly spoke with a tone that was filled with a trace of expectations. “If my deductions aren’t wrong, then it had already been over 300 million years since the last new region was established. However, there’s an opportunity right now.

Over 300 million years!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel extremely shocked when he heard this, but his attention was quickly drawn by the last few words she’d spoken.

Chen Xi said curiously, “What opportunity?”

“The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” She said, “I told you about it earlier. In the entire Ancient God Domain, a new region can only be established and expanded in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.”

The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos…. Chen Xi repeated it in his heart, and he firmly remembered this name.

“In the past, the area around the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was filled with energy of tribulation that restrained the Dao. Even if a Daolord headed over there, it would be impossible to find its exact location. Moreover, there have even been cases where unlucky Daolords have accidentally entered it and perished within it.

She seemed to be very patient. Since the conversation between them had started, so long as she felt that Chen Xi’s question should be answered, she’d answered every single one of them and hadn’t held back at all.

“But now, this energy of tribulation has weakened greatly, and if nothing unexpected occurs, then it wouldn’t be long before it would be possible to utilize external force to create a passageway into it.”

Energy of tribulation that restrains the Dao!

Even Daolords suffered calamity?

Chen Xi was shocked, and he couldn’t help but blurt out. “That Daolord that suffered calamity… wouldn’t be the Roc Daolord, right?”

The Goddess was stunned, and she seemed slightly surprised as she nodded. “Yes, I never expected that you were aware of this. The Roc Daolord suffered calamity at that time, and he was inflicted by Last Days Tribulation Energy. Even though he escaped the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos in the end, he was unable to eliminate the Last Days Tribulation Energy that suffused his body, causing his corpse to transform into the Last Days Domain that still exists until now.”

It really was the Roc Daolord…. Chen Xi still couldn’t avoid feeling shocked. Even a supreme existence like a Daolord was unable to escape calamity after entering it, so it obviously showed how terrifying the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was. No wonder that no one had established a new region after over 300 million years have passed.

“Even though the tribulation energy within the Forgotten Ground of Chaos has weakened, it’s probably impossible for a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like me to enter it.” After he recovered from his shock, Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown as he spoke.

“Don’t worry, no matter if it’s Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect, the Dao Institute, or the Divine Institute, it’s definitely impossible for them to establish a path into the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos on their own. According to my inference, these five powers will probably join forces at that time.” She said with deep meaning, “On the other hand, as a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, you’ll naturally have an opportunity to go in there.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he cupped his hands and said, “Thank you for your guidance, Senior.”

“You’d find out about all of this sooner or later.” She indicated that there was no need for courtesy, and then she said, “Do you have any other questions?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “Senior, the Shaohao Clan….”

Before he could finish speaking, she waved her hand and interrupted him. “I’m already clearly aware of this matter. You intend to ask me about what to do with Shaohao Yu and the others, right?”

Chen Xi nodded.

She sighed and said, “You really set up a difficult problem for me.”

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