Chapter 1753 – Soaring Phoenix Halberd

The atmosphere here was strange, and everyone was dazed from their shock.

Actually, they weren’t aware that Imperial Monarch Chang Le and the rugged middle aged man by his side had been to Arambha Temple with the intention of paying a visit to the Temple Master to seek guidance.

But later on, they weren’t able to meet the Temple Master and met Senior White instead. After receiving some guidance from Senior White, it allowed them to completely resolve the trouble they faced in their cultivation. So, they naturally felt extremely grateful to Senior White and took him to be an erudite senior.

Under such circumstances, when he saw his son offend Senior White and speak with great disrespect, how could Imperial Monarch Cheng Le not be furious.

A senior that even an Imperial Monarch like him treated with respect and reverence was actually insulted and humiliated by his own son. This was simply like a slap to his own face.

However, unfortunately, Wen Xinyu and the others hadn’t realized this until now, so their hearts were filled with extreme astonishment and terror.

When he noticed that Senior White still hadn’t calmed his anger and intended to say something, Chen Xi hurriedly stopped Senior White. “That’s enough, we didn’t come here to cause trouble.”

Senior White grunted and said, “If I acted according to my temper from the past, then I’d definitely chop that little bastard into pieces. That fellow too! He actually intended to kill your ancestor, I, and make wine from me! That’s simply unforgiveable!” As Senior White spoke, he pointed to one of the men.


Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept over coldly.

The man was terrified to the point his entire body shivered. There was utterly no need to tell him anything before he himself fell on his knees with a thump, and he kowtowed without end.

“Pussy!” Senior White was instantly speechless when he saw this, and he felt extremely disinterested.

“Alright, all of you withdraw from here.” Imperial Monarch Chang Le knew that Senior White’s rage was appeased when he witnessed this scene. So, he immediately waved his hand and asked Wen Xinyu and the others to leave because as it was said, out of sight and out of mind.

“You over there! Stop right there!” Senior White instantly glared and barked when he noticed that the attendant intended to sneak off.

“Senior, it was this lowly one’s mistake, it was truly my mistake. Please be benevolent and forgive me this time….” The attendant instantly seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. He knelt on the ground while ceaselessly slapping his face, and he seemed to be grief-stricken like he’d lost his parents as he begged without end.

How could he have imagined that this feathered animal would actually possess such a significant background to the point that even the Region Lord of South Sea Region could only treat this bird with respect.

If he knew about this, how could he have acted in such an unbridled manner just now?

Senior White intended to humiliate and ridicule the attendant, but he instantly felt speechless when he saw that the attendant had actually been terrified to such an extent, and he said impatiently, “Didn’t you want us to fuck off just now? Now, it’s your turn to fuck off.”

“Thank you Senior, thank you Senior.” The attendant crawled up hastily from the ground and fled.

“Fellow Daoist.” Imperial Monarch Chang Le remained completely indifferent towards this, and he smiled as he cupped his hands to Chen Xi and said, “I’m sorry for the offence from before, I hope you will forgive and forget.”

Chen Xi cupped his hands and said, “The wrong of the ignorant can be forgiven. Fellow Daoist, there’s no need to worry about it.”

Imperial Monarch Change Le nodded, and then he said with a smile, “The auction is about to begin. The two of us will bid our farewells first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he greeted Senior White and chatted for a moment before turning around and leaving with the rugged middle aged man.

“Hmph! Bullying a few ignorant little kids is simply too boring. Your ancestor, I, was even thinking of seizing this opportunity to reap some compensation from that Imperial Monarch Chang Le….” Senior White muttered.

“Be content with what you got.” Chen Xi glanced at him and was extremely amused.

Meanwhile, Qian An seemed as if he’d awakened from a dream. However, his gaze towards Chen Xi and Senior White had changed. There was shock, wonder, and even more heartfelt reverence.

He was already clearly aware of how extraordinary this pair of man and bird were since a long time ago. However, he’d never expected that they could actually make the Region Lord of South Sea Region treat them in such a respectful manner. This had exceeded his imagination.


The commotion here was noticed by the South Sea Auction House, and a Senior Manager rushed over personally to apologize again and again to Chen Xi and Senior White. Moreover, he only felt at ease and left when he noticed that they wouldn’t make a fuss about it.

Before he left, he even instructed two beautiful attendants to personally serve Chen Xi and Senior White. This wasn’t treatment that an ordinary person could enjoy.

Obviously, this Senior Manager had definitely obtained some sort of instructions from Imperial Monarch Chang Le, and he was clearly aware that he had to be a good host to Chen Xi and Senior White.

The environment within the VIP Room was extraordinary. All the furnishing within it were carefully selected, and they were suffused with the glow of divinity.

A glass panel was set within the wall, and it faced the Auction Hall, allowing Chen Xi and Senior White to clearly observe everything there and bid for the treasures that were being auctions.

However, it was impossible to see the scene within the VIP Room from the outside, and it could be considered to be an extremely good form of protection.

Right when Chen Xi had just taken his seat, the curtains to the auction were drawn. A beautiful woman with a graceful and novel bearing walked onto the stage and briefly described the rules of the auction before producing the first treasure.

In an instant, it drew Chen Xi’s attention.

It was a crimson red short halberd. It flowed with flaming divine radiance while the arc of its blade seemed like a fire phoenix dancing in the sky. It was elegant, dazzling, and emanated a shocking sharp glow.

When Chen Xi looked closer, he noticed to his surprise that it was actually a Natural Spirit Treasure!

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, the breaths of all the cultivators that participated in this auction had stopped for a moment while their attention had been drawn over by it.

Usually, a precious treasure would be put up for auction at the beginning of an auction, and it was considered an ‘auspicious start’. Similarly, a precious treasure would be placed as the final treasure of the auction.

Obviously, this Natural Spirit Treasure was the precious treasure that played the role of being an ‘auspicious start’.

“This short halberd is called Soaring Phoenix. It’s a Natural Spirit Treasure that naturally possesses a strand of flame quintessence, and its might is unfathomable.” The beautiful woman on the stage described it briefly.

Unlike ordinary auctions, all the cultivators that were able to participate in this auction were great figures from various clans and sects. So, there was utterly no need to give too much of an introduction before they themselves would be able to discern how profound the Soaring Phoenix Halberd was.

“A combat type Natural Spirit Treasure with divine might that’s even stronger than an ordinary Natural Spirit Treasure, yet it was actually not placed at the end of the auction to be the final treasure to be auctions. This is truly shocking.”

Many exclaimed with surprise.

Chen Xi looked carefully for a long time, and then paid no further attention to it. This treasure was rare indeed, yet it was unfortunately unsuitable for him.

“The auction of this treasure is very simple. The minimum price is 30 million divine crystals. Moreover, Fellow Daoists can use treasures to trade for it. The highest bid wins,” said the beautiful woman.

Her voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when a string of bids resounded in the hall. In practically next to no time, the price had risen violently to a sum of 59 million divine crystals.

At this point, the fervent atmosphere from before had calmed slightly.

Because this price was sufficiently shocking, and if they were to place a higher bid, then even those great figures had to think about it carefully.

However, in the end, this Soaring Phoenix Halberd was traded away by a great figure with an extremely rare and extraordinarily valuable Heaven Wonder Dao Liquid.

A single drop of Heaven Wonder Dao Liquid could be exchanged for a few million divine crystals, and it could only be chanced upon by luck. Now an entire bottle of it was traded for this Natural Spirit Treasure, so it could be considered as an astronomical price that instantly caused all the other participants to not dare continue bidding.

This allowed Chen Xi to finally understand why Qian An told him that it would be very difficult to obtain any good treasures during this auction by relying solely on divine crystals. Looks like it really is as Qian An said.

Divine crystals were a form of wealth to ordinary cultivators, and it was naturally better for them the more they had. However, in the eyes of all the great figures present here, it was merely a number and couldn’t be said to be precious. So, it was naturally very difficult to utilize such numbers to trade for matchlessly precious treasures.

In next to no time, the second treasure was displayed on the stage.

It was a divine material placed within a jade box. It was shaped like a curled up earthworm while numerous sharp thorns that seemed like swords grew from its sides. Moreover, it seemed as if it was completely formed from brilliant golden liquid, and it emanated strands of extremely obscure aura.

Chen Xi’s entire body suddenly froze when he saw the appearance of this divine material clearly. Shockingly, it was one of the two divine materials he lacked, the Gold Lined Thorns!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised by this, yet he felt even more pleasant surprise. He’d utterly never imagined that he would be able to lay eyes on this divine material at the beginning of the auction.

“This treasure is called Gold Lined Thorns….”

Before the beautiful woman could finish describing it, a wave of roaring laughter resounded in the hall.

“Isn’t this one of the divine materials required by the owner of that commission?”

“Haha! I never expected that the South Sea Auction House would really be so capable. They didn’t go trade it for an Ancestral Dao Root but auctioned it off here instead. Could it be that they intend to rely on the auction to drive its value?”

“I know for a fact that many old fellows are anxiously searching for a piece of Gold Lined Thorns to help their grandchildren obtain an Ancestral Dao Root. Your auction house is really good at scheming. Your objectives behind auctioning off this treasure is slightly impure.”

Sounds of discussion rose from all over. Obviously, even all the great figures here had heard of everything that had occurred within Spiritsail City recently.

At this moment, even Chen Xi was stunned, and he puckered his lips with slight helplessness. I can’t really blame the auction house because it’s my fault for issuing that commission….

“Since Fellow Daoists know it well, then it couldn’t be any better, and I won’t provide any unnecessary details. The minimum price for this treasure is 15 million divine crystals. As usual, it can be traded for with other precious treasures. The highest bid wins.” The beautiful woman smiled and didn’t seem embarrassed at all as she spoke slowly.

“20 million.”

“25 million.”

“30 million!”


The scene that followed was actually more intense than the bidding for the first Natural Spirit Treasure, and it truly exceeded the expectations of many participants of the auction.

However, Chen Xi’s brows had knit together tightly. If this continues, then what sort of price would I have to pay to obtain this treasure?

At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel slightly displeased by the auction house’s actions. Obviously, they’d indirectly utilized him to profit while making Chen Xi himself have no choice but to pay a high price. So, it was truly infuriating.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t do anything about it. He was clearly aware that he would probably have to pay a huge price in order to obtain it.

But the scene that followed caused Chen Xi to be stunned.

A voice that was heavy like a bell suddenly resounded in the hall. “Everyone, I’m determined to obtain this treasure, and I’m willing to pay a Divine Ocean Daostone for it!”

Surprisingly, it was Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s voice.

However, Chen Xi was truly surprised by another voice that resounded right after that. “Hahaha! Brother Wen, I’m similarly determined to obtain this treasure. I wonder if a piece of Firewater Nethersoul Iron is capable of winning this treasure over?”

This voice actually belonged to Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu.

Chen Xi could be said to have come in contact with both these Imperial Monarchs either out in the open or in secret, yet they’d were both actually willing to stop at nothing to obtain a piece of Gold Line Thorns now.

This caused Chen Xi to instantly feel slightly puzzled. What’re they trying to do?

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