Chapter 175 – Departure

Chapter 175 – Departure

Chen Xi instantly felt as if he’d entered into a world of swords. In the heaven and earth, countless swords of various shapes and sizes stood in the sky, either completely blazing like flames, flowing like water, emitting bolts of lightning, like splashing ink…


A sword that was coiled in lightning seemed to have noticed Chen Xi’s arrival, and it tore through the sky as it slashed down. Instantly, a myriad of dazzling arcs of lightning shot out explosively, coloring the entire heaven and earth in a silvery white brilliance!

Under this sword strike that was violent and powerful, and carried along an aura of annihilation, Chen Xi was instantly drenched with cold sweat, and he was unable to dodge or escape. It was as if he was facing a Sword Emperor of lightning, and he couldn’t arouse the slightest thought of resisting.


The scene instantly changed. A sword that was winding like a snake appeared in the heaven and earth once more, and with a light stab, a cold, obliterating, and deathly aura filled the heaven and the earth. Chen Xi, who was enveloped by it, seemed as if the vitality in his entire body was swiftly withering, and he became shriveled and transformed into a dry corpse.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Sounds of swords tearing through the sky one after the other resounded throughout the universe, and they seemed to have gathered the penetrating aura of extreme sharpness and firmness in the heaven and earth. Sometimes they were like the milky way moving in reverse and changed the positions of the stars; sometimes they were like continuous layers of lofty mountains that each rose higher than the other; sometimes they were vast like the sea, like strong winds that tore through the waves; sometimes they were violent like the wind and tore through the sky…

Chen Xi who was in the middle of this, felt that every single sword was able to kill him countless times, and no matter how he struggled or how he resisted, he would be unable to flee from suffering the fate of being enveloped and locked on by the sword strike before being annihilated.

This is the Sword Visualization Stone’s Sword Dao profundities?

A mere trace of a Spiritual Brand that was left behind by the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s predecessors possesses such a terrifying might?

Raging waves arose in Chen Xi’s heart, but he wasn’t afraid and was instead delighted. Right away, Chen Xi restrained his mind and selected a starry and drifting Sword Dao profundity to comprehend.

He already understood that everything he saw earlier were images constructed within his mind by those Sword Dao profundities. If it was someone with a comparatively weaker soul, the person would have probably suffered a heavy injury long ago, but it was instead useless towards him. Visualizing the Fuxi Divine Statue all day and night had caused the strength of his soul to be extremely formidable long ago, and he was only a step away from condensing Divine Sense. The assault of these Sword Dao profundities was utterly unable to harm him in the slightest.

Instead, he’d seized this opportunity to carefully comprehend the profundity within them, and he’d transformed these Sword Dao profundities into his own!

So it turns out that the Star Sword Insight actually encompassed the Big Dipper, the Zodiac, the 28 Constellations, and various other Sword Insights, and it can be considered to be a Grand Dao! After a long time, Chen Xi felt that his comprehension towards the Star Dao Insight had undergone a tremendous increase, and with a thought in his heart, he seemed to be within the starry universe and had transformed into a myriad of profound and unfathomable star trajectories.

Without the slightest break, Chen Xi chose a Sword Dao profundity that was formed from lightning and silently comprehended it.

He knew that an opportunity like this that allowed him to comprehend these Sword Daos was extremely precious, and if he didn’t make the best use of his time to fathom and comprehend them, then he would surely regret it for his entire lifetime. After all, this Sword Visualization Stone’s Sword Dao profundities were all left behind by Sword Immortal experts that possessed extremely high comprehension in the Sword Dao, and any one of the Sword Dao profundities was filled with precious and rare inheritance. He would absolutely not easily waste this once in a lifetime opportunity!

The Sword Dao was one of the Supreme Grand Daos.

A sword cultivator was the publicly acknowledged vocation with the strongest attack in the world.

These Sword Dao profundities that were left behind by countless predecessors of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect contained and covered everything through the ages, and it was absolutely a priceless treasure that sword cultivators dreamt of!




Five elements.



Sky, Ground, Wind, Water, Fire, Mountain, Marsh, Lightning.

Chen Xi compared and referred to the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture’s eight great sword moves as he comprehended the numerous Sword Dao profundities. He forgot the time, forget everything in his surroundings, and his entire mind was immersed in the world of swords, the ocean of swords. The various Dao Insights he’d comprehended were slowly becoming deeper and were steadily rising in comprehension.

During the five years that he sat there comprehending the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, Chen Xi had comprehended a trace of Sky Sword Dao from the Qian Sword of Sky. At this moment, it had obtained a tremendous increase from him comprehending the Sword Dao profundities, causing his grasp on the Sky Dao Insight to become even more deep and precise, and it slowly grew and strengthened.

A day passed.

Two days.

Seven days.

Chen Xi stood completely still before the Sword Visualization Stone like a clay sculpture.

The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s entrance test had been conducted for a total of seven days. During these seven days, there were a few thousand disciples that came to the Sword Visualization Stone every day to undergo the test of comprehension. Practically all of them emitted an expression of reverence and admiration from their gazes when they saw Chen Xi who stood unmoving before the Sword Visualization Stone.

It was extremely simple. It was because they themselves were only able to persist for around 7 minutes before the Sword Visualization Stone, and any more time would cause their souls to suffer a heavy injury. It was precisely because of this that when they found out that Chen Xi had already been standing here for a few days, they couldn’t help but feel admiration.

Some proud and arrogant young geniuses were unwilling to accept this and intended to compete with Chen Xi, but all of them lost, and the person who persisted the longest only persisted for half a day, yet suffered heavy injuries and spat blood in the end. If it wasn’t for the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect elders lending a hand in time, he would have probably suffered from qi deviation long ago.

It was precisely because of so many living examples that Chen Xi’s magnificent feat at the Sword Visualization Stone had spread out at an extremely swift speed, and it entered into the ears of every single young disciple that had participated in the sect entrance test, causing waves of exclamations of admiration and discussion.

After an unknown amount of time.

Chen Xi felt boundless exhaustion gush out from the depths of his soul, causing him to instantly awaken from his state of ‘Dao Comprehension.’

His awakening instantly drew the attention of Daoist Wen Xuan and the other six elders that had been guarding him, and of course, it included Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei as well.

Presently, Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei had already become disciples of Daoist Wen Xuan, so they naturally followed wherever their Master went. Moreover, during these seven days, they had the fortune to comprehend the various Sword Dao profundities on the Sword Visualization Stone every single day. They would comprehend for the time for an incense stick to burn every before resting for a period of time, and comprehending intermittently allowed no mishap to befall them.

At this moment, in their eyes, Chen Xi’s disposition had become indistinct as if he’d fused into one with the surrounding space, becoming a piece of the eternal sky, and it caused one to seem as if they were facing a vast sky that was boundless and ethereal.

This was because after he comprehended the Sky Dao Insight, it had caused his entire disposition to undergo a change, but so long as he restrained his aura, this indistinct disposition would vanish, thus allowing him to not be too conspicuous.

“Seven days have already passed? How fast!” When Chen Xi found out from Daoist Wen Xuan that he’d actually stood before the Sword Visualization Stone for seven days, he was instantly shocked.

“Right, Daoist Wen Xuan, when is the ceremony for the sect entrance test this time being held?” Chen Xi suddenly recalled that he’d promised the Sect Leader, Ling Kongzi, that he would attend the ceremony.

“It ended yesterday.” Daoist Wen Xuan smiled warmly and said, “I’ve already helped you explain to Martial Nephew Ling Kongzi, there’s no need to worry.”

Only now did Chen Xi heave a sigh of relief. He didn’t feel regret about being unable to attend the ceremony, as it was only a social activity to him.

“Mu Yao, Mu Wenfei, cultivate properly by Daoist Wen Xuan’s side in the future. I’ll come visit both of you after I return from my training journey.” Chen Xi originally decided to depart right away towards the Oceanic Desert to search for the Nine-Yang Profound Qi to temper his True Essence as soon as he finished attending the ceremony. At this moment, when he saw Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei had someone to rely on, and he didn’t have to worry about them any longer, he instantly decided to leave right now.

“Okay.” Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei had known since long ago that Chen Xi would leave soon, and even though they were unwilling in their hearts, they still nodded. They knew that Big Brother Chen Xi wanted to participate in the Allstar Meeting that would be held five years from now, and he was going on a training journey exactly for the sake of improving his strength. So, even if they persuaded him to stay, he wouldn’t.

“A wyrm doesn’t belong in a pond, as an encounter with a storm will transform it into a dragon.” Daoist Wen Xuan lightly smiled as he cupped his hands. “Chen Xi, I wish you success in advancing to the Golden Core Realm as soon as possible and acquiring a ranking in the top ten of the Allstar Meeting!”

“With Daoist Wen Xuan’s blessings, why should I worry about being unable to accomplish it?” Chen Xi laughed loudly in an unrestrained manner before cupping his hands and turning around to flash towards the mountainside.


On this day, Chen Xi left the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect and stepped onto the path of training.

Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin followed behind him and sent him out of the city gate, and the three of them stood on the city wall as they gazed silently at his figure that vanished into the horizon.

After a long time, Du Qingxi spoke unhappily. “I wonder when we’ll meet again!?”

Song Lin sighed. “Perhaps, when he appears before us once more, he will already be an influential figure that commands the lands under the heaven.”

Duanmu Ze swept his gaze past the two of them and laughed loudly. “Of course, Chen Xi’s my Brother, and his achievements in the future will surely be limitless!”

Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Profound-vision Peak.

“Old Turtle, are you still unable to divine it?” Qing Qiu couldn’t refrain from asking.

Xuan Jing sat cross-legged on the ground with a damaged copper coin before him, and it emitted strands of obscure, mysterious, deep, and cold aura.

“It won’t work. After his fate obtained the River Diagram fragment, it was concealed by the secrets of the heaven, and his fortune is absolutely not something I can predict.” After silently deducing for a long time, Xuan Jing shook his head and sighed before smiling mysteriously. “But do you still remember the divination I made when I was in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range?”

Qing Qiu was stunned. “What was it?”

“That divination was of one that was hauled into the nine layers of hell to become a dragon, the symbol for a dragon hidden within deep water. At that time, he’d already overcome the tribulation of a dragon trapped within deep waters. If I’m not wrong, his fortune in the future will surely be like a dragon soaring in the sky, fearless under the heavens!” Xuan Jing’s gaze was deep and profound as he spoke word by word.

“Master, Chen Xi has left.” At the restricted area in the rear mountains of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, at the side of the azure lake in the secluded valley, Daoist Wen Xuan stood with cupped hands.

“Yes, I already know.” Bei Heng stood with his hands behind his back, his gaze looking at the azure lake, yet his mind was thinking of that beautiful youth that was a woman disguised as a man and the women that was surnamed Bai who had successively annihilated the Starnet Palace and the Su Clan.

In his hand, he still held a command token that was lustrous white like jade, and there was only a single ‘白’ character on it. This command token was given to him by Bai Wanqing, and it was related to whether he was able to enter the Dark Reverie, whereas, all this was established on whether Chen Xi was able to pass through the Allstar Meeting and the Primeval Battlefield.

Otherwise, possessing this command token would be useless as well.

Chen Xi, Oh, Chen Xi! I’m still waiting to head towards that mysterious and boundless Dark Reverie with you. You must succeed… Bei Heng muttered endlessly in his heart.

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