Chapter 1767 – A Battle That Arose Because Of A Marriage Agreement

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he heard these screams.

Ye Yan returned to her senses instead, and a wisp of worry arose on her charming and gorgeous face. She said anxiously. “That fellow’s origins are extraordinary, and you’ll probably encounter endless future troubles from offending him.”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “I intended to kill him just now, and it was you that asked me to let him go.”

Ye Yan glared angrily at Chen Xi. “If I didn’t stop you, then the consequences would be even more severe!”

“Oh,” said Chen Xi when he heard this, and then he started travelling back along the path he came here on and seemed to be completely indifferent.

Ye Yan felt even more infuriated instead. She bit her moist cherry lips before she caught up to Chen Xi and said fiercely, “You’re simply too carefree!”

Before Chen Xi could speak, she continued. “Do you know that Shaohao Yu is from the Shaohao Clan?”

“I do.” Chen Xi nodded.

“Then do you know what offending the Shaohao Clan represents?” Ye Yan had already completely given up on Chen Xi’s unresponsiveness, and she directly told him everything about the Shaohao Clan.

It turned out that the Shaohao Clan was one of the unfathomable Eternal Clans in the Imperial Region, and it was descendent of the Innate God, Shaohao.

The Shaohao Clan resided in Rising Sun Gorge, and it was said to be the ancestor of all birds. It had the Suncrow Clan, Swallow Clan, Azure Phoenix Clan, and Sun Phoenix Clan as its vassals. Moreover, it even had the five dove clans and five pheasant clans as branches of its clan.

The five doves represented the Blessed Dove Race, the King Dove Race, the Cuckoo Dove Race, the Hawk Dove Race, and the Falcon Dove Race, and they respectively represented the clans with the surnames of Situ, Sima, Sikong, Sikou, and Sishi.

The five pheasants were the same as well.

Regardless of whether it was the five pheasants of five doves, they could be considered to be first-rate powers in the Imperial Region, but in name, they were branch clans of the Shaohao Clan, and they respected the Shaohao Clan as their leader!

Besides that, there was also the ancient clans of the Wood God, Ju Mang, and the Gold God, Ru Shou. Both of these clans followed the lead of the Shaohao Clan!

This was the resources and reserves of an Eternal Clan. It had accumulated Karmic Luck for countless years, and it was said to exist for eternity and remain eternal.

Compared to this, even though top-rate powers like the Ye Clan, Luo Clan, and Gongye Clan had a great deal of forces that could go against Eternal Clans, they were unable to possess resources and reserves that could rival Eternal Clans.

At this point, Chen Xi finally understood what sort of terrifying power the Shaohao Clan was, and it was the first time he knew of the existence of Eternal Clans.

Something worthy of mention was that Eternal Clans were very unbalanced existences. There were some that were unbelievably formidable like the Shaohao Clan, and there were some that had fallen to decline since a long time ago, and besides possessing extremely shocking resources and reserves, their forces are extremely weak.

At the bottom of it all, Eternal Clans were existences that possessed long-standing accumulations of resources and reserves, and they were ancient powers that had existed eternally until now. Most of their ancestors were Innate Gods that were born from within the Chaos.

Or perhaps, the term Eternal Clan was a title, and it was an eternal form of glory.

However, existences like the Shaohao Clan were clearly one of the most flourishing amongst Eternal Clans.

“Shaohao Yu is a direct line descendant of the Shaohao Clan, and he possesses the Shaohao Clan’s main bloodline. Offending him doesn’t represent merely offending the Shaohao Clan, and it includes the branches of the Shaohao Clan and its vassals!”

After she finished speaking about all of this, Ye Yan still felt slightly restless in her heart.

Never had she imagined that Shaohao Yu would actually set out to Arambha Temple and throw her plans into disorder.

If Chen Xi wasn’t here to drive Shaohao Yu out, Ye Yan truly wondered what sort of unexpected event would have occurred instead.

“It’s just Shaohao Yu, so what if I’ve offended him.” Chen Xi seemed to be very indifferent, and he seemed as if it wasn’t related to him at all.

“But you must realize that Shaohao Yu is extremely vengeful, so offending him might bring a great deal of trouble upon you.” Ye Yan gritted her teeth and spoke hatefully. “You probably still don’t have a good understanding of that fellow. He’s renowned in the Imperial Region for being domineering. If he didn’t have a bloodthirsty and haughty bearing that caused his mental state to be partially given up to his inner demons, his cultivation wouldn’t have stopped at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm after cultivating for over 36,000 years.”

“36,000 years?” Chen Xi frowned and said, “I never expected that this fellow was actually an old geezer. Yet he still calls himself ‘Young Master’? He’s truly shameless.”

Ye Yan said angrily, “Is age very important to gods?”

Meanwhile, they’d returned to that expanse of the violet bamboo forest where they resided and meditated earlier.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the rock before he said, “Age is naturally not important. What’s important is that he’s a direct line descendant of the Shaohao Clan, yet he merely possesses a cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm after so long. He’s truly a piece of trash.”

Ye Yan’s eyes opened wide, and she was almost choked to death by Chen Xi’s words. She said after quite a while, “That fellow’s an existence ranked at the 72nd position on the Universe Enlightened Chart. Is that still considered… as trash?”

She was on the verge of saying that if Shaohao Yu was trash, then what was she who hadn’t even ascended onto the Universe Enlightened Chart? Was she even worse than trash?

“The 72nd position?” Chen Xi’s brows raised. In his daze, he finally understood that it wasn’t that his opponent was too weak, and it was because he’d gone far ahead of them since a long time ago. This was the reason for the gap in his perception.

Chen Xi knew that ascending into the top 100 positions of the Universe Enlightened Chart was completely different from the rankings on the Domain Enlightened Chart.

The latter was practically filled with Spirit God Exalts that were peerless geniuses, whereas, the former was mostly filled by old fellows at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

For example, Gongye Nanli and Shaohao Yu were such existences.

The reason for that was that a chasm which was extremely difficult to surmount lay between the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm and Imperial Monarch Realm. It was like a natural chasm that kept out practically 90% of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods in the world.

When these cultivators stayed in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, it indirectly caused a large number of old fellows to appear on the Universe Enlightened Chart.

If others wanted to ascend onto the rankings, then perhaps those that possessed natural endowments at the Monarch Rank, King Rank, and Emperor Rank might have a chance of ascending into the rankings. As for all the other Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, they practically had no hope of being able to ascend onto the rankings.

Because when everyone’s cultivations had attained the perfection-stage in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, it would be a competition of natural endowment and natural talent!

This was the reason why Spirit God Exalts like Luo Shaonong, Gongye Zhefu, and the others had risked their lives to fight for Ancestral Dao Roots before advancing into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Because the Ancestral Dao Roots represented their natural endowment once they advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm in the future!

If one looked at it from this perspective, Shaohao Yu’s ability to ascend to the 72nd position on the Universe Enlightened Chart after over 30 thousand years of time wasn’t easy at all.

However, it was naturally nothing before a heaven defying genius like Chen Xi.

Ye Yan admitted this as well. At this moment, she gazed at Chen Xi with a complicated expression and said, “Of course, in your opinion, Shaohao Yu is naturally too much inferior to you.”

Her voice carried a trace of a sense of loss.

Obviously, she’d already admitted that she was far inferior to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was unwilling to speak about his cultivation, and he change the topic instead. “Now, you ought to tell me the reason why you came to Arambha Temple this time, right?”

Ye Yan was stunned, and then a wisp of deep helplessness and resentment surged onto her face. She said, “You heard it earlier. The Shaohao Clan intends to utilize the union between Shaohao Yu and my younger sister to further solidify the cooperation between my Ye Clan and the Shaohao Clan. Of course, it includes the Sovereign Sect as well.”

She paused for a moment and took a deep breath before she continued. “I came here this time with the marriage agreement that was jointly authorized by the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and the Sovereign Sect. So long as I obtain the Temple Master’s agreement, then this matter… would be considered as completed successfully.”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Was Huicong consulted in the matter?”

A wisp of dense ridicule suffused the corners of Ye Yan’s mouth. “For the sake of the clan’s benefit, is there any need to consult her?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then a wisp of indescribable detest surged from his heart.

Chen Xi truly bitterly detested marriage agreements. When he was still a youth, his Pine Mist City’s Chen Clan had been annihilated because of a marriage agreement.

“Then you intend to force your younger sister to submit?” asked Chen Xi with a frown on his face.

“No!” Ye Yan shook her head decisively. “I already owe my younger sister too much. This time, I can’t allow her to follow in my footsteps and repeat my mistakes again!”

Chen Xi instantly felt extremely surprised.

“You didn’t expect that, huh? I’m a sacrifice to form a beneficial relationship between my clan and the Sovereign Sect, and the price was that I had to join the Sovereign Sect and work for it.” Ye Yan laughed with self-ridicule, and she seemed to be slightly dejected.

When she spoke up to here, she took a deep breath and said, “Right, I was in the wrong for pursuing you all those years ago, and it was something I had no choice but to do. If you resent me, then we can put an end to it when I leave.”

After he heard all of this, Chen Xi went silent for a long time, and then he said, “So, you come here this time to stop all of this?”

Ye Yan said with self-ridicule, “You think that I’m like an egg that’s knocking itself against a rock?”

Chen Xi shook his head, and his expression turned serious as he said, “In this aspect, I very much agree to your actions.”

Just these words alone caused Ye Yan to be completely stunned on the spot. She was very agitated, and she had a feeling that it was absurd and unreal.

Because of this matter, she’d practically intended to go against her clan, the Sovereign Sect, and the Shaohao Clan by herself!

No one understood her actions, nor did anyone know how much courage she’d mustered in order to make this decision.

It was even to the extent that she had a very pessimistic outlook that even if she interfered in the matter, it would probably be impossible to overturn her younger sister’s fate.

However, at this moment, when she heard Chen Xi’s acknowledgement, even if was merely a piece of acknowledgement, she actually suddenly felt delighted and relieved for being understood.

Yet it just so happened that fate liked to play tricks on people, and the person that understood and agreed with her was her enemy….

How could this not be absurd?

“Because of these words alone, I won’t resent you even if I die at your hands in the future.” Ye Yan took a deep breath and spoke seriously.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but fall silent when facing this, and he didn’t say anything.


Suddenly, a wave of violent rumbling arose from the distance while the sky dimmed down, and its impetus was shocking.

Hmm? Both Chen Xi and Ye Yan’s heart shook in unison, and they looked over into the distance.

At practically the exact same time, a voice that revealed boundless rage and resentment resounded from afar.

“Damnable Bastard! Get the fuck out here!” Obviously, it was Shaohao Yu’s voice, and he’d actually returned!

Chen Xi instantly frowned, and he faintly felt that since this fellow had returned now, Shaohao Yu had probably come prepared.

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