Chapter 1752 – Imperial Monarch Chang Le

There were attendants specially stationed before the auction house.

Qian An was rather familiar towards all of this.

“Wait a moment, Young Master,” said Qian An before he walked swiftly towards the attendant and conversed softly.

It wasn’t long before Qian An returned to Chen Xi’s side with a smile on his face, and he said, “It’s all thanks to Hall Master Peng’s command token that I was able to specially help Young Master prepare a VIP Room. In this way, Young Master wouldn’t have to worry about being noticed by other cultivators.”

Chen Xi glanced at Qian An with slight surprise, and he thought in his heart. This fellow really is capable. He’s meticulous and handles things in an experienced manner.

They didn’t stay here any longer and immediately walked side by side into the auction house.

The inner area of this ancient building was covered in carved beams and painted pillars, and it was extremely vast and brilliant. Obviously, it had been refined with a secret technique related to space, allowing it to form a world of its own.

After they entered the hall, the first thing that entered their fields of vision was an ancient statue. It was in the form of a man who was in high spirits and had a mighty figure. He had his hands placed behind his back while he gazed into the distance. Moreover, these simple actions of his actually emanated an aura of supremacy that assaulted the face and terrified the soul.

This status was obviously extremely old, and it was covered in a layer of the aura of the Dao. It had an indescribable aura that caused even Chen Xi to be unable to help but arouse a wisp of reverence in his heart.

This was extremely inconceivable!

After all, with Chen Xi’s current cultivation, this would definitely not occur even if he faced a true Imperial Monarch.

Yet now, merely a statue actually affected him in such a way, and it was obvious how shocking this was.

Qian An walked forward respectfully and bowed to the statue. After that, he turned around and walked over to Chen Xi’s side, and then he said in a low voice, “Young Master, this is the divine statue of the black market’s owner and the one who established this Dao Domain — the Abundance Daolord. Very few people know his name, but it’s undoubtable that the Treasure Exhibition wouldn’t exist without him.”

The Abundance Daolord? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Just the divine statue of a Daolord possesses such divine might.

This allowed Chen Xi to obtain a slightly deeper understanding of the Daolord Realm.

Streams of people surged through the hall. There was a huge amount of them, and they were experts that came from all over. There were men and women of all ages, and there was no lack of living beings from ancient races and clans. All of them were of extraordinary origin.

After all, practically all those who were able to come here were from distinguished clans and sects or were experts that possessed extraordinary combat strength. On the contrary, there were very few Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods at the initial-stage like Chen Xi. Most of them were old fellows at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and there was no lack of Imperial Monarchs.

This caused Chen Xi to feel even more curious. Exactly what sort of shocking treasure is about to appear in this auction that it actually drew so many great figures over to participate in it?

In next to no time, Qian An led Chen Xi through the hall and through a winding passageway before they arrived in front of a white jade door.

“Please stop, this is a VIP Room.” An attendant stood before the white jade door, and he had an indifferent attitude that was neither humble nor overbearing.

“We were referred here by Hall Master Peng. This is the Token of Authentication. This VIP Room has been booked by us.” Qian An walked forward and passed the command token over.

The attendant sized Chen Xi and Qian An up in a doubtful manner, yet he didn’t stretch out his hand to receive it and said indifferently instead, “I’m sorry, this VIP Room has been booked. Please leave.”

Qian An instantly frowned. “What do you mean by that?”

The attendant said coldly, “Did you not hear me?”

Since he was able to hold a position in South Sea Auction House, he possessed a great network of connections himself. So, he’d seen many fellows like Qian An who relied on the authority of others and spoke extremely bluntly to Qian An.

“It’s right over here. I asked someone to book it earlier.” Right at this moment, a young man walked over. He wore luxurious clothes and armor that flowed with light.

There was a group of men and women accompanying him from behind. All of them had wealthy bearings and were extremely extraordinary.

“Young Master Wen!” The cold and indifferent expression on the attendant’s face instantly transformed into a wisp of a fervent and flattering expression, and he hurriedly bowed and acted in an extremely humble manner.

The background of this group of men and women was extremely great. Especially the young man standing before the attendant, he was a descendant of South Sea Region’s Lord, Imperial Monarch Chang Le.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he noticed the attendant’s attitude change so swiftly. Looks like the tendency to act according to the influence of others exists everywhere.

“Young Master, looks like we came here for nothing this time.” Qian An smiled bitterly as he spoke via voice transmission. He’d discerned the young man’s identity. The young man was called Wen Xinyu, and he was Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s seventh son. He was a well known disciple of noble birth in the entire South Sea Region.

Qian An explained all of this to Chen Xi.

“What’s going on? Why are there other people gathered here?” Wen Xinyu glanced at Chen Xi and Qian An, and he couldn’t help but frown and feel slightly displeased.

The attendant’s expression changed abruptly, and he berated Chen Xi and Qian An, “What’re the two of you still doing here? Are you waiting for someone to drive you out?”

Chen Xi’s face sank. No matter how good his temper was, he felt that this attendant was going a bit too far. This attendant was simply acting like a snob.

When he saw Chen Xi’s expression, Qian An suddenly gritted his teeth and said in a stern voice. “We were invited here by Hall Master Peng. How dare a servant like you speak like that?”

The attendant’s face froze, and then he exploded with rage. “Alright! Both of you’re intentionally looking for trouble, huh?”

“Enough!” Wen Xinyu frowned as he interrupted. “What would people think of us for making noise at a place like this?”

As he spoke, he suddenly turned around and glanced at Chen Xi and Qian An before a wisp of a disdainful arc couldn’t help but arise on the corners of his mouth. He said coldly, “This isn’t a place that the two of you can run wild at. Both of you should take a look at your status. You want to enter a VIP Room with such status? Not to mention Hall Master Peng, even if the other four Hall Masters of the Exchange Hall are here, a single word from me would be enough to stop the both of you from entering a VIP Room!”

Qian An’s expression changed indeterminately. He dared to berate the attendant, yet he didn’t dare to offend this descendant of Imperial Monarch Chang Le.

After all, he was merely a manager of the Exchange Hall. So, if Wen Xinyu wanted him dead, then it would simply be as easy as pinching an ant to death.

“Haha! Alright, let’s not make a fuss about it with them. Ask them to fuck off right now and don’t waste our time.”

“Right, don’t be angry, Brother Wen. There’s no need to make a fuss about it with figures like this, it’ll just bring you down to their level for no reason.”

“Why aren’t the two of you vanishing from our sight?”

All the men and woman behind Wen Xinyu spoke successively, and they were extremely haughty and blunt. They didn’t take Chen Xi and Qian An seriously at all.

“All of you kids are truly arrogant and stupid. You dare to run wild because your fathers are formidable? What a bunch of useless trash! Ptooey!” Senior White suddenly sneered and spoke with ridicule. “Kid, can you still endure this? Bash these bastards us and let them know that there’s always someone stronger in the world.”

As soon as Senior White spoke, Chen Xi knew that nothing good would come of it. Sure enough, when Senior White finished speaking, the expressions of Wen Xinyu and the other men and women had turned gloomy.

“Now, all of you can dream of leaving!” Someone shouted loudly.

“Make them leave their lives behind. Especially that feathered animal. I’ll definitely kill it and make it into wine!” One of them gazed at Senior White with a murderous expression.

Qian An’s expression changed abruptly while he cried bitterly without end in his heart. Shit! Shit! I never expected that such a storm would occur after we just arrived here. What should I do? Even if Hall Master Peng was here right now, he would probably not know what to do, right?

At this moment, Chen Xi calmed down instead while a wisp of killing intent had arisen in his heart.

These bastards were really idiots like Senior White had said because while others would fear their background, he wouldn’t!

“Xinyu, what’s going on?” Right when Chen Xi was unable to restrain himself from making a move, a voice that was heavy like a bell resounded, and it instantly suppressed all the voices here.

Along with this voice, a violet robed old man and a rugged middle aged man walked over from the distant passageway. Both of them had supreme imposing auras and might to overturn the world.

Surprisingly, they were both Imperial Monarchs!

Qian An’s entire body shivered while his face was ashen. He recognized the violet robed old man, it was the Region Lord of South Sea Region, Imperial Monarch Chang Le!

There was no need for Qian An to guess before he knew that the identity of the rugged middle aged man by the old man’s side wouldn’t be much inferior.

“Father, it’s just a small matter. These two ignorant fellows were trying to fight us for this VIP Room, and I was just about to drive them out and make them fuck off.” Wen Xinyu smiled as he spoke while his gaze towards Chen Xi seemed to become even more haughty as if he had absolute control over the situation.

The other men and woman nodded successively, and they revealed complacent and cold smiled towards Chen Xi and Qian An.

However, to their surprise, not only did the kid standing before them not reveal any reverence and fear at this moment, he seemed to be even more calm and composed.

Logically speaking, if it was any other cultivator, then such a situation would probably make that cultivator feel terrified to the point of kneeling and begging for forgiveness, right?

What’s going on?

“Oh, your ancestor, I, was wondering who was so impressive. So, it turns out to be you two idiots.” Senior White spoke abruptly, and he smiled coldly as he looked at the violet robed old man and rugged middle aged man while his words were filled with ridicule.


This bird actually called two Imperial Monarchs idiots!

Everyone was stunned to the point the surroundings were perfectly silent, and they almost didn’t dare believe their ears.

“You’re… courting death!” Wen Xinyu was utterly infuriated. Because someone actually dared to insult his father right before him and his father. He was unable to restrain himself any longer and swung his palm at Senior White!


An extremely clear and resounding sound of a slap resounded.

However, it wasn’t Senior White that was slapped flying, and it was Wen Xinyu instead. He was directly slapped to the ground while his face swelled up and blood sprayed from both his mouth and nose.

“Who is it!? Who dared to fucking hit me!?” He roared loudly in a shrill voice.


Another slap struck, and it struck Wen Xinyu to the point he howled and almost fainted.

At this moment, he finally saw it clearly. It was actually his father that hit him!

In an instant, he couldn’t be bothered to let out shrill howls, and he gazed at Imperial Monarch Chang Le with an expression of disbelief while he said, “Father, this… this… this….”

“Kneel!” Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s expression was icy cold while his eyes were filled with rage, and he seemed to be exasperated at his son’s failure.

“Father, I….” Wen Xinyu was utterly muddled, and he was unable to wrap his head around the situation.

“I asked you to kneel!” Imperial Monarch Chang Le’s voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth, and it terrified Wen Xinyu to the point his entire body shivered. He hurriedly crawled up from the ground and knelt on the ground.

At this moment, all the men and women who were following behind Wen Xinyu were already dumbstruck since a long time ago. All their faces were covered in astonishment, wonder, and fear. Moreover, they still didn’t know what was going on.

It wasn’t just them, even Qian An and that attendant were stunned on the spot.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

At this moment, Senior White suddenly clapped and laughed coldly. “That’s the right way to bring up a child, the right way indeed.”

“Senior, my son had eyes but failed to see, please be understanding. I apologize on his behalf.” Imperial Monarch Chang Le smiled bitterly as he bowed and cupped his fists.

This scene almost caused the eyeballs of everyone besides Chen Xi and the rugged middle aged man to fall from their sockets. They were extremely shocked in their hearts, and they finally understood a little.

All of this was actually because of that bird!

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