Chapter 1755 – Bid War

The atmosphere in the hall was slightly silent.

Everyone was carefully inspecting the treasure because such a moment was when one’s discerning ability was tested.

“With such an obscure and desolate aura, could it be a Primeval Treasure?” Someone guessed.

A Primeval Treasure was a treasure that had survived through countless years since the primeval times. Its effects were difficult to ascertain. Some were comparable to Natural Spirit Treasures, yet some were completely worthless and useless.

Moreover, strictly speaking, Primeval Treasures were considered a type of secret treasure. Most of them possessed shocking secrets hidden away within them. They either carried a portion of history in the cultivation world, a brand left behind by some great figures, and some even had abodes, inheritances, cultivation techniques, and so on and so forth hidden within them.

However, such treasures were extremely rare, and most of them had been obliterated in the annals of time. Merely a few were able to survive until now.

“It doesn’t seem like a Primeval Treasure. The bone is completely pitch black and tainted with traces of dark red blood. This treasure is probably an ominous weapon.”

There were some that thought in this way and felt that this was a combat type treasure that was murderous and bloody.

“An ominous weapon? Would anyone in this world use a skull as a weapon? Impossible!”

There were others that rejected this view.

However, the more it was like this, the more curious everyone in the hall was. There was no doubt that it was definitely a treasure, otherwise, the South Sea Auction House would definitely not put it up for auction. The true source of their curiosity was exactly what sort of origins this treasure possessed and what profound effects it carried.

“Hmm?” Senior White stared at the treasure for a long time before he suddenly exclaimed lightly, and he seemed to have discerned something yet didn’t dare believe his eyes.

Chen Xi was seized with a flash of sudden inspiration, and he said, “Senior White, what’s extraordinary about this thing?”

“Win it!” Senior White didn’t answer and actually directly asked Chen Xi to win the bid for this treasure.

Senior White’s gaze burned with desire and was suffused with an oppressive glow. “No matter what price you have to pay, you must seize it. You definitely won’t regret it!”

At this moment, Senior White seemed to be solemn and serious, and he was completely different from before. This caused Chen Xi to acutely realize that Senior White had definitely discerned something from that treasure, and it was extremely shocking.

After all, when they obtained the Natural Spirit Foundation from Lie Yuncong’s group that day, Senior White was merely overjoyed and seemed as if he’d obtained a great gain. However, he’d never acted so serious and solemn as he was right now.

“Alright!” Chen Xi thought for a moment before agreeing.

He believed Senior White’s judgment.

“Everyone, the minimum price for this treasure is 8 million divine crystals. The bidding starts now.” The beautiful woman spoke slowly.

As soon as she finished speaking, it caused an uproar because a treasure of unknown origins and utility actually had a minimum price of 8 million divine crystals!

Many people even felt that the auction house was being deliberately mystifying, and it was obviously swindling its customers.

Actually, this was no different than the practice in the mortal world of betting on the value of the jade within a rock. When the ore was unearthed, no one would be aware of the quality of the jade hidden within it, and one had to purchase it and split it open to determine its exact quality.

Under such circumstances, it was a test of one’s discerning ability. Some were able to obtain great wealth from this while some lost everything.

“9 million divine crystals.” After a short period of silence, someone couldn’t help but be the first to make a bid.

“10 million.”

“11 million.”

In the following period of time, infrequent sounds of bidding resounded. Compared to before, it seemed to be slightly quiet, and the bids seemed to be very conservative.

Obviously, no one was willing to be the idiot when they weren’t sure of its origins or utility.

This caused Chen Xi who’d been constantly observing the bidding to heave a sigh of relief in his heart, and a wisp of a grin couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. This is for the best. Perhaps I’ll even be able to obtain it for a cheap price.

When the bids gradually increased to 17 million divine crystals, Chen Xi immediately instructed Qian An to start bidding.

“18 million,” said Qian An.

For a time, the atmosphere was deathly silent. This could already be considered to be an astronomical figure for a treasure with unknown origins and utility.

Even if it was that beautiful woman on the stage, she couldn’t help but feel a wisp of delight in her heart because this price had similarly exceeded her expectations.

Before this treasure was put up for auction, she was even worried that no one would bid for it because that would be truly embarrassing. Fortunately, there were numerous wealthy figures amongst the cultivators present here, and they were willing to pay a huge amount of divine crystals to purchase a mysterious and unknown treasure to study. Moreover, it didn’t matter to them even if it was completely worthless in the end.

“Will any other Fellow Daoists be bidding? If there are none, then this treasure will belong to the Fellow Daoist in VIP Room A36.” Even though she was only too eager to auction this treasure away, the beautiful woman still asked this question.

The surroundings were deathly silent, and this caused Chen Xi to heave another sigh of relief in his heart. However, before he could even feel happy, a gloomy and indifferent voice resounded. “19 million.”

Chen Xi was instantly stunned.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, all the others in the hall were surprised ass well. Someone really isn’t hesitating to pay an astronomical price to bid for this treasure? Could it be that this treasure is really extraordinary?

The beautiful woman revealed a rare moment of being stunned as well, and she was slightly surprised. She’d determined that it was the customer in VIP Room B19 that made the bid, yet she wasn’t aware who actually resided there.

“20 million.” Chen Xi signaled Qian An to make another bid.

This time, there wasn’t even a pause before that gloomy voice resounded once more. “21 million.”

Chen Xi frowned and instructed Qian An to continue.

“22 million.”

“23 million.”

“24 million.”

After that, Qian An made bids successively, but that gloomy voice would be close behind every single time, and its owner seemed to intend to go head to head with Chen Xi.

This instantly caused a great deal of whispered discussions to arise in the hall. However, in the end, they restrain themselves because such a price was more than enough to bid for and obtain over 10 types of rare and precious divine materials, so it was obviously not worth to bid for such a treasure.

When the price rose to 29 million divine crystals, Qian An couldn’t help but hesitate, and he said in a low voice, “Young Master, do you think….”

Chen Xi’s brows were knit together tightly since a long time ago, and he waved his hand and said upon hearing this, “Don’t worry about it and continue bidding.”

In his heart, he was swiftly deducing exactly who was going against him. Could it be that it’s someone just like Senior White who had discerned the secrets of that treasure?

The price was rising explosively without end….

The atmosphere in the hall grew more and more deathly silent. Only Qian An and that gloomy and indifferent voice resounded without end, and it seemed to carry a confrontational tone.

On the other hand, the beautiful woman on the stage had been stunned since a long time ago. She bit her red lips lightly while her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise. She seemed to have utterly not imagined that there would actually be people in this world that didn’t care about divine crystals. Are they going against each other out of anger?

Yes, many people felt that the person in VIP Room B19 was obviously targeting the person in VIP Room A36 and was intentionally raising the price. Otherwise, would anyone pay such a huge price to bid for such a treasure?

Of course, they couldn’t rule out the possibility that the treasure was really profound. However, it was really not worth it when compared to such a shocking astronomical price. Unless it was a Natural Spirit Treasure, but… that was impossible!

“49 million divine crystals!” Qian An was slightly number from shock, and he casually made a bid when the previous bid was surpassed by the other person.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s brows were knit together tightly, and a strand of ferocity couldn’t help but surge out from his heart. He intended to see exactly how long that fellow could hold on for. If worst comes to worst, I’ll utilize some of the treasures in my possession!

However, right at this moment, the person in VIP Room B19 finally stopped bidding. After a short period of silence, he suddenly roared with laughter and said, “Fellow Daoist, since you’re so interested in this treasure, then I’ll let you have it. I was just playing, so don’t take it to heart.”

His voice carried a wisp of a teasing and ridiculing tone and sounded extremely complacent.

As soon as these words were spoken, the others in the hall laughed lightheartedly as well. They finally understood that this fellow was clearly and intentionally playing tricks on the person in VIP Room A36.

However, this had gone a bit too far indeed. A treasure that originally had a minimum price of 8 million divine crystals had been forcefully risen to a price of 49 million divine crystals. This was really cruel.

Perhaps only enemies would do something like this, right?

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s expression had turned gloomy as well. Who exactly is that fellow? Why did he target me like that?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out because he’d rarely shown himself since arriving at Spiritsail City, nor had he incurred enmity with anyone besides Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s son, Wen Xinyu.

However, Imperial Monarch Chang Le was present here right now, so Wen Xinyu wouldn’t dare to that no matter how audacious he was.

“Haha! Don’t worry, I dare guarantee that you didn’t suffer a loss even after paying 49 million divine crystals.” Senior White seemed to heave a long sigh of relief and remained completely indifferent. He seemed to be extremely delighted from being able to obtain this treasure in the end.

“I’m not worried about the divine crystals, and I’m thinking about why that fellow went against me intentionally.” Chen Xi was unable to figure it out in the end, and he couldn’t help but shake his head.

Senior White said casually, “Don’t worry, if it’s an enemy, then he’ll make an appearance sooner or later. At that time, you can kill that bastard and vent your anger.”

Chen Xi nodded, and he put this matter to the side of his mind and stopped thinking about it.

After that, he took out a jade box and passed it to one of the beautiful attendants by his side. He said, “The value of the treasure within this is sufficient to equal 49 million divine crystals. Please take it over and quickly send over that treasure that I won.”

“Yes.” The attendant hurriedly received it respectfully, and then she turned around and left.

At the same time, within VIP Room B19.


A bronze wine cup was forcefully crushed into pieces, causing bits of it to shoot into the surroundings.

“Dammit!” A low roar reverberated in the room. An old man with an extremely aged appearance and an aura that was deathly still like water had a livid expression while his sole eye flickered with ruthless killing intent.

Surprisingly, he was the Boss of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits, Ghosteye Vulture!

However, the black eyepatch over his left eye had been removed, and his eye socket was enveloped by a ball of black mist. It completely concealed his eyeball, and it seemed to be extremely strange and terrifying.

“You dare fight with me for it? Very good! Very good! You better not let me find out your identity! Otherwise… you’re dead!” His voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth, and it was filled with hatred.

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