Chapter 1746 – A Mighty Uproar

Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu could definitely be considered to be an existence that was renowned amongst Imperial Monarchs.

There were rumors that said he’d even attained the realm of Ninth Star Imperial Monarch, was halfway into the ranks of Daolords, and possessed unfathomable strength.

Yet now, such a great figure had arrived at the Exchange Hall in Spiritsail City. So, everyone wondered about the reason for this?

All of them were curious.

Unfortunately, out of consideration for Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s power and influence, no one dared to go forward and inquire about it.

“This is the Commission Area? It isn’t bad. It’s even grander than the Swimming Dragon Hall in our North Light Region.”

In the Commission Area, the young man with an aura that was heavy like a mountain sized up the surroundings with a curious expression, and his eyes faintly carried an expression of praise and admiration.

But in next to no time, he chuckled and pointed at a screen of light as he said, “Grandfather, look at that. Someone actually issued a commission with the intention of purchasing a Natural Spirit Treasure. That fellow is simply indulging in fantasies.”

Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu smiled with indifference. He’d seen many people that dreamed of the impossible, so he was naturally accustomed to it.

“Eh!” Before long, the young man exclaimed once more with surprise.

“Jiukun, what startled you like that?” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu frowned. He felt that his grandson’s disposition still wasn’t sufficiently steady, and he had to temper his grandson properly in the future.

“No, look over here, Grandfather.” The young man called Jiukun had a strange expression as he pointed at a screen of light, and he stared blankly at it as he said, “Someone actually issued a commission and intends to exchange fifth-grade and sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Roots for some divine materials!”

“Hmm?” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu was shocked in his heart, and he raised his eyes to look over. When he saw the content of the commission clearly, he couldn’t help but be stunned and seem to be in slight disbelief.

In the next moment, he roared with laughter, and his eyes glowed brightly as he sighed with emotion. “I never expected that after searching far and wide, I would actually find it so easily.”

At this moment, this legendary Imperial Monarch who was renowned throughout the world was actually slightly excited.

However, all the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God’s following behind Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu really understood how Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu felt.

In the past few years, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu had placed all his attention on fostering his grandson, Zhao Jiukun.

Unfortunately, even though Zhao Jiukun’s natural talent wasn’t bad, it was very difficult for it to be considered as outstanding. Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu had exhausted immeasurable painstaking effort yet Jiukun’s strength was merely ranked at the 49th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart.

Compared to the peerless geniuses like Yea Chen, Yu Jiuyue, and Luo Shaonong who were ranked at the top three positions, he was clearly too much more inferior.

Moreover, Zhao Jiukun had recently attained perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and he was on the very of breaking through into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. However, he lacked an Ancestral Dao Root of good quality.

A figure like Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu would naturally not value an Ancestral Dao Root below the fifth-grade. However, unexpected to him, he was actually unable to obtain an Ancestral Dao Root that was suitable for his grandson even after searching for all these years.

This was simply on the verge of transforming into a sore point for Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu.

This was the reason why he’d traversed numerous regions and brought Zhao Jiukun to the Treasure Exhibition. He intended to try his luck and search for an Ancestral Dao Root of superb quality.

However, to Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s disappointment, he’d actually come up empty handed after searching for numerous days.

This caused Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu to be even more conflicted. He originally intended to wait for the black market to open in order to try his luck there, yet never had he imagined that a sudden change in the situation would arise, and he actually noticed such a commission within the Exchange Hall’s Commission Area. So, how could he not be excited by this?

He was a peerless Imperial Monarch that was renowned throughout the world, yet now, he was troubled by his search for an Ancestral Dao Root for his grandson, and he’d fallen into such a state. This obviously showed how difficult it was to find an Ancestral Dao Root of superb quality.

“Grandfather, could… this be fake?” The young man called Zhao Jiukun was slightly doubtful. He was utterly unable to imagine why someone in this world would even be willing to exchange Ancestral Dao Roots away. This was simply impossible to comprehend for him.

“It shouldn’t be.” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu took a deep breath while a profound glow flowed within his eyes as his blinked. The glow within his eyes transformed into boundless profundities, and it was an extremely terrifying sight. “Look at the content of that commission, it requires some divine materials in exchange, and every single one of those divine materials are precious treasures that’re incomparably difficult to find in the entire world.”

Zhao Jiukun’s brows raised as he said, “It seems to be so.”

“Lan Wu.” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu waved his hand.

“Yes.” A Universe Enlightened Ancestral God walked forward and spoke respectfully.

“Tell the manager of the Exchange Hall that I want to meet the owner of this commission. If he really possesses a sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Root, then I definitely won’t disappoint him!” Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu spoke indifferently, and his voice carried a powerful aura.

He just happened to possess one of the divine materials required by the commission. Even though he wasn’t clearly aware if it would be able to satisfy the person, he was willing to make an exchange with other treasures, and he believed that the owner of the commission would be unable to refuse.

“Yes!” That subordinate of his left hastily.

“What? Fifth-grade and sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Roots have appeared in the Commission Area?”

“It’s absolutely true. After all, even Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu was alarmed by it!”

“Quickly! Quickly send the news back to the clan!”

“My god! This news is truly astounding. This won’t do! I must report this to the Sect Master as soon as possible. We must obtain it no matter the price!”

In a short period of less than the time for an incense stick to burn, the news of Ancestral Dao Roots appearing within the Exchange Hall’s Commission Area seemed as if it had grown wings, and it spread swiftly throughout the entire city, and it caused a mighty uproar and alarmed countless cultivators.

Presently, cultivators and living beings from all over had converged in Spiritsail City because of the Treasure Exhibition. It wasn’t just the South Sea Region, and many had even come from other regions. This piece of news was like a shocking stroke of lightning that instantly caused a mighty uproar.

For a time, many figures swarmed towards the Exchange Hall with the intention of getting to the bottom of this, causing the Commission Hall to be crowded. In the end, numerous attendants had to be dispatched to maintain order, and only then was all sorts of trouble avoided.

It was even to the extent that news of this started to spread out from Spiritsail City and throughout the South Sea Region. Moreover, it was spreading continuously towards the regions outside the South Sea Region….

Obviously, it would only take a few days for this news to draw over countless cultivators from all over the world.

The situation here was extremely bustling and shocking.

Even Chen Xi would have probably never imagined that all of this would be cause by a single commission that he’d issued.

Three days later, within the abode.

At this moment, Chen Xi was seated cross-legged while the vital energy within his entire body seethed like lava, and it emanated rumbling that sounded like the roars of dragons and howls of tigers.

On the other hand, the verdant leaf shaped Natural Spirit Foundation floated in midair before him. It glistened and flowed with strands of pure and ancient Natural Dao Energy.

The Natural Dao Energy was translucent, clear, and glistened in an illusory manner, causing it to be rather gorgeous.

When one looked carefully, a sword was floating within the Natural Spirit Foundation now, and it was enveloped by strands of Natural Dao Energy while it ceaselessly howled and droned.

On the other hand, the energy Chen Xi’s blood and soul that soared out from him had enveloped the Natural Spirit Foundation and ceaselessly seeped into it. It transformed into strands of energy that fused flawlessly with the Natural Dao Energy, and then they jointly nurtured the sword.

Senior White heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this, and he muttered. “Not bad, not bad, he finally succeeded. Now, he has to rely on time to nurture it….”

Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes. He opened his mouth and spat out a strand of divine radiance, and it swept the Natural Spirit Foundation into his body.

After a short while, the vital blood that seethed around Chen Xi’s body was restrained, and everything returned to calm.


Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief as well while a wisp of happiness suffused the corners of his mouth. He couldn’t help but stretch his body nicely before he said, “Senior White, thank you.”

“Hmph! You’re not very sincere at all.” Senior White glanced at him and was very displeased by Chen Xi’s casual attitude.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “It wouldn’t be too late for my to thank you on the day that the Talisman Armament is completely transformed into a Natural Spirit Treasure.”

“Hypocrite!” Senior White muttered before he reminded in a serious manner. “It’s best for you to not utilize the Talisman Armament arbitrarily while it’s being nurture so as to prevent the energy within it from escaping.”

Chen Xi nodded, and he seemed to be lost in thought as he said. “It takes 10 years to nurture the Talisman Armament. Looks like I have to prepare a suitable sword.”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly recalled that today was the day he agreed to meet Qian An, and he had to head to the Exchange Hall to get the batch of divine materials that he’d purchased.

“Come, we’re heading to the Exchange Hall.” Chen Xi immediately stood up. He himself desired to see if anyone had accepted that commission he’d issued.

“I’m warning you! You’re not allowed to lock me up again!” Senior White had a solemn expression as he warned fiercely. Obviously, he hadn’t forgotten the bitter experience from the last time.

Chen Xi smiled. “If you don’t cause any trouble, then of course.”

Senior White was finally satisfied. He flapped his wings and left the abode with Chen Xi.

“Young Master, you’ve finally emerged from within.” To Chen Xi’s surprise, he saw Qian An waiting there for him as soon as he walked out of the abode. Moreover, Qian An had an anxious expression, and when Qian An saw him, Qian An finally revealed a happy expression as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulder.

“What’s wrong? Has something happened?” Chen Xi frowned. He’d told Qian An where he was staying and instructed Qian An to swiftly notify him if anything unexpected occurred.

“No, no.” Qian An hurriedly waved his hand, and then he glanced at the surroundings before he said in a low voice via voice transmission, “Young Master, I came here this time because I have good news to tell you.”

As he spoke, he told Chen Xi about everything that had occurred in the last three days. Moreover, he placed emphasis on Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s wish to meet Chen Xi.

“It caused such a stir?” Chen Xi was stunned. Even he felt slight disbelief when he thought about how a mighty uproar had arisen in Spiritsail City because of a single commission he’d issued.

“You’ll understand once you head over.” Qian An said swiftly, “Young Master, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu has been waiting for three days, so….”

“You would have exposed my identity already, right?” Chen Xi frowned as he stared at Qian An.

“How could I have done that? My Exchange Hall maintains absolute secrecy of the identities of every single customer. You can rest assured with regards to this.” Qian An hurriedly patted his chest and guaranteed.

Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “We can talk about a trade, but I won’t meet Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu directly.”

“Young Master, there’s no need to worry. We’ve already arranged a specialized room for you, and it’s sufficient to guarantee that no one will be able to pry into your identity.” Qian An seemed to have guessed Chen Xi would say this, and he agreed without the slightest hesitation.

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