Chapter 1762 – Enemies Meet

The quiet violet bamboo forest occupied an extremely vast area.

Chen Xi travelled behind Little Bao for the time for an entire incense stick to burn before he arrived in front of a gorge.

Jagged precipices stood towering on both sides of the gorge, and merely a winding and rough little footpath that led towards the unknown remained between them.

Little Bao’s figure flashed, and then he squatted on the stone wall in front of the gorge before gazing for a while. After a short while, he said swiftly. “Fellow Daoist! Fellow Daoist! They’re almost here.”

Chen Xi’s heart shook. He straightened out his clothes and took a deep breath before standing while facing the gorge. After all, he was the guard of Arambha Temple now, so he naturally had to assume the role of entertaining guests.


It wasn’t long before a wave of strange fluctuation arose abruptly in the gorge, and then a red figure suddenly floated down onto the tiny little path.

Chen Xi opened his mouth with the intention of saying something, but his eyes instantly narrowed when he saw the person’s appearance clearly, and he felt slightly surprised and bewildered. Why is it her?

The woman wore a fiery red dress, had a fine waist, and a graceful and slender figure.

Her face was extremely charming and gorgeous, and the space between her brows was covered in pride, coldness, and indifference. Moreover, the aura emanated from her entire body even carried a formidable and cold feeling.

It was actually the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm expert of the Sovereign Sect, Ye Yan!

All those years ago when he’d travelled to the Ancient God Domain from the Last Days Domain, this woman had pursued Chen Xi all along the way, causing him to encounter danger incessantly and almost suffer calamity on multiple occasions.

In the end, he relied on the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth caused by his advancement into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm to defeat her, force her back, and make her have no choice but to flee.

At that time, Chen Xi was rather regretful that he was unable to annihilate her on the spot. Yet never had he imagined that she would actually utilize a secret path to arrive at the Divine Arambha Garden!

It was precisely like a meeting of enemies where the eyes of both parties would blaze with hatred. Chen Xi was naturally no exception to this, and his expression instantly became cold and indifferent.

“Hmm? How could it be you?” Ye Yan noticed Chen Xi as well, and her starry eyes constricted while she seemed slightly surprised and bewildered.

“Ye Yan, long time no see,” said Chen Xi in an extremely cold voice.

“It really has been a long time.” After overcoming the surprise that she experienced at the very beginning, Ye Yan recovered her composure.

However, when she noticed the aura around Chen Xi was clearly at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, her heart shook violently while tempestuous waves arose within it.

This kid has merely entered the Ancient God Domain for less than 10 years of time, yet he has actually advanced again to a higher realm of cultivation than when I last saw him!

This was simply slightly unbelievable to her.

After all, she clearly remembered that Chen Xi was merely at the World Enlightened True God Realm when she’d pursued him, and it wasn’t long before he advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

Yet now, when they met once more, he actually possessed a cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm…. So, how could this not be shocking?

The atmosphere became slightly deathly silent.

Chen Xi was contemplating Ye Yan’s exact relationship with that Goddess, and why she would know of this secret path to arrive here.

On the other hand, Ye Yan was contemplating why that fellow before her who was clearly a disciple of Oracle Mountain would be at Arambha Temple.

Obviously, both of them had worries of their own, and out of consideration for Arambha Temple, they didn’t shed all pretenses immediately.

Otherwise, no matter if it was Chen Xi or Ye Yan, they would have probably disregarded everything and attacked to kill the other.

“So, it turns out that Fellow Daoist knows this Young Miss. That’s great.” Little Bao who remained squatted on a rock at the side chuckled as he broke the silence. This Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey had clearly not discerned that something was off between Chen Xi and Ye Yan.

“Why have you come here?” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he restrained the killing intent in his heart as he asked in an extremely cold voice.

“What are you doing here?” Ye Yan replied with a question, and the space between her brows was covered in a cold and indifferent expression.

“If you don’t give me an explanation, then don’t blame me for driving you out from here.” Chen Xi’s eyes were filled with coldness.

Ye Yan was furious, yet she said indifferently, “You better move aside. Don’t block my path, otherwise…. The consequences aren’t something you’re able to bear!”

“What if I don’t?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he sized her up. After he confirmed that she hadn’t broken through into the Imperial Monarch Realm, the killing intent in his heart faintly showed signs of being impossible to restrain.

The atmosphere instantly became extremely confrontational and murderous. It seemed like a battle would break out at any moment, and even the heavens and the earth had fallen into deathly silence.

“Both of you….” Only now did Little Bao realize that something was off, and he couldn’t help but be surprised.


He fled towards the distance and cried out. “Fellow Daoists, keep cool and talk it out. This is Arambha Temple, and my Master will punish both of you if my Master finds out about this.”

“Little Bao, you don’t have to pay any attention to this matter. Your Master asked me to guard Arambha Temple, so I naturally wont just watch as someone of unknown background enters this place.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. As he spoke, his gaze had been constantly locked onto Ye Yan, and he didn’t conceal his killing intent at all.

“Oh.” At this moment, Little Bao seemed to be very obedient, and he grinned and said, “In that way, then I won’t interfere. Both of you can go on.”

As he spoke, his figure flashed and actually transformed into a ray of golden light that vanished into the distance.

“The Temple Master actually asked a disciple of Oracle Mountain like you to look after this place? Haha, I truly never expected that.” After feeling slightly stunned, Ye Yan sneered as she spoke.


Chen Xi withdrew the Banisher and slightly flicked his finger at its blade, causing sword howls to surge out like tidewater and resound through the heavens and the earth. “My patience is limited. If you don’t make the reason for your arrival clear, then don’t blame me for being rude.”

At this moment, Ye Yan stared at Chen Xi for a long time before she suddenly started laughing, and she laughed extremely brilliantly and seemed extraordinarily charming.

“As expected, you’re really worthy of being a descendant of the Chen Clan. You’re so stubborn as well.”

These incomprehensible words caused Chen Xi to be unable avoid frowning.

Before he could recover from this, Ye Yan placed her hands behind her back and said indifferently, “You want to kill me, and I similarly wish for nothing more than to kill you right now. Unfortunately, I’ve come here this time on the orders of a great figure, and I have to discuss something with the Temple Master. It’s best that you move aside, otherwise, you can’t bear the consequences of delaying this matter.”

“Come back three years from now.” Chen Xi went silent for a moment, and he only spoke and asked her to leave after he forcefully restrained the killing intent and restlessness in his heart.

Regardless of whether Ye Yan was telling the truth or not, he wouldn’t allow her to step foot into Arambha Temple because this was the Goddess’ instruction.

Not to mention Ye Yan, it would be the same even if an Imperial Monarch had come here.

“Three years?” Ye Yan’s beautiful brows knit together while her expression turned completely icy cold. She said, “Chen Xi, I’ve already said that you can’t bear the consequences for delaying this matter!”

Obviously, she felt that Chen Xi was making things difficult for her on purpose.

“I don’t want to repeat what I’ve said.” Chen Xi was almost unable to control his killing intent when he heard this. This woman really doesn’t know what’s good for her.

If they were in the outside world, then Chen Xi would have probably killed her a long time ago to vent the hatred in his heart. How could he have possibly allowed her to go on until now?

“Chen Xi!” Ye Yan was clearly infuriated. Her imposing aura suddenly changed and became extremely oppressive. “Do you know my identity!?”

These words seemed to be very incomprehensible. Chen Xi even felt that this woman was slightly stupid. Could it be that she doesn’t know that I knew she was a member of the Sovereign Sect since the very beginning?

When she saw Chen Xi’s expression, Ye Yan knew that she was speaking to deaf ears, and a sense of frustration couldn’t help but arise in her heart. She bit her red lips lightly and said hatefully, “Even though I’m one of the Sovereign Sect’s elders, I’m a descendant of the Eternal Ye Clan at the same time! Moreover, I’m the older sister of the Temple Master’s disciple, Huicong!”

She didn’t conceal the rage in her voice at all, and it sounded as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between her teeth.

What? Chen Xi was shocked. He didn’t know about any Eternal Ye Clan, but he couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised when he heard Ye Yan say she was Huicong’s older sister.

If it’s true… then this matter will be slightly troublesome!

“Hmph! Ye Yan glared at Chen Xi, and then she took a stride and intended to move forward. “If you really don’t believe me, then feel free to attack. I guarantee that I won’t retaliate!”

Chen Xi was slightly indeterminate for some time. However, when he noticed that she was about to vanish from his field of vision, his expression instantly turned grim.


In the next moment, his figure flashed, and the Banisher in his hand formed a peerlessly dazzling strand of sword qi that slashed down through the air.

He’d actually attacked!

This caused Ye Yan’s figure to freeze, and she was angered to the point her entire body trembled. This damnable fellow is simply stubborn to the extreme!

“Little Bastard, do you really think I’m afraid of you?” She suddenly flicked her sleeve, causing a snow white whip to tear through the sky. It formed all sorts of profound phenomena as it crushed through space, and it rumbled through the air as it swept over.


The sword qi collided with the whip, causing a myriad of strands of light to erupt, and the impetus of this collision was extremely terrifying.

However, the strange this was the energy of this collision didn’t sweep out towards the surroundings. The violet stars in the sky flickered and emanated strands of violet divine radiance that eliminated all of this into nothingness.

Obviously, this was the reaction of the force that covered the Dao Domain, the Divine Arambha Garden, and it prevented the destruction that would have been caused to the surroundings by this collision.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

However, even then, Ye Yan was still struck to the point of taking a few steps back, and the fury on her face turned to slight shock. She seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi’s current combat strength would actually be so formidable.


Before she could recover from a shock, Chen Xi had attacked once more. His entire body was covered in the radiance of a myriad of strands of sword qi, and his divine might was overbearing and fierce to the extreme.

In the next moment, both of them were locked in battle.

However, it was very obvious that Ye Yan wasn’t a match for Chen Xi at all. It took merely a short moment for her to seem inferior in comparison to Chen Xi, and she was in an extremely sorry state. She was merely able to barely resist his attacks and was powerless to counterattack.

This caused her to feel even more furious, surprised, and bewildered. She’d utterly never imagined that when compared to a few years ago, Chen Xi’s current combat strength would actually be so heaven defying.

After all, she’d advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm for over a thousand years now, and she possessed the natural endowment of a King Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. Moreover, she’d stepped foot into the peak of the perfection-stage in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

Who would have imagined that she would actually be helpless against an existence at the initial-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm?


It wasn’t long before Ye Yan’s entire body was blasted flying and smashed into the ground. Her hair was disheveled while her fiery red dress was damages, causing pieces of snow white and tender skin to be exposed. She was in a very embarrassing and sorry state.

“You….” Ye Yan was on the verge of going made, and she was just about to stand up with all her strength, yet a sword was already pointed just an inch away from her throat. The killing intent emanated from the tip of the sword caused goosebumps to arise on her entire body while her heart felt cold, and she didn’t dare move another muscle.

She merely dared to raise her eyes and look over. She saw Chen Xi holding the sword while looking down at her, and his eyes that were like two black abysses were filled with cold killing intent.

It felt like he was looking down at an ant that could only be trampled at his will.

This caused Ye Yan’s entire body to tremble. However, she immediately felt ashamed and humiliated by her cowardice, and she couldn’t help but cry out with rage. “Why aren’t you attacking? Don’t you hate me to the bone? If you have the balls, then kill me right now!”

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