Chapter 1743 – Exchange Hall

Spiritsail City, Exchange Hall.

Conversion area, VIP Room A39.

“Young Master, the divine materials you’ve sold come to a total of 47 million divine crystals. Please take a look.” Qian An had a respectful and warm attitude as he held a detailed statement in his hands, and he passed it to the young man before him.

Qian An was one of the head appraisers in the Exchange Hall. He was from the Crimson Tigerbear Race, and he innately possessed a pair of discerning eyes that could distinguish the value of all sorts of precious treasures in the world.

The young man before him wore green clothes, had a handsome appearance, and an extraordinary and indifferent bearing. It was exactly Chen Xi.

After he bid farewell to Lie Yuncong and the other demon cultivators, he’d directly headed to this Exchange Hall to sell some of the precious treasures and divine materials in his possession.

He’d gathered most of these divine materials during the past few years. However, along with his advancement into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, it had become very difficult for these divine materials to satisfy his requirements. So, he didn’t feel it was a pity to sell them away.

Of course, Chen Xi wouldn’t just sell away some rare and precious treasures.

As for Senior White, Chen Xi had temporarily locked Senior White away in the universe within his body because he was worried that the old bird would cause trouble for him again.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi glanced through the statement before he nodded.

The final price for every single divine material listed on it could be considered to be just. However, because he’d transacted directly with the Exchange Hall, a huge sum of transaction fees had been deducted. All in all, Chen Xi could only be said to have not suffered a loss.

“Young Master, do you have any other requests?” Qian An heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he noticed that Chen Xi was satisfied, and his smile grew even warmed because Chen Xi was a huge customer to him!

Every single divine material within the batch of divine materials Chen Xi had casually produced were precious treasures amongst precious treasures, and their value was so great that it even exceeded Qian An’s imagination.

This was obvious from the final price of 47 million divine crystals.

47 million divine crystals were sufficient to purchase a few tens of ninth-grade high-rank Artificial Spirit Treasures! Moreover, if one was lucky, it could even be exchanged for a Natural Spirit Treasure!

“No, I intend to head to the Sales Area.” Chen Xi shook his head. He did possess quite an amount of divine materials in his possession, but they were all rare and precious to the extreme, so he would naturally not sell them just like that.

“The Sales Area?” Qian An’s eyes lit up, and his fervor didn’t reduce at all. “Young Master, do you need me to accompany you there?”

“Alright.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a short moment before he nodded, and then he stood up and headed out of the VIP Room.

Qian An hurriedly followed closely by Chen Xi’s side when he saw this.

Its ability to make a head appraiser act so respectfully and warmly obviously showed how great the shock and pleasant surprise Qian An had felt from Chen Xi’s transaction from before was.

If it was any other ordinary person, that person would probably be unable to enjoy such treatment at all.

The Exchange Hall in Spiritsail City could be said to be top-rate, and it was even famous in the other regions of the Ancient God Domain.

Especially when the Treasure Exhibition was being held in Spiritsail City, the Exchange Hall would seem to become a place that all cultivators would definitely visit.

The Exchange Hall was divided into the Sales Area, Conversion Area, and Commission Area. Every single area was comparable to a bustling market, and they were capable of accommodating a few tens of thousands of cultivators.

For example, this Sales Area was divided according to type into all sorts of smaller areas for divine treasures, divine materials, divine herbs, puppets, variant treasures, and so on and so forth.

Moreover, every single smaller area was further divided into areas according to the prices and quality of the treasures. It was sufficient to satisfy the requirements of cultivators of many cultivation realms.

Chen Xi directly arrived at the subarea for divine materials under Qian An’s guidance.

This was a spacious and grand hall, and numerous screens of light floated within the hall. They were like waterfalls that descended from space, and they glistened with divine light.

Every single screen of light had the names of various divine materials, their quality, and prices listed on them. So long as one took a liking to any one of them, one could instruct an attendant within the hall to assist in the purchase of it. It was very convenient.

When Chen Xi and Qian An arrived here, there were many figures gathered within the hall. There were cultivators and living beings from all sorts of ancient races. It was rather bustling.

With a single glance, Chen Xi noticed that all of them wore extremely luxurious clothes. Moreover, their auras were formidable. Obviously, they possessed extraordinary identities.

Compared to the various stalls set up on the streets of Spiritsail City, this was obviously of a higher level. At the very least, it was guaranteed that no fakes would be sold here.

“Young Master, may I know the quality of the divine materials you intend to purchase?” asked Qian An in a respectful tone.

“Comparatively rare divine materials.” Chen Xi was unable to describe them, and he pondered deeply for a moment before he added. “They’re mostly matchlessly rare treasures.”

Matchlessly rare treasures? Qian An’s heart shook fiercely. A big spender! He’s absolutely a big spender!

Qian An’s eyes suddenly lit up while his smile grew warmer and even carried a trace of flattery as he hurriedly led Chen Xi to the deepest depths of the hall.

Only a single screen of light floated here. Compared to the other screen of lights, there were merely a few people standing before this screen of light.

Obviously, the prices of the treasures on this screen of light were clearly too expensive, and it caused most of the cultivators within the hall to shrink back at the sight of it and show no interest.

“Young Master, only a small portion of the divine materials sold here are from my Exchange Palace, and most of them come from other Fellow Daoists.” Qian An explained in a low voice. “All of these Fellow Daoists placed their treasures here and named their prices before allowing my Exchange Hall to carry out the transactions. If you take a liking to any one of them, you only have to pay the requirement amount of divine crystals before my Exchange Hall will help you get the divine material you’ve purchased.”

Chen Xi nodded to display his understanding, and then he sent a strand of his will into the barrier of light.

In an instant, the names, quality, and prices of numerous divine materials surged like tidewater into Chen XI’s mind.

It really was as Qian An had said. Every single one of those divine materials were rare and precious treasures that could be said to be matchlessly rare. Moreover, the amount of them was shocking. There were at least a thousand types here!

After a short moment, Chen Xi opened his eyes, and a wisp of light silently flashed within them.

“Violet Valiantgold Liquid.”

“Five Element Daobreak Powder.”

“Crimson Jade Spirit Oil.”

“Gold Windcore Spirit Fruit.”

Chen Xi opened his mouth and spoke the name of a string of divine materials.

Qian An was stunned, and then his spirits were refreshed while his eyes burned with fervor. He said, “Fellow Daoist… you… intend to purchase these four divine materials?”

As he spoke, he was swiftly calculating in his heart. The Violet Valiantgold Liquid is 80,000 years old, and it’s being sold for 390,000 divine crystals. If it’s sold, then I’ll be able to obtain a commission of almost 3,000 divine crystals.

The Five Element Daobreak Powder is being sold for 270,000 divine crystals. According to the ratio of my commission, I’ll obtain an entire 1,700 divine crystals.

Besides that, the Crimson Jade Spirit Oil and Gold Windcore Spirit Fruit….


When everything was calculated, Qian An couldn’t help but gasp in his heart. Because merely these four types of divine materials were sufficient to provide him with almost 7,000 divine crystals!

This was almost comparable to his wages from working painstakingly in the Exchange Hall for over a month of time!

“No.” Chen Xi shook his head.

Just this single word caused Qian An’s face to suddenly stiffen, and he seemed as if he’d been doused by a bucket of cold water.

“I don’t want only these four types. I want many others. Remember them well.”

The next words Chen Xi spoke caused Qian An’s heart that had fallen to rock bottom to suddenly twitch fiercely, and then it instantly rose to his throat. The huge fall and rise in his emotions caused him to feel slightly dazed, and his face flushed slightly red while his entire body trembled.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Xi glanced at him and was slightly puzzled.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Fellow Daoist, please provide me with your instructions.” Qian An hurriedly gestured that it was fine, yet he was on the verge of crying in his heart. My great lord! Would you die if you finish speaking in one go? Don’t you know that stopping halfway can kill?

However, no matter what, Qian An was still excited and delighted at this moment. He took deep breaths repeatedly and tried hard to tell himself to calm down over and over again.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi spoke as well, and he swiftly spoke a string of names that belonged to divine materials.

10 types.

20 types.

30 types.

40 types.

At the beginning, Qian An was trying hard to remember these names while he calculated the commission that he would be able to obtain from these sales.

However, as it went on, he couldn’t be bothered to continue calculating. As Chen Xi spoke the names of more and more divine materials, his expression became slightly stiff while the corners of his mouth shivered, and he truly wished for nothing more than to hug Chen Xi’s leg and prostrate himself in worship.

I’ve really encountered great luck today!

“Have you committed all of them to memory?” Meanwhile, Chen Xi had finally stopped and looked at Qian An.

At this moment, Qian An was extraordinarily calm as he utilized a jade slip to record the names of the divine materials Chen Xi had mentioned. After that, he took a few deep breaths in succession and said, “Young Master, there are a total of 57 divine materials, and the total price is….”

He swiftly calculated it all, and he couldn’t help but feel slightly dazed when he saw the final total. He said with a trembling voice. “It’s a total of 46,700,000 divine crystals!”

Chen Xi nodded and said casually, “Didn’t I exchange for 47 million divine crystals earlier, deduct these from that.”

All 57 divine materials were divine materials he required. Unfortunately, he still lacked over 10 types of divine materials to completely gather the divine materials he needed.

However, Chen Xi was already very satisfied because he’d utilized the divine materials that were of no use to him to obtain divine crystals, and then he utilized these divine crystals to purchase so many divine materials that he needed. It was really worth it.

On the other hand, this was too shocking to Qian An. The divine materials Chen Xi sold had allowed him to obtain great wealth merely from the commission he received from it.

Yet now, Chen Xi had bought so many divine materials in one go, and it allowed him to obtain another huge sum of wealth. When both of them were added together, this enormous gain simply caused Qian An to feel as he was in an unreal dream.

“Quickly get it done. Don’t delay and allow others to seize them.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but remind Qian An when he saw Qian An daydreaming on the spot.

“Wait a moment Young Master, I’ll get it done right away.” Qian An shuddered as he returned to his senses, and then left hurriedly.

“Fellow Daoist, what great extravagance. May we speak in private?” Right when Qian An had just left, a grey clothed old man suddenly walked over from the side. His eye sockets were sunken, and his gaze was bright and sharp like a hawk.

The aura throughout his body was faintly suffused with the aura of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, and it was condensed to the point it didn’t effuse out. Obviously, he was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, and his cultivation was clearly not weak.

“There’s no need for that. If Fellow Daoist has anything to say, then please speak frankly.” Chen Xi’s heart shook. He was clearly aware that his purchase of those divine materials had aroused the attention of this old man.

However, there were great figures maintaining the order in this Exchange Hall, and it was filled with restrictions as well. So, Chen Xi wasn’t worried that this old man dared commit ill against him here.

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