Chapter 1773 – Region Energy

As soon as the Goddess finished speaking, Chen Xi was slightly bewildered by it. The increase in cultivators within the Ancient God Domain represents an increase in calamities?

What does this mean?

She seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s bewilderment and said, “You’re probably clearly aware that cultivation requires resources like medicinal pills, divine treasures, divine materials, abodes, and precious treasures. All of them are closely related to cultivators.

“Under such circumstances, the increase in cultivators represents a short supply of the resources that cultivators may utilize. It’s like a house, it only has a fixed amount of space. So, when the number of its residents increases, the space they’re able to reside in decreases. In the end, it would even be to the extent that there’s no place for them to reside any longer.”

Chen Xi raised his brows and said, “There are over 1,000 regions, countless universes and planes, and practically endless stars in the Ancient God Domain. Under such circumstances, there would probably be no need to worry about such a situation for a very long time at least, right?”

“Looks like you’re not clearly aware of everything about the Ancient God Domain.” She said indifferently, “A very long time ago, the entire Ancient God Domain merely possessed a single region, the Imperial Region. However, along with the passage of time, the number of cultivators in the Imperial Region grew more and more numerous, and it was unable to accommodate so many cultivators. So, some great powers started to expand, and it was for the sake of seizing even more cultivation resources.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “The 1,000 plus regions that you know of now are merely regions that were developed by numerous cultivators from the Imperial Region throughout countless years of time.

At this moment, Chen Xi was shocked. In the past, there was actually only the Imperial Region within the entire Ancient God Domain!?

It was the first time he’d heard such a thing.

Especially when he heard that the 1,000 plus regions were actually developed through countless years of time, and it was merely for the sake of obtaining sufficient cultivation resources. Moreover, Chen Xi finally understood why she said the increase in cultivators represented an increase in calamities.

Because the development of a new region represented expansion; and expansion… was definitely accompanied by fighting, wars, and blood!

What she said next confirmed Chen Xi’s deduction.

She sighed with emotion. “In the annals of history, countless cultivators lose their lives from fights, plundering, and slaughter every single time a new region is developed.”

“For the sake of retaining the vitality of their respective powers, they kill and plunder from the weak, and for the sake of cultivating, the weak either die because of their resistance or submit and be reduced to servants.

“Such situations have been constantly occurring and continuing. However, the only difference now is that it’s already very difficult to establish a new region now.”

When she spoke up to here, she looked at Chen Xi and said, “Do you know what the lack of a new region represents?”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he said, “It represents that cultivation resources are bound to reduce constantly, and along with the passage of time, the number of cultivators would only keep increasing….”

Before Chen Xi could finish, she interrupted him and said, “Exactly. At that time, for the sake of satisfying their own needs and guaranteeing the continued existence of their respective powers, those top-rate powers would make a move against the small and weak powers, and they’ll gather even more resources by means of slaughter and taking over those small and weak powers.

“Most importantly, if such a situation continues without end, then the strong will only grow stronger while the weak will be bound to be reduced to sheep that can only await their slaughter. Not to mention cultivating, even surviving would be an extravagant hope.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he frowned as he said, “But even if they possess sufficient cultivation resources, there are probably some that are unable to become strong. Like for example… that Shaohao Clan’s Shaohao Yu.”

Yes, in Chen Xi’s opinion, that fellow was from the Eternal Shaohao Clan, and he possessed cultivation resources that were unimaginable to others. However, he’d exhausted over 36,000 years of time yet was still at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Perhaps Shaohao Yu was already extraordinary to others, but in Chen Xi’s eyes, Shaohao Yu was simply worthless.

“That’s a problem of natural endowment, but it’s very rare, and it can’t represent the situation in the entire Ancient God Domain nor can it affect the torrent that’s surging through the Ancient God Domain right now.” The Goddess said indifferently, “Comparatively speaking, there are many amongst the cultivators with no background and backing that have flaws in their cultivations, and they are too much more inferior to those disciples of extraordinary birth when compared in terms of the living conditions they were born into.

“You ascended into the Ancient God Domain from the three dimensions, so you ought to be clearly aware that if you hadn’t entered into Snow Ink Region successfully, then you’d probably have been captured and reduced to a Godslave, and you’d have been sent to unknown regions to excavate ores and resource for those great powers.

“In other words, you were already lucky, and most of the cultivators in this world don’t possess such luck.”

When she spoke up to here, she suddenly thought of something and said secretively, “Not to mention that even if it’s amongst the disciples of those ancient and great powers, there are some that possess inferior natural endowment or have taken a wrong path in their cultivation. However, they can utilize various methods to defy the heavens and change their fate.”

Chen Xi said with surprise, “Defy the heavens and change their fate?”

She said, “You ought to be aware of it. Heading to the three dimensions to ‘reincarnate and cultivate once more’ is one of the methods to defy the heavens and change one’s fate.”

Chen Xi was horribly shocked. He finally realized that this Goddess sitting before him was probably aware of some things.

Yes, when he heard these words, Chen Xi’s first reaction was his own father, Chen Lingjun!

A long time ago when he looked at that jade slip Chen Lingjun had left behind within Iris Immortal Prison, Chen Xi knew that his father wasn’t from the three dimensions.

During his first reincarnation, he’d become the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s junior brother, Tai Ling.

During his second reincarnation, he’d become the Second Lord of Oracle Mountain, Daoist Shen Ji.

During his third reincarnation, he was the renowned disciple of Dao Emperor Academy, Yun Fusheng.

During his fourth reincarnation, he was called Chen Lingjun!

This was reincarnation to cultivate once more!

If it was according to what the Goddess had just said, then Chen Lingjun who’d reincarnated to cultivate once more was obviously a descent of some ancient clan or sect in the Ancient God Domain.

At this moment, Chen Xi was almost unable to restrain himself from asking her exactly what she knew.

But he restrained himself in the end.

Because she’d spoken before he could. “Are you wondering why they chose to reincarnate in the three dimensions while they’re cultivators of the Ancient God Domain?”

Chen Xi said with uncertainty, “Because only the three dimensions possess a cycle of reincarnation?”

“That’s merely one of the reasons. Most importantly… the three dimensions aren’t as simple as you imagine.” When she spoke up to here, she seemed to be flagging with interest and didn’t speak any further.

Chen Xi was naturally aware that the three dimensions wasn’t simple. Because if it wasn’t for that, then how could so many shocking figures have been born from it?

For example, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, the Ant Exalt, the Third Netherworld Emperor, Fuxi, Nuwa who was the master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Sovereign Sect’s Master. Every single one of them could be considered a supreme overlord in the Ancient God Domain.

However, when he heard what she’d said, Chen Xi was even more certain about one thing. Since the three dimensions wasn’t simple, then there was definitely something extraordinary about it.

The atmosphere within the room was slightly silent. The Goddess was sipping her tea in an indifferent manner, and her entire body was suffused by divine radiance, causing Chen Xi to be unable to see her appearance clearly, let alone figure out what she was thinking.

Chen Xi’s heart was surging without end as well, and his thoughts were running wild.

He didn’t know why she’d told him all of this. The current situation of the Ancient God Domain, the secrets of Samsara…. Exactly what is she trying to tell me?

Those that obey the heavens are in response to luck.

Those that defy the heavens are born in response to calamity.

Just this emotional sigh of hers caused me to recall what the Nightbird Stellar Bandits’ boss, Ghosteye Vulture, said that day, and it made me recall his voice that was filled with anger and unwillingness as he said ‘Savior’.

The analysis of the cycle of rebirth came from the Terminus Dao Insight I utilized to destroy that marriage agreement, and it developed to the description of the current situation of the Ancient God Domain.

Moreover, what she said in the end about reincarnating to cultivate again was extremely thought provoking, and I couldn’t help but recall my father, Chen Lingjun.

Could it be that… she has already found out something from me?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out.

He even firmly believed that if he opened his mouth and asked, he would be bound to obtain no answer.

In the end, Chen Xi sighed in his heart and stopped thinking about it.

“Actually, finding out about all of this isn’t really useful to you right now.” Suddenly, she placed the teacup in her hand down, and she said, “Presently, the Ancient God Domain is far from arriving at the point where calamities occur frequently. At the very least, according to my knowledge, there is still one place in the Ancient God Domain where new regions can be developed.

“That place is called Forgotten Ground of Chaos. If you’re charging into the Imperial Monarch Realm in the future, then you’re bound to have to make a trip there. It’s even to the extent that it’s related to whether you’re able to advance into the Daolord Realm and stride to the end of the Ultimate Path in the end.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “Senior, I’m only at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm now. How could I dare worry about all of this?”

However, the Goddess had a solemn expression as she said, “Little Fellow, do you know why some Imperial Monarchs are able to become Region Lords, whereas, some aren’t?”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Could it be that it isn’t because of the difference in their strengths?”

“What you said is correct as well, but it isn’t the crux of the matter.” She said frankly. “In order to become a Region Lord, one must become an Imperial Monarch. However, after one becomes an Imperial Monarch, not every single Imperial Monarch possesses the potential to become a Region Lord.”

“Potential?” Chen Xi was surprised.

“It’s also called Region Energy. Every single Region Lord controls a region. When the cultivate, the quintessence energy of the entire region would be projected within their hearts, and it’s able to provide immeasurable benefits to one’s cultivation.” She said slowly, “On the other hand, ordinary Imperial Monarchs don’t possess such an opportunity, and that’s because they were unable to grasp Region Energy before they advanced into the Imperial Monarch Realm.”

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression finally turned serious. Never had he imagined that there were so many things to pay attention to when advancing into the Imperial Monarch Realm.

“Then… how does one obtain Region Energy?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask this question.

“There are two methods. The first is to seize the Region Energy possessed by those Region Lords in the Ancient God Domain. However, it’s very difficult to succeed through this method, or perhaps, it could be said that the hope of success is practically too tiny.

“Moreover, even if you were really able to successfully seize the Region Energy of a Region Lord, its profound effects would actually be weakened greatly.” She said frankly, “The second method is to develop a new region by yourself!”

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