Chapter 1770 – A Bloodied Jade Slip

As soon as Little Bao finished speaking, the surroundings instantly fell deathly silent.

Imperial Monarch Kun Mu, Imperial Monarch Xue Ying, and Shaohao Yu who’d been crushed and were spitting out blood without end had stopped let out shrill cries. They’d opened their eyes wide and seemed to not dare believe their ears.

A monkey actually asked if we should be killed?

Would it really dare to do that?

According to Chen Xi’s intentions, he was naturally only too eager to kill Shaohao Yu’s group of three. However, he had no choice but to take precautions against the possibility that the Shaohao Clan would dispatch even more experts once the three of them were killed!

Ye Yan hesitated to speak while her expression changed indeterminately. She’d completely recovered from her shock. So, she was even more clearly aware that if Shaohao Yu and these two Imperial Monarchs were killed in Arambha Temple, then the Arambha Temple would probably become a mortal enemy of the Shaohao Clan’s in the future.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and the Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey, Little Bao, were bound to be like thorns in the Shaohao Clan’s eyes.

However, if they weren’t killed… then it would be extremely troublesome as well!

So, at this moment, Ye Yan was speechless as well, and she couldn’t decide on a method to deal with the matter.

“Confine them. We’ll decide their fate after the Temple Master emerges.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before deciding to exercise forbearance and take a conservative path of action.

“We’re not killing them?” Little Bao was slightly disappointed and was very unwilling to do so.

Shaohao Yu and the others trembled when they heard this, and they cursed in their hearts. Could it be that this damnable monkey really wants to kill us? How arrogant! It’s simply too arrogant!

“Nevermind, I’ll confine them in the Garden of Evil Flames.” But in the end, Little Bao still obeyed Chen Xi’s order. He flipped his hand and lifted the three of them up as if he was holding up three little chicks, and his 300m tall figure tore through space as it left.

The Garden of Evil Flames!

Merely hearing this name was enough for one to imagine that it was definitely an extremely brutal place.

At this moment, the curtains to this battle had finally been drawn.

The commotion of the battle was extremely great, yet it actually didn’t arouse any reaction from the Goddess of Arambha Temple, and it was unknown whether she really hadn’t noticed it or that she’d tacitly approved of everything.

Mist seethed in the surroundings while the violet bamboo forest had recovered its ancient, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on a rock while revealing a contemplative expression.

“Thank you.” Ye Yan remained silent at the side for a long time. In the end, she took a deep breath and spoke to Chen Xi in a serious tone.

After experiencing the incident from before, her impression of Chen Xi had changed greatly, and it was even to the extent that she had a trace of good impression of him.

“Presently, that marriage agreement has been destroyed by me. Could it be that you aren’t afraid of suffering the punishment of the Sovereign Sect?” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he gazed at her.

Ye Yan shook her head and said, “I’m bound to be not returning to the Sovereign Sect from today onward.”

She wasn’t just unable to return to the Sovereign Sect, she probably couldn’t even return to her own Ye Clan.

“Do you regret it?” asked Chen Xi.

“No, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders instead.” Ye Yan smiled, and she said with a calm expression, “I owed my younger sister too much in the past, so I can already die without regrets after being able to do something for her now.”

Chen Xi could help but say. “But you ought to be clearly aware that even if the marriage agreement is destroyed, once your Ye Clan, and the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect are determined to carry out the marriage, then all your hard work would have probably been in vain.”

Ye Yan went silent for a moment before she said, “I don’t know what to do.”

Yes, if it came to do that, then she would really not know what to do. Because when compared to the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and the Sovereign Sect, resisting all of this by herself was simply like a mantis trying to stop a chariot or tossing an egg at a rock. It filled one with despair.

Chen Xi sighed and said, “Perhaps you can seek the Temple Master’s opinion after the Temple Master emerges from behind closed doors. Huicong is the Temple Master’s disciple after all.”

Ye Yan was stunned, and then she nodded. After a long time, she seemed to have made some sort of decision, and she suddenly turned around and headed away from the violet bamboo forest.

“Where… are you going?” Chen Xi frowned.

“To the Gongye Clan. If nothing unexpected happens, then I’ll be back soon.” Ye Yan answered casually.

In an instant, Chen Xi understood everything. Ye Yan intended to seize this opportunity to head to the Gongye Clan and help him carry out negotiations.

The content of the negotiations was very simple. It was Gongye Zhefu’s soul in exchange for Daoist Dao Que’s life and the secret technique to eliminate the Divine Black Lich Venom!

Presently, Ye Yan was an elder of the Sovereign Sect in name, and she herself was a descendant of the Eternal Ye Clan as well. It was common knowledge that the Gongye Clan had an extremely close relationship with the Sovereign Sect. So, under such circumstances, it was undoubtedly the most suitable for Ye Yan to deal with this matter.

“Thank you.” When he figures out all of this, Chen Xi was rather moved in his heart, and he expressed his sincere gratitude.

“You should hope that I’m able to return safely.” Ye Yan smiled lightly, and then her figure vanished from the violet bamboo forest.

Regardless of whether you succeed or not, let the enmity of the past… drift away along with the wind…. Chen Xi took a deep breath while he decided in his heart.

From that day onward, everything returned to calm.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the rock by himself. Besides cultivating, he occasionally thought about how the progress of the Pill of Fate and Wisdom’s refinement was.

He wondered if Senior White had obtained any unimaginable secret techniques from research on the Holy Shaman’s Origin Bone.

He wondered when his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, would come here since over two years had already passed now.

Moreover, he wondered if Ye Yan had succeeded in convincing the Gongye Clan.

Time flowed by slowly, and over six months of time quickly passed.


On this day, Chen Xi awoke from his meditation and let out a long breath of air.

How strange! It has already been over half a year now, yet she still hasn’t returned. Could it be that she suffered some sort of mishap? Chen Xi frowned. Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly worried because there was still no news about Ye Yan.

Chen Xi was absolutely unwilling to see her suffer a mishap while doing things for him.

“Chen Xi! Come on, tell me about your time in the Immortal Dimension’s Dao Emperor Academy. You stopped there the other time, and it caused me to burn with impatience and be unable to sleep at night. This time, you must finish telling me how you defeated all those Elite Disciples from the Sovereign Sect.” When he saw Chen Xi awaken, Little Bao leaped down with a swish from a violet bamboo in the distance, and he cried out excitedly.

During this period of over six months, Little Bao and Chen Xi had become very familiar. So long as he was free, Little Bao would come to eat, drink, and chat with Chen Xi, and he would listen to Chen Xi speak about the outside world.

This monkey had been cultivating in Arambha Temple since he was young, and he’d never ever stepped foot into the outside world. So, some of the stories Chen Xi told were simply strange, dazzling, interesting, and full of charm. He frequently listened to these stories to the point of beaming with joy and feeling full of excitement.

When he saw Little Bao come over, Chen Xi couldn’t help but grin, and he said, “Since you’re so interested, then why do you not ask the Temple Master to allow you out to widen your knowledge? Something experienced by yourself is much more interesting than listening to my stories.”

Little Bao’s eyes lit up, and then he shook his head with a firm expression. “That won’t do! That won’t do! If I go, then who’ll look after the Divine Arambha Garden for Master?”

Chen Xi was very clearly aware that this monkey was tempted. The saying ‘having a mind that was restless like a monkey’ was usually utilized to describe a state in cultivating when one’s mind wasn’t calm and was filled with distracting thoughts. So, one couldn’t avoid being restless and jumpy like a monkey.

Even though Little Bao didn’t reveal such a state right now, he was already showing signs of it. Along with the passage of time, if Little Bao was unable to severe such distracting thoughts, then it would probably affect his future path towards the Dao.

When he realized this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but blame himself in his heart. Because through his conversations with Little Bao, he’d accidentally made Little Bao arouse the intention to enter the world. If the Goddess found out about it, she would probably blame him as well.

“Chen Xi, hurry up and start.” Little Bao scratched his ears and cheeks in impatience.

Chen Xi sighed, and he could only organize his thoughts and recollect. “All those years ago, after I became the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy….”

His flat and calm voice drifted through the quiet violet bamboo forest as he recounted the past, whereas, Little Bao squatted at the side while his eyes glowed, and he was completely enchanted by the story.

Actually, Chen Xi’s experiences could be said to be legendary to anyone because it was unimaginably shocking.

Little Bao hadn’t experienced the matters of the outside world, and he was like a blank slate. So, the experiences Chen Xi possessed were even more indescribably attractive to Little Bao.

He was enchanted by the story, and he was pulled into it.

On the other hand, as Chen Xi recounted the past, he couldn’t help but recall his friends and loved ones in the three dimensions, and he recalled his children. For a time, his emotions fluctuated slightly, and he was extremely distressed.

After an unknown period of time, Little Bao was suddenly alarmed and shouted. “That woman is back.”

This caused Chen Xi to awaken from his recollection, and he swiftly stood up while he said with a sense of relief. “She’s finally back.”

It wasn’t long before Ye Yan’s graceful figure appeared in the violet bamboo forest.

However, she was clearly slightly dispirited, and her charming and gorgeous face was covered in a pale countenance. Moreover, the space between her brows was filled with extreme exhaustion.

“You’re injured?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He acutely noticed that Ye Yan’s aura was slightly weak and chaotic.

“It isn’t a big deal.” Ye Yan shook her head and said, “But….” She hesitated to continue.

Chen Xi’s heart sank, and he realized that it didn’t go too well. However, his expression strangely calmed down at this moment, and he said, “Did a mishap occur?”

Ye Yan nodded, and she said in a slightly dispirited tone, “I didn’t notice anything off when I headed to the Gongye Clan. However, when I mentioned your conditions later on, they merely spoke ambiguously about it, and asked me to wait for some time.

“I originally thought that it was making progress, but I inadvertently found out that Daoist Dao Que had already… been killed when Gongye Zhefu suffered a mishap.”

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he was stunned. His heart was unable to calm down for a long time. If Liuqing finds out about this, then what would she….

Chen Xi shook his head and didn’t dare continue on this train of thought.

“This is a jade slip that Daoist Dao Que left behind.” Ye Yan passed a bloodied jade slip to Chen Xi and sighed lightly. “I’m sorry, I was unable to help you.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and took the jade slip in his hand, and then he went silent for a long time before he said, “It isn’t your fault. This was the work of the Gongye Clan, and if someone should apologize… then it should be them.”

The meaning of the word ‘apologize’ that he spoke of was completely different, and it should be interpreted as ‘pay the price’.

Ye Yan smiled, and then a trace of blood suddenly seeped out from the corner of her pale lips. Moreover, her gaze dimmed while her figure was actually on the verge of collapse.

Chen Xi was instantly shocked by this, and he helped her down to sit on the ground before he said, “Rest for now, and we can speak about everything else later.”

Ye Yan didn’t say anything. She took a deep breath before sitting cross-legged and meditating while regulating her breathing.

On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi’s expression had become indifferent to the extreme while a wisp of a cold glow surged faintly in the depths of his black pupils.

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