Chapter 176 – Jungle Training

Chapter 176 – Jungle Training


The clear blue sky was filled with white clouds that were like cotton. A treasured vessel tore open a blast of air beneath the sky as it flashed towards the distance.

Chen Xi lay at the front of the vessel as he casually read through Zhou’s Detailed Narration of 13 Formations in a leisurely manner.

The essence of these 13 types of enormous formations recorded in this Talisman Dao book had already been clearly understood by him, causing his deduction ability to obtain a great increase. Coupled with the seven days of comprehension at the Sword Visualization Stone, he faintly possessed a deeper understanding of how to combine the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Formation.

During this training journey, Chen Xi had the intention of traveling the world to admire the beautiful scenery and appreciate the various forms of human society in the mortal world. In this way, he would be able to temper his Dao Heart and strengthen his understanding about the myriad of things in the heaven and earth.

“Chen Xi, we’re really going back to the Oceanic Desert?” Ling Bai stood proudly at the head of the vessel. His arms were crossed before his chest, his white clothes fluttering in the wind, and he enjoyed the carefree feeling of strong winds caressing his face to his heart’s content. Bai Kui was curled up beside Ling Bai as he hugged and chewed on a yellow-rank Magic Treasure with satisfaction, and he ate with relish while cracking sounds resounded in the air.

During these past five years, due to Chen Xi sitting on the spot and comprehending the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, Ling Bai and Bai Kui could only stay within the Buddha’s Pagoda. Although the space within it was huge, it was without the slightest bit of vitality, and it almost bored the pair of little fellows to death.Presently, Chen Xi’s departure from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect was no different than recovering freedom for the two little fellows. They were like dragons that had returned to the sea, or birds flying freely in the vast sky, and they didn’t have to conceal themselves any longer.

“Of course, the Nine-Yang Profound Qi there has an extremely great beneficial effect towards helping me swiftly cultivating in the Golden Hall Realm.” Chen Xi put away the book and pondered before speaking. “Right, Ling Bai, what do you know about the Oceanic Desert?”

Actually, Chen Xi wasn’t completely ignorant about the Oceanic Desert. All those years ago, he’d fled into the Oceanic Desert when being chased after by the Su Clan members, and then he’d encountered Ling Bai in the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm. But he’d only entered a few thousand kilometers into the Oceanic Desert at that time, and it couldn’t even be considered to be a deep area in the Oceanic Desert.

When the Oceanic Desert was mentioned, Ling Bai’s handsome face was suffused with a trace of a complicated expression that contained hatred, terror, and frustration… It was quite some time before he responded slowly. “A few tens of thousands of years ago, my Master brought me along to descend to this Oceanic Desert and participate in the sacred war between gods and fiends. At that time, the Oceanic Desert was already a place of death and was filled with boundless spatial tears and spatial storms. Its environment was so adverse that it was simply a place of destruction and disaster.”


It looked like Ling Bai and his Master weren’t from the Darchu Dynasty…

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

Ling Bai didn’t notice this as he was immersed in his own recollection, and his voice became incoherent as if he was sleep talking. “Master headed to the Oceanic Desert that time because he came by request to participate in the battle between gods and fiends. The so-called battle between gods and fiends was actually the battle between the cultivation world and the Fiend Dimension. Because the Oceanic Desert’s spatial storms contained numerous spaces within it, and there were even spatial tunnels that led to other worlds amongst them. Those Heavenly Fiends from the Fiend Dimension used one of these spatial tunnels to appear in the Oceanic Desert.”

“You probably don’t know how formidably Heavenly Demons are. They’re the mortal enemy of cultivators. They burn, kill, and pillage completely lawlessly, sacrificing and refining the souls of the dead while swallowing all life. Every place they swept by would surely be covered in the smell of blood that shot into the sky, and not even a blade of grass would remain. The hatred between them and us cultivators had been sowed since ancient times, and there was only one way to solve it, that was an unending battle until one side was wiped out!”

“My Master fell in that battle. Actually, it wasn’t just him; there were countless Heavenly Fiends and cultivators whose blood sprayed on the ground and fell there, and there was no lack of peerless experts at the Heavenly Immortal Realm and extremely terrifying Fiend Emperor level fiends amongst them. The bloodiness and brutality of that battle is something that I still remember clearly until today.”

Chen Xi’s heart rose and fell like the waves as he heard this, and he went silent for a long time. Battle of gods and fiends, Heavenly Fiends, peerless Heavenly Immortals… Every word seemed to carry an energy that struck straight at his heart, causing him to be unable to refrain from feeling uneasy. It was as if he’d seen the battle between countless experts and the scene of annihilation that even caused the heaven and earth to dim.

“Your Master fell at the hands of Heavenly Fiends?” Chen Xi asked suddenly.

Ling Bai was stunned before shaking his head and saying, “I can’t tell you this. Otherwise it will implicate you.”

Chen Xi instantly understood that the death of Ling Bai’s Master probably wasn’t so simple. Otherwise Ling Bai would absolutely not speak like this, and he wouldn’t always be afraid that others would notice his existence.

“Now that you’re heading to the Oceanic Desert, although you don’t have to worry about encountering attacks from Heavenly Fiends, it’s still filled with killing intent at every corner, and it’s extremely dangerous. You have to watch out. It’s best if you’re able to advance your strength to the Golden Hall Realm before heading there.” Ling Bai reminded.

Chen Xi lightly smiled. “The more dangerous, the more it’s able to temper my strength. But I’ll still listen to your advice and advance my strength before heading into the Oceanic Desert.”

The Oceanic Desert was situated beyond the Rowdy Grasslands, and it was hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the Dragon Lake City. Even if Chen Xi traveled on his treasured vessel, it would be impossible to arrive there without spending almost half a month.

But Chen Xi didn’t have any intention of impatiently rushing over. After he discussing shortly with Ling Bai, for the sake of not drawing trouble, Chen Xi decided to stop flying in the air or entering cities, and he would instead directly pass through the luxuriant forest that few people tread in. Even though these places couldn’t be considered to be all that safe, as demon beasts roamed around freely within, when compared with humans, these demon beasts were clearly slightly easier to deal with.

Moreover, passing through the mountains and forests would allow him to hunt demon beasts to temper his strength, and it could be taken to be a good way of cultivating.


Within the numerous mountains and forests that continued without end.

Chen Xi trudged forward during the day and sat in meditation to cultivate while visualizing the Fuxi Divine Status at night, killing demon beasts that overestimated themselves on sight, and their fresh flesh would transform into the delicious food in his mouth.

Just like this, time passed day by day.

“Roar!” In the ancient forest that covered the sky and blocked out the sun, a wave of enraged beast roars abruptly sounded out, and then an enormous black figure knocked apart over 10 towering trees before crashing onto the ground. Its body was covered in countless bloody scars as thick blood streamed down its entire body like waterfalls, and it quickly soaked the ground in a 30 meter area.

“Nice. Chen Xi, you’re already fusing the eight great sword moves in the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture?”

“I’m still far away, I’ve only mastered a superficial amount now.”

Right when this enormous demon beast felt to the ground, a figure swiftly floated over, and on the figure’s shoulder was a handsome and cold little person whose white clothes fluttered in the wind.

This figure was tall and proud with a back that was straight like a spear, he seemed as if he even wanted to pierce a hole through the sky, and his extraordinary and unrestrained disposition contained traces of cold and sharp killing intent within it now.

This person was naturally Chen Xi. Since leaving the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, it had already been half a month. During these days, he’d trudged all along the way according to a fixed direction while going through the hardships of living in the jungle, cultivating while he tempered his Sword Dao with demon beasts, and he passed his days extremely substantially.

Of course, demon beasts with extremely powerful strengths existed in the luxuriant forest as well, and they were comparable to Golden Hall Realm cultivators and had even mastered extremely formidable techniques. Battling them was no different than a life or death battle, and it was exactly amongst these numerous brutal battles that Chen Xi’s Sword Dao cultivation became more and more skilled, swift, and fierce.

It was precisely this practically endless brutal slaughter that caused Chen Xi’s disposition to contain a trace feeling of cold slaughter that sent chills down one’s heart. It was as if a fierce beast was concealed within his body, and once he fought, it would instantly reveal its sharp fangs.

“Swish!” Ling Bai had already started to skillfully dissect the corpse of the demon beast on the ground, and he said swiftly, “Chen Xi, what’re we eating this time? Kebabs? Or meat porridge?”

During these past few days of trudging through the jungle, the demon beasts he killed all along the way were different; there were those that flew in the sky, crawled on the ground, and swam in water. Moreover, many rare spirit material condiments grew within the forest. They were prepared one by one with Chen Xi’s ingenious culinary arts to become a variety of delicacies, allowing Ling Bai and Bai Kui to chow down in satisfaction and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Of course, only eating but not doing work was totally out of the question, and Ling Bai had quickly taken the role of the butcher, dissecting the corpses of demon beasts and gathering spirit materials for condiments, and his movements were exceedingly diligent.

“You’ve eaten so much, when will you be able to break through?” Chen Xi glanced at this glutton and spoke with slight helplessness. Since Ji Yu used the Soulfuse Arts to fuse Ling Bai with the Seventhgold Swordbamboo until now, even if he’d eaten countless Magic Treasures, medicinal pills, and spirit materials, Ling Bai’s strength hadn’t improved in the slightest. His strength had always stayed around the Golden Hall Realm, and just thinking about it caused one to be speechless.

“Soon! If you allow me to eat the Buddha’s Pagoda, it isn’t a problem even for me to successively advance in two realms. After all, my current body is the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, and wanting to advance by solely relying on cultivating by breathing the spirit energy of the heaven and earth without the support of some rare treasures is simply as difficult as ascending the heavens.” Ling Bai didn’t even raise his head as he replied with a broad smile. “How about it? Let me swallow down the Buddha’s Pagoda, alright? I’ll successively advance by two realms, and my strength would be comparable to a Rebirth Realm cultivator. At that time, if I don’t torture anyone that bullies you to death, then how would I be worthy of the Buddha’s Pagoda?”

“Don’t even think about it!” Chen Xi refused resolutely. What a joke! The Buddha’s Pagoda is an Immortal Artifact. Even though it’s damaged and its Artifact Spirit is gone, so long as it’s repaired, its might is simply able to make a clean sweep of all obstacles.

Ling Bai smacked his lips and said bitterly, “Looks like I can’t even compare to a damaged Immortal Artifact in your heart.”

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi cursed with a laugh, and then his expression went serious and asked. “Right, where has Bai Kui gone?”

“Oh, that glutton? He’s gone to look for food by himself. He’ll surely return when he smells the fragrance of roast meat, so there’s no need to worry.” Ling Bai had already finished dissecting the demon beast’s corpse, and he impatiently skewered bits with an iron rod before passing it over to Chen Xi. “Quickly roast the meat. We won’t be able to eat anything once he returns. It’s not like you don’t know his stomach, it’s simply like a bottomless pit!”

Chen Xi rolled his eyes at Ling Bai. “Aren’t you the same?”

Even though he said this, Chen Xi’s movements weren’t slow, lightning the fire and smearing the condiments before placing the iron rod that was skewered with meat above the fire, and he started roasting the meat skillfully.

However, when the meat was cooked, its fragrance suffused into the surroundings, and even after more than half had already been stuffed into Ling Bai’s stomach, Bai Kui had still not returned.

Chen Xi instantly lost his appetite, and his brows knit together, as Bai Kui wouldn’t normally leave for so long. Could it be that some sort of accident has happened? As he pondered, his enormous Divine Perception surged out from his body to cover every direction.

“Hmm?” Along with his Divine Perception spreading out, Chen Xi’s expression instantly became grim after a short moment, and he suddenly stood up as his gaze shot towards the southwest. He sensed Bai Kui’s aura there, and there was also the aura of an extremely fierce demon beast.

After trudging through this continuous mountains and forests for almost half a month, it was still the first time that Chen Xi had seen such a fierce demon beast aura, and that violent aura even caused him to feel a trace of fear.

Chen Xi didn’t dally any longer and he executed his Divine Windwing Flight as he brought along Ling Bai to flash out like a bolt of lightning that shot explosively to the southwest.

This place was a 3km tall mountain with dense towering trees covering its surroundings, yet it was instead completely barren on the peak, without even a blade of grass growing. Moreover, the rocks of the mountain were crimson red like blood, as if they were built from fresh blood, and a dense sanguinary aura dashed into the sky.

On the peak, an enormous demon beast with six pairs of blood colored wings, a savage and ferocious head, and four claws that were like blade and hooks resided there. Its pair of shiny jade pupils were large like copper bells, and they emitted an extremely savage and fierce gleam.

Every single pair of its six blood colored wings was 300m in area and covered with fine and sharp scales, and when they were opened, they covered more than half of the mountain. Moreover, there were a pair of bulges on its head, and it seemed as if two horns were about to grow from it.

“Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat!” When Chen Xi rushed over here, Ling Bai who stood on his shoulder suddenly cried out in surprise.

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