Chapter 1765 – The Shaohao Clan

The bronze umbrella blotted out the sky and revealed all sorts of profound phenomena as it glistened brilliantly. It was immeasurably grand.

This treasure was extremely miraculous. It was actually able to soundlessly eliminate the tribulation lightning from the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, and it could simply be said to be heaven defying.


Another bolt of lightning struck down with an even more shocking impetus. It caused the heavens and the earth to dime down while even space was unable to obstruct it at all.

However, in merely an instant, it was eliminated by the bronze umbrella. An illusory ripple arose on the surface of the umbrella, and it remained steady even in the face of this.


At this instant, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation seemed to have been infuriated. Boundless lightning surged out from within it, and they transformed into grey and hazy Divine Chains of Order that flashed through space as they enveloped down.

It was like a cage of the Grand Dao was descending!

Chen Xi had witnessed such a scene in the three dimensions. At that time in Iris Desert, if his Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai, and Fourth Senior Brother, the Old Scholar, hadn’t arrived in time, then Chen Xi might have suffered calamity on that day.

However, when compared to the past, the tribulation lightning this time was even more terrifying. The cage was like a purgatory that was interweaved into form from numerous Divine Chains of Order that were formed from tribulation lightning, and it truly seemed like they intended to shackle the entire world. It was extremely terrifying.


At practically the exact same moment, the bronze umbrella started to revolve, and then strands of ancient Chaotic Qi suddenly charged out from it and transformed into a vortex of chaos.

A shocking scene appeared. The cage of the Grand Dao was actually swept into the vortex, and it was ceaselessly torn apart and destroyed while emanating violent rumbling.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but gasp. Exactly how heaven defying is its strength to accomplish this?

“The Chaotic Umbrella of Heavenly Secrets!” At this moment, Ye Yan seemed to have finally confirmed it and exclaimed with shock.


It was precisely at this instant that the cage of the Grand Dao was completely crushed and obliterated, whereas, the bronze umbrella merely shook violently for a moment before recovering completely.

However, before Chen Xi could heave a sigh of relief, the black tribulation clouds in the sky grew even darker and thicker, and the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation became even darker and horrifying.

It seemed to have been infuriated, and it was accumulating strength with the intention of completely crushing the bronze umbrella.

At this moment, everything had become soundless and motionless. Even Chen Xi’s entire body felt cold as if he’d fallen into an icy pit while breathing had become difficult for him as well.

“Little Girl, since you’re here, then I’ll leave all of this to you.” Suddenly, a divine and dignified voice resounded in the heavens and the earth, and it was precisely the Goddess’ voice.

Before her voice finished resounding, the bronze umbrella actually folded itself abruptly and was put away. It vanished from the sky above Arambha Temple.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. That’s the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, yet she’s actually so assured to actually put the umbrella away?

Could it be that she thinks merely a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like Ye Yan would be sufficient to obstruct all of this?

“Hmph!” Ye Yan seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and she couldn’t help but grunt coldly.

In the next moment, she gestured with her jade white hand. A black and mysterious edict soared into the sky, and it emanated a dignified, obscure, and horrifying aura.

It seemed to be extremely inconspicuous. However, when it appeared in midair, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation actually trembled abruptly and stopped all its actions.


It wasn’t long before the tribulation clouds in the sky exploded into pieces and transformed into collapsed black clouds that dispersed into the surroundings. On the other hand, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation had been drowned by this and vanished amidst it. It was nowhere to be found any longer.

“Hiss!” Chen Xi couldn’t help but gasp. What exactly was that black edict? It was actually able to stop a tribulation of the Heaven Dao from descending?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but try to size it up carefully. However, he heard the sound of cracking resound before the black edict actually split apart like jade and was reduced to powder.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned by this.

“Hmph!” Ye Yan grunted coldly once more. This time, it was filled with complacency, and she seemed to be ridiculing Chen Xi for his ignorance.

“What a pity.” However, it wasn’t long before she frowned, and a wisp of regret suffused her eyes. Obviously, losing that black and mysterious edict was extremely painful for her as well.

No matter what had happened, Ye Yan could be said to have helped greatly during the descent of the tribulation this time, and it allowed the Goddess to have no need to be distracted by the tribulation.

This imperceptibly allowed the Pill of Fate and Wisdom to avoid being destroyed by the heavenly tribulation.

This caused Chen Xi to experience a great change in his perception of Ye Yan, but he wouldn’t forgive her completely because of this.

Chen Xi wouldn’t forget that this woman had pursued him for countless kilometers through the starry sky just for the sake of annihilating him.

So, how could Chen Xi be able to instantly forget this?

The tribulation clouds dispersed, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation vanished, and the sky returned to its clear blue state. Moreover, the violet stars floated in the sky while emanated light violet divine radiance.

In next to no time, the violet bamboo forest recovered its quiet and peaceful atmosphere from before.

“If nothing unexpected occurs, then the refinement will succeed in three years from now. Chen Xi, remember to not allow anyone to step foot into Arambha Temple. If you encounter trouble that’s difficult to deal with, then you can ask Little Bao to deal with it.” The Goddess’ voice suddenly drifted out, and then it quickly returned to silence and didn’t resound a second time.

Chen Xi cupped his hands silently to display his understanding.

“Who’s Little Bao?” Ye Yan was stunned instead.


A golden figure appeared on a violet bamboo. It grinned at Ye Yan and said, “Miss, why did you call Little Bao?”

“So it’s you, stinking monkey!” Ye Yan was instantly furious when she saw this monkey that had peeked on her while she was changing, and she charged forward with the intention of capture Little Bao.


Unfortunately, she’d just moved when Little Bao vanished without a trace, and it was completely traceless like a ghost.

“That damnable monkey!” Ye Yan was annoyed and very helpless. She was very clearly aware that she was unable to catch up to that extremely crafty little animal.

However, this scene caused Chen Xi to be lost in thought, and he took Little Bao seriously for the first time.

If he wasn’t wrong, then even if he made a move against Little Bao, he wouldn’t be able to catch up to Little Bao’s speed. It was too swift as if Little Bao was light that was travelling through space, and it was extremely elusive.

“Oh no! Oh no! Guests have arrived again!” In the blink of an eye, Little Bao actually returned while shouting loudly without end. “Chen Xi, quickly go have a look. That fellow has arrived in an extremely imposing manner. He’s striding on auspicious clouds while accompanied by 100 flying beasts. How terrifying.”

Hmm? Ye Yan was stunned, and then she seemed to have guessed something, causing her expression to be unable to help but change slightly while she said in a surprised and doubtful tone. “Could it be that he’s here?”

“Who?” Chen Xi was just about to head over when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but frown.

At this moment, Ye Yan seemed to have no mood to oppose Chen Xi any longer, and her expression was slightly strange as she said hastily, “Let’s go over and take a look first.”

“Little Bao, lead the way.” Chen Xi glanced at Ye Yan before he stopped hesitating.

“Come with me.” Little Bao transformed into a wisp of golden light and flashed swiftly towards the depths of the violet bamboo forest.

Chen Xi and Ye Yan immediately set out and followed Little Bao.

However, right when they were still on the way there, Little Bao suddenly stopped moving and squatted on a rock at the side. He scratched his ears and cheeks as he said, “Why has that fellow come in without being invited? That’s extremely rude.”

Chen Xi and Ye Yan were stunned, and they stopped moving as well.

Sure enough, before Little Bao’s voice finished resounding through the air, the cries of divine flying beasts resounded in the distant sky, and they let out endless cries of joy.

It was obviously not the cry of a single flying beast because some were clear, some were low, some were sharp, and some were heavy. They resounded at the same time like a myriad of birds paying homage to a phoenix, and it was an extremely grand scene.

Even some flying beasts that resided in the violet bamboo forest seemed to have been affected by this and let out cries along with them.

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow because of this scene. He was slightly displeased by this scene because it was too noisy, and it would be unforgiveable if it disturbed the Goddess of Arambha Temple while she was refining the medicinal pill.

“It really is him!” Ye Yan’s extremely charming and gorgeous face turned gloomy, cold, and indifferent at this moment.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally saw a ray of divine light descend from the sky in the distance, and it swiftly transformed into a handsome and extraordinary figure.

That person wore a golden robe, a feathered crown, and had a handsome appearance, red lips, and white teeth. His hands were placed behind his back while revealing an elegant and casual bearing.

Moreover, there were actually numerous divine flying beasts all around him. There were azure phoenixes, swallows, sun phoenixes, white cranes, orioles…. All of them were auspicious and precious flying beasts. It was like a myriad of flying beasts were paying homage to a phoenix, and they caused the golden robed man’s aura to seem even more extraordinary.

However, Chen Xi frowned instead. This person’s aura seemed to be grand, bright, and auspicious, yet Chen Xi acutely noticed a trace of evil from it.

“Hahaha! Miss Ye Yan, so you’ve already arrived a long time ago.” The man strode over and directly disregarded Chen Xi. He strode over to stand before Ye Yan and roared endlessly with laughter as if he was very happy.

“Didn’t I tell you that I would deal with this matter?” Ye Yan’s expression grew even colder and was filled with displeasure.

“This Young Master couldn’t help but feel anxious. If such an important matter is accomplished successfully, then your Ye Clan, our Shaohao Clan, and the Sovereign Sect will be one big family.” The golden robed man remained completely indifferent to Ye Yan’s cold and indifferent attitude, and he kept his hands behind his back as he laughed and said slowly, “Not to mention that this is a marriage between your younger sister and this Young Master. So, how could I make you, her older sister, exhaust yourself. It was better for me to come and deal with it.”

Marriage? Chen Xi thought in his heart. Could it be that this fellow wants to become Dao Companions with Huicong?

“You don’t trust me?” Ye Yan’s expression grew even more unsightly.

The man in golden robed roared once more with laughter, and he walked over to Ye Yan before raising his hand to hold her chin in an extremely intimate manner. A wisp of a smile arose on the corners of his mouth as he said slowly with deep affection, “Ye Yan, this Young Master originally intended to become Dao Companions with you, yet you just happened to refuse. Now… could it be that you intend to interfere in your younger sister’s marriage? That’s a bit outrageous.”

His voice was warm, yet it carried a faint intent to warm her. Coupled with his frivolous actions and lustful appearance, it caused Ye Yan’s face to sink completely.

But she took a deep breath in the end and pushed Shaohao Yu’s hand aside, and she actually forcefully restrained the rage in her heart as she said coldly, “Shaohao Yu, you’re being a bit too presumptuous!”

“Am I? This Young Master originally intended to take both you and your younger sister as my wives, yet I’m only marrying your younger sister alone now. Is this still considered as being presumptuous?” Shaohao Yu roared once more with laughter, and then he walked towards the distance. “Come pay a visit to the Temple Master with this Young Master. Now that I speak of it, I haven’t seen Huicong for many years. I wonder if that little girl is as beautiful as you are now. I’m full of anticipation.”

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