Chapter 1745 – North Light Region’s Lord

To be more specific, Chen Xi merely lacked 16 types of divine material before he could gather all the divine materials listed on the jade slip.

He seemed to be not far from success, but only Chen Xi was clearly aware that not matter if it was in terms of value or rarity, these remaining 16 types of divine materials were far from something other divine materials could compare to.

For example, the Prajna Nine Tribulation Bamboo amongst them had to possess an age of at least 360,000 years. Moreover, according to rumor, this treasure had gone extinct since along time ago, and there hadn’t been any news about this treasure in the Ancient God Domain for a very long time.

Besides that, the divine material, Dao Transformation Spirit Wood, was something Chen Xi had never heard of in the past. According to Senior White’s deduction, it could even be a divine material that only existed in the last era.

As for the remaining 14 types of divine materials, they weren’t much different from the Prajna Nine Tribulation Bamboo and Dao Transformation Spirit Wood.

Under such circumstances, the difficulty for him to gather all of these divine materials was obvious.

It was precisely out of such considerations that Chen Xi had provide precious treasures like Ancestral Dao Roots in his commission in order to draw the attention of other cultivators.

He’d done all of this for the sake of completing all of this as soon as possible.

Of course, if he was still unable to succeed after doing this, then Chen Xi could only head to the Treasure Exhibition’s black market to try his luck.

After pondering deeply for a long time, Chen Xi shook his head, discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and then withdrew a jade box and opened it carefully.

There was a leaf shaped object that was completely verdant and the size of an infant’s fist within the jade box.

It was exactly the Natural Spirit Foundation that Senior White obtained from Lie Yuncong’s group.

According to legend, this treasure could nurture Artificial Spirit Treasures into Natural Spirit Treasures, and it could absolutely be considered a heaven defying treasure.

At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but take a deep breath and start to carefully inspect this treasure.

It was shaped like a leaf, and it was verdant and glistening. Its surface was branded with mysterious markings that seemed like totems or the marks of the Grand Dao, and it was filled with a pure, ancient, and mysterious aura.

When he scanned it with his will, he noticed that this tiny leaf was actually even deeper than an abyss and even more boundless than the universe. It was like it formed an expanse of ‘Chaos’ on its own, and it was shocking to the extreme.

Chen Xi divided a strand of his will to investigate it for a long time, yet he was actually unable to find the edges of the area within the leaf!

This caused him to be shocked in his heart, and he faintly understood why Senior White was overjoyed. Because merely this alone caused it to be incomparable to other divine treasures.

Six hours later, that strand of Chen Xi’s will had finally stopped abruptly, and he saw a completely chaotic and boundlessly vast ocean!

The ocean water was translucent and clean like crystal, and it was suffused with a clear color that was gentle and glistening. Moreover, it emanated strands of a chaotic glow that seemed illusory.

Natural Dao Aura!

Chen Xi’s heart shook fiercely, and then that strand of his will seemed as if it was struck by lightning and instantly collapsed, whereas, the scene of the ocean he saw suddenly exploded into pieces and vanished as well.

Everything returned to normal. Chen Xi gazed at the Natural Spirit Foundation in his hand while his eyes were bright. “If I’m really able to nurture the Talisman Armament into a Natural Spirit Treasure, then exactly how formidable would its might be?”

“Senior White, how should I refine and utilize this treasure?” Chen Xi summoned Senior White and asked swiftly.

“Hmph!” Senior White revealed a cold expression and remained silent. He seemed as if he was extremely displeased.

Chen Xi was naturally clearly aware that this old bird was angry at him because he’d confined Senior White in the universe within his body when he was heading to the Exchange Hall just now.

“Looks like you don’t know as well.” Chen Xi sighed and said, “Nevermind, I’ll do it myself. If all else fails, then I’ll try throwing the Talisman Armament into it.”

“Trying to prod me into telling you? It’s useless!” Senior White glanced at him with a gaze filled with disdain.

Chen Xi smiled as he withdrew the Talisman Armament, and then he was actually about to pierce it into the Natural Spirit Foundation.

Senior White couldn’t help but cry out upon seeing this. “Stop! You useless bastard! Could it be that you intend to destroy this Natural Spirit Foundation?”

Chen Xi shrugged. “If it’s destroyed, then it is. In any case, you aren’t willing to tell me how to utilize it.”

When he saw Chen Xi’s confident appearance, Senior White couldn’t help but roar. “Stinking kid! You! You! You! How infuriating!”

Chen Xi hurriedly said with a smile, “Alright. Isn’t it because I possess lacking knowledge and can’t compare to you who’s erudite and possesses both ancient and modern knowledge.”

Chen Xi flattered Senior White in a smooth and imperceptible manner.

Senior White loved flattery, so his rage reduced slightly while he grunted coldly. “You don’t just possess lacking knowledge, you’re simply ignorant!”

As he spoke, he raised his head and said proudly, “If it’s in terms of possessing the greatest understanding of Natural Spirit Foundations, then if your ancestor, I, dares to call myself second, no one would dare to call himself the best. All those years ago….”

As he watched Senior White brag about himself, Chen Xi forcefully restrained himself from interrupting Senior White and allowed Senior White to chirp on to his own delight.

After a long time, Senior White seemed to feel satisfied and slowly shot a glance at Chen Xi before he said, “Listen well, your ancestor, I, will pass down an unprecedented secret technique to you. If you utilize it to supplement the refinement of your Talisman Armament with the Natural Spirit Foundation, then it’ll be sufficient for you to truly possess your own Natural Spirit Treasure within 10 years of time!”

“Ten years?” Chen Xi was astounded.

“Hmph! Be content kid! If it wasn’t for my secret technique, then you’ll be utterly unable to obtain any progress even if you exhaust over 10,000 years on it.” Senior White glanced at Chen Xi with disdain. “Of course, this isn’t the main point. The main point is that a Natural Spirit Treasure refined via this secret technique would be entirely similar to a treasure that was made specially for you. I guarantee that you’ll be able to utilize it freely like swinging an arm of your own, and its strongest might will be brought out.”

Chen Xi’s expression became serious.

He deeply believed Senior White. It was common knowledge that Natural Spirit Treasures were born from within the Chaos and were unfathomable profound. Moreover, the might possessed by every single Natural Spirit Treasure was different.

For example, the Overarching Heaven Net’s most formidable ability was that it was capable of capturing the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao, whereas, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall was capable of causing all Artificial Spirit Treasures to fall before it.

Even though both these Natural Spirit Treasures possessed great reputations, when it came to a real battle, they were unable to allow him to fully bring forth his cultivation in the Sword Dao like the Talisman Armament could.

Actually, it wasn’t just Chen Xi, other cultivators that possessed Natural Spirit Treasure were similarly more or less facing similarly embarrassing situations.

The Natural Spirit Treasures they possessed were clearly extremely formidable, but because the Natural Spirit Treasure didn’t conform to the path towards the Dao that they sought, it was very difficult for them to completely bring forth the might of those Natural Spirit Treasures.

On the other hand, if they possessed a Natural Spirit Treasure that fully suited them, then all of this wouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to accomplish this, and it was mainly because there were too few Natural Spirit Treasures. Thus, the amount of choices cultivators had was pitiably little.

Under such circumstances, if Chen Xi was able to utilize the Natural Spirit Foundation to refine a Natural Spirit Treasure that completely suited him, then it would absolutely be capable of causing any cultivator to go mad with envy.

In next to no time, Senior White had passed down the secret technique to Chen Xi.

“Utilize the blood and soul as catalyst and refine the Talisman Armament with the Natural Spirit Foundation as the furnace?” Chen Xi was slightly surprised. The secret technique Senior White taught him was actually a secret technique that moved the vital blood and drew upon the blood and soul. Such a technique was extremely rare, and even Chen Xi had never seen or heard of such a technique.

“Exactly.” Senior White couldn’t be bothered to explain, and he said directly, “This technique was passed down from the Fiendgods of the Manku period, so it’s impossible to explain it completely to you even if I spend three days and nights talking about it. You should just hurry up and take action.”

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a short moment before he nodded.

Even though Senior White was full of flaws, Senior White would definitely not utilize such a method to harm Chen Xi. This was something that was beyond any doubt.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and started to try moving the vital energy in his body according to Senior White’s guidance.

In merely a short moment, his entire body seemed as if it was on fire. Surging blood roared and seethed while rumbling like thunder, and it resounded throughout the entire abode.

Later on, his vital energy grew more and more stronger, and it transformed into a cloud of vital blood that shot out from Chen Xi’s body. One could faintly notice the mighty figures of numerous ancient Fiendgods indistinctly floating within the vital blood, and they were supreme, divine, and shocking.

“Eh! I never expected that this kid actually possessed such a solid foundation in body refinement. Could it be that he cultivated a Fiendgod Body Refinement Technique in the past?” Senior White couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when he witnessed such a scene, and he seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would actually gain a basic grasp of it in such a short period of time.

Senior White didn’t know that Chen Xi had once utilized the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Technique to temper his body in the three dimensions, and he’d attained the Nether Transformation Realm in it. After that, he utilized the Worldmend Technique which was pass down in the Xuanyuan Clan to form a clone of his own that truly possessed its own will and intelligence!

If it wasn’t for the sake of looking after his loved ones and friends in the three dimensions, his clone would have probably broken through into the Godrank Realm and ascended into the Ancient God Domain.

“This is good as well. According to this speed, he’ll be able to start refining his Talisman Armament with the Natural Spirit Foundation three days from now….” After he carefully sensed the changes in the vital energy throughout Chen Xi’s body, Senior White couldn’t help but nod and seem to be lost in thought.

At the same time, at the Exchange Hall.

“Jiukun, looks like we can only wait for the black market to be opened.” An old man that wore a long dark green robe, a high crown, and had a sage-like aura sighed lightly, and he spoke in a slightly helpless tone.

“Grandfather, it’s fine. How could such a supreme fortune be found so easily?” A robust young man with dense brows and large eyes stood by the old man’s side. The young man’s face was angular while his entire body seemed like a naturally formed mountain that give others a heavy, steady, and simple feeling.

“Kid, you’re actually trying to console me?” The old man chuckled. “Forget it, let’s head to the Commission Area to take a look. If there really isn’t any, then we’ll prepare to head to the black market.”

“OK, I’ll follow what Grandfather says.” The young man grinned and seemed to be extremely honest.

The pair immediately headed towards the Commission Area.

“Quickly follow up to them!” There was a huge group of attendants following behind the two of them, and there was at least 30 plus people here. Every single one of them actually possessed a cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

However, at this moment, all of their figures were bent while their expressions were extremely respectful as they followed closely behind the old man and young man. They seemed like a group of subjects following behind the emperor.

Such a magnificent array instantly alarmed the customers in the Exchange Hall wherever they passed, causing all those customers to be dumbstruck and not dare make any further noise.

The originally bustling atmosphere here became perfectly silent.

Everyone was secretly pondering exactly who the pair of young and old men were that they actually possessed such a huge array of followers. Because they were actually able to make 30 plus Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods serve them respectfully, and the customers felt that probably only the Region Lord of South Sea Region could enjoy such treatment.

“My god! It’s Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu!” Suddenly, an exclaim of surprise destroyed the silent atmosphere in the hall, and it seemed to be especially ear piercing.

In an instant, the hearts of everyone shook, and they gasped without end because they finally understood the identities of that pair of young and old men.

Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu!

The Region Lord of North Light Region, a legendary world shocking great figure that was renowned throughout the Ancient God Domain.

There were simply uncountable legends related to him, and all the others in the surroundings were very familiar with these legends. However, how could they have imagined that they would meet Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu in the flesh within the Exchange Hall?

After all, a great figure like this was truly too far away from them….


A cold and fierce gaze suddenly swept out from the group of Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods that were following behind Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu, and it swept towards the cultivator that spoke earlier. It terrified that cultivator to the point his entire body shivered with terror, and he went silent like a cicada in the winter.

When that cultivator recovered from his shock once more, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu’s group had already gone off into the distance.

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