Chapter 1751 – Era Artifact

After he made this decision, Chen Xi acted immediately. He headed to the Exchange Hall to look for Qian An to discuss the matter.

It was common knowledge that one had to be guided into the black market, and the price to enter was one million divine crystals.

Chen Xi didn’t have a lack for divine crystals, and he merely lacked someone to lead him there.

“Entering the black market is a trivial matter to Young Master. I’ll get it done for Young Master in a moment.” After he found out the reason for Chen Xi’s arrival, Qian An didn’t even give it a thought before agreeing readily.

Because of Chen Xi, he hadn’t just obtained a shocking sum of wealth lately, he’d even been promoted to a manager of the Exchange Hall. He could be said to have obtained both fame and fortune, and he was riding on a wave of success.

Coupled with the instructions ‘Hall Master Peng’ provided him, Qian An would probably not hesitate to agree to any request of Chen Xi’s.

Chen Xi smiled as he said, “Thank you.”

“Young Master, you’ve probably never been to the black market. Do you need someone to lead the way?” Qian An hesitated for a moment, and he couldn’t help but ask this question in the end while looking at Chen Xi with an eager gaze.

“That couldn’t be any better.”

Qian An said with delight, “Wait a moment Young Master, I’ll be right back.”

Chen Xi nodded.


Ten minutes later, Qian An led Chen Xi into a quiet room, and then he withdrew a jade talisman that was densely covered in markings of the Dao before he suddenly crushed it.


A rain of light sprayed out while a door was gradually outlined in space. It was suffused with divine radiance and was extremely miraculous.

“Young Master, this is the path to the black market. It’s established within a Dao Domain, and it’s utterly impossible to enter without someone acting as your guide.” Qian An smiled as he explained.

“A Dao Domain?”

Chen Xi’s heart shook.

This was a vast space that could only be established by a Daolord. It was comparable to a world, and it could isolate itself from the detection of the Order of the Heaven Dao.

For example, Master Xuan’s Divine Temple in the Desolate Manku Ruins and the Divine Arambha Garden where Arambha Temple resided were both Dao Domains.

“Exactly. The Dao Domain where the black market is situated has been passed down since countless years ago, and conducting transactions there is the safest.” Qian An explained as he cupped his hands and said, “Young Master, please go ahead.”

Chen Xi nodded, and he didn’t hesitate to step through the door with Qian An.


A bright like flashed before the two of them vanished.


This was an ancient city that was extremely vast.

Its streets that were paved with grey bricks was extremely mottled while many sections of its wall had collapsed. It was the signs of age from experiencing the corrosion of time for a very long time.

Walking into it was like walking into the primeval times, and a heavy aura of history suffused the surroundings.

Presently, numerous figures were gathered within this city.

Unlike the outside world, those who were able to arrive here obviously possessed extraordinary background and outstanding wealth. Practically all of them were figures that possessed monstrous authority and deep resources and reserves.

When Chen Xi and Qian An arrived here, they immediately noticed numerous Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts, and there was only a small group of Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods. As for World Enlightened True Gods, they were practically impossible to find.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because of this. As expected, not just anyone can come to the black market.


Suddenly, this expanse of the heavens and the earth rumbled while a bronze treasured carriage tore through the sky and dashed over.

Surprisingly, it was eight Golden Suanni that were pulling the carriage. They were ferocious, terrifying, and emanated monstrous killing intent that assaulted the face.

“The Suanni Treasured Carriage!”

“Ninesong Region’s Imperial Monarch Zhan Xiao is here as well!”

Someone on the street exclaimed while the others in the surroundings exploded into an uproar. All of them had recognized the identity of the treasured carriage’s owner, and they revealed fearful and respectful expressions.

Imperial Monarch Zhan Xiao was the Region Lord of Ninesong Region. He had an unyielding disposition, was decisive, and possessed peerless divine might.

In next to no time and before everyone could recover from their shock, an expanse of brilliant clouds soared into the sky like a scorching sun streaking through the sky. It was dazzling and resplendent, and it carried a mighty figure who was completely enveloped by divine radiance. The divine radiance that enveloped the figure made it impossible for one to discern the figure’s appearance, but the figure’s imposing aura reigned supreme through the ages, looked down upon the world, and caused the heavens and the earth to dim down before it.

“What’s that?”

“If I’m not wrong, then it’s probably our South Sea Region’s Imperial Monarch Miao Feng from Cloudsky Isle!”

“Imperial Monarch Miao Feng? My god! I heard he has been in closed door cultivation for 10,000 years. Why has he suddenly made an appearance today?”

Exclaims arose all around the street, and it gave rise to another uproar.

At this moment, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised. Why have Imperial Monarchs arrived successively at this black market?

Suddenly, Chen Xi felt the scene before his eyes darken, and the sky was covered in darkness that blotted out the sun and covered the sky.

When he looked over carefully, he noticed that it wasn’t dark clouds, and it was the enormous figure of a Black Tortoise instead. It was enormous, and it seemed like a floating mass of land as it moved through the sky, and it emanated an extremely oppressive and terrifying imposing aura.

When the Black Tortoise flew off far away, Chen Xi could finally clearly discern that a group of figures were standing on the Black Tortoise’s back. The person in the lead was an old man who wore ink green clothes with broad sleeves and a belt, and he wore a lofty crown on his head.

“Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu!”

“He’s actually still here!”

The silence in the ancient city was destroyed once more while clamorous noise resounded without end. The crowd was shocked by these successive scenes, and their hearts were unable to calm down.

In a short period of time, three great figures at the Imperial Monarch Realm and possessed monstrous divine might had actually arrived successively, and this was unusual.

In the following period of time, group after group of cultivators rushed over. There were great figures at the Imperial Monarch Realm and there were extremely influential figures from the various regions. The scene could truly be described as world shocking.

Chen Xi stood on the street while thinking that he hadn’t made this trip for nothing. Because the discussions in the surroundings allowed him to gain an understanding of some Imperial Monarchs, and it had broadened his horizons.

“Young Master, when we were about to come here, I found out that an auction is going to be held in the black market today. At that time, many world shocking and unimaginable treasures will make an appearance. I presume that these great figures have come for that as well.” Qian An explained in a low voice from the side.

An Auction? Chen Xi’s heart shook. Since a time in the past that he couldn’t even recall, it had been very long since he’d come into contact with an auction. Yet he’d never imagined that he would just happen to be on time for grand event that caused Imperial Monarchs to arrive successively.

“Young Master, you only lack two rare divine materials now, Divine Firefall Darkdew and Gold Lined Thorns. Perhaps you can try your luck at the auction.” Qian An suggested in a low voice.

“Let’s go! Your ancestor, I, would like to see exactly what sort of treasures would make an appearance during this auction.” Senior White’s eyes glowed, and he seemed to be extremely interested.

“Alright.” Chen Xi nodded.

“However, Young Master, you have to be prepared. It’s very difficult to purchase any good treasures from the auction by relying solely on divine crystals, and if you bid with Ancestral Dao Roots, then it’ll probably expose your identity.” Qian An hesitated briefly before he explained in a low voice.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Chen Xi smiled. He didn’t just possess Ancestral Dao Roots, and he possessed numerous peerlessly rare divine materials as well. However, he’d been constantly unwilling to sell them because they were too rare.

“Alright. The auction will be held 4,000km away from here at the South Sea Auction House,” said Qian An with a smile on his face.

It was still early, so Chen Xi wasn’t in a rush, and he walked along the streets towards the distance with Qian An.

All along the way, they frequently saw figures flashing towards the same direction. Obviously, all of them had come to participate in the auction.

“Have you heard? Numerous great figures at the Imperial Monarch Realm have come for the Divine Fate Dao Ruler. I heard that it’s an extraordinary Natural Spirit Treasure.”

“It isn’t just that treasure which is extraordinary. I heard that many treasures capable of arousing the desires of Imperial Monarch would make an appearance during the auction. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to draw over so many great figures.”

“I heard that the last item being auctioned will be an Era Artifact. I wonder if it’s true. Such a treasure is the most envied by the heavens. Once it’s noticed by the Order of the Heaven Dao, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

“An Era Artifact? How absurd! Would anyone in the world be stupid enough to auction such a treasure away?”

All along the way, Chen Xi heard all sorts of discussions, and all of them were related to the auction. Moreover, he was extremely surprised by what he heard.

An Era Artifact?

What sort of treasure is that?

“Heh, an Era Artifact? What a bunch of ignorant fools.” Senior White stood on Chen Xi’s should as he sneered with disdain, and he was very indifferent to it.

Chen Xi asked curiously. “What do you mean?”

“Little Fellow, you probably still don’t know what an Era Artifact it. To put it simply, it’s a treasure that exceeds the scope of the Order of the Heaven Dao and possess a heaven defying and prohibited might. Normally speaking, every single one of these treasures are treasured that were preserved from the last era. Because they’re too heaven defying, they’re feared by the Heaven Dao of this era. So, once they’re noticed by the Heaven Dao, boundless tribulations would definitely descend from the Heaven Dao.” Senior White spoke confidently. “Even Imperial Monarchs are unable to control such treasures, and it’s even to the extent that once they come into contact with such a treasure, they’ll be implicated by it, causing the Heaven Dao to not tolerate their existence as well.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. He’d never imagined that there was actually such a heaven defying prohibited treasure in the world. This caused him to think about his own Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush. They were similarly prohibited treasures that couldn’t be exposed in the world.

“Once you understand this, you should understand that possessing an Era Artifact is absolutely more harmful than beneficial to ordinary cultivators, and it’s easy to bring down a calamity upon one’s self.” Senior White saliva sprayed towards the surroundings as he spoke. “So, that’s why your ancestor, I, said that these cultivators are too ignorant and don’t know how terrifying an Era Artifact is…. Eh, wait! If an Era Artifact really does make an appearance, then doesn’t that….”

When he spoke up to here, Senior White was suddenly stunned. He seemed to have thought of something, and he was stunned on the spot and fell into silence.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Xi acutely noticed that Senior White’s emotions seemed to be slightly unstable, and he couldn’t help but raise his brows as he asked this question.

“It’s nothing. Let’s head over to the auction first and take a look there.” Senior White shook his head while his expression was slightly strange.

During the next part of the journey, Senior White even departed completely from his usual behavior, and he became quiet. It was even to the extent that he seemed to be dazed and distracted.

Chen Xi didn’t inquire any further when facing such a scene. This old bird’s origins were mysterious, and it seemed to know everything. Even Chen Xi didn’t know exactly how many secrets were hidden away within Senior White’s mind.

In next to no time, an ancient building appeared before them. It was grand, vast, and like a pavilion that stood towering in the horizon and shot into the sky. It was like a star observatory that had been built by the ancient inhabitants of this place during the primeval times.

At this moment, group after group of cultivators were arriving successively, and it seemed to be extremely bustling, yet the atmosphere was very solemn.

Chen Xi saw the Suanni Divine Carriage, and he saw the mounts of numerous great figures. Obviously, they’d arrived a long time ago.

This was the South Sea Auction House, an auction house situated within the Treasure Exhibition’s black market and a location that was renowned for being mysterious.

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