Chapter 1754 – Competition Between Imperial Monarchs

Chen Xi was puzzled while the auction hall was in an uproar.

Regardless of whether it was Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s Divine Ocean Daostone or Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s Firewater Nethersoul Iron, both of them were extremely rare and precious treasures.

Ordinary cultivators had no use for such precious treasures, but the crux was that they were extremely attractive to Imperial Monarchs!

It could be said that the value of either one of those precious treasures far exceeded the value of the Gold Lined Thorns.

If these two precious treasures were compared in detail, then it was impossible to determine which was superior, and one could only say that the Firewater Nethersoul Iron was a trace rarer than Divine Ocean Daostone.

This wasn’t the main point. The main point was that a piece of Gold Lined Thorns actually caused two renowned Imperial Monarchs to compete amongst each other, and they faintly showed signs of confrontation, causing everyone present here to be shocked and be afraid of bidding.

Yes, even though there was no lack of Imperial Monarchs present here, if it was in terms of power and influence, then Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu far surpassed them. Moreover, he’d made a name for himself a long time ago, and rumors said that he was only a step away from stepping foot into the Daolord Realm. So, would anyone dare to compete against such a figure when he was determined to obtain the Gold Lined Thorns?

Even though Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s reputation was slightly inferior to Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu, he was the Region Lord of South Sea Region and possessed monstrous authority. Even this black market was within his territory. Under such circumstances, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu was clearly like a passing dragon that didn’t occupy an advantageous position.

Now, both of them were competing for a treasure, and it naturally drew the attention of everyone in the surroundings.

Only the beautiful woman on the stage had a wisp of a faint smile on her face. The more it was like this, the better it was for their South Sea Auction House, so she was naturally happy to see those two Imperial Monarchs compete.

“Hahaha! Brother Zhao, if it’s any other treasure, then I’d definitely let you have it, but I can’t do that for this Gold Lined Thorns! I’ll put up another one million year old Multicolored Snowray!” Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s loud laughter resounded like the heavy ring of a bell, and his voice was resolute, causing the atmosphere to seem slightly explosive.

After a short moment of silence, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu sighed with emotion. “Brother Wen, why be so aggressive? To tell you the truth, I owe a Young Brother a favor, and I have to obtain this Gold Lined Thorns no matter what.”

He owes a favor?

To a Young Brother?

Everyone within the hall was surprised. An existence capable of making Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu owe him a favor actually exists in this world?

To cultivators that attached importance to their promises, owing a favor wasn’t so simple, and it was even to the extent that they might have to repay it with their life!

On the other hand, being able to make a figure like Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu owe a favor was even more precious than obtaining a Natural Spirit Treasure!

At this moment, all the people in the hall had finally come to a faint understanding about the reason why Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu was determined to obtain this treasure.

Only Chen Xi laughed bitterly without end in his heart. He was naturally clearly aware that he was the ‘Young Brother’ that Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu was speaking of. However, he would rather see Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu not interfere in this matter!

Because if this continued, then it would obviously benefit the South Sea Auction House in the end. As for that favor, Chen Xi really didn’t care much about it.

Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s sigh was still reverberating through the hall when what Imperial Monarch Chang Le said next shocked everyone present here for the auction.

“Eh! That’s really a coincidence. I intend to obtain this treasure for the sake of repaying a Young Brother’s favor as well.” His voice carried a wisp of shock and surprise.

It was the repayment of a favor to a Young Brother again, and it was simply exactly similar to Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu. So, how could they not be shocked?

It was even to the extent that they’d roughly determined that both of these Imperial Monarchs were probably speaking about the same person!

Moreover, it was common knowledge that Spiritsail City was extremely stirred because of a commission not too long ago, and one of the requirements of the commission was Gold Lined Thorns!

When all of this was put together, didn’t it mean that the ‘Young Brother’ both Imperial Monarchs spoke of was the owner of that commission?

When they thought up tom here, all the participants of the auction were agitated and discussed it ceaselessly. All of them were even more curious about the identity of the commission’s owner.

He was able to produce so many Ancestral Dao Roots, cause a storm in the entire city, and give rise to an endless mighty uproar. Now, he’d even made two renowned Imperial Monarchs owe him a favor, and it was even to the extent that they didn’t hesitate to compete amongst themselves in order to return the favor they owed!

How could all of this possible be something an ordinary figure could accomplish?

Even Qian An acutely noticed that the atmosphere had become slightly strange. He couldn’t help but glance at Chen Xi who sat beside him while he sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart.

Who would have imagined that such a young man would be the person behind all of this?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly helpless in his heart. He was very clearly aware that the ‘favor’ Imperial Monarch Chang Le spoke about actually belonged to Senior White, and it wasn’t really related to him.

But it was very obvious that Imperial Monarch Chang Le had attributed all of this to Chen Xi.

“Nevermind, I’ll let Brother Wen have this treasure.” After a short period of silence, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu sighed lightly.

“Thank you. Once the auction comes to an end, I’ll definitely personally hold a feast to drink and chat with Brother Zhao!” Imperial Monarch Chang Le roared with laughter while his voice carried a wisp of relief. Obviously, competing with Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu brought a great deal of pressure to him as well.

The auction of the second treasure came to an end just like that. Imperial Monarch Change Le paid the price of a Divine Ocean Daostone and a one million year old Multicolored Snowray to obtain the Gold Lined Thorns in the end.

Everyone was clearly aware that paying such a price was obviously a great loss, and it was even to the extent that such a price was sufficient to purchase two pieces of Gold Lined Thorns.

However, it was very obvious that Imperial Monarch Chang Le didn’t care.

The auction continued.

The beautiful woman produced the third treasure. It was a Daofuse Pearl the size of a duck’s egg, and it was completely clear, glistening, and emanated dazzling brilliance.

Such a treasure was naturally a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth, and it was especially precious to Imperial Monarchs. It could assist in the fusing of the Divine Dao, and it was extremely miraculous and rare. It was usually born from within the quintessence of Chaos, and if one didn’t possess great fortune, then it would be impossible to find even one after countless years of searching.

Thus, as soon as that beautiful woman finished speaking, a wave of bids resounded in the hall. It was extremely bustling and intense, and it wasn’t long before it rose swiftly to an astoundingly astronomical price.

Chen Xi could only sigh when facing such a treasure. It was too supreme while he was only a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God now, so it would be utterly useless to him even if he joined in the bidding and obtained it.

This was obvious from the identities of the people bidding for it. Practically all of them were Imperial Monarchs.

In the end, this Daofuse Pearl was obtained by Ninesong Region’s Imperial Monarch Zhan Xiao at the price of a True Phoenix’s Skybone.

Many Imperial Monarchs sighed lightly. Obviously, they were rather regretful from being unable to obtain this treasure.

“What a pity, what a pity.”

“Haha. Don’t worry, this auction is unprecedentedly grand, and it far exceeds the scale of the auctions in the past. There’ll definitely be even more rare and precious treasures after this.”

All the cultivators in the hall discussed animatedly, and they were filled with anticipation towards the next treasure that would be put up for auction.

At this moment, an attendant knocked on the door and sent a jade box into the VIP Room where Chen Xi resided.

When he opened it and took a look, it was the Gold Line Thorns!

Obviously, Imperial Monarch Chang Le had sent someone to send it over.

This was within Chen Xi’s expectations. He glanced at Senior White and said, “It seems like I benefitted because of you this time.”

Senior White grunted in a proud manner, and he seemed as if he was saying that it was nothing.

Chen Xi smiled, yet he was thinking in his heart. Now, only the Divine Firefall Darkdew remains before I’ll be able to gather all the divine materials I need. I wonder if it will appear amongst the other treasures that’re up for auction today?

The following treasures that were put up for auction grew more and more precious, and the minimum price rose along with this, causing the atmosphere in the hall to become even more intense.

Unfortunately, most of them were treasures that were only suitable to be used by Imperial Monarchs, causing Chen Xi to only be able to watch helpless and feel extremely envious in his heart.

However, the appearance of those treasures allowed Chen Xi to understand a great deal about treasures prepared by Imperial Monarchs for their cultivation, and he could be said to have broadened his horizons.

In next to no time, another Natural Spirit Treasure had appeared. It was a over 1m long jade ruler that was completely brilliant white like snow. Its surface was branded with mysterious and dense Dao markings, and it emanated a strand of shocking Natural Spirit Energy and brightly illuminated the entire hall.

The Divine Fate Dao Ruler!

On the way to the South Sea Auction House, Chen Xi had heard many cultivators discussing this treasure. At this moment, when this treasure was presented before them, it instantly caused an extraordinary stir and the gazes of everyone shot over in succession.

The beautiful woman practically didn’t have any time to provide a further description before the bidding started abruptly. It wasn’t just Imperial Monarchs that participated in it, and some Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods of extraordinary background entered the fray as well.

Obviously, they’d utterly disregarded the power and influence of those Imperial Monarchs for the sake of seizing this Natural Spirit Treasure, and this clearly showed how attractive this treasure was to all the cultivators here.

Chen Xi was extremely tempted by it as well, and he asked Qian An to make a few bids in an attempt to compete for it. Unfortunately, the competition was truly too intense, and many Imperial Monarchs had started competing to the point of losing their reason and seemed to be determined to obtain it. So, Chen Xi could only withdraw helplessly.

Only now did Chen Xi notice that his wealth was truly insufficient when compared to those old fellows. Of course, if he produced those Ancestral Dao Roots and Natural Spirit Treasures in his possession, then it would be a completely different story.

In the end, the Divine Fate Dao Ruler was obtained by Imperial Monarch Miao Feng from Cloudsky Isle in the South Sea Region. However, the price he paid was astounding. It was an entire 100 plus types of precious treasures which could only be chanced upon by luck, and the value of every single one of them was immeasurable.

“This fellow has probably even sold off his casket for this. If your ancestor, I, am not wrong, then this fellow has probably encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation, and he intends to rely on this treasure to break through. Unfortunately, such a price isn’t worth it.” Senior White shook his head and laughed endlessly with ridicule.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but pucker his lips. This old bird is truly haughty and full of sarcastic remarks. That’s a Natural Spirit Treasure, so how could he not pay such a price to obtain it?

“All the following treasures are of unfathomable origins, and even my auction house’s appraisers are unable to discern their exact effects. When the time comes, I’ll announce a minimum price, and I’ll leave the examining, discerning, and bidding to everyone.” Suddenly, the beautiful woman on the stage grinned as she withdrew a dark bone. It was tainted with traces of dark red blood, and it was suffused with an obscure and desolate aura. Moreover, it was actually shaped like a skull, and it seemed extremely mysterious.

Everyone in the hall was stunned. What’s that?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel curious as well. Could it be that this dark skull is a secret treasure?

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