Chapter 1757 – Furnace Of Karmic Luck


In VIP Room B19, Ghosteye Vulture’s entire body shook while a bang suddenly resounded from his left eye that was enveloped by black mist.

After that, a strand of blood that carried a dark green hue flowed from within his eyes and flowed down his face that had turned slightly pale from shock. It seemed to be extremely strange and ghastly.

“Big Brother!” Daoist Ran Xue was shocked to the point of swiftly standing up, and he wasn’t aware what had happened.

“An Era Artifact, it really is an Era Artifact…. This is a sign of great calamity….” Ghosteye Vulture seemed as if he hadn’t heard Daoist Ran Xue, and he muttered involuntarily.

Great calamity? Daoist Ran Xue couldn’t help but be horrified when he saw Ghosteye Vulture who was usually steady and indifferent seem as if he’d lost his soul.

“Let’s go!” In the next moment, Ghosteye Vulture wiped off the bloodstain on his face, and then he turned around and left.

“Aren’t we going to wait for the auction to end?” Daoist Ran Xue was stunned.

“This thing…. Haha. Leave now if you want to live!”

Outside South Sea Auction House.

A cold breeze blew past Chen Xi’s face, and it caused his emotions to calm down slightly.

The scenes that had occurred earlier were too shocking. It was merely a stone furnace, yet it actually caused such terrifying phenomena to arise. Moreover, it disturbed his mind and heart, and it caused Senior White to practically lose control. This was extremely terrifying.

It was undoubtable that it was definitely an Era Artifact.

However, even if this treasure possessed heaven defying and prohibited might that wasn’t tolerated by the current Heaven Dao, Chen Xi was unable to figure out why Senior White who was clearly aware of this since a long time ago would lose his composure.

Could it be that… Senior White noticed something from that stone furnace?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance at Senior White, yet he saw the latter staring blankly as if his soul had left his body. It was unknown what Senior White was thinking about, but he seemed extremely quiet.

“Young Master, we’re leaving the black market just like that?” Qian An caught up to Chen Xi and asked in a low voice.

“Yes.” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all.

His trip to the black market this time had already allowed him to obtain the Gold Lined Thorns and Divine Firefall Darkdew. He’d gathered all the divine materials he required, and it was time to return to Arambha Temple.

When Qian An heard this, he immediately withdrew a talisman and suddenly crushed it, causing a door to suddenly appear in space.

After that, Chen Xi and Qian An stepped through it together and swiftly vanished out of sight.

Not long after the two of them left, Ghosteye Vulture and Daoist Ran Xue’s figures appeared silently.

“How could it be him?” Ghosteye Vulture frowned, and a wisp of shock appeared on his aged face.

Earlier, he’d entrusted someone to investigate the identity of his target in VIP Room A36. However, never had he imagined that the target would actually be the other target that he’d locked his sights onto since a long time ago — the young man who issued that commission!

In other words, the targets he intended to deal with this time were actually the same person!

“Big Brother, isn’t this even better. This kid has numerous treasures in his possession, and he even won the bid for that treasure which you took a liking to during the auction. If we kill him, we’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone, and it couldn’t be any better.” Daoist Ran Xue’s gaze flickered and was suffused with a wisp of ruthlessness.

“That kid… has a deep relationship with both Imperial Monarch Chang Le and Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu.” Ghosteye Vulture was slightly hesitant.

“Both those Imperial Monarchs are probably bidding for that Era Artifact. So long as we kill that kid before they’re done and leave South Sea Region immediately, then would anyone be able to find us then? If worse comes to worse, we can just look for a remote region to go into hiding for some time.” Daoist Ran Xue was slightly anxious as he said, “Big Brother, we can’t hesitate any longer. Otherwise, we’ll lose this opportunity.”

Ghosteye Vulture’s expression change indeterminately for a long time before he finally gritted his teeth and said, “Notify the others to act according to the original plan!”

Daoist Ran Xue said with delight, “That’s exactly what we should do!”

Spiritsail City.

It was extraordinarily bustling and prosperous as before.

Chen Xi bid his farewells to Qian An before walking with Senior White along the streets towards the exit of the city.

The scorching sun hung high in the sky while the sky itself was clear and azure blue. Endless streams of people and carriages surged busily on the streets, and clamorous noise rose and fell.

When compared with the atmosphere in the black market, this sort of atmosphere caused Chen Xi’s heart to calm down greatly.

“A great calamity is coming.” Suddenly, Senior White who’d constantly remained silent until now sighed lightly.

Chen Xi was shocked, and he couldn’t help but ask. “What exactly happened just now?”

“That treasure your ancestor, I, asked you to bid and win earlier was similarly from the last era, and it’s the skull of a Holy Shaman.” Senior White didn’t answer Chen Xi, and he mentioned the black treasure that was shaped like a skull.

“You’re probably unaware but Holy Shamans were almighty figures in the last era that possessed strengths that shook the heavens and the earth. They are compared to the Daolords of the current era.”

Chen Xi was shocked. In this way, isn’t that treasure equivalent to the skull of a Daolord?

“The skull of a Holy Shaman is that expert’s Origin Bone, and it’s branded with that expert’s memories, inheritance, and the secrets left behind by the expert. It’s priceless. When such a treasure appeared during the last era, it was sufficient to cause a calamity in the entire world and cause countless people to disregard everything and fight for it.

Senior White’s voice carried a trace of a heavy feeling. “However, in this era, the appearance of such a treasure is slightly ominous, or perhaps… you can take it to be an Era Artifact, and it’s bound to not be tolerated by the current Heaven Dao.”

Senior White paused for a moment before he suddenly raised his head and sighed with emotion. “However, this isn’t the main point. The main point is that every single time such treasures appear in the world, it represents… tribulation!”

Tribulation? Chen Xi frowned. Since a very long time ago, he’d experienced all sorts of tribulations, and he’d even entered into all sorts of conflicts with the Sovereign Sect because of ‘tribulation’. So, he’d long since become accustomed to this, and he was even slightly numbed towards it.

Under such circumstances, he was really slightly unable to understand exactly what sort of tribulation would cause Senior White’s mental state to be so solemn and heavy.

“Haha. If it was merely like this, then it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s even to the extent that your ancestor, I, has methods to deceive the Heaven Dao and obtain some gains from the Origin Bone of this Holy Shaman.” Senior White sighed. “But who would have imagined that a Furnace of Karmic Luck would actually appear during the auction!?”

When he spoke up to here, he couldn’t help but be slightly agitated, and he gritted his teeth and said, “That thing is a precious treasure from the last era that gathered the Karmic Luck of the entire era. It’s irreplaceable. Anyone who possesses it during that time would receive the protection of the energy of the Heaven Dao, and it would be impossible for that person to die. However, during this current era, it’s a sign of calamity!”

Chen Xi’s heart was unable to calm down as he heard all of this. The Furnace of Karmic Luck? It gathered the Karmic Luck of an entire era? This was simply inconceivable to Chen Xi at this moment.

In the past, when had he ever heard of such a treasure?

Senior White suddenly asked. “Right, did you discern anything from the furnace just now?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he frowned as he recalled and said, “I saw a furnace moving through boundless space, traversing the universe, and drifting through the starry sky. Right, there was a woman sitting cross-legged within the furnace….

“She seemed to be searching for something. Experiencing the passage of boundless years all by herself as she travelled forward. But later on, she seemed to be unable to avoid perishing as well.”

When Chen Xi recalled the scenes he’d witnessed earlier, a wisp of a lonely and desolate feeling couldn’t help but surge from his heart.

This caused him to feel very uncomfortable in his heart, and he couldn’t help but shake his head. He took a deep breath and discarded this strand of emotion.

“A woman? Controlling the Furnace of Karmic Luck?” Senior White’s expression became strange. “Looks like she was searching for a way to avoid the destruction of her era…. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the Furnace of Karmic Luck in the end, and based on what you said, she probably didn’t succeed in the end.”

“You’re saying that she controlled the Furnace of Karmic Luck and searched for a way out after the last era was destroyed?” Chen Xi was shocked.

“It probably is like that.” Senior White pondered deeply, and then he suddenly shook his head with force and chuckled. “Forget it. In any case, it’s unrelated to your ancestor, I, so it isn’t a big deal.”

When he spoke up to here, he took a deep breath and recovered his haughty and confident attitude. He said, “Little Fellow, are you very nervous after finding out about all of this? Don’t be afraid, it’s only a sign. The Ancient God Domain has experienced countless great calamities since it was established, and it’s still surviving eternally until now. It isn’t so easy… to destroy it.”

Chen Xi was originally glaring at this old bird with a slightly angry expression, but a wave of horror arose in Chen Xi’s heart for no rhyme or reason when he heard the last few words Senior White spoke.

But he shook his head right after that. All of this was merely Senior White’s deduction, and it was even to the extent that even Senior White didn’t dare confirm it rashly. So, why should Chen Xi worry unnecessarily?

“Chen Xi, your ancestor, I, intends to enter into closed door cultivation for some time and properly study this Holy Shaman’s Origin Bone. Since you don’t have the protection of your ancestor, I, you must be careful on your own.” Senior White suddenly chuckled as he spoke and seemed to be fervent. “Once your ancestor, I, completes this closed door cultivation, perhaps I’ll be able to help you comprehend supreme techniques from the last era. At that time, don’t be too touched by it.”

“Closed door cultivation? That’s exactly what I hope for.” Chen Xi was speechless because this old bird had stopped being serious again. He grabbed Senior White in an extremely rough manner and hid Senior White into the universe within his body.

Without Senior White making noise, the entire world instantly became peaceful.


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to flicker through space, and he left Spiritsail City and flew towards the starry sky outside it.

Nebulae spun while the myriad of stars flickered, and they emanated an illusory glow.

Chen Xi stood in the starry sky while looking at Putuo Star from afar, and he couldn’t help but sigh slightly with emotion when he recalled everything that he’d experienced all along the way.

In the blink of an eye, almost half a year had passed. I wonder how the preparations of that Goddess of Arambha Temple is going.

Chen Xi withdrew a piece of violet bamboo. This was the piece of violet bamboo that the white spirit deer had given him when he left Arambha Temple, and it would come to receive Chen Xi once Chen Xi broke it.

However, right when Chen Xi intended to break this piece of violet bamboo, a voice suddenly sounded out from the distant starry sky….

“Dammit! You’re the Fourth Boss of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits, the Dragon of Sin, Chang Hen! You…. What do you intend to do? Save me! Save me!!!” This rage in this voice carried a wisp of terror and sorrow.

Chen Xi’s movements stopped briefly, and his gaze shot over towards the distance.

In an instant, Chen Xi sensed that a tall figure was pursuing a woman on a star extremely far in the distance. That cry for help had come precisely from that woman.

That woman was in extreme danger, and signs of danger appeared incessantly. She was at risk of encountering misfortune at any time, and she was ceaselessly fleeing yet was utterly powerless to escape her pursuer.

“The Dragon of Sin, Chang Hen?” Chen Xi’s black pupils were suffused with a wisp of a deep and chilly glow. He silently put away the piece of violet bamboo in his hand, and in the next moment, his figure flashed towards them.

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