Chapter 1761 – Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey

A rain of light that was divine and brilliant descended.

The Divine Fate Dao Ruler seemed as if it had awakened from a deep slumber, and it emanated dazzling brilliant and surging auspicious qi.

In next to no time, countless strands of light interweaved together and converged at the center of the ruler. They actually converged into the form of a dazzling little person that sat cross-legged there while chanting Daoist scriptures in a solemn and dignified manner.

In an instant, Chen Xi clearly sensed that his senses towards the Grand Dao had suddenly become clearer, and the entire world was different.

The violet bamboo that glistened like jade, the clear stream that gurgled, the mist that enshrouded the surroundings, and even the violet stars that hung in the sky or the fallen leaves that were piled up on the ground, all of them surged with a profound aura of the Dao.

The Grand Dao was nameless and shapeless. It was hidden within all things, yet it was difficult to comprehend.

But at this moment, Chen Xi was able to clearly notice the traces of the Grand Dao. Perhaps the aura of the Dao was very simple and ordinary, yet it was absolutely impossible for Chen Xi to ‘see’ it so clearly in the past.


But in next to no time, Chen Xi commanded in his heart, and the Divine Dao Laws he possessed started to circulate and flow throughout his body, causing him to instantly become immersed in a profound state.

Since he stepped foot into the Godrank Realm, all the Grand Dao profundities Chen XI possessed had been completely transformed into Divine Dao Laws. This force was like a wild and unyielding horse that he could only control flawlessly by relying on the Talisman Divine Dao.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi didn’t have to command them himself at all before the energy of these Divine Dao Laws become meek like a flock of sheep. They circulated in an orderly manner and revealed all sorts of profundities while they ceaselessly transformed and emanated strands of Daolight.

These strand of Daolight formed a type of unique connection with the tiny person on the Divine Fate Dao Ruler, and they cooperated with each other from afar.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi clearly sensed that his comprehension towards the Divine Dao Laws grew even more comprehensive and deep.

At this moment, he noticed that numerous things he thought he’d already grasped completely in the past could be grasped even more comprehensively, and it ceaselessly displayed all sorts of profundities and truths to him.

What a treasure! Chen Xi exclaimed with surprise in his heart. It can actually provide such an effect. This is too miraculous! It’s merely a Natural Spirit Treasure, yet it possesses the ability to deduce the Grand Dao and display its truths. This isn’t something an ordinary treasure can compare to, and it can be said to be rarely seen.

At this moment, he finally came to an understanding. The tiny fist sized person sitting cross-legged at the center of the ruler with a dignified and solemn appearance was capable of deducing the Heaven Dao and transforming it into something that had shape, allowing Chen Xi to clearly sense the changes in the Grand Dao and comprehend its truths and profundities.

Moreover, while Chen Xi absorbed these profundities in this way, it was like fusing with the heavens and the earth or becoming one with the Grand Dao, and he sensed these profundities in an unprecedentedly clear manner.

In the past, he’d studied it painstakingly without end, and he was only able to obtain a better understanding as his cultivation improved. But now, he was able to clearly see through its essence and attain the effect of obtaining a thorough knowledge and fusing with it. His comprehensions were even deeper and easier when compared to the past!

It felt like complicated markings had been transformed into simple and clear markings, and it caused all its secrets and obscure points to have nowhere to hide and be clearly displayed before him.

This was the process of transforming the complicated into simple, and the Grand Dao… had always been something that was supreme and simple to the limit!

At this moment, Chen Xi was finally enlightened. No wonder that Imperial Monarch Miao Feng who’s encountered a bottleneck and was unable to breakthrough for an entire 10,000 years would risk everything and place all his hopes onto this ruler.

Because this Natural Spirit Treasure really was too miraculous, and it exceeded Chen Xi’s imagination.

With it in one’s possession, comprehending the Divine Dao would become comparatively easier when compared to the past, and one would be able to comprehend the most intrinsic truths and profundities of the Grand Dao!

This was the profound effect of the Divine Fate Dao Ruler, and this was precisely the difference between Natural Spirit Treasures and Artificial Spirit Treasures. Even though it seemed to have no offensive ability, merely this ability to deduce the Grand Dao and display the truths of it was sufficient to make all cultivators covet it.

Chen Xi had a feeling that with the Divine Fate Dao Ruler in his possession now, his future comprehension of the Grand Dao would become even easier, and it would be much easier for him to break through in his comprehension of the Grand Dao!


From this day onwards, Chen Xi started to cultivate in the violet bamboo forest by himself. At the same time, he played the role of guard that prevented other cultivators from entering Arambha Temple.

This place was very quiet and peaceful. The violet bamboos rustled, the water in the stream murmured, the mist curled up into the air, and the surroundings were suffused with a divine aura that was calming.

It was like a paradise isolated from the world, and it didn’t exist in the world.

Chen Xi completely let go of the worries in his heart and entered a completely carefree state, causing his metal state to be unprecedentedly peaceful and tranquil.

In these past few years since he’d entered the Ancient God Domain, he’d been constantly rushing about while either being pursued or being swept into all sorts of storms, and he practically hadn’t stopped moving at all.

Yet now, he was finally able to stop, rest, and recuperate. So, even his mental state obtained relief of its own. Moreover, he was able to seize this opportunity to inspect the past and organize his own path towards the Dao. This was similarly a form of cultivation and improvement.

This was the difference between entering the world and leaving it.

When one entered the world, it was a form of tempering and experience the matters of the world.

When one left the world, it represented meditation, the summarization of all comprehension. Thus, it allowed one to move even further on the path towards the Dao.

In short, no matter if one entered or left the world, it was both cultivation that achieved the same results through different methods.

Tempering his cultivation, comprehending the Grand Dao, sharpening his Sword Dao, steeling his cultivation in Heart Energy…. All of this was what Chen Xi was doing right now.

It wasn’t dull.

On the contrary, it felt like a peaceful and quiet life of cultivation, and Chen Xi was very satisfied by it.

Flowers bloomed and wilted as the seasons changed.

Two years passed by swiftly.

To gods that possessed practically eternal lifespans, two years of time was merely like an instant, and it was nothing to them.

Nothing had occurred during these two years of time, and everything was peaceful as it was before this.

On the other hand, these two years of cultivation allowed his strength to obtain another obvious transformation.

His comprehension in the Divine Dao had advanced from the initial-stage to the advanced-stage, and his grasp of it had arrived at a completely new height.

On the other hand, his cultivation in the Sword Dao had finally attained the 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm, and the might of his Sword Dao had at least improved by 50% when compared to the past.

As for his cultivation in the Dao Heart and qi refinement. Even though they hadn’t attained any huge improvements, they were tempered and secured a step further, causing them to become even more solid and stronger.

In overall, when it was compared to two years ago, Chen Xi’s current combat strength had obtained another obvious improvement and couldn’t be compared to the past at all.

The Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm was divided according to natural endowment into ordinary Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, Monarch Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, King Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, Emperor Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, and Chen Xi who was an Imperial Sovereign Universe Enlightened Ancestral God that exceeded the normal scope of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

On the other hand, if it was in terms of the depth of their cultivation, they were divided into the initial-stage, intermediate-stage, advanced-stage, peak-stage, and perfection-stage.

One was natural endowment while the other was the cultivation itself, and they couldn’t be considered to be the same.

Chen Xi was currently at the initial-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, but his natural endowment as an Imperial Sovereign Universe Enlightened Ancestral God and his extremely solid foundation was sufficient for him to stand supreme above most of his peers at the same cultivation realm.

On the other hand, his cultivation in the Sword Dao at the 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm, his cultivation in the True Heart Sutra that had attained the second forging, and the Profound Heart Sword Technique he possessed were sufficient for him to look down upon all his peers and possess unparalleled divine might!

It could be said that it was probably almost impossible to find anyone within the Ancient God Domain who was at the same cultivation realm as Chen Xi yet could compare with Chen Xi in terms of natural endowment and combat strength.

However, Chen Xi had never set his sights on his peers at the same cultivation realm, and he’d set his sights on resisting Imperial Monarchs!

If others found out about this, they would probably feel that Chen Xi had gone mad.

However, only Chen Xi was clearly aware that it was precisely because of these practically harsh requirements he’d imposed on himself throughout his path of cultivation that he was able to possess his current accomplishments and might.

If he compared himself to other ordinary figures, then he could naturally feel extremely prideful of himself. However, what was the point of this?

Strength was only momentary.

Greater strength was what a cultivator had to pursue with determination!

During these two years of time, there wasn’t any sign of movement within Arambha Temple. It wasn’t just that Goddess, even Huicong, the white spirit deer, and Empress Yu Che hadn’t made an appearance.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t worried. It was still early, and there were still three more years of time. Only at that time would he be able to know if the Pill of Fate and Wisdom had been refined successfully.

However, Chen Xi was surprised that throughout this entire period of two years, Senior White actually seemed as if he’d been possessed and studied that Holy Shaman’s skull all day and night. It seemed extremely unusual to Chen Xi.

On this day, Chen Xi was seated cross-legged on a rock in the violet bamboo forest and was meditating. Suddenly, a golden figure flashed out from the violet bamboo forest as if it had swung out from there, and it descended before Chen Xi.

It was a golden spirit monkey. Its eyes were clear and pitch black while its fur was soft, brilliant, and suffused with a golden glow. Every single move it made carried a sense of naturalness and nimbleness.

It was slightly anxious. It scratched its cheeks and ears anxiously as it stood there while looking at Chen Xi, and it seemed to be hesitating on whether it should wake Chen Xi up from his meditation.

“Fellow Daoist, what’s the matter?” Suddenly, Chen Xi opened his eyes, and he seemed as if he’d noticed the golden monkey’s arrival since the beginning.

Chen Xi recognized this monkey as a Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey, and it was unique in the entire world. It possessed all sorts of divine abilities, and it was capable of hearing the profundities of the world and observing the Karmic Luck in the surroundings with its eyes. It possessed inconceivable might.

On the other hand, when it was enraged, its pitch black eyes would turn gold like a pair of scorching suns, and its combat strength would undergo a tremendous change. It was extremely shocking.

When he’d arrived at Arambha Temple for the first time that day, Senior White had clicked his tongue with admiration and was full of praise towards this monkey.

Creak! Creak!

The Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey beamed from ear to ear when he saw Chen Xi wake up, and he gestured with his hands as he said, “Fellow Daoist! Fellow Daoist! Quickly go have a look! A guest has come to pay a visit to Master.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. This was the first time a guest had arrived at the Divine Arambha Garden in the past two years, and the identities of all those who could arrive here were extraordinary.

In the past, it had always been the white spirit deer that went to greet these guests. Yet now, it had locked itself behind closed doors along with that Goddess, so such an errand could only fall into Chen Xi’s hands.

“Where’s the guest?” Chen Xi stood up immediately and said, “Little Monkey, lead me there.”

“It’s fine to call me Little Bao. That’s what Miss Huicong calls me.” The Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey was extremely lively. It grinned before grabbing onto a violet bamboo branch, and then its figure shook before flashing towards the distance.

When he saw this, Chen Xi’s figure flashed immediately as well, and he followed Little Bao. Chen Xi was curious exactly who had arrived.

Of course, he had even greater hopes in his heart that this guest was his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan….

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