Chapter 1759 – Imperial Monarch Miao Feng

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ball after ball of blood erupted like fireworks erupting in the starry sky, and this horrifying yet beautiful scene displayed bloodiness that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

In an instant, Daoist Ran Xue, Ancestor Green Blood, and Chang Hen had been annihilated successively. They perished without even leaving an intact corpse behind, and the end they suffered was extremely horrifying.

Even at the moment before their death, they’d probably never imagined that while this target they’d locked onto this time was merely at the initial-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, he would actually possess such heaven defying combat strength!

Ghosteye Vulture witnessed all of this, and his entire body went cold while his lips trembled without end. This obviously showed how shocked he was in his heart.

Since the very beginning, he’d said that they should investigate everything about the target before making a move. Unfortunately, all of them were blinded by their desire, and they arrived at this moment in the end.

It was impossible to say if he should be sorrowful or furious. At this moment, Ghosteye Vulture actually revealed a strange moment of calmness.

“Little Fellow, you must pay for this!” Ghosteye Vulture suddenly removed the black patch that covered his left eye, and then he turned around to look at Chen Xi.

At this instant, his left eye wasn’t enveloped by a ball of mist any longer, and it was completely exposed.

What sort of eye was it?

It was verdant like emerald, and it was filled with an extremely deep and gorgeous glow. Moreover, it faintly surged with a mysterious and obscure force that completely tainted the space around him green, and it made the space drone and tremble endlessly.

This was Ghosteye Vulture’s left eye. His origins were mysterious, and he was the top boss of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits who’d committed countless sin throughout the years.

On the other hand, his left eye that had never been seen by others was enveloped by a veil of mysteriousness, and it was called the Ghosteye.

When he saw Ghosteye Vulture’s strange jade green left eye, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but shake. At this instant, he even felt as if someone had seen through to the secrets at the bottom of his heart, and he felt completely uncomfortable throughout his body.

He was just about to attack and annihilate this fellow that was filled with mystery.


However, right at this moment, Ghosteye Vulture’s left eye actually abruptly exploded into pieces. Strands of dark green blood flowed out from it, and it was a rather shocking sight.

On the other hand, he even let out a miserable shrill cry while he held his head with both hands, and he seemed to be in extreme pain to the point his entire body twitched.

Hmm? Chen Xi frowned, and he glanced towards the surroundings. Could it be that someone made a move from the shadows?

“You… you… you really are a… Savior! No wonder, no wonder you fought for the skull of a Holy Shaman with me…. God… Dammit!!” Ghosteye Vulture roared loudly with shock and fury, and he was on the verge of madness. He seemed to have noticed something inconceivable, and he roared ceaselessly.

His entire body actually seemed to be starting to burn, and it was like his figure was about to be melted into nothingness, causing his voice that was filled with the sound of extreme pain and torture to resound intermittently.

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow while he felt slightly surprised and bewildered in his heart. Could it be that this fellow’s Ghosteye exploded into pieces because of me, and it caused him to fall into such a state?

“Hahaha! Even though I’m dying, you’re not too far away yourself! Hahaha….” Amidst sharp and insane roaring laughter, Ghosteye Vulture’s entire body was incinerated into nothingness, and only his voice still reverberated through the starry sky.

After he witnessed all of this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but fall into deep contemplation and went silent.

Only now did he understand that Ghosteye Vulture was the fellow that fought for the Holy Shaman’s skull with him, the person within VIP Room B19.

It turned out that this fellow hadn’t been playing tricks on him on purpose and had even intended to kill him since a long time ago, whereas, Ghosteye Vulture’s objective was naturally to seize the Origin Bone of that Holy Shaman.

This allowed him to easily figure out why they were lying in ambush here since a long time ago. It was because their target was clearly him.

But… what does he mean by ‘Savior’?

What did that strange eye of his see on me? Why would he suddenly die just like that and vanish from the world?

If Ghosteye Vulture didn’t die, then perhaps Chen Xi would disdain to pay any attention to all of this. However, he obviously had no choice but to seriously consider the information contained within Ghosteye Vulture’s final words.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall the Furnace of Karmic Luck at this moment, and he recalled the calamity that Senior White spoke of….

Suddenly, Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he gazed towards the starry sky in the distance.

It was at this precise moment that an expanse of brilliant clouds soared into the sky, and it was like a brilliant sun had passed by while emanating dazzling and resplendent light.

The cloud carried a mighty figure that was completely enveloped in divine radiance, causing others to be unable to see his appearance clearly. However, his imposing aura stood above the ages, looked down upon the world, and caused the heavens and the earth to dim down before it.

Chen Xi’s pupils instantly constricted. If he wasn’t wrong, then it was shockingly Imperial Monarch Miao Feng from Cloudsky Isle in the South Sea Region!

During the auction in the black market, Chen Xi clearly remembered that Imperial Monarch Miao Feng had bid and won the Natural Spirit Treasure, Divine Dao Fate Ruler.

At that time, Senior White had once ridiculed this imperial monarch as having wasted the money for his casket in order to buy that Natural Spirit Treasure, and it wasn’t worth the price he paid.

However, Chen Xi had never expected this imperial monarch to make an appearance here.

“Amazing. Annihilating the five bosses of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits by yourself can be considered as removing a sack of poison for the entire Ancient God Domain. If the cultivators of the world hear about this incident, they would definitely sing songs of praise for Young Brother and your fame would remain eternal through the ages.” Imperial Monarch Miao Feng clapped as he praised, and he’d arrived swiftly arrived before Chen Xi as he spoke.

This allowed Chen Xi to see him clearly. His face was handsome like a youth, and he wore an apricot yellow Daoist’s robe while seeming to be in high spirits. He didn’t seem like an old fellow at the Imperial Monarch Realm who was countless years old, and he clearly seemed like a handsome young man.

“Senior, you’re too kind.” Chen Xi cupped his hands.

“Haha. Young Brother, there’s no need to be modest. In my opinion, your combat strength is sufficient to be considered as world shocking.” Imperial Monarch Miao Feng wasn’t stingy with his praise at all, and if it was any other junior, that person would probably feel self-satisfied from this praise.

However, Chen Xi frowned instead, and he suddenly said with a smile, “So it turns out that Senior witnessed all of it since the beginning.”

Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s expression froze slightly.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly slashed with his sword. He actually utilized the most offensive move in the Profound Heart Sword Technique, the Dismemberment Style, and he launched a ferocious attack against Imperial Monarch Miao Feng.

At practically the exact same moment, his figure suddenly erupted with a myriad of strands of divine radiance, and he tore through space as he turned around and left at full strength.

Hmm? Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s face sank. He raised his hand and waved it, causing a wisp of green light to surge into appearance, and it easily eliminated the wisp of sword qi that Chen Xi had executed.

“Young Brother, what’s the meaning of this?” In the next moment, Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s figure flashed and pursued Chen Xi.

Chen Xi remained silent as he fled with all his strength, and he actually seemed to take Imperial Monarch Miao Feng to be a dreadful monster.

“Young Brother, if you still don’t stop, then don’t blame me for being merciless!” Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s face sank once more when he saw this, and his voice carried a wisp of coldness. He took a few steps successively in space, and he was actually on the verge of catching up to Chen Xi!

Merely their speeds of teleportation alone were sufficient to display how great the gap between a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God and Imperial Monarch was.

Chen Xi acutely noticed this, and his heart couldn’t help but constrict. He silently withdrew that piece of violet bamboo, and then he suddenly stopped moving before he turned around to look at Imperial Monarch Miao Feng who’d caught up. He said coldly, “If I’m not wrong, then you’re the one pulling the strings of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits from behind the scene, right?”

Imperial Monarch Miao Feng immediately stopped when he saw Chen Xi stop fleeing. However, a wisp of killing intent flashed swiftly in his eyes when he heard Chen Xi.

In the next moment, he roared with laughter. “So, it turns out that Young Brother suspected me. You’re not to blame, it’s my fault for just happening to be in the vicinity of your battle.”

He spoke in a frank and upright manner.

A wisp of a ridiculing arc arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he heard this, and he said indifferently, “If it was merely that, then I wouldn’t have suspected you. However, Ghosteye Vulture had previously said that even an Imperial Monarch wouldn’t be able to save me today.

“At that time, I wondered where Ghosteye Vulture got such great confidence from. At the moment I saw you appear here; I immediately came to an understanding. With you assuming personal command in the shadows, other Imperial Monarchs would be kept away by you, right?”

Imperial Monarch Miao Feng chuckled. “Young Brother, you’re too suspecting, and you’re clearly overthinking things. I’ve been constantly living in seclusion within Cloudsky Isle throughout these years, and I’ve been in closed door cultivation for over 10,000 years. This is something everyone in the world is clearly aware of, so how could I possibly have colluded and formed an alliance with this extremely dirty and deplorable Nightbird Stellar Bandits?”

“Closed door cultivation? Who knows if you really were in closed door cultivation?” Chen Xi remained unmoved, and he said coldly, “Not to mention that the South Sea Auction House is carrying out the bidding for the final precious treasure right now, and all the other Imperial Monarchs are deeply afraid of missing this. Yet you, Imperial Monarch Miao Feng, came over here for no rhyme or reason. This is slightly unjustifiable.”

Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s face sank, and he said with displeasure, “Young Brother, don’t blame me for being merciless if you continue being rude like this!”

No matter who it was, an Imperial Monarch that was provoked repeatedly like this would probably be infuriated, and if anyone who was ignorant of the situation was present here, that person would definitely scold Chen Xi for not knowing what was good for him and offending a superior.

However, the wisp of ridicule on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth grew denser, and he said, “Alright. Then may I ask Imperial Monarch Miao Feng why you showed yourself to meet me when we don’t know each other and have never met each other?”

Imperial Monarch Miao Feng went silent, and then he suddenly sighed before he said with a smile, “You little fellow, you’re slightly impervious to reason. The reason I showed myself was naturally to….”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly took a step forward, and then he flipped his palm and smashed it down at Chen Xi.


His fingers were like pillars that could hold up the sky, and his palm surged with terrifying energy of Divine Dao Order. It transformed into an expanse of brilliant clouds, and its impetus was astounding to the limit.

This was the attack of an Imperial Monarch, so how could it be ordinary? Not to mention that who would have imagined that an Imperial Monarch would launch a sudden attack against a young man at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm?

All of this had occurred too quickly, and it was completed in a ten thousandth of an instant. Not to mention Chen Xi, even another Imperial Monarch would be taken by surprise under such circumstances.

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped. Once could clearly notice that a wisp of a ghastly and cruel arc had appeared on the corners of Imperial Monarch Miao Feng’s mouth, and it was horrifying. It was like a wolf in sheep’s skin had finally revealed its fangs!

On the other hand, Chen Xi actually seemed as if he’d been stunned and remained motionless as if he hadn’t reacted at all. Only his expression was still calm, and it seemed to be very jarring under such circumstances.


A bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded. The stars in an area of 500,000km shook and were on the verge of dropping from the sky while meteors collapsed into pieces. Moreover, space transformed into chaotic torrents that ceaselessly swept towards the surroundings. It was an extremely shocking scene.

However, Chen Xi’s figure still stood on the spot, and he hadn’t moved at all from the beginning until the end. It was even to the extent that even his expression hadn’t changed in the slightest!

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