Chapter 1758 – Shining Beneath The Starry Sky

The person that pursued the woman had a tall figure, a cold appearance, and his eyes were like the sun and moon, causing him to seem extremely terrifying.

It was precisely the fourth leader of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits, Chang Hen.

He attacked in an extremely ruthless manner. The divine radiance that he slapped out from his palm transformed into surging waves that completely trapped the woman, causing her to be unable to struggle free.

“Struggling is useless. It’s best for you to hand your treasures over, otherwise, you’re dead.” Chang Hen laughed coldly.

“Dammit! Could it be that your Nightbird Stellar Bandits isn’t afraid of suffering the wrath of the heavens?” The woman cried out in a sharp voice, and her terrified voice carried despair within it.

“Hmph! Since it’s like that, then don’t blame your ancestor, I, for being merciless!” Chang Hen suddenly let out a long howl as he stretched out his hand and clawed. It was like a soaring dragon clawing the clouds, and an expanse of powerful divine radiance interweaved together and smashed down.

When Chen Xi arrived here, he witnessed such a scene.

He didn’t conceal himself, and he tore through space as soon as he appeared here and arrived by the woman’s side right after that.


The might of Chang Hen’s strike was forcefully resisted by Chen Xi, causing a rain of light to be blasted towards the surroundings.

If he hadn’t arrived in time, then this woman would have definitely suffered calamity.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist, Thank you, Fellow Daoist!” The woman was stunned, and then she revealed an overjoyed expression. She approached Chen Xi swiftly, and then seemed as if she wanted to bow and express her gratitude.

Right at this moment, a chilly arc arose abruptly on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and then he suddenly stretched out his hand and instantly grabbed onto the woman’s throat!

This had truly exceeded the woman’s expectations, and being caught off guard caused her to be utterly unable to dodge before being instantly captured.

In an instant, her countenance turned pale while she forced out a smile and said, “Fellow Daoist, what… what’re you doing?”

It wasn’t just her, even Chang Hen was stunned and seemed slightly surprised.


Chen Xi held the woman’s throat with force and held her up like he was holding up a little chick. At the same time, his left hand stretched out and swept past the woman’s hands, causing a wave of the sound of bones shattering to immediately resound.


The bones in the woman’s hands were actually blasted into pieces, and then a strand of jet black light that was fine like the hair of an ox shot out explosively from the center of her palm and stabbed forcefully at Chen Xi’s eyes.

However, it was clamped by Chen Xi’s fingers while it was still halfway to Chen Xi’s eyes, and it was unable to move at all any longer.

The jet black strand of light was actually a pitch black and fine insect. If one didn’t look carefully, then it seemed just like an iron needle that emanated a terrifying glow.

“If I’m not wrong, then you’re the fifth boss of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits, the Maiden of insects, right?” Chen Xi glanced at the woman, and the coldness in his eyes caused the latter to be unable to help but shudder.

Her expression had already become extremely unsightly. She gritted her teeth and said, “Since you noticed right at the beginning, then why come save me?”

Chen Xi said indifferently “If I didn’t do that, then it wouldn’t be so easy to capture you.”

The Maiden of Insect’s expression turned completely livid. Never had she imagined that the elaborate trap Chang Hen and her had set up would actually have been see through by Chen Xi since the beginning. Moreover, he utilized the opportunity to trap her instead.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Chang Hen suddenly started clapping from afar, and he praised. “Fellow Daoist really is wise and discerning. Amazing! Amazing!”

He paused for a moment, and then he continued. “Friendship grows from an exchange of blows. Since you’re already see through it, then why don’t you let her go, and we’ll let you off? Just take it as making friends with us. What do you think?”

Chen Xi smiled. “Sorry, all of you’re unworthy of being my friends.”

Chang Hen’s face sank. “So, you intend to fight it out?”

“You can interpret it in that way.” Chen Xi nodded casually.

Chang Hen’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he stared coldly at Chen Xi for along time, and then he suddenly smiled and said, “It’s already at a time like this, yet you’re still unwilling to killing her, so you definitely seek something. How about this? It was our mistake earlier, and I’ll compensate you if you let her go, alright?”

“I don’t seek wealth.” As he spoke, he glanced at the surroundings and said coldly, “Everyone, since you’re already here, then why conceal yourselves?”

“What a vigilant young man. But even if you’ve seen through all of this, could it be that you think you’ll be able to escape?” Along with this gloomy and indifferent voice, three figures suddenly appeared from the distant starry sky. Surprisingly, it was the boss of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits, Ghosteye Vulture, the second boss Daoist Ran Xue, and the third boss, Ancestor Green Blood.

“Little Fellow, we meet again.” Ancestor Green Blood grinned.

“This kid’s display really exceeded my expectations, and it causes me to be unable to help but want to recruit him into our group.” Daoist Ran Xue spoke slowly.

As soon as they appeared, they respectively stood at various different locations to join forces with Chang Hen and completely seal off Chen Xi’s paths of retreat.

Chen Xi still remained calm and composed when facing this, and he swept them all with his gaze and said, “Good, all of you are here.”

His words were thought provoking.

Moreover, his display was too indifferent and composed. It caused Ghosteye Vulture and the others to frown, and they had a faint bad feeling.

“Let her go, and I’ll spare you this time. Even though we act ruthlessly, we’ve never gone back on our word. This is something that you’re probably clearly aware of.” Ghosteye Vulture said in a low voice, “Otherwise….”

“Otherwise what?” asked Chen Xi.

“What a reckless and ignorant little bastard!”

“Looks like you’re courting death.”

The others spoke gloomily as well, and they were extremely furious. They really hadn’t imagined that a perfectly sound plan would actually develop to such a state.

Ghosteye Vulture’s sole eye narrowed and flowed with a cold glow. He stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he suddenly smiled secretively and said, “I admit that I underestimated you before this. However, allow me to tell you that you’ll be unable to escape death even if an Imperial Monarch comes here today!”

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he said with a smile, “Then feel free to give it a try.”


As soon as he finished speaking, he exerted force with his palm and forcefully snapped the woman’s neck and blasted her soul into pieces!

From the beginning until the end, she didn’t even have the time to let out a shrill cry.

It was too swift.

Swift to the point it caught them all off guard.

After that, a bang resounded as Chen Xi casually tossed her corpse away, and then he gazed indifferently at the others in the surroundings and said, “Now, all of you can take revenge for your companion.”

His voice was flat and seemed as if he’d done something trivial.


“You’re courting death!”

Ghosteye Vulture, Daoist Ran Xue, Ancestor Green Blood, and Chang Hen were infuriated. How could they have imagined that the kid standing before them would actually make a move just like that and directly annihilate their companion?

This had utterly infuriated them, and ferocity and killing intent seethed from their hearts.

“Attack!” Daoist Ran Xue had the most violent and ruthless disposition, and he was unable to restrain himself since a long time ago. He let out a grim and loud shout as he withdrew a ghastly streamer.


He waved it lightly, causing an expanse of baleful mist that seemed like a dark cloud to surge out. It faintly formed the phenomenon of ghosts wailing, corpses covering the world, and raging oceans of blood, and it caused this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth to seem as if it had been transformed into purgatory.

At practically the exact same moment, Ancestor Green Blood withdrew a bone sword. It was completely refined from numerous skulls, and it flowed with a bloody glow that tainted space red. It was extremely shocking.

At the other side, Chang Hen’s entire body surged with blue light, and his skin was covered in a layer of hard dragon scales while a horn had grown out from his head. He seemed like a dragon yet wasn’t a dragon, and he was like a monster that was neither man nor beast. Moreover, his imposing aura had actually risen explosively and multiplied by a few times in an instant.


In the next moment, they joined forced with Daoist Ran Xue and attacked Chen Xi from different directions.

All of these bosses of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits possessed cultivations at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and they’d roamed through the universe, wreaked havoc in it, and caused an innumerable amount of slaughters for a few thousands of years.

On the other hand, their ability to survive and remain free until now proved that they didn’t just possess formidable combat strengths, even their dispositions were cunning, cruel, and scheming.

At this moment, they utilized lethal attacks as soon as they made a move against Chen Xi. Moreover, their cooperated tacitly and seemed as if they intended to annihilate Chen Xi.

Indeed, they were bandits that were extremely ferocious and ruthless, and their style in battle seemed to be extraordinarily experienced. They didn’t hold back at all and struck to kill as soon as they attacked.

If it was any other person with insufficient experience, merely facing their imposing aura would probably terrify that person out of his wits.

However, all of this posed no difficulty to Chen Xi.

Right when Daoist Ran Xue, Ancestor Green Blood, and Chang Hen attacked jointly, Chen Xi attacked as well.


A sword that emanated a dark blue glow and was completely suffused by an ancient aura let out a clear howl as it entered Chen Xi’s grasp.

The Banisher!

A legendary sword that was of extraordinary origin and possessed inconceivable divine might!

In an instant, his imposing aura changed abruptly. Every single pore on his body emanated Sword Insight that shot into the heavens, and it seemed like a peerless Sword Emperor had descended to the world and was looking down upon it.


A thick and large strand of sword qi soared into the sky. It tore through space, slashed through the land, and swept out with invincible force.

At this instant, the heavens and the earth dimmed down while the stars wailed, and violet ripples swept towards the surroundings.


An enormous bang resounded as the black mist was crushed into pieces, the streamer was slashed into two, and Daoist Ran Xue himself who controlled it had a rift slashed open on his chest, causing him to howl endlessly with pain while coughing up blood.

The bone sword was blasted into pieces. Ancestor Green Blood’s entire arm was severed, and it was swept up into midair while blood sprayed from it.

At practically the exact same moment, even though Chang Hen who was densely covered in dragon scales was able to resist the sweep of this sword qi, he was blasted to the point the universe in his body almost exploded into pieces, and blood flowed from all seven of his apertures.

This scene was truly too terrifying.

Merely a single sword strike had heavily injured three Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods who’d roamed freely through the world for many years!

It shocked Ghosteye Vulture who was presiding over the battle from afar to the point his entire body stiffened, and he cried out involuntarily with shock. “This… this… this….” He was actually shocked to the point of being unable to speak.

They were utterly unaware that Chen Xi was already able to bash up a great figure from the Imperial Region like Di Yunqiu and equally match an old fellow like Gongye Nanli in battle a long time ago while he was still at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

Now, he’d already refined and absorbed that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root a long time ago, and his strength had risen explosively to a shocking height after he advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Coupled with the fact that Chen Xi’s cultivation in Heart Energy had broken through to the second forging of the True Heart Sutra, his strength had even improved once more.

Under such circumstances, how could they fight Chen Xi?


“We’ve been tricked!”


Merely a single sword strike had completely horrified Daoist Ran Xue, Ancestor Green Blood, and Chang Hen to the point their souls almost left their bodies. They didn’t dare hesitate at all because the instinct they’d tempered through countless years of life and death had caused them to flee without the slightest hesitation.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

However, right at the instant they fled, three strands of brilliant sword qi traversed space like the sickle of the reaper, and it whistled towards them.

“Watch out!” In the distance, Ghosteye Vulture was utterly furious, and he roared at the top of his lungs.

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