Chapter 1756 – The Final Treasure

Obviously, it was Ghosteye Vulture that was in a bid war with Chen Xi earlier.

However, at this moment, he wasn’t as complacent as everyone thought, and he wasn’t really playing tricks on Chen Xi.

At this moment, he was really infuriated to the limit.

“Big Brother, is that treasure really so extraordinary?” Daoist Ran Xue who wore a Daoist’s robe asked from the side.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Ghosteye Vulture shook his head and sighed lightly without end. Even though he’d stopped being enraged, gloominess still filled the space between his brows.

“Since it’s like that, then wouldn’t it be resolved if we brothers set out together, kill him, and seize that treasure once that fellow in VIP Room A36 leaves?” Daoist Ran Xue’s gaze flickered, and he said, “In this way, we don’t have to spend a few tens of millions of divine crystals and allow the South Sea Auction House to benefit for no reason.”

Ghosteye Vulture fell into deep thought, and he suddenly said after a long time, “Earlier, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu and Imperial Monarch Chang Le were obviously competing for that Gold Lined Thorn in order to repay that kid’s favor. Could it be that… he’s here today as well?”

Daoist Ran Xue was stunned, and he couldn’t help but nod while seeming to be lost in thought. “That really is possible.”

“Under such circumstances, do you… still intend to kill that kid?” asked Ghosteye Vulture.

“This….” Daoist Ran Xue hesitated. He’d never expected that the young man would actually have such a relationship with Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu and Imperial Monarch Chang Le.

Both these Imperial Monarchs were extraordinary, and they both possessed peerless divine might. So, it was obviously not worth to offend those two Imperial Monarchs just for the sake of killing that kid.

“Nevermind, allow me to decide. Investigate the identity of the target in VIP Room A36 first and seize that treasure. As for that kid… it wouldn’t be too late to slowly look for an opportunity in the future.” Ghosteye Vulture waved his hand while seeming slightly irritable.

Even though Daoist Ran Xue was unwilling, when he considered the current situation, he could only accept it.

“Go notify the others. We’ll act once the auction ends and the target leaves the black market.” Ghosteye Vulture instructed in a low voice.

The auction had always been going on.

After the bid war between Chen Xi and Ghosteye Vulture, the atmosphere became even more explosive instead. During the next period of time, there frequently were treasures that were sold for an astronomical price, and they caused wave after wave of shock.

On the other hand, Chen Xi hadn’t made another bid.

Firstly, it was because he didn’t need those treasures, or they were too far away from his current cultivation and required a cultivation at the Imperial Monarch Realm at least.

Secondly, it was because the beautiful female attendant had returned. Moreover, she hadn’t just returned with that dark secret treasure shaped like a skull, she even brought back a bottle of Divine Firefall Darkdew!

This had truly exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations. He was originally feeling anxious about this treasure, yet who would have imagined that after he participated in this auction, he didn’t even have to bid for it before they actually took the initiative to give it to him.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi came to an understanding because that female attendant returned with the regards of the auction house’s higher-ups.

This allowed Chen XI to finally understand that the auction house had actually done this because it had obtained a great amount of benefit from the Gold Lined Thorns. Moreover, the treasure Chen Xi utilized to trade for this dark skull shaped treasure this time was too precious and was a seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root, the auction house had made the last minute decision to gift him a bottle of Divine Firefall Darkdew.

Why was it Divine Firefall Darkdew?

Obviously, they’d guessed that Chen Xi was the owner of that commission, and it was even to the extent that Imperial Monarch Chang Le had already given them hints a long time ago.

After all, Imperial Monarch Chang Le was the Region Lord of South Sea Region, so how could he have no relationship with the South Sea Auction House?

Others might not be aware of Chen Xi’s identity, but he was very clearly aware that Chen Xi had entered Arambha Temple that day and had a relationship that was beyond ordinary with the Temple Master.

When all of this was added together, it made the South Sea Auction House bound to not dare be discourteous to Chen Xi. Perhaps it was precisely this that made them take the initiative to give the Divine Firefall Darkdew to Chen Xi.

When he wrapped his head around all of this, Chen Xi felt much more reassured in his heart. Otherwise, he would truly not dare accept such a gift that was given to him for no rhyme or reason.

At this moment, Senior White was studying the mysterious treasure with a focused expression. His eyes were bright while he seemed to be muttering something, and he actually seemed to be obsessed with it and paid no further attention to the surroundings.

Chen Xi didn’t disturb Senior White, but his attention wasn’t on the auction since a long time ago as well.

After successively obtaining the Gold Line Thorns and Divine Firefall Darkdew, Chen Xi had fully gathered all the divine materials.

Under such circumstances, the only consideration on his mind was to make the best use of his time and return to Arambha Temple to pass the divine materials to the Goddess.

Amongst the three conditions the Goddess had put forward, Chen Xi had already completely two of them now, and only the last remained — to stay in the Divine Arambha Garden and protect Arambha Temple for five years.

This was naturally not difficult at all for Chen Xi.

Most importantly, Chen Xi’s Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, had said that he would at least take five years or ten years at most before he would return to take Chen Xi back to Oracle Mountain!

“The next treasure will be the final treasure. I presume everyone here has been anticipating it for a long time.” Suddenly, the beautiful woman’s voice resounded, and it instantly jolted Chen Xi awake from his deep thoughts, causing him to raise his head and look towards the hall.

The final treasure? How profound would it be?

“Oh, let your ancestor, I, see exactly what sort of thing this final treasure is….” Senior White raised his head and looked over with an energetic gaze.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Senior White, everyone had held their breaths in concentration and were waiting silently.

The deathly silent atmosphere actually carried a strand of a solemn aura.

At this moment, the beautiful woman’s expression became solemn as well, and it was even to the extent that she was slightly careful. Her voice carried a trace of unusual emotion as she said, “Fellow Daoists, please don’t make clamorous noise when you lay eyes upon the treasure in a moment.”

It was a very thought provoking reminder.

As soon as she finished speaking, an old man appeared on the stage. He held up a bronze treasure case in his hands. It was extremely ancient, and its surface was branded and mottled with the aura of time.

The gazes of everyone within the hall was instantly drawn over by the bronze treasure case, and the surroundings were perfectly silent.


Right amidst the gazes of everyone, the bronze treasure case was opened. It emanated a strand of strange and obscure fluctuation that seemed like a sigh that came from the primeval times, and it caused the hearts of every single cultivator in the surroundings to tremble while they felt an incomprehensible strand of pressure envelop them.

Even the expressions of those great figures at the Imperial Monarch Realm changed. Their eyes surged with divine radiance, and they faintly showed signs of being excited as if they’d guessed something.

“Could it… really be….” Senior White’s pupils had suddenly constricted. Chen Xi acutely noticed that its entire body was slightly stiff at this moment, and it showed signs of losing control of its emotions.

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to tremble. Exactly what sort of treasure is within this bronze treasure case?

In next to no time, everyone was clearly aware that a stone furnace resided within the bronze treasure case. It was extremely ordinary like it was polished into form from ordinary stone, an its surface was extremely rough.

It had three legs, two handles, and was completely round. Grey mist soared up from within the opening on the furnace that was deep and vast, and it seemed as if it could swallow a vast universe!

A strand of an indescribably ancient aura seemed as if it swept out from the boundless years of the past, and it traversed the barriers of time to descend once more into the world.

At this instant, the figures of everyone within the hall shook while their emotions rose and fell uncontrollably.

Many people even revealed astounded expressions and felt suffocated. They seemed as if they were witnessed an inconceivable miracle occurring.

What’s that?

At this moment, Chen Xi sensed a strand of an extraordinary aura, and his mind droned while a terrifying scene appeared within it.

He saw a boundlessly vast expanse of the starry sky. A graceful figure sat cross-legged within the stone furnace while it traveled endlessly through space. It traversed numerous barriers between universes, successively traversed numerous chaotic regions, and 10 million years passed in the blink of an eye.

She maintained the same posture without changing it at all, and her entire body was enveloped by grey mist, causing it to be blurry. However, the outline she revealed allowed one to faintly discern hat she possessed a peerlessly beautiful appearance.

She seemed to be tracking something down, and she constantly travelled forward in the dark corridors of space.

Yet she also seemed like she was avoiding something and had no choice but to move forward constantly as if she would suffer a calamity if she was slightly slower.

Time flowed by endlessly….

In the end, the graceful figure become more and more blurry, more and more indistinct as if it was about to be obliterated.

“Is it really… impossible to escape?” A faint sigh resounded, and it carried boundless loneliness and sorrow.

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and it was enveloped by an indescribable feeling of loneliness. It was like the heavens and the earth had abandoned him, he’d lost all hope, was utterly dejected….


The scene shook, and the furnace vanished before Chen Xi suddenly returned to his senses. His expression had already turned slightly terrified, and he couldn’t help but take a few deep breaths.

Exactly what is this treasure? It was actually able to infiltrate my heart and mind without me even realizing!?

And who was that woman?

“Chen Xi, leave! Quickly!” Senior White’s extremely solemn voice sounded out from the side.

This caused Chen Xi to have no time to give it any further thought. He raised his head and noticed that Senior White’s entire body was trembled as if he’d encountered something, and Senior White emanated an aura of being burdened.

“Senior White, what’s wrong?” Chen Xi was shocked and slightly at a loss for what to do. It’s merely a final treasure in an auction, yet it didn’t just arouse terror in my heart and cause strange scenes to appear in my mind, even Senior White has been terribly affected by it.

“Leave! Quickly! The further we get from this damnable thing the better!” Senior White gritted his teeth and seemed to be extremely irritable.

The strange thing was that Qian An and the two beautiful female attendants at the side seemed to have not been affected at all. At this moment, they were looking at Chen Xi and Senior White with astounded expressions, and they were utterly unaware of what had happened to Chen Xi and Senior White.

“Alright!” Chen Xi took a deep breath. He couldn’t help but take another glance at the stone furnace in the hall, and then he stopped hesitating, turned around, and left with Senior White.

When he saw this, Qian An couldn’t be bothered about whether the auction had ended or not, and he hurriedly chased after Chen Xi.

“That’s… an Era Artifact!?”

“My god!”

“That… that… that… is actually real!”

A wave of involuntarily exclaims of surprise resounded from the hall behind him as soon as he stepped out of the VIP Room, and these voices carried shock, disbelief, and were in complete disorder.

Chen Xi’s figure stopped. He remained silent for a short moment before he gritted his teeth in the end and left directly.

In his heart, he was extremely dazed instead. An Era Artifact? Isn’t that a treasure that has survived from the last era?

According to Senior White, such a treasure is covered in tribulation, and it possesses heaven defying might that’s a taboo. Once it’s noticed by the Heaven Dao, then it’s bound to end with both the treasure and its possessor being obliterated!

Why… would they auction off such a treasure?

Why did that stone furnace make an appearance in the world?

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