Chapter 1764 – The Clouds Of Tribulation Descend Once More

Right, what’s this fellow doing here? Ye Yan was stunned. It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought about this earlier, but a string of events that caused her to feel humiliated and furious had occurred before she could figure it out, and it caused her to almost overlook the most important question which was this very question.

Ye Yan blurted out. “Why?”

After that, she felt slightly regretful. How could I lose my composure like that and allow that fellow to lead me by the nose?

Yes, in Ye Yan’s subconscious, she had to compete with Chen Xi even if it was merely a conversation, and she desired to attain a superior position in the conversation. Unfortunately, up until this point in the conversation, she seemed to be unable to accomplish her wish.

“Because it was I who brought Liuqing here, and the Temple Master agreed to help Liuqing suppress the energy of the Divine Black Lich Poison.” Chen Xi spoke frankly, and he was utterly not worried about her finding out about this.

“What!?” Ye Yan lost her composure completely, and she cried out involuntarily. “How could this be possible!? Even if you’re a disciple of the Oracle Mountain, the Temple Master would probably not defy the heavens because of that and refine the Pill of Fate and Wisdom for you!”

She seemed to be slightly agitated and on the verge of losing control.

Chen Xi provided no further explanation. He’d already said what he should, and it was time for negotiations after that.

“Now, you ought to be clearly aware that Gongye Zhefu’s soul is in my possession. Since you were asked to come here by the Gongye Clan, then please go back and tell them that it’s very easy to get Gongye Zhefu’s soul back. Let Daoist Dao Que go and hand over the secrets of the Divine Black Lich Venom.” Chen Xi stared directly at Ye Yan and said, “Otherwise, they’ll probably be forever unable to see Gongye Zhefu again.”

Ye Yan’s expression changed indeterminately. She took a deep breath and forcefully calmed herself before she laughed coldly. “Why should I believe you?”

Chen Xi said, “Whether you believe me or not isn’t important. Once the Temple Master fully suppresses the energy of the Divine Black Lich Venom within Liuqing’s body, I’ll naturally head to the Gongye Clan myself. But at that time… it wouldn’t be simply resolved by handing Daoist Dao Que over.”

Ye Yan continued smiling coldly. “Are you even capable of that?”

It was merely a few words, but it was filled with ridicule. She seemed to feel that Chen Xi going against the Gongye Clan by himself was simply like an ant trying to shake a tree, and it was absurd and laughable.

Chen Xi’s expression remained calm and composed. He said, “What if Oracle Mountain is included in it?”

Oracle Mountain!

It was merely two words, yet it seemed to carry invisible force that caused Ye Yan to frown, and she didn’t say anything in the end.

Because even she had no choice but to admit that if the Oracle Mountain acted on Chen Xi’s behalf, then the Gongye Clan would really be unable to endure such pressure.

One of them was a top-rate power in the Imperial Region, and it was indeed sufficient to look down upon most powers in the Ancient God Domain and possess monstrous authority.

However, the other… was one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region, it was an existence that was on par with Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect, the Dao Institute, and the Divine Institute!

If the Gongye Clan in the Imperial Region was said to be an overlord, then Oracle Mountain was a colossus, and all top-rate sects were nothing before it.

However, Ye Yan still didn’t believe that Chen Xi would dare to act in this way.

Her beautiful brows knit together as she said, “You’re probably clearly aware that the position of control isn’t in your hands. No matter if it’s the secret technique to eliminate the Divine Black Lich Venom or Daoist Dao Que, both of them are in the hands of the Gongye Clan, and any one of them will make you have no choice but to hold back from taking action. Unless you disregard the fate of that Zhen Liuqing and Daoist Dao Que, otherwise, you’ll definitely be constantly in the Gongye Clan’s control!”

She paused for a moment an continued. “Not to mention that you should forget that the Sovereign Sect resides behind the Gongye Clan!”

Chen Xi was utterly indifferent and said calmly, “You just have to tell the Gongye Clan that Gongye Zhefu’s soul is in my possession, and ask them to do as they see fit.”

A trace of rage arose in Ye Yan’s heart when she saw Chen Xi act so stubbornly, and she truly wished for nothing more than to place a blade at his neck and see if he was really indifferent to everything.

Or perhaps, she really wanted to know if there was anything in this world that this fellow feared.

To put it more precisely, Ye Yan couldn’t bear the sight of Chen Xi, and she especially couldn’t bear the sight of his carefree and detestable attitude!

“Haha, why should I do as you say?” Ye Yan sneered.

“Didn’t the Gongye Clan entrust you with this task?” Chen Xi replied with a question, and his expression still remained carefree as if he wouldn’t be moved even if the sky came falling down.

Ye Yan couldn’t help but blaze with rage when she heard this, and she gritted her teeth and said, “The Gongye Clan is nothing! How could it possibly be able to fucking order me to specially do something for them?”

“Oh,” said Chen Xi, and then he didn’t speak further.

Ye Yan felt even more infuriated upon witnessing this. “Bastard! Could it be that in your eyes, I, Ye Yan, am a nobody that works herself to death for others?”

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he said, “Aren’t you?”

Ye Yan was on the verge of going mad. She truly wished for nothing more than to choke Chen Xi to death. It took a long time before she took a deep breath and spoke word by word. “I’ve already told you. I came here because I have an even more important matter to attend to, and I’m only helping the Gongye Clan it can be accomplished at the same time, alright!? Do you understand?”

Chen Xi nodded. “So, that’s how it is.”

After that, he shook his head, closed his eyes, and started meditating once more. He seemed to feel that talking with Ye Yan was filled with a bunch of nonsense, and it was pointless to continue.

Creak! Creak!

Ye Yan’s eyes almost lit up in flames when she saw this, and she almost gnashed her teeth into pieces. This bastard simply doesn’t respect others!


She stood up.

“What’re you doing?” Chen Xi frowned and spoke coldly.

Ye Yan started laughing from extreme rage. “Can I not go walking around randomly?”

As she spoke, she placed her hands behind her back and started strolling through the violet bamboo forest with an extremely carefree expression.

Chen Xi frowned, and he didn’t say anything in the end.

This woman’s arrival had completely disturbed his peaceful cultivation and coupled with the fact that there was enmity between them, he was truly unable to avoid detesting her.

Chen Xi said coldly, “I wonder how Miss Huicong would have a elder sister like you.”

Just this simple sentence caused Ye Yan’s entire figure to stiffen, and she instantly stopped on the spot. She had her back towards Chen Xi, causing the latter to be utterly unable to see her expression clearly. At this moment, her countenance had turned pale and slightly dejected.

However, Chen Xi was still able to acutely notice that something seemed to be off about her at this moment, but he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to it.


Right at this moment, an indescribable fluctuation suddenly swept out from Arambha Temple that lay in the distance.

Hmm? Chen Xi was shocked.

Ye Yan’s heart jerked as well, and she swiftly raised her head.

At this moment, both of them clearly sensed a strand of pressure assault their faces, and it felt like they were on the verge of being suffocated while their entire bodies tensed up.


The violet stars that studded the sky like bright pearls started to tremble violently, and they rumbled while seeming to be on the verge of falling.

The originally quiet and peaceful violet bamboo forest suddenly resounded with the whistling of a violent gale, and it caused branches and leaves to fall to the ground.

The rare variant beasts that resided here howled and roared, and they seemed to be terrified by something.

Everything seemed to show signs of wailing and feeling terror.

It wasn’t long before the originally clear blue sky was suddenly covered by an expanse of pitch black tribulation clouds, and it was like an expanse of eternal night had descended and caused the heavens and the earth to dim down because of it.


Lightning started to surge, and it transformed into a thunderstorm that flickered within the pitch black tribulation cloud. It was like violent snakes were dancing within it, and it revealed all sorts of extremely shocking phenomena.

All sorts of terrifying phenomena like Fiendgods howling sorrowfully, the blood of gods raining down, the Grand Dao collapsing, the sun and moon sinking…. All of them revealed a scene akin to a calamity that brought about the end of the world.

All of this appeared so suddenly that it caused Chen Xi’s pupils to be unable to help but constrict while he himself felt horrified. For no rhyme or reason, he recalled the scene he’d witnessed in Master Xuan’s Divine Temple on that day.

At that time, he’d taken the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root, and an expanse of black tribulation clouds had descended as well. Moreover, it possessed a shocking impetus that was extremely similar to the scene before him right now.

Could it be that…. A flash of inspiration arose in Chen Xi’s mind, and he seemed to have realized something.

“The tribulation of the heavens…. The Temple Master actually really didn’t hesitate to defy the heavens and refine the Pill of Fate and Wisdom….” At this moment, Ye Yan’s expression had become slightly strange. She seemed to be shocked, dazed, and filled with slight disbelief.


A strand of an aura that was practically capable of obliterating the world surged out from within the depths of the black tribulation clouds, and then an eye silently floated up into appearance.

It was indifferent, cold, deep, and without even a trace of emotion.

As soon as it appeared, this expanse of the heavens and the earth fell into a state of wailing. Space fell into chaos while the land was in disorder, and everything seemed to be unable to endure this pressure and was on the verge of collapse.

This was too terrifying!

Even Chen Xi’s heart had gone cold as he’d recognize that eye. Shockingly, it was the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, and it was the ‘tribulation’ that Senior White spoke of.

The Divine Arambha Garden was a Dao Domain established outside the Ancient God Domain, so it had originally fully isolated itself from the energy of the Heaven Dao.

Yet now, the energy of heavenly tribulation had suddenly appeared here. Obviously, something heaven defying was about to appear, and it was sensed by the Heaven Dao and made it send down its punishment.

On the other hand, it was very easy to guess the identity of that heaven defying thing. It was definitely the Pill of Fate and Wisdom that the Goddess was refining.

Senior White had once said that once this pill was refined successively, it would be sufficient to change one’s fate and possessed the ability to nurture one’s wisdom and spirit. It could be said to be heaven defying.

It was even to the extent that this pill would suffer tribulation and be destroyed on the day it was created because it wasn’t tolerated by the heavens!

At the bottom of it all, it was because this pill was related to a strand of the energy of Fate, and something related to such a supreme profundity had gone against a taboo of the heavens.

At that time, Senior White had even made an example and said that the Master of the Manku period, Xuan, intended to refine a similar medicinal pill all those years ago. But in the end, both the pill and its furnace were destroyed, and it caused the world to fall into upheaval and suffer all sorts of calamity. In a short period of a single year, 84,000 cultivators were implicated by the calamity created by it and perished!”

At this moment, all of this seemed to be on the verge of occurring before Chen Xi’s eyes….

Chen Xi’s heart instantly rose to his throat, and his expression was extremely solemn.


As soon as the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation appeared, a strand of jet black lightning suddenly flashed within it, and then this strand of lightning struck down towards Arambha Temple.

The bolt of lightning was grey, hazy, and covered in boundless energy of tribulation. It was a true bolt of tribulation lightning of the Heaven Dao, and it possessed the terrifying might to obliterate the world.

If this bolt of lightning were hit, then Arambha Temple would definitely be destroyed!


At this instant, Chen Xi withdrew the Banisher because he was unable to tolerate failure in the refinement of the Pill of Fate and Wisdom.

Even if he had to go against the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, he wouldn’t hesitate to do so!


However, before Chen Xi could make a move, a bronze umbrella suddenly arose from within Arambha Temple. It was like a bronze lotus flower that bloomed above it, and it was branded with all sorts of grand and brilliant profound diagrams like auspicious light, precious pearls, the markings of clouds, divine rays of light, the marks of the Dao….

As soon as it appeared, it started revolving and actually easily dealt with that grey and hazy bolt of tribulation lightning!

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