Chapter 1760 – Annihilating An Imperial Monarch

Within the chaotic starry sky, Chen Xi stood towering without moving. When these two scenes were compared, it formed an extremely strong visual impact.

At this moment, he was even completely unharmed.

On the other hand, Imperial Monarch Miao Feng was trampled beneath the feet of an extraordinarily gorgeous large white deer in the distance. His chest had actually been forcefully pierced through by the white deer’s hoof, causing blood to gurgle out from it, and no matter how he struggled, he was actually unable to escape!

This scene seemed to be even more shocking.

An Imperial Monarch that possessed the might to incinerate the sky, boil the ocean, and turn the world upside down was actually crushed by a white deer at this moment!

That white deer was naturally the white spirit deer from Arambha Temple.

Earlier, when Imperial Monarch Miao Feng was pursuing him, Chen Xi had already broken the piece of violet bamboo, and as expected, the white spirit deer had arrived.

It was even to the extent that it was faster than Chen Xi had expected because the white spirit deer had already arrived while Chen Xi was in confrontation and conversing with Imperial Monarch Miao Feng.

However, only Chen Xi was clearly aware of this, whereas, Imperial Monarch Miao Feng had actually not noticed the white spirit deer’s existence at all.

This alone allowed Chen Xi to determine that this extraordinary white spirit deer’s strength even far exceeded Imperial Monarch Miao Feng!

Thus, that was the reason why Chen Xi was so composed and calm when facing Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s sudden attack.

At this moment, when he saw Imperial Monarch Miao Feng being trampled beneath the white spirit deer’s hoof and had his chest smashed open after a single exchange of blows, Chen Xi was unable to maintain his calm any longer.

Because this white spirit deer usually seemed so warm and pure, yet who would have imagined that the combat strength it revealed would actually be so terrifying!?

No wonder. One that’s capable of following by that Goddess’ side would absolutely not be ordinary. Even if it’s a divine beast. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart.

“Who… who exactly are you? I don’t seem to have ever offended you, right?” said Imperial Monarch Miao Feng in a low voice.

Even if he was in a crisis at this moment, he still put on an extremely composed display. However, the sharp pain coming from his entire body caused his countenance to turn slightly pale. Moreover, blood still gurgled out from his chest, causing him to seem extremely miserable.

“You haven’t offended me. But it doesn’t mean that you can harm a guest of my Arambha Temple.” The white spirit deer’s voice was similarly warm as it was in the past, but its hoof was still stuck in Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s chest like a sharp blade, causing it to possess an indescribably oppressive aura.

“The Arambha Temple! I remember now, you’re that Dao Attendant by the Temple Master’s side!” Imperial Monarch Miao Feng exclaimed involuntarily with shock, and he was unable to maintain his calm any longer. Obviously, he’d recognized the white spirit deer’s origins, and his face instantly turned ashen.

How could he have imagined that a little fellow he wanted to annihilate this time would actually be a guest of Arambha Temple’s Master?

If he knew about this earlier, then how could he have dared to act in this way?

“Fellow Daoist, the ignorant are not to blame for their mistakes. I was really slightly rash this time, and I’m willing to provide compensation. I hope that you’ll let me off.” After he recovered from his shock, Imperial Monarch Miao Feng spoke and actually begged for mercy.

However, it was obvious that since he was able to become an Imperial Monarch, he’d definitely experienced countless storms and become accustomed to life and death. He was very clearly aware that he would only be able to preserve his life under such circumstances if he knew when to yield and submit. As for his pride, it was nothing in the face of death.

Before the white spirit deer could even speak, Chen Xi said directly, “He can’t be spared!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed, and he arrived by the white spirit deer’s side, and he looked down at Imperial Monarch Miao Feng whose expression was changing indeterminately. Chen Xi said coldly, “Compared to the evil done by the Nightbird Stellar Bandits, you, the person pulling the strings from behind the scenes, are the greatest criminal.”

Imperial Monarch Miao Feng laughed bitterly and said, “Young Brother, if I really did as you said, then I would have made a move when you were dealing with Ghosteye Vulture and the others just now. Why would I have waited until now?”

He gasped rapidly for breath for a while before he said, ‘It’s even to the extent that I dare guarantee you would absolutely be unable to kill them so easily if I’d made a move at that time.”

His words were sincere and sounded reasonable.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi didn’t accept them because when Imperial Monarch Miao Feng suddenly launched an attack at him just now, it had already proved that Imperial Monarch Miao Feng clearly intended to annihilate him.

“Haha! Don’t be so hypocritical. If I’m not wrong, then the reason you didn’t make a move then was because you wanted to rely on me to eliminate the Nightbird Stellar Bandits.” Chen Xi said coldly, “The reason you did this was none other than because you were worried that they would expose your identity, cause you to suffer eternal infamy, and become the common enemy of the entire Ancient God Domain.”

Imperial Monarch Miao Feng went silent for a moment before he said, “Young Brother, then tell me why I didn’t eliminate them a long time ago, and I just happened to wait until now and rely on you to accomplish all of this?”

Chen Xi didn’t conceal the disdain on his face at all, and he said, “It’s very simple. You’ve already relied on the wealth you obtained from the Nightbird Stellar Bandits during the past few years to complete your objective, and you’ve won the bid for that Divine Fate Dao Ruler. So, they don’t have anymore value, right?”

Imperial Monarch Miao Feng went silent. This time, he remained silent for a long time. Suddenly, he took a deep breath and sighed. “An Imperial Monarch like me fostered a group of bandits to help me gather wealth just to buy a single Natural Spirit Treasure? Young Brother, aren’t you looking down on me too much?”

“It’s because you really are too poor. Your cultivation fell into a bottleneck 10,000 years ago, and you’ve been stuck at the Third Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm for a very long time. For the sake of breaking through and advancing, you’ve completely exhausted all your savings in these 10,000 years, and you’ve even borrowed a large amount of treasures from other Imperial Monarchs and owe a huge amount of debts.

“When driven to a corner, even an Imperial Monarch like you has no choice but to rely on some shady methods to seek wealth.” The white spirit deer spoke abruptly. Its deep eyes seemed to have seen through all the secrets in Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s heart, and it caused the latter’s expression to change abruptly and be unable to maintain his calm any longer.

“You…. You….” He was surprised, bewildered, and filled with disbelief.

“You want to know why I know all of this? It’s very simple. There have been numerous cultivators that headed to Arambha Temple throughout the years to pay a visit to my Master, and you owed a debt to many of them. I just happened to have heard about these things,” said the white spirit deer.

Just these words alone were like the last straw that broke the camel’s back, and it caused Imperial Monarch Miao Feng to collapse completely.

He roared in a practically insane manner. “So what if I did it? Do both of you know the pain of being unable to advance? Do you know how I spent the last 10,000 years of time?

“You don’t understand!

“One of you is a Dao Attendant for Arambha Temple’s Master, and the other is the Temple Master’s guest. Any difficulties both of you encounter in your cultivation can be resolved immediately, whereas, I… am just a spirit that was born on Cloudsky Isle, an independent cultivator without any sect or clan. Who would provide me with guidance when I encounter a bottleneck in my cultivation? Who could help me overcome the difficulty I faced?”

The more he spoke, the more agitated he became. He was practically on the verge of losing control, and his sorrowful and furious voice reverberated through the starry sky.

“How could both of you understand the pain and setbacks I experienced in these tens of thousands of years of time? If I didn’t rely on myself to seize it, then how could I possibly possess my current accomplishments?”

This white spirit deer was silent, and it didn’t interrupt him.

Chen Xi laughed coldly instead. “You know there’s no hope, so you start to seek pity?”


The Banisher in his hand suddenly slashed down and severed his head, causing blood to spray out explosively. Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s eyes were opened wide with fury, and he still didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi would kill him.

“Chen Xi, you….” The white spirit deer was puzzled, and he seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually kill Imperial Monarch Miao Feng in such a decisive manner.

“I strode step by step until now from a small world in the lower dimensions, and I understand what striving for something is better than him. It’s absolutely not the indiscriminate killing of innocents, nor is it something that’s used to conceal one’s crimes and seek pity.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

Yes, all along his path of cultivation, Chen Xi had similarly relied on his own hard work and fought bravely all the way until now. He’d experienced countless dangers and bloody battles in order to walk step by step until the height he stood at now.

On the other hand, Imperial Monarch Miao Feng was born directly in the Ancient God Domain, so if it was in terms of the amount of hardships they’d experienced, then it was impossible for Imperial Monarch Miao Feng to compare with Chen Xi.

The white spirit deer couldn’t help but be stunned. Exactly how much blood and tears are contained within these words he spoke so casually?


Once Imperial Monarch Miao Feng perished, the treasures in his possession naturally became Chen Xi’s spoils.

However, it was regretful that Imperial Monarch Miao Feng had indeed exhausted even his funds for a coffin when bidding for the Divine Fate Dao Ruler in the South Sea Auction House, and he didn’t possess any other rare and precious treasures besides this Natural Spirit Treasure.

After that, the white spirit deer didn’t hesitate to take Chen Xi through space.

The scene before his eyes changed, and then he’d arrived once more before the violet bamboo forest that was shrouded by mist.

The violet stars in the sky emanated divine radiance while the violet bamboo forest itself was tranquil and beautiful. Everything was suffused with a pure and peaceful aura.

Returning to this place allowed Chen Xi to feel completely reassured, calm, and composed, and all the worries and distracting thoughts in his mind seemed to have vanished.

The white spirit deer led the way ahead while it said in a warm voice, “Now, Master only needs the divine materials you gathered before Master can begin refining the Pill of Fate and Wisdom.”

Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed, and he couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of anticipation.

Both of them walked along the limestone path and quickly entered Arambha Temple.

“Chen Xi, you’ve returned? Pass the divine materials to Lu’er, and then you can start carrying out the third condition. Remember that you mustn’t allow anyone to enter the temple while I’m refining the pill.” As soon as he entered Arambha Temple, the Goddess’s voice resounded lightly, and her indifferent tone carried a strand of an extraordinarily dignified aura.

She actually seemed as if she’d expected Chen Xi to succeed.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he took a deep breath and said, “Then I’ll be troubling senior.”

As he spoke, he placed all the divine materials he’d gathered into a storage pouch and passed it to the white spirit deer. The white spirit deer held the pouch in his mouth before he turned around and walked off with large strides.

The third condition he promised the Goddess was naturally to assume the role of guard of Arambha Temple for five years of time. According to the Goddess’ instructions, he would naturally stop at nothing during this period of time to obstruct everyone from entering Arambha Temple.

He directly arrived at that expanse of violet bamboo forest and sat down cross-legged there. After that, he took a deep breath and took out the Divine Fate Dao Ruler.

This was an extraordinary Natural Spirit Treasure that made numerous Imperial Monarchs bid intensely for it. It was extraordinary, and if Imperial Monarch Miao Feng hadn’t exhausted all the wealth he possessed, it would be utterly impossible for him to have won the bid.

Yet now, this treasure had fallen into Chen Xi’s possession. The matters of the world were really uncertain and impossible to determine.


Chen Xi circulated a strand of his Divine Energy, and a wisp of strange fluctuations instantly arose like ripples on the mirror-like surface of the Divine Fate Dao Ruler.

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