Chapter 1748 – Banisher

The conditions Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu proposed were extremely tempting indeed, and if it was any other ordinary cultivator, that cultivator would probably have become overjoyed and agreed.

Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu himself was confident that he’d already displayed his sincerity, and so long as this person knew how to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, then that person would definitely not refuse.

However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, perhaps a favor from Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu could cause other cultivators to be overjoyed, but it wasn’t really attractive to him.

The reason was extremely simple. His Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, was a Daolord, and he was even in contact with another Daolord right now, the Master of Arambha Temple.

Under such circumstances, a favor promised by an Imperial Monarch was obviously unable to make Chen Xi feel much pleasant surprise.

However, Chen Xi didn’t refuse. He really needed the Celestial Wingspirit Herb, and he couldn’t let such an opportunity slip him by.

However, it was clearly impossible for him to pay the price of an Ancestral Dao Root above the sixth-grade just like that.

“I appreciate Senior’s good intentions.” Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “Let’s not mention the favor for now. I just happen to lack a suitable sword. If Senior can satisfy this request of mine, then I’ll naturally provide Senior with an Ancestral Dao Root that’s satisfactory to Senior.”

This answer caused Qian An to be stunned, and he almost didn’t dare believe his ears. This fellow… actually refused?

No, wait!

He didn’t refuse, he even seized the opportunity to ask Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu for a sword!

Qian An’s heart instantly started twitched. Can this be considered as making exorbitant demands? What if he infuriates Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu?

At this instant, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu who resided in the opposite room couldn’t help but be stunned, and he was slightly surprised because the young man in the opposite room actually started bargaining with him!

“He’s going too far!” Zhao Jiukun was slightly unable to restrain himself, and he said in a low voice, “That fellow obviously intends to seize this opportunity to ruthlessly extort Grandfather. Grandfather, you absolutely must not indulge him!”

Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu went silent for a moment before he said, “There’s no need to speak further. I’m clearly aware of everything in my heart.”

After that, he sighed as he stood up and patted Zhao Jiukun on the shoulder. He said, “If you want to obtain an Ancestral Dao Root of superb quality, then a price must be paid.”

“But….” Zhao Jiukun was unwilling in his heart.

“No buts!” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu waved his hand and interrupted Zhao Jiukun, and his face carried a wisp of a dignified expression.

“Jiukun, do you remember all of those old fellows that came looking for me in the past few years? Even though they took the initiative to send Ancestral Dao Roots to me, all of them raised requests that went too far, and some even intended to encroach on our territory in the North Light Region. All of them were filled with greed and wild ambition!” When he spoke up to here, a wisp of coldness arose on the corners of Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s lips. “Yet now, we can purchase a good Ancestral Dao Root through a mere trade, and it’s already really good. At the very least, it’s over 100 times better than agreeing to those old fellow’s conditions.”

Zhao Jiukun instantly went silent when he heard this.

He was clearly aware that numerous extraordinary figures had come looking for his grandfather, and they took the initiative to provide his grandfather with numerous Ancestral Dao Roots of extraordinary quality. However, all of them were refused by his grandfather. The reason was that their goals weren’t pure, and it was tainted with all sorts of exchanges of interests and benefits. This was something that his grandfather was absolutely unable to tolerate.

Yet he, Zhao Jiukun, was the cause of all of this!

If it wasn’t for the sake of his advancement into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu wouldn’t have to go to so much trouble at all.

“Grandfather….’ Zhao Jiukun took a deep breath and seemed to intend to say something.

“Alright, it’s more than enough if you work hard in your future cultivation.” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu smiled and signaled his grandson that there was no need to say anything else.

When he spoke up to here, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu seemed to have made some sort of decision. He raised his hand and withdrew a bronze sword case. The surface of the sword cave was extremely mottled, and it was suffused with an ancient and solemn aura that could only be accumulated through experiencing the passage of time.

As he rubbed this icy cold bronze sword case with his fingers, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, and his eyes were filled with the color of recollection.

“Grandfather, you wouldn’t be intending to give this treasure to that fellow, right?” At this moment, Zhao Jiukun cried out involuntarily with surprise, and he seemed to have recognized the treasure within the bronze sword case.

“It’s useless in my possession anyway.” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu shook his head and stopped hesitating. He turned around and opened the door. “Pass this and that Celestial Wingspirit Herb to the attendant and ask the attendant to deliver them to the owner of the commission.”

“Yes!” A subordinate standing outside the door hurriedly bowed and received the sword case before leaving hastily.

“Grandfather, isn’t such a price a bit too heavy? How can you… do this!? You just gave it away like that! Wouldn’t its reputation be disgraced if it falls into the hands of a perverted and cruel fellow?” Zhao Jiukun couldn’t help but strike his chest and stamp his feet with extreme rage.

“If that really happens, then I’ll personally take it back.” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu spoke these words in a light voice, and his tone was composed, indifferent, and carried an oppressive and arrogant aura.

The conversation between Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu and Zhao Jiukun hadn’t entered into Chen XI’s room, and this caused the atmosphere to be slightly deathly silent.

Qian An’s heart couldn’t help but rise to his throat when no reply came from Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu after such a long time, and his expression changed slightly as he muttered. “Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu… wouldn’t have been… infuriated, right?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then spoke indifferently. “Don’t worry, he’s a dignified Imperial Monarch, so he definitely won’t disregard his dignity and make things difficult for you.”

Qian An said anxiously, “Then what about Young Master?”

Chen Xi said with amusement, “He doesn’t even know who I am, so how would he make things difficult for me?”

Even though Chen Xi had said this, Qian An was still slightly uneasy. The reason was that Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu was unlike the other Imperial Monarchs, his reputation was truly too great. His reputation struck terror in the hearts of all, and it caused others to not dare arouse any intention of going against him.

Right at this moment, a wave of knocking resounded.

This caused Qian An to instantly become vigilant. He glanced at Chen Xi before he said in a low voice. “Who’s that outside the door? Don’t you know that a trade is being held in this quiet room for VIPs?”

“Qian An, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu sent two treasures over. Come out and get it yourself.” An aged voice resounded from the outside.

“Hall Master Peng!” Qian An was instantly shocked. When he saw Chen Xi reveal a puzzled expression, he hurriedly explained. “Hall Master Peng is an Imperial Monarch from South Sea Region. At the same time, he’s one of the six Hall Masters of my Exchange Hall. He’s from the Green Winged Garuda Clan. It’s all thanks to his presence that all sorts of troubles were avoided throughout these past few years.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised. An Imperial Monarch is holding down the fort here. No wonder no one dares to cause trouble here.

“However, why would Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu send two treasures over? Could it be that he isn’t angry?” Qian An couldn’t help but be bewildered.

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought instead, and he instructed. “Go bring it over.”

Qian An nodded. After he walked out of the room, it wasn’t long before he walked in while carrying a jade box and an ancient bronze sword case.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he immediately seemed as if he’d guessed something, causing him to be unable to help but feel slightly surprised.

He opened the jade box first. Sure enough, he saw a divine herb that was fine like ginseng, light violet in color, and suffused with strands of sweet fragrance that rained down towards the surroundings in the form of specks of light. It lay silently within the jade box, and it was surprisingly the Celestial Wingspirit Herb!

Could it be…. Qian An’s entire body stiffened, and he felt slight disbelief.


Meanwhile, Chen Xi had already opened the sword case, and a strand of an obscure sword howl instantly resounded from within it.

When he looked over carefully, an ancient sword lay within the sword case. It was two and a half fingers wide, over 1m long, dark blue in color, and smooth like a mirror. Its surface was branded with strands of mysterious Dao Markings, and it flowed with glistening divine radiance that seemed like moonlight.

Even though it lay silently within the sword case, when Chen Xi’s gaze shot over, he was able to clearly sense a murderous and fierce aura assault his face, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow because of this. Moreover, he felt a piercing pain and slight numbness from them.

A Natural Spirit Treasure?


This aura isn’t pure, and it’s much closer to an Artificial Spirit Treasure.

But does it possess such pure Natural Spirit Energy?

In an instant, a wisp of shock arose in Chen Xi’s heart. Along with this shock was numerous questions because he was actually unable to determine exactly what sort of divine artifact this ancient sword was.

This was obviously slightly unusual.

On the other hand, Qian An shuddered while his expression changed abruptly. He moved to the side and actually didn’t dare approach the ancient sword.

However, he was finally certain that Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu wasn’t infuriated and had even readily handed over the Celestial Wingspirit Herb and an ancient sword that possessed a shocking aura!

This had exceeded Qian An’s imagination, and he was utterly unable to figure out what Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu was thinking.

“Fellow Daoist, how’s the sword?” Right at this moment, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s indifferent and steady voice resounded in the room.

“It’s extremely formidable.” Chen Xi paused for a moment before he added. “It’s extraordinary, and its value is probably not inferior to a Natural Spirit Treasure.”

“Your discerning ability isn’t bad. This sword is called Banisher, and it’s from an extraordinary expert that stepped foot onto the Ultimate Path of the Sword many years ago. Even though it isn’t an actual Natural Spirit Treasure, its core was forged from a Natural Spirit Treasure. I hope you will take good care of it and don’t disgrace its reputation.” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s voice carried a wisp of imperceptible sorrow.

Banisher! Chen Xi thought in his heart. Chen Xi felt that this name was slightly strange, and most surprising to him was that in order to forge this sword, someone actually didn’t hesitate to melt a Natural Spirit Treasure into its core!

If news of this were to spread, then person would definitely be cursed as a madman. After all, once a Natural Spirit Treasure was melted, it wouldn’t possess its original might any longer.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi was unable to determine what sort of divine artifact it was when he’d first laid eyes on this sword.

However, it was undoubtable that this sword was extremely formidable. It exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations, and its value was absolutely on par with a Natural Spirit Treasure!

Yet Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu had actually given this sword away because of a single sentence he’d spoken, and this had utterly exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations and caused him to be slightly stunned.

“Thank you, Senior, for the gift of this sword.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and expressed his gratitude in a serious manner.

As he spoke, he passed a jade box to Qian An who’d fallen into a dumbstruck state, and he said, “Please send this over for me.”

Qian An received it instinctively, and he walked out of the room while a dazed expression still lingered on his face. Everything that occurred earlier caused him to be astounded, and his heart was unable to calm down until now.

In the other room.

“That kid really got a bargain by obtaining Banisher for a mere seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root.” Zhao Jiukun was still upset, and he really felt that it was unfair to his grandfather, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu.

“A sword that’s hidden within its case is no different from a bright pearl that’s covered by dust. It’s a waste of god’s given gifts.” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu smiled lightly.

Right at this moment, a wave of knocking resounded, and then a subordinate sent a jade box into the room in a respectful manner. “My Lord, this is the treasure that person sent over.”

“You may leave.” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu received the jade box, and he only opened it after that subordinate left.

Hmm? In the next moment, a wisp of shocking light suddenly surged out from within his eyes when he saw the object within the jade box clearly.

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