Chapter 1766 – Overweening Arrogance

Shaohao Yu was completely composed. He actually acted like he’d arrived at his own backyard upon arriving at the Divine Arambha Garden, and he seemed to act in an extremely casual manner that even carried a domineering and frivolous aura.

From the beginning until the end, he hadn’t paid any attention to Chen Xi and Little Bao, and he seemed to have disregarded their existence.

If other cultivators who knew nothing witnessed such a scene, they would definitely think that Shaohao Yu was the owner of the Divine Arambha Garden.

Ye Yan’s expression changed indeterminately, and she was stiff on the spot.

Shaohao Yu didn’t mind at all. He walked towards the distance by himself while a wisp of a smile hung on the corners of his mouth, and it seemed like a sneer and seemed to carry complacency. It was extremely thought provoking.

But in next to no time, he stopped moving, and his brows raised.

Because Chen Xi had suddenly moved to stand in his path and was looking at him with an indifferent expression, and even Chen Xi’s eyes didn’t contain any emotion.

Shaohao Yu couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this, and then he turned around and asked. “Ye Yan, when did such a disciple arrive at Arambha Temple?”

He actually still continued to disregard Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent that he couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on Chen Xi.

Ye Yan’s expression was gloomy, and she remained silent.

The atmosphere was slightly deathly silent.

The grin on the corners of Shaohao Yu’s mouth gradually turned cold and vanished. He turned around to look at Chen Xi for the first time, yet his gaze carried a haughty and indifferent aura. “Young Man, if you’re a disciple of Arambha Temple, then notify the Temple Master that the descendant of the Shaohao Clan, Shaohao Yu, has come to pay her a visit.”

He paused for a moment, and then a wisp of a playful expression arose in his eyes. “If you aren’t one, then obstructing this Young Master’s path is a form of provocation, and you better move aside if you don’t want to die. Remember what this Young Master said because I’m absolutely not joking and teasing you.”

As he finished speaking, a slight arc couldn’t help but form on the corners of his mouth, and he seemed to be mocking Chen Xi.

Chen Xi smiled as well when facing this, and it was an extremely brilliant smile. However, it didn’t contain any emotion. After that, he opened his mouth and lightly spat out two words.

“Fuck off!”

“It was merely two words, yet it caused the atmosphere here to suddenly freeze.

Shaohao Yu was still smiling, yet his eyes were suffused with a wisp of a terrifying and cold glow of lightning. He said in a light voice, “Are… you… talking to this Young Master?”

At this instant, Ye Yan couldn’t help but frown while an inexplicable feeling of worry arose in her heart. In the end, she gritted her teeth and flashed over to stand before Chen Xi.

“Shaohao Yu! Could it be that you intend to run wild in the Arambha Temple?” Ye Yan warned in an extremely cold tone.

According to her original intentions, she was only too eager to watch Shaohao Yu teach Chen Xi a horrible lesson, so as to properly vent the rage that had accumulated in her heart.

However, at this moment, for no rhyme or reason, she was actually unable to watch all of this happen instead.

Because compared to Chen Xi, Shaohao Yu seemed to be even more detestable in Ye Yan’s heart, and he was simply like trash that was unforgivable wicked.

“Run wild?” Shaohao Yu chuckled and said, “Ye Yan, could it be that there’s something between you and this kid? You actually didn’t hesitate to offend this Young Master in order to protect him?”

“What did you say!?” Ye Yan was infuriated to the point her chest rose and fell, and she seemed to be doing her utmost to restrain her rage.

“This Young Master asked you to move aside!” Shaohao Yu’s expression turned cold and indifferent, and he said with disdain, “Does this Young Master need a woman like you to tell me how to do things?”

As he spoke, he couldn’t be bothered to spare a glace at Ye Yan. His gaze locked onto Chen Xi like a bolt of lightning, and it carried an oppressive and formidable aura. He said, “Young man, didn’t this Young Master ask you something? What? You can’t speak now?”


The Banisher appeared in Chen Xi’s palm, and he said indifferently, “Fuck off yourself, or I’ll send you off.”

“Hah! You intend to make a move against me?” Shaohao Yu seemed as if he’d encountered an extremely laughable incident, and he roared with laughter in an exaggerated manner.

“Want to give it a try?” said Chen Xi.

“Haha! Hahaha! Young man, do you know that you’ve infuriated this Young Master?”


In an instant, Shaohao Yu’s imposing aura changed. His entire body surged with golden light, causing him to seem like a golden god of war, and his imposing aura shot into the nine heavens and felt extremely overbearing and piercingly cold.

“Kneel!” As he berated, a string of mysterious and ancient symbols floated up into appearance from Shaohao Yu’s palm. They emanated a platinum colored divine light that was extremely dazzling and resplendent, and he slapped them down forcefully at Chen Xi’s head.

This expanse of the heavens and the earth instantly fell into chaos. It collapsed inch by inch while rocks and dust shot into the surroundings, causing Shaohao Yu’s imposing aura to seem even more formidable.

“Watch out!” Ye Yan exclaimed while her heart couldn’t help but constrict.

She was very clearly aware that even though Shaohao Yu seemed to be overbearing and good for nothing, he was actually an existence that had lived for over 37,000 years and was ranked at the 72nd position on the Universe Enlightened Chart!


Right when Ye Yan spoke, Chen Xi had made a move. The Banisher flashed through the sky like a horrifying dragon that left its lair, and it struck before Shaohao Yu’s attack arrived.

The Flowing Light Style!

When dealing with such a sudden battle, the attack that was swiftest amongst the Profound Heart Sword Technique’s attacks was undoubtedly the best choice.


The two of them were extremely close and were less than 30m away from each other. So, they collided in an instant, and their collision caused this expanse of the heavens and the earth to suddenly collapse while a myriad of ray of light shot out from the point of their collision.

Fortunately, the energy of the restrictions that enveloped the Divine Arambha Garden had surged into appearance once more, and it silently eliminated the aftershock created from this collision and prevented it from affecting the surroundings.

If this had occurred in the outside world, then the might created from this collision would be sufficient to crush the landscape and cause space in the surroundings to be shaken.

“Eh, what an outstanding young man. Unfortunately, if you don’t kneel for this Young Master today, then it’ll be impossible for you to keep your life intact!” Shaohao Yu was slightly stunned, and he seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would actually be able meet an attack of his head-on.

His actions weren’t slow at all, and his figure flashed as he spoke. His long hair fluttered while his gaze was like a blade, and his palm carried an obscure and ancient symbol as he attacked once more.

Platinum divine radiance flowed and suffused his entire body, causing him to simply seem like a war god that had descended to the world with the intention of destroying it, and he seemed extremely domineering and haughty.

Needless to say, Shaohao Yu could absolutely be considered as a peerless figure amongst Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. He possessed a peerless bearing that was even superior to those old fellows like Gongye Nanli and Di Yunqiu.

Unfortunately, he was very unlucky to have encountered a peerlessly monstrous and heaven defying genius like Chen Xi.

At this moment, Sword Insight coiled around Chen Xi’s body. It was simple, natural, and didn’t show any signs of being dazzling and brilliant. However, displayed the spirit of the Dao being natural. The Sword Insight was like the heavens and the earth while the heavens and the earth were like his heart, and his heart controlled his sword!

This was the 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm!


A strand of sword qi formed from the Dismemberment Style appeared. It was simple, ordinary, and filled with an ancient aura, yet it was also precise, murderous, and powerful to the extreme.

In an instant, this strand of sword qi was like a cold light that shook the world, and it illuminated the universe!

“That’s!” Shaohao Yu was terrified while a wisp of indescribable horror arose in his heart, and his entire body trembled as if it was trembling from the pain of being stabbed by needles.

Unfortunately, he noticed all of this too late. This sword strike of Chen Xi’s directly crushed the force within his palm, broke through his defenses, and forcefully struck his chest with a bang!


Shaohao Yu instantly felt as if he was smashed by a myriad of mountains, and his body was blasted flying uncontrollably. Blood sprayed from both his mouth and nose while the bones in his entire body creaked from being unable to endure such pressure and were on the verge of breaking.


His figure smashed onto the ground and blasted the rocks there into pieces before blasting open a human shaped hole on the ground. Moreover, he seemed as if he was epileptic and was twitched without end.

When compared to his peerlessly handsome appearance from before when he was like a golden war god, his face was dusty and dirty, and he was simply in such a miserable state that others couldn’t bear the sight of it.

Yet all of this was caused by the might of merely a single sword strike from Chen Xi!

Since the battle began until Shaohao Yu was defeated at this moment, Chen Xi had merely executed two sword strikes. All of this had occurred too quickly, and it ended too suddenly as well.

This caused Ye Yan who was originally worried for Chen Xi to simply seem as if she was struck by lightning upon witnessing this scene. She opened her beautiful and clear eyes wide while she almost thought that she was seeing things.

However, Chen Xi was slightly surprised at this moment.

He wasn’t surprised that Shaohao Yu was so weak, and it was instead because he noticed that this fellow was actually wearing a piece of dark green armor. Surprisingly, it was a Natural Spirit Treasure, and it was exactly because of this armor that Shaohao Yu was able to resist the might of Chen Xi’s sword strike and avoid having his chest split open.

However, even then, the might of this sword strike was sufficiently shocking. The force of the shock created by it shook Shaohao Yu to the point he bled from all seven apertures, and the bones in his entire body were on the verge of breaking.

Obviously, if Shaohao Yu wasn’t wearing that armor, then he would probably perish without a doubt.

Indeed, Chen Xi didn’t fear Shaohao Yu’s extraordinary status. He even dared to kill Luo Shaonong and those other fellows, and he even dared to regard an elder of the Sovereign Sect like Ye Yan as an enemy, so he would naturally not care about Shaohao Yu’s fate.

“Dammit! Dammit! How could this have happened!?” Shaohao Yu roared furiously as he stood up. He didn’t dare believe that a young man at the initial-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm would actually be able to defeat him with merely two strike of the sword.

Moreover, he didn’t dare believe that this young man would actually dare to launch a killing blow against him!

He was just about to attack once more when the shadow of a sword flashed before his eyes, and then he was once again slapped forcefully to the ground by a sword strike. Moreover, he was struck headfirst into the ground, causing even a few of his teeth to fall out, and his appearance was simply too horrible to look at.

“This Young Master will kill you! Kill you! No matter who you are, you have to pay tenfold! No! Hundredfold for what you’ve done today!” Shaohao Yu let out a shrill howl from the ground, and his voice was filled with resentment and rage.

When he’d just arrived here, it was on an auspicious cloud, and it caused all flying beasts to seem as if they were paying homage to a phoenix. He was imposing, extraordinary, and haughty, and he hadn’t taken Chen Xi seriously at all. Moreover, every single move or action he made carried a supreme sense of superiority that caused even Ye Yan to only dare feel furious yet not dare say a word, and she couldn’t only silently swallow the insult and humiliation she received.

However, at this moment, he’d fallen into such a miserable state, and when the two were compared, the drop was so great that it was sufficient to astound anyone.

At the very least, at this moment, Ye Yan felt slightly dazed. She’d already confirmed earlier that she wasn’t a match for Chen Xi, and she firmly believed that Chen Xi couldn’t be compared to the past any longer. But she’d never imagined that his combat strength would actually be formidable to such an extent.

This caused her to be unable to avoid feeling slightly stunned at this moment, and she was still unable to regain her composure.

However, when she noticed the killing intent that suffused the space between Chen Xi’s brows and saw that he seemed to intend to strike a killing blow against Shaohao Yu, Ye Yan’s entire body shuddered as she screamed. “Don’t kill him!”

Chen Xi really did intend to kill this bastard that had already borne a grudge towards him. However, when he saw Ye Yan act in this way, his eyes couldn’t help but narrow.

In the end, he instructed Little Bao. “Toss this fellow out.”


Little Bao instantly came over and grinned from ear to ear. “I’ve been unable to bear the sight of him since a very long time ago. You did well beating him up. I admire you, Chen Xi.” As he spoke, he stretched out his paw and grabbed Shaohao Yu up by the collar before charging towards the distance.

“You animal! Let go of this Young Master! Bastard!! You! You! You! You actually dared to slap this Young Master!? Animal!!” Shaohao Yu’s furious and disgruntled roars continued to resound from afar. At the same time, it was accompanied by extremely clear and crisp sounds of slaps, and Little Bao’s laughter that was filled with pleasure….

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