Chapter 1744 – Ancestor Green Blood

Chen Xi’s answer was very direct and extremely blunt. It caused the old man’s eyes to be unable to help but narrow slightly, and he seemed to have never imagined that this little fellow would actually dare to refuse his request.

“How audacious! How dare you talk to my Ancestor in such a way!” A young man charged out and berated Chen Xi.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and took a glance, and he discerned that the young man was merely at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised by this. This kid is truly arrogant, he even dares to berate a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like me.

He seemed to be lost in thought as he glanced at the old man, and he thought in his heart. This pair are probably of extraordinary origin, and that’s why he dared to act so arrogantly.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to speculate about their origins. He even dared to kill the disciples from the great powers of the Imperial Region like Luo Shaonong, and he didn’t even take old fellows like Gongye Nanli and Di Yunqiu seriously. So, how could he possibly care about the threat brought by these two fellows?

Chen Xi shook his head, and then he turned around and left. He didn’t have any intention to make a fuss about it.

“You… stand right there!” The young man was stunned, and then he cried out furiously because he felt that he’d been disrespected and disregarded.

Chen Xi stopped, and then he turned around and glanced at the young man before a wisp of a chilly arc arose on the corners of his mouth. Chen Xi didn’t say anything, and then he turned around and left.

Merely a single glance caused the young man’s heart to be filled with terror, and his face froze on the spot. At that instant just now, even his soul had trembled with horror, and he felt lethal killing intent descend upon him like a sword that was pressed against his throat. It seemed like so long as Chen Xi was willing, a single thought would be sufficient to kill him.

This caused the young man to be stunned. Cold sweat poured from his entire body, and it drenched his clothes.

“Ha!” Suddenly, a voice resounded by his ears like a thunderclap, and it completely jolted the young man awake. He felt as if he’d been jolted awake from a dream, and he had a dazed expression. “Ancestor, just now….”

When the old man with sunken eye sockets saw this, his eyes couldn’t help but narrow as he grunted coldly. “Hu’er, your disposition is a bit too rash. If your Ancestor, I, wasn’t here today, you’d definitely suffer calamity.”

The young man’s entire body shivered as he said with shock, “Is that kid that formidable?”

The old man said with an emotionless expression. “How could a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God be someone you can shake?”

The young man’s expression turned gloomy while he puckered his lips and kept silent. He looked towards the surroundings yet was unable to catch a sight of Chen Xi any longer.

“Come with me to see those Martial Uncles of yours. We’ll finally be able to get a huge score this time!” The old man’s sunken eyes were suffused with a wisp of a ghastly glow. In the next moment, he led the young man along and left swiftly.

The Commission Area.

Its layout was roughly similar to the Sales Area. There similarly was a hall, and numerous screens of light were similarly displayed within it.

The only difference was that it was commissions that filled the screens, and the content of all these commissions were the acquisition of divine materials, divine artifacts, medicinal pills, and various other treasures that cultivators required.

At this moment, Chen Xi stood amongst them with his hands behind his back, and he frequently looked through the content of these screens.

Chen Xi was speechless because he actually saw one that intended to purchase a Natural Spirit Treasure with 30 million divine crystals.

Obviously, the person that issued this didn’t hold any hopes of being able to succeed, so there was no deadline stated at the end of it.

“Young Master, so you were here.” It wasn’t long before Qian An walked over while seeming as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

Chen Xi turned around and asked. “Is it done?”

“It is. You can come here to take those divine materials in three days from now. Besides that, you have a total of 300,000 divine crystals left.” As he spoke, Qian An passed a storage pouch over.

Chen Xi took it in a casual manner, and then he seemed to have thought of something. A strand of light silently floated up into appearance on his palm, and then it formed the images of a young man and an old man.

Surprisingly, it was the old man with the sunken eye sockets and the young man called Hu’er from before.

“Do you know these two people?” asked Chen Xi.

Qian An was stunned. He raised his eyes to look over, and then his pupils constricted while his expression changed slightly.

He glanced around them, and when he noticed there was no one paying attention to them, he lowered his voice and said via voice transmission, “Young Master, do you have enmity with them?”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “What do you mean by that?”

Qian An said swiftly, “If it was anyone else, then perhaps I wouldn’t recognize that person. However, I’m able to recognize this Ancestor Green Blood with a single glance. He’s from the ancient Trievil Blood Race, and he’s the third boss of the Nightbird Stellar Bandits. The young man by his side is called Hua Hu’er, and he’s Ancestor Green Blood’s disciple.”

The Trievil Blood Race was an extremely evil race, and it could be considered to be one of the ancient races. This race attained the Dao by severing the three evils within the body and devoured the blood of gods to cultivate. They were an extremely malicious and ruthless race.

Early on during the primeval times, there was a great figure that called himself the Trievil Blood Sovereign, and he’d once devoured the Blood Essence of the living beings in an entire universe overnight. Moreover, he actually succeeded in changing his fate via this method and stepped foot into the Daolord Realm in one go. This incident shocked the world and caused a mighty uproar to arise in the entire Ancient God Domain.

However, because he’d slaughtered too many over the years, the Trievil Blood Sovereign offended numerous great figures, and he was surrounded and killed in the end.

On the other hand, the Trievil Blood Race was almost annihilated at that time. Even though it survived in a feeble state in the end, it was on the path towards decline.

Up until now, the Trievil Blood Race didn’t have any place within the Ancient God Domain. It was even to the extent that once others heard of a descendant from the Trievil Blood Race, that person would become the common enemy of all, and that person would be in a horrible situation, like a rat that ran across the street.

Chen Xi had heard about all of these rumors, so he couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. He hadn’t imagined that he’d encountered an actual member of the Trievil Blood Race like Ancestor Green Blood.

“What sort of power is the Nightbird Stellar Bandits?” asked Chen Xi.

“A group of bandits that wreak havoc throughout South Sea Region. They live on plundering and murdering other cultivators, and they’ve committed countless exasperating crimes. They can be said to possess monstrous sins and poison the region.” Qian An explained swiftly, and his voice carried a wisp of bitter hatred and a trace of helplessness. “Unfortunately, all of these atrocious fellows come and go without a trace, and their strengths are extremely formidable. Moreover, all of them possess extremely cunning and cruel dispositions. Up until now, they still haven’t been annihilated.”

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow when he heard this, and he said, “So, they’re a bunch of bandits that kill and pillage. Right, do you possess detailed information about them?”

Qian An shook his head and spoke with self-ridicule. “I’m only an appraiser. However, if Young Master needs it, I can help gather such information for Young Master.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Then I’ll be troubling you.”

Qian An said with a smile, “There’s no need to say that, Young Master.”

Chen Xi smiled as he changed the topic. He pointed at the screen of light and said, “I intend to put up a commission for some treasures. Are there any requirements?”

Qian An’s spirits were instantly refreshed, and he knew his opportunity to earn divine crystals had arrived.

“Young Master, according to the rules, you only have to pay some divine crystals in order to issue a commission on the screens here. The exact amount is….” Qian An swiftly provided Chen Xi with an explanation.

Chen Xi thought for a moment, and then he told Qian An the names of all the divine materials he still hadn’t gathered and asked Qian An to issue the commission.

“Young Master, the value of these divine materials are slightly high.” Qian An spoke with shock.

He was an appraiser, so he could naturally distinguish that all the divine materials Chen Xi requested were precious treasure of the heavens and the earth that could only be chanced upon by luck, and even the lowest valued divine material amongst them had a value of over 5 million divine crystals!

It was even to the extent that some divine materials couldn’t even be valued with divine crystals because they were practically impossible to purchase normally!

Chen Xi was naturally clearly aware that these remaining divine materials were even rarer and precious. If it wasn’t for that, they wouldn’t be so difficult to find.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Don’t worry, so long as someone is willing to put them up for exchange, then the price isn’t a problem.”

Qian An nodded. “I’ll issue this commission for you, Young Master.”

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and then he said, “Besides that, indicate on the commission that if divine crystals aren’t required, then they can exchange those divine materials for fifth-grade or sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Roots.”

“What!?” Qian An was extremely shocked, and he actually couldn’t refrain from crying out involuntarily, causing him to instantly draw the attention of numerous gazes from the surroundings.

Qian An hurriedly took a deep breath and tried hard to make himself maintain his composure while the gaze he shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of surprise.

Ancestral Dao Roots at the fifth-grade and above!

They could be considered to be peerlessly precious treasures in the entire Ancient God Domain, and only top-rate powers possessed Ancestral Root Grounds that could produce Ancestral Dao Roots of such quality. However, no one would sell such treasures!

In the annals of history, every single time an Ancestral Dao Root at the fifth-grade or above appeared, it was always followed by an extraordinary uproar, and countless cultivators fought for it!

Yet now, Chen Xi actually intended to utilize such a precious treasure in a commission for divine materials. This caused Qian An to even think that his ears were mistaken.

“That’s all. I’ll come here again in a few days.” Chen Xi glanced at Qian An before turning around and leaving. He still had many things to do, so he would naturally not place all his energy on this alone.

Qian An nodded while staring blankly at Chen Xi, and he still hadn’t recovered from his shock.

After a long time passed, Qian An let out a long sigh and muttered. “If this commission is issued, then it’ll probably cause the entire Treasure Exhibition to fall into a mighty uproar, right? At that time, it’ll probably….”

Qian An didn’t dare continue on this line of thought. He hurriedly turned around and left because he intended to report this matter to the Master of the Exchange Hall. After all, this matter had huge implications, and an appraiser like him wasn’t able to make decisions on the matter.

Within an abode in Spiritsail City, Chen Xi had paid the price of 1,000 divine crystals per day to rent this abode.

“If this still doesn’t work, then I can only head to the black market….” Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground and fell into deep thought. Earlier, he’d already obtained a great deal of information related to the Treasure Exhibition from Lie Yuncong and the other demon cultivators.

The Treasure Exhibition was divided into the ‘black market’ and ‘open market’.

The open market was the streets, shops, Exchange Hall, and various other places that openly provided means for exchange within Spiritsail City.

On the other hand, the black market was situated in a hidden area within Spiritsail City, and unless one was guided there by someone, it would be utterly impossible to even find its entrance.

Moreover, even if one was guided there, one still had to pay a million divine crystals as a guarantee before entering the black market. Moreover, these one million divine crystals wouldn’t be returned when one left!

Merely this condition alone caused most cultivators to shrink back at the sight of it, and it was precisely because of this that the black market seemed even more mysterious and unfathomable.

But there was no doubt that it was the true core of the ‘Treasure Exhibition’, and so long as one could pay the price there, then one could definitely obtain treasures that satisfied one’s requirements.

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