Chapter 1768 – Terminating The Marriage Agreement

Ye Yan’s expression changed abruptly, and she said with surprise. “Why has this fellow returned?”

As she spoke, a wave of fluctuation arose from the space in the distance, and then three figures appeared.

The figure in the lead was exactly Shaohao Yu. However, at this moment, his appearance seemed to be extremely amusing and laughable. Not only was his hair disheveled, his clothes were tattered and tainted with blood, and even his face was completely swollen and bruised. It seemed like the head of a pig, and it was truly too horrible to look at.

Chen Xi was almost unable to restrain himself from laughing at this. That was definitely done by Little Bao. He probably gave Shaohao Yu a good number of slaps.

But in merely an instant, Chen Xi’s heart shook as he noticed that two Imperial Monarchs were actually at Shaohao Yu’s side!

One was an old man with grey hair and grey eyes. He wore a luxurious robe and kept his hands behind his back while naturally emanating an aura that was lofty like a mountain.

The other was a middle aged man with blood red hair. His gaze was cold like bolts of lightning while embracing a wide-mouthed and blood red colored sabre. His entire body was suffused with a bloodthirsty and violent aura, and he was like a king of hell that had walked out from mountains of corpses and oceans of blood.

“Imperial Monarch Kun Mu, Jumang Xun. Imperial Monarch Xue Ying, Rushou Yin!” Ye Yan instantly recognized the identities of the old man and middle aged man, and she couldn’t help but cry out involuntarily while her expression changed indeterminately.

Obviously, Jumang Xun was from the Jumang Clan, and Rushou Yin was from the Rushou Clan that respectively belonged to the Wood God and Gold God!

It was obvious from this that Shaohao Yu hadn’t come here by himself, and he’d left these two Imperial Monarchs to wait for him outside the Divine Arambha Temple.

After Shaohao Yu suffered a miserable loss, he brought these two Imperial Monarchs over to take revenge.

“Hmph!” At this instant, Shaohao Yu noticed Chen Xi as well, and his blood instantly boiled with rage. He gritted his teeth and shouted. “Uncles, it’s that bastard!”


The gazes of both Imperial Monarchs instantly tore through space and locked onto Chen Xi, and their eyes were filled with merciless killing intent.

Chen Xi’s expression couldn’t help but become solemn because of this. No matter how highly he thought of his own cultivation, the arrival of two Imperial Monarchs still caused him to feel unprecedented pressure.

“Young Master, have you confirmed his identity?” The old man, Jumang Xun spoke indifferently. “After all, this is the Divine Arambha Garden, and I’m afraid it would be troublesome if we kill someone related to the Temple Master.”

“If he was, then would he dare to be so rude to this Young Master?” Shaohao Yu shouted furiously.

Jumang Xun nodded. “Since it’s like that, then we’ll take him out of here before killing him, so as to avoid displeasing the Temple Master.”

“Exactly, exactly, that’s exactly what I was thinking.” Imperial Monarch Xue Ying, Rushou Yin, revealed a ghastly smile as he nodded.

In their conversation, they completely seemed like they were deciding the sentence of a prisoner, and they seemed to be fearless and didn’t take Chen Xi seriously at all.

“Wait!” Shaohao Yu seemed to have thought of something, and he shouted. “That damnable monkey as well! Get the fuck out here! Dammit! I’ll definitely dig out your brain and make a dish out of it!”

Based on his extremely furious appearance, he’d obviously been taught a terrible lesson by Little Bao just now, and he’d borne a grudge against Little Bao.

“Monkey?” Both the Imperial Monarchs were stunned, and then they laughed indifferently. It was just a monkey, and it was nothing to them.

Ye Yan’s heart couldn’t help but sink to rock bottom when she witnessed this. In the end, she took a deep breath and said, “This is Arambha Temple. Aren’t all of you worried that your reckless actions will infuriate the Temple Master?”

At this moment, she could only entrust her hope to the Temple Master and hoped to utilize this method to make them hesitate and exercise caution.

However, she was extremely lacking in confidence in her heart. Because she was clearly aware that the Temple Master was refining a Pill of Fate and Wisdom, and it was at the critical moment. So, the Temple Master was probably utterly unable to pay attention to everything that was occurring here.

“Ye Yan, you intend to join forces with that kid and go against this Young Master?” Shaohao Yu’s face sank, and his swollen face was suffused with a savage expression.

“That little girl is right. It’s naturally bad to make a move right under the Temple Master’s nose.” Imperial Monarch Kun Mu spoke abruptly, but what he said next caused Ye Yan to feel utter despair. “But since the Temple Master still hasn’t made a sound to stop us until now, then perhaps she has tacitly approved of this matter. So, we can apologize to the Temple Master after we kill this kid.”

“Exactly, exactly. This Young Master still has to take Huicong back.” Shaohao Yu nodded. He as well was afraid that the Temple Master interfered in the matter. However, when he heard Imperial Monarch Kun Mu’s analysis, he instantly felt reassured in his heart.

As far as he was concerned, when compared to himself and the Shaohao Clan that stood behind him, even if they kill Chen Xi and make the Temple Master displeased, she would definitely not kill him. At the most, she would just teach him a lesson.

“Then it’s decided.” Imperial Monarch Xue Ying was slightly impatient, and he spoke coldly.

However, right at this moment, Chen Xi who’d been silent since the beginning had suddenly turned around to face Ye Yan and said, “Hand me that marriage agreement you brought here.”

It was a very incomprehensible sentence, and it didn’t just stun Ye Yan, even Shaohao Yu was stunned, and then he recovered from his surprise.

He revealed a savage smile and said, “Bastard! You finally realize your mistakes? You intend to hand the marriage agreement over to this Young Master to atone for your crimes? Impossible!”

Chen Xi paid no attention to him and just gazed at Ye Yan.

Ye Yan had recovered from her shock at this moment. She glanced at Chen Xi, and in the end, she gritted her teeth and produced a jade colored edict before passing it to Chen Xi.

One could clearly notice that three brilliant brands were floating on the surface of this edict, and they respectively represented the Ye Clan’s totem of ‘brambles of swords and blades’, the totem of “a divine sun dazzling the heavens’ that belonged to the Shaohao Clan, and two ancient characters ‘太上’ that represented the Sovereign Sect. [1]

Obviously, this marriage agreement represented the wills of these three powers, and it had imperceptibly formed something that was like an agreement between them.

Shaohao Yu’s eyes couldn’t help but light up when he saw it.

“Young Master, we must take precautions against that kid destroying it.” Imperial Monarch Kun Mu reminded.

Shaohao Yu was stunned, and then he laughed with ridicule. “That’s an agreement jointly formed by my Shaohao Clan, the Ye Clan, and the Sovereign Sect. It contains the supreme will of great figures from all three powers. Not to mention that bastard, even the two of you would definitely be unable to destroy it!”

His voice was filled with a strand of pride.

When they heard this, both Imperial Monarch Kun Mu and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying exchanged glances, and they were both slightly surprised.

“You want to marry Huicong?” Chen Xi took the marriage agreement in his hand and observed it for a moment before he shot his gaze at Shaohao Yu. Even if it was at this moment, his expression was still calm and composed as before.

“What? Bastard, you have an objection? Haha! A person who’s about to die is still concerned about this Young Master’s marriage. This truly moves this Young Master’s heart.” Shaohao Yu ridiculed while seeming as if he was playing cat and mouse, and he wasn’t anxious to kill Chen Xi immediately.

“You’re wrong, even though I’m unable to stop the powers standing behind you from acting in this way, I can destroy this marriage agreement and stop you having your way.” As he spoke, Chen Xi exerted force with his fingers and silently pressed down upon the jade colored edict that represented the marriage agreement.

When he saw this, not only did Shaohao Yu not feel infuriated, but he roared with laughter instead. The gaze he shot at Chen Xi was filled with pity as he said, “You better destroy it quickly. If you’re able to accomplish it, then this Young Master will immediately slit my throat and commit suicide!”

He seemed to be extremely domineering and confident.

Ye Yan couldn’t help but glance helplessly at Chen Xi. Even though she was touched by what Chen Xi was willing to do for her younger sister, Huicong, she was very clearly aware that this marriage agreement was absolutely not something a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God could destroy. It was even to the extent that it was even impossible for an Imperial Monarch to destroy it.

However, right when everyone thought Chen Xi would be unable to accomplish it, a crack resounded from Chen Xi’s palm.

In an instant, Shaohao Yu seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and he was stunned on the spot.

Imperial Monarch Kun Mu and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying were stunned.

Even Ye Yan couldn’t help but open her eyes wide with disbelief.

The marriage agreement hadn’t just been destroyed by Chen Xi; it had even been shattered to the point even the residue it left behind was completely erased from existence!

“You… you… you….” Shaohao Yu was furious, and he was actually unable to speak while he pointed at Chen Xi. Because an impossible outcome had occurred, and this caused him to simply be unable to accept it.

“Didn’t you say you would slit you throat and commit suicide immediately? Could it be that the words of a dignified descendant of the Shaohao Clan like you is as worthless as a fart?” A wisp of a cold arm arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. Earlier, he really was unable to shake the marriage agreement at all. However, when he silently utilized a trace of the Terminus Dao Insight, everything was easily resolved.

However, it was very obvious that no one saw this clearly, and no one had utterly imagined that Chen Xi would possess such a heaven defying and forbidden force of the Dao.

Hearing Chen Xi caused Shaohao Yu’s swollen face to flush red to the point it seemed like it was on the verge of bleed, and he roared. “Uncles, quickly kill that bastard! Kill him!”

Actually, both the Imperial Monarchs felt uncomfortable upon hearing Chen Xi, and they secretly blamed Shaohao Yu for speaking too rashly.

However, it was too late to take it back now. Fortunately, it wasn’t an oath, otherwise, it would truly be a tragedy.

“Young man, leave with us!” Imperial Monarch Kun Mu spoke in a cold and indifferent tone. As he spoke, he raised his hand and grabbed, and a strand of invisible and might force sprayed out from the center of his palm. It covered the world, enveloped space, and completely locked down onto Chen Xi.

He’d actually made a move against Chen Xi just like that.

The atmosphere instantly became deathly silent and murderous to the extreme.

“Hmph!” At this moment, Chen Xi grunted coldly while his entire body emanated a simple and natural aura. His figure shook lightly before he actually struck that energy which had locked onto him to the point of collapse!



Two exclaims of surprise sounded out from both Imperial Monarch Kun Mu and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying. Obviously, they’d never expected that a young man at the initial-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm would actually be able to avoid being captured by an Imperial Monarch.

Ye Yan was stunned and filled with disbelief.

Shaohao Yu was very surprised as well, but he was even more furious. He gritted his teeth and said, “What’re you hesitating for? Get that bastard!”

“Struggling is futile. Leave with us!” Imperial Monarch Xue Ying stopped hesitating and made a move from the side. He formed a blood red palm that blotted out the sky, and it carried a might capable of overturning the world as it grabbed forcefully towards Chen Xi.


Chen Xi withdrew the Banisher and was about to attack.

He would naturally not wait for death to arrive. Even if he had to fight desperately and utilize all his trump cards, he wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

However, at the instant he was about to launch an attack, a 4m long iron rod suddenly tore through space, and it rumbled as it swept out horizontally. Moreover, it caused the blood red palm to rumble and collapse from merely coming into contact with it.


The iron red emanated monstrous violet divine radiance, and it seemed as if it was carrying a myriad of Grand Daos as it attacked while its impetus grew even more terrifying. After it blasted the blood red palm into pieces, it didn’t lose momentum at all as it struck towards Imperial Monarch Xue Ying.

This scene was too sudden. It was like a wisp of violet lightning had suddenly torn through this still scene, and it wished for nothing more than to tear everything into shreds!

1. ‘太上’ represents the word ‘Sovereign’ in the name, the Sovereign Sect.

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