Chapter 1771 – Two Years Later

The Gongye Clan!

A top-rate power in the Imperial Region.

Before he’d been reunited with Zhen Liuqing, Chen Xi had already found out from Empress Yu Che that the Gongye Clan had a close relationship with the Sovereign Sect, and many great figures within it held the position of elder in the Sovereign Sect.

At that time, because Empress Yu Che had entrusted him with a task, Chen Xi had gone to the Desolate Manku Ruins with the mindset of completing the task, and he intended to stop Gongye Zhe from obtaining the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root.

So, at that time, he couldn’t be said to have much detest towards the Gongye Clan, but he absolutely had no good impression of it.

After he saw Zhen Liuqing, his attitude towards the Gongye Clan had changed, and he started to detest it.

Especially after he suffered the ceaseless provocation of Gongye Zhefu, it caused the detest he felt to simply rise to an extreme.

There was no need to describe what happened next because Zhen Liuqing had almost perished from the Divine Black Lich Poison from the Gongye Clan.

Yet now, before Chen Xi could even cure Zhen Liuqing, the grievous news of Daoist Dao Que’s death at the hands of the Gongye Clan had arrived. This simply caused Chen Xi to hate the Gongye Clan to the bone.

The Gongye Clan…. Gongye Clan…. At this moment, Chen Xi’s eyes were piercingly cold while he repeated the Gongye Clan’s name in his heart, and it caused his aura to seem extremely terrifying.

A price of blood must be paid for this enmity! After he made this decision, Chen Xi gazed at Ye Yan who was heavily injured and regulating her breathing yet Zhen Liuqing’s delicate and beautiful face appeared in his mind.

Seven days later, Ye Yan awoke from her meditation. Her aura was already stabilizing, and it was not weak and chaotic any longer. Moreover, a wisp of a glow had appeared on her charming and gorgeous face.

“You’re awake.” Chen Xi’s voice sounded out by her ears. Ye Yan raised her head and saw Chen Xi looking at her from afar.

This caused her to be slightly surprised, and she felt incomprehensibly touched as well. She’d never imagined that Chen Xi would actually stand on guard by her side until now.

“Yes.” Ye Yan nodded, and then she said with self-ridicule, “I originally thought that I would definitely die, but who would have imagined that the heavens were benevolent and actually allowed me to find a way to escape.

“What exactly happened?” asked Chen Xi.

“What else? I was pursued by the Gongye Clan.” Ye Yan shrugged and seemed to be very relaxed.

Chen Xi pursued an answer. “Why?”

Ye Yan went silent for a moment before she said, “Because of that jade slip that Daoist Dao Que left behind. I was originally unaware of its existence, and I only noticed it from within his corpse later on. However, the Gongye Clan noticed this as well, and they instantly set out like mad dogs and launched a full force pursuit against me.”

She paused for a moment and said with a smile, “Fortunately, the Gongye Clan had discarded Daoist Dao Que’s corpse in a wasteland and not within the Gongye Clan. Otherwise, I would have probably suffered calamity by now.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he frowned as he said, “They dared to launch a pursuit against you just for the sake of a jade slip?”

Ye Yan was stunned. She was very bewildered by it as well, and she frowned as she said, “I’m unable to wrap my head around this as well. Presently, no one is aware that I’ve severed my relationship with the Sovereign Sect. Moreover, I’m still a descendant of the Ye Clan no matter what, yet the Gongye Clan still dared to try and kill me. This is clearly unusual.”

When she spoke up to here, Chen Xi and her exchanged glances, and both of them realized that all of this was probably related to the jade slip that Daoist Dao Que left behind!

Chen Xi even deduced that the reason the Gongye Clan had captured Zhen Liuqing and Daoist Dao Que was probably for the sake of that jade slip!

But… why hadn’t the Gongye Clan notice something so important?

“I noticed this jade slip when I was gathering Daoist Dao Que’s ashes.” Ye Yan seemed to have noticed Chen Xi’s bewilderment, and she said with slight surprise and bewilderment. “Now that I speak of it, it really was a coincidence. When dispersed, these ashes seemed extremely ordinary. However, when they were placed within an urn, a unique connection was formed between the ashes, and they gradually fused together into that jade slip.”

Chen Xi was extremely surprised when he heard this. Because no one would have been able to guess that Daoist Dao Que would have actually fused it into his body.

This indirectly proved that this jade slip was definitely extraordinary!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but take it out and observe it once more. However, he restrained himself and didn’t take a look at its content in the end.

It was left behind by Daoist Dao Que, so it should naturally belong to Zhen Liuqing.,

Ye Yan had clearly not looked through the content of the jade slip, and she was very curious about it. However, when she saw Chen Xi put it away once more, she instantly understood his thoughts.

“I never expected that you would be so considerate of your Dao Companion,” said Ye Yan.

“It doesn’t make a different. I’m just worried about whether she would be able to endure such a blow when she wakes up and finds out about her master’s death.” Chen Xi sighed. He gazed at Arambha Temple that resided in the distance and said in his heart, Even if that the Goddess of Arambha Temple is able to suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom within Liuqing, she’ll probably still be unable to awaken if I’m unable to find a way to cure her of it.

This meant that Chen Xi would definitely go head-on against the Gongye Clan one day. Firstly, it would be for the sake of taking revenge for Zhen Liuqing, and secondly, it would be to force them to hand over the secret technique to cure the Divine Black Lich Venom!

“Right, there’s one more thing that I must tell you.” Ye Yan hesitated for a moment before she said, “After I’d shed all pretenses with the Gongye Clan, they’d threatened that if you didn’t take the initiative to hand Gongye Zhefu’s soul over to them, then they’d make you pay a horrible price even if you had the protection of Oracle Mountain.”

Chen Xi suddenly started laughing when he heard this, yet his laughter was completely emotionless.

He flipped hid hand, and a brilliant ball of light appeared in his palm. It was branded with a dense amount of strange restrictions, and one could faintly see a figure struggling ceaselessly within the ball of light, yet the figure seemed tiny and helpless.

Ye Yan’s eyes focused as she recognized that figure as Gongye Zhefu’s soul.


However, before she could even recover from her shock, the ball of light suddenly exploded into pieces while the soul within it was crushed into powder as well, and it transformed into a rain of light that dispersed into the surroundings.

“You….” Ye Yan was shocked in her heart, and she was slightly bewildered.

“Since we’re unable to negotiate, then there’s no point keeping him alive.” Chen Xi patted his hands together and seemed as if he’d done something that was extremely ordinary.

However, Ye Yan was clearly aware that this meant this peerless genius of the Gongye Clan, Gongye Zhefu, had vanished from this moment onward, and it was impossible for him to be revived.

In the say way, the enmity between Chen Xi and the Gongye Clan was impossible to be reconciled from now onward!

Ye Yan couldn’t help but ask. “Then what do you intend to do next?”

Chen Xi glanced at Arambha Temple and said calmly, “Wait.”

Ye Yan heaved a sigh of relief in her heart upon hearing this. She was really worried that Chen Xi would be overwhelmed with rage and head to the Gongye Clan to take revenge for his Dao Companion.

“Chen Xi.” At this moment Little Bao who was waiting at the side couldn’t restrain himself from speaking. He said timidly, “Err… will you be telling the story of your past experiences again today?”

He seemed to know that Chen Xi’s state of mind wasn’t so good right now, so he spoke in a probing and questioning manner instead.

“I will.” However, Chen Xi smiled and replied readily. Revenge had to be taken, yet there was no rush for it, nor would it affect his current state of mind.

“Hehehe, alright!” Little Bao beamed with happiness.

After that, Chen Xi did as he’d done before this. He recalled the incidents of the past and told its story to Little Bao. His tone was calm like water, yet it caused Little Bao to be extremely enchanted by it.

Chen Xi didn’t conceal anything, and Ye Yan heard all of it while sitting at the side. In the beginning, she thought that Chen Xi was telling Little Bao stories, and she was very surprised that this man and monkey actually had such a childish side to them.

However, she was unknowingly enchanted by the story as well, and she finally understood that the story Chen Xi was talking about was his experiences in the past.

His experiences were so complicated, filled with incessant dangers, full of ups and down, and filled with hot blood and spirit. It was covered in a legendary aura.

Ye Yan finally came to an indirect understanding. So… this fellow is actually this sort of person.

Time flowed by swiftly, and two years passed without them noticing it.

During these two years of time, besides cultivating, Chen Xi chatted with Little Bao and Ye Yan, and it was an extremely peaceful period of time.

He’d gone to the Garden of Evil Flames on few occasions with the intention of checking on Shaohao Yu and the others. However, he didn’t enter it and merely looked from afar while waves of cursing, shrill cries, and roars that sounded like the wailing of ghosts resounded out from within it.

According to Little Bao, the Garden of Evil Flames was a place the Temple Master had specially established to temper Little Bao’s combat strength. 1,008 types of evil qi were gathered there, and ordinary cultivators would have probably died a long time ago if they were confined there.

On the other hand, Shaohao Yu was clearly only able to survive because of the two Imperial Monarchs by his side. However, it was very obvious that the three of them were suffering extremely in the Garden of Evil Flames.

Besides that, everything else was extremely peaceful. There was no movement within Arambha Temple while his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, still hadn’t come here. Moreover, even Senior White was still studying the Holy Shaman’s Origin Bone, and he even turned a deaf ear to Chen Xi’s calls and seemed to be concentrated and enchanted.

On this day, Chen Xi awoke from his meditation in the violet bamboo forest. After over four years of cultivation in seclusion, his cultivation in the initial-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm had improved greatly, and he faintly showed signs of advancing into the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

He believed that it wouldn’t be too long before he would be able to accomplish it.

Little Bao and Ye Yan were in a game of chess. They utilized the Divine Dao Laws they possessed as chess pieces, the landscape in the surroundings as their chess board and utilized the laws of the ‘mutual promotion and neutralization of all things’ as the rules, and they were going against each other in this way.

This was a form of tempering, and it was a unique technique that the Temple Master had created in her free time. However, it was Little Bao and Huicong that fought each other.

Yet now, it was Little Bao and Huicong’s older sister, Ye Yan, who were competing against each other.

Without the chaos, worries, and deception of the outside world, everything seems very comfortable, calm and profound.

However, it wasn’t long before all of them were simultaneously alarmed by a voice.

“Little Bao, bring them in.” The voice was warm, and it swept out from Arambha Temple. Surprisingly, it was the white spirit deer.

It’s done? Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he instantly disregarded everything and stood up.

Ye Yan was stunned as well, yet she was perturbed and hesitant instead. She seemed to not know how she should face her younger sister whom she hadn’t met for many years.

“Oh, looks like both of you are going to leave, and there’ll be no one to play with me anymore.” Little Bao seemed dispirited and dejected, and he shook his head and sighed without end.

However, no matter how unwilling he was, he still stood up and lead both Chen Xi and Ye Yan on the limestone path towards Arambha Temple that resided in the distance.

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