Chapter 1749 – The Owner Of The Sword

The impression Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu gave others had always been very steady, like a rock that had sunken to the bottom of the ocean. No matter how the undercurrents surged, it remained unmoving. It was steady like a mountain, and no matter how the winds assaulted it, it was utterly immovable.

This was a form of mental state that could only be tempered through experiencing countless worldly affairs.

However, at this moment, he seemed to have been stunned on the spot. His expression seemed to be delighted yet sorrowful, and it changed indefinitely as if he was possessed.

Zhao Jiukun couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when he saw this, and he couldn’t help but move forward and take a look. He saw that the Ancestral Dao Root lying quietly within the jade box was azure blue like the ocean, and it was suffused with a seemingly illusory radiance of ancestral energy. Moreover, a rain of light poured out from it, and it seemed divine and extraordinary.

“An eighth-grade Ancestral Dao Root!” In an instant, Zhao Jiukun’s pupils dilated, and he cried out involuntarily.

“Yes, it’s an eight-grade King Rank Ancestral Dao Root!” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu took a deep breath while he sighed endlessly with emotion. “Now, we have to owe him a favor no matter what.”

An existence like him was naturally clearly aware what an eighth-grade Ancestral Dao Root represented, and it was even impossible to trade for with a Natural Spirit Treasure.

Because an Ancestral Dao Root of such quality was absolutely rarer and more precious than a Natural Spirit Treasure!

“He… he… he….” Zhao Jiukun was shocked speechless. He was truly unable to imagine that there would actually be someone in the world that would be willing to give such a precious treasure away.

“Now, you don’t blame grandfather anymore, right?” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu teased with a smile on his face.

Zhao Jiukun instantly felt extremely embarrassed, and he said with embarrassment, “I never expected it. However, who exactly is that fellow? How could he possess an eighth-grade King Rank Ancestral Dao Root?”

“Jiukun, you shouldn’t look at things in such a simple manner. You ought to pay attention to the fact that since that young man could even hand over an eighth-grade King Rank Ancestral Dao Root, then it’s obvious how extraordinary the Ancestral Dao Root he possesses is.” Imperial Monarch Zhen WU’s eyes were enshrouded with divine light, and they glistened with wisdom. He seemed to have guessed something.

“He wouldn’t be in possession of a ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root, right?” Zhao Jiukun’s heart shook.

Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu smiled and said secretively, “Then guess who he is?”

Zhao Jiukun was stunned. He frowned and pondered with concentration for a long time before he suddenly slapped himself on the forehead and cried out. “Could that fellow by that Personal Disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi?”

Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu neither confirmed it or denied it and said, “Don’t carelessly spread news of this out. No matter what, we owe him a favor for the eighth-grade Ancestral Dao Root you’ve obtained this time. If I’m unable to repay it, then you will. In short, you must remember this favor.”

As he finished speaking, his voice had already become solemn.

“Don’t worry Grandfather, I’ll definitely commit it to memory.” Zhao Jiukun took a deep breath and spoke firmly.

At this moment, Chen Xi had walked out from the room, and he was heading out of the Exchange Hall while being accompanied by Qian An.

Chen Xi was already very satisfied from being able to obtain the Celestial Wingspirit Herb and the Banisher Sword that possessed shocking might.

However, he was slightly disappointed because even though his commission had caused an extremely great stir in the world, only Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu alone had actually accepted this commission.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t in a hurry. Merely three days had passed until now, and he had a huge amount of opportunities in the future. He’d already instructed Qian An to immediately notify him if someone accepts the commission.

“Young Master, did you really hand over a seventh-grade Monarch Rank Ancestral Dao Root in the end?” Qian An had remained silent all along the way, and he seemed to have been hesitating. At this moment, he was finally unable to restrain himself and asked this question.

Of course, he’d asked via voice transmission.

“That isn’t something you should be concerned about.” Chen Xi smiled as he reminded.

Qian An instantly felt embarrassed, and he hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Young Master, don’t misunderstand. I absolutely don’t have any other intentions.”

“Alright, that’s all for now.” Chen Xi bid farewell to Qian An while standing outside the Exchange Hall.

“Young Master, wait a moment.” He seemed to have suddenly thought of something and called out to Chen Xi. He passed a jade slip over and said, “Young Master, this is the information on the Nightbird Stellar Bandits that you asked me to gather. Please take it.”

Chen Xi was stunned. If Qian An hadn’t reminded him, then he would have almost forgotten this matter.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi cupped his hands before he turned around and left, and he swiftly vanished amidst the boundless ocean of people.

Qian An watched Chen Xi leave., and he sighed with emotion after a long time. “This Young Master’s background is definitely extraordinary….”

The more he came into contact with Chen Xi, then more he felt that Chen Xi was unfathomable and mysterious, and it caused him to arouse a form of reverence that came from the heart.

“Qian An.” After a short moment, an aged voice resounded, and it jolted Qian An awake from his deep contemplation.

Hall Master Peng? Qian An hurriedly turned around, and he saw a grey clothed old man standing outside the hall while looking at him.

“You did very well this time. In the future… you’ll be in charge of the affairs in the Commission Area.” The old man smiled while his gaze was filled with praise.

Qian An’s entire body shook, and he felt disbelief. After a short while, he was finally able to forcefully restrain the excitement in his heart, and he said, “Thank you Hall Master Peng for this kindness.”

He was very clearly aware that he’d instantly soared up and advancement into a manager! This was an extremely rare position, and it also represented a form of honor!

“Work hard! Most importantly, serve that… Young Master well after this.” Hall Master Peng patted him on the shoulder before he turned around and left.

Right at this moment, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu, Zhao Jiukun, and the others walked out. Hall Master Peng moved forward to greet them, and it wasn’t long before he led Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s group towards a specially established VIP Hall.

Qian An witnessed all of this, and he felt both excited and overjoyed in his heart. He couldn’t help but muttered. “That Young Master really is like a blessing to me. In just a short few days of time, he had allowed my fate to undergo such a change. In the future, I must work even more diligently, and if I’m able to form a relationship with that Young Master, then he’ll absolutely be able to bring extraordinary fortune to me!”


After he returned to the abode he’d rented, Chen Xi first carefully stored the divine material he’d obtained, and then he started to look through the jade slip in his hand.

The Nightbird Stellar Bandits are a group of formidable bandits that roam freely throughout 13 regions including the South Sea Region, the Cloudpool Region, Ninesong Region…. They live on plundering passing cultivators. They’re cruel and commit all sorts of crimes. They can be considered to have committed monstrous crimes and poison the world.

The Boss of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits is called ‘Ghosteye Vulture’. His origins are mysterious, his cultivation is at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, his bearing is steady and experienced, and he’s extremely scheming and calculating.

The Second Boss is ‘Daoist Ran Xue’, a descendant of the Spiritfuse Clan. 7,300 years ago, he was expelled from the clan for plundering the wealth of his fellow clansman. His bearing is cruel and ruthless, and he possesses a cultivation at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

The Third Boss ‘Ancestor Green Blood’, a descendant of the Trievil Blood Race….

The Fourth Boss ‘Chang Hen’, a descendant of the Violet Horned Dragon Race….

The Fifth Boss ‘Maiden of Insects’, a descendant of the Splitshell Worm Race….

As he read line after line, Chen Xi finally understood why the Nightbird Stellar Bandits were so arrogant. Merely these five leaders were all Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. Under such circumstances, only an Imperial Monarch would be able to annihilate them.

However, regretfully, these cunning stellar bandits were constantly moving through space, and they left no trace behind while they acted in an extremely secretive manner as well. So, practically no one knew where their lair was, causing it to be impossible to lock onto their tracks even if an Imperial Monarch had set out with the intention of annihilating them.

Something worthy of mentioning was that the Nightbird Stellar Bandits used to have seven leaders. However, the sixth and seventh had been annihilated by an Imperial Monarch a few years ago, so only five of them remained.

The jade slip also contained information about the crimes the Nightbird Stellar Bandits had committed in the past few years. There was a dense list of them that numbered to over a thousand. They could truly be said to have committed heavy crimes that were too numerous to be listed.

That Ancestor Green Blood whom I met the other day will probably not let the matter rest. However, this is good as well. If they dare to come looking for trouble with me, then I’ll eliminate this cancer from the world, and it can be considered to be a deed of boundless virtue. Chen Xi put the jade slip away while a trace of killing intent suffused the space between his brows. He really hated bastards that committed all sorts of crimes, and if he encountered such bastards, he would naturally not show any mercy.

“Stop staring blankly there and quickly take out that sword you just obtained.” Suddenly, Senior White urged Chen Xi.

Senior White’s display in the Exchange Hall today really satisfied Chen Xi. From the beginning until the end, Senior White hadn’t said a single word, and this was even slightly unusual.

At this moment, when Senior White suddenly spoke, besides caused Chen Xi to feel slightly stunned, Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart for no rhyme or reason. He felt that this was the real Senior White, and if Senior White constantly remained silent, then Chen Xi would feel slightly uncomfortable instead….

“What’s wrong with this sword?” Chen Xi withdrew the ancient bronze sword case and opened it as he asked this question.

Senior White remained silent, and he stared at the ancient sword that lay silently within the sword case and sized it up carefully.

After a long time, he chuckled and said, “Banisher? What a sword! It really is smelted from a Natural Spirit Treasure. If I’m not wrong, then this sword’s owner’s cultivation in the Heart Dao was at least on par with the 8th forging of the True Heart Sutra that you’re cultivating.”

When he spoke up to here, Senior White couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “However, unfortunately, the owner of this sword was still a little lacking, and he wasn’t able to continue discovering the Ultimate Path of the Sword before he transformed into dirt. He’s still inferior to Xuan.”

“How did you determine that?” Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he was slightly surprised the Senor White was actually able to discern so much from a single sword.

“This is an innate ability that your ancestor, I, was born with. Others can’t learn it even if they want to. So, it’s best that you give up any intention of learning it because it’s impossible.” Senior White spoke complacently again and glanced at Chen Xi with extreme pride.

In an instant, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on this old bird. He waved his hand to drive Senior White away, and then he sized up the sword once more. After that, he took a deep breath and put it away before starting to meditate while seated cross-legged on the ground.

Presently, he’d already advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and it was impossible for his cultivation to improve in a short period of time. So, he’d placed his attention of improving his cultivation in the Dao Heart.

So long as his cultivation in the Dao Heart improved, then it would be sufficient to make his cultivation in the Sword Dao undergo a transformation, and it might even provide a further improvement to his cultivation as well.

Presently, Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Dao Heart had already attained perfection in the 1st forging of the True Heart Sutra. The Heart Infant he’d condensed was like a young child that sat cross-legged in meditation within his heart. Its entire body was suffused with crystalline and translucent Heart Energy, and it seemed to be extremely divine and miraculous.

Chen Xi intended to exert all his effort from now onwards towards tempering his cultivation in the Dao Heart and strive to break through into the second forging as soon as possible.

At that time, his combat strength would definitely undergo another transformation!

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