Chapter 1741 – A Matchlessly Rare Treasure

At this moment, Chen Xi felt that these demon cultivators were slightly rash.

They’d only met for the second time, yet these demon cultivators had invited him to help them appraise their treasures. If they’d encountered someone that had malicious intent, then that person would definitely seize these treasures by force.

This obviously showed that Lie Yuncong and the others lacked experience, and they’d probably never experienced anything that was too dangerous or malicious, so they seemed to be a bit too careless.

However, Chen Xi felt that it wasn’t good for him to say anything about it so as to avoid being seen as someone that tried to lecture them and cause them to feel unhappy.

“Fellow Daoists, please take a look. The first treasure is called the Seven Tribulation Bell, and it’s a ninth-grade high-rank Artificial Spirit Treasure. According to rumor, it was created by the wise men of the Marker Race, and it’s extremely profound. It’s said to be capable of producing lethal force towards one’s emotions.” Lie Yuncong pointed at the bronze bell in the first jade box and said with a face covered in excitement. “Even though it consumed almost 200,000 of our divine crystals, I keep having the feeling that it’s worth more than its price. What do the two of you think?”

As he spoke, the other demon cultivators shot their gazes at Chen Xi and Senior White as well.

Chen Xi directly shot his gaze at Senior White instead. Even though he was able to discern that this bronze bell was profound, it would take him time to appraise it. So, it was better to hand it over to the old bird by his side and save both his time and effort.

“It’s a rip-off.” As soon as Senior White spoke, it was shocking!

He didn’t hold back in the slightest and directly called the Seven Tribulation Bell a rip-off!

This caused the expressions of Lie Yuncong and the others to stiffen.

“Fellow Daoist, are you joking? All of us have taken a look at it before, and we’ve personally tested its might. It’s extraordinary indeed.” Lie Yuncong forced out a smile as he spoke.

The other demon cultivators nodded and expressed their agreement.

“Hah! Since all of you’re so sure, then why ask your ancestor, I, to appraise them for you?” Senior White rolled his eyes at them before he said, “I’ll be frank. This treasure is extraordinary indeed, and it’s a ninth-grade high-rank Artificial Spirit Treasure as well. However, its might is truly limited, and it isn’t as formidable as all of you think.”

“How so?” Lie Yuncong couldn’t help but ask this question, and he was slightly unwilling to accept it.

“Idiot! I’ve already spoke to such an extent, yet could it be that you still haven’t come to an understanding?” Senior White grunted coldly and said, “The Seven Tribulation Bell is a treasure passed down by the ancestors of the Marker Race. It’s forged by utilizing seven main materials like Phoenixcry Steel, Soultear Bamboo, Heavenly Fragrance Jade, Jadeice Core, Blood Convergence Feather…. Moreover, the energy of the seven emotions is fused into it during the forging process.

“However, even though this Seven Tribulation Bell of yours is refined from the same materials, it lacks the energy of the seven emotions. That’s comparable to a human without a soul or a plant without vitality. So, how strong could its might be?

“If you don’t believe me, then you can feel free to personally test the emotional damage created by this treasure. It’s utterly a piece of trash that was used to deceive. Not to mention 200,000 divine crystals, your ancestor, I, wouldn’t even buy it for 100,000 divine crystals.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the expressions of Lie Yuncong and the others had already turned slightly gloomy while they felt dejected because they believed Senior White’s judgment.

“That old fellow really was a bastard! He actually used such a defect to deceive us!” Lie Yuncong gnashed his teeth. On one hand, his heart ached for that 200,000 divine crystals they’d spent, but most importantly, he felt humiliated from being deceived.

“Should we go look for that old bastard and get even with him?” The descendant of the Barbaric Spirit Ox Clan, Niu Kun, spoke with a murderous air.

“Forget it, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for being deceived. We deserve to have been cheated.” Lie Yuncong sighed. According to the rules in Spiritsail City, they couldn’t only accept their misfortune.

“Fellow Daoist, then what about this Earth Sovereign Wind Light Fan? Is it genuine? This is a treasure we gave great thought over before purchasing. At that time, there were many Fellow Daoists fighting for it with us, and we bought it for 180,000 divine crystals in the end.” The woman from the Dancing Flower Race, Gu Meilin, spoke with a gentle and charming voice.

“What a group of fools!” Senior White couldn’t be bothered to take another glance at it. “All of you’re really too young. All of you were cheated by that seller’s group of hired help. This isn’t a Earth Sovereign Wind Light Fan, this is clearly an Earth Sovereign Wind Shadow Fan!”

Chen Xi sighed in his heart as he raised his eyes and looked over. Sure enough, the expressions of Lie Yuncong and the other demon cultivators were ashen and extremely unsightly.

These two names were only a word away, but the difference in the might of these treasures was like the distance between the heavens and the earth. If the Earth Sovereign Wind Light Fan was said to be a precious treasure, then the Earth Sovereign Wind Shadow Fan was a piece of trash!

Lie Yuncong and the others naturally understood this principle, so when they thought about how their 180,000 divine crystals had actually been spent on buying a piece of trash, they were embarrassed and infuriated to the point of wishing for nothing more than to dig a hole in the ground and hide.

The atmosphere became slightly depressed.

However, Senior White didn’t forget to rub salt in their wounds, and he chuckled coldly and said, “The merchants these days are really evil. However, aren’t all of you too stupid for being baited by that little bit of trickery?”

when Chen Xi noticed their expressions growing more and more unsightly,

Chen Xi couldn’t help but glare at Senior White and remind Senior White to know when to stop.

“Alas, your ancestor, I, is just being honest so as to prevent them from being cheated again in the future. As it’s said, a fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. They ought to realize their mistakes.” Senior White seemed as if he was exasperated by their failures and sighed endlessly with emotion.

Lie Yuncong was almost embarrassed to death. He hurriedly took a deep breath and changed the topic. “Then… Fellow Daoist, please take a look at this third treasure, alright?”

“Is there any need to take a look at it? With your abilities, you’ve definitely been cheated again….” Senior White eyes suddenly focused as he spoke, and then he exclaimed with surprise.

He flapped his wings and arrived on the table, and then he lowered his head and carefully sized up the dark grey piece of copper in the third jade box while his eyes flowed with divine light.

The spirits of those demon cultivators were instantly refreshed when they saw this.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but size it up with curiosity as well. The dark grey colored piece of copper was around the size of a palm, its surface was rough and uneven, and there were strands of dark green marks of rust on it. Its appearance was extremely inconspicuous, and it was like a piece of rusted scrap metal.

However, when once looked at it carefully, one could notice that it faintly surged with a strand of obscure and explosive aura. Moreover, this aura actually gave others a powerful feeling that seemed vast like an ocean and violent like lightning.

“What’s that?” asked Chen Xi.

“This is a divine material that’s born from within the chaos, and it’s called Grand Heaven Lightning Copper. Only a little bit of its needs to be added during the refinement of a weapon, and the weapons might would be improved greatly and possess the might of Grand Heaven Lightning.”

Lie Yuncong said, “This is something we purchased for 90,000 divine crystals. If it’s genuine, then it’s worth its price.”

At this moment, his words seemed to be very caution, and he didn’t dare have extravagant hopes and merely hoped this treasure was genuine. That would already be enough for him.

“Wait.” Senior White suddenly spoke after staring at it for a long time. It was merely a single word, yet it caused Lie Yuncong and the others to be horrified, and their expressions showed signs of turning gloomy once more.

If all the three treasures were treasures of inferior quality, then not to mention the huge amount of divine crystals they would have wasted, merely the face they lost would cause them to be unable to show themselves in public. Because if news of it were to spread, then they would definitely become the laughingstock of everyone!

“This isn’t Grand Heaven Lightning Copper.” Senior White seemed to have seen through everything and spoke in a concise manner.

Just this short sentence alone caused Lie Yuncong and the others to seem as if they’d been struck by lightning, and their faces were ashen. Such an outcome… was too much of a blow.

“However, this treasure is much more valuable than Grand Heaven Lightning Copper, it’s unimaginably more valuable. All of you little fellows have finally picked out an extraordinary treasure.” What Senior White said next caused Lie Yuncong and the others to be stunned on the spot, and they even wondered whether Senior White was playing tricks on them.

“This… this is true?” said Lie Yuncong with a trembling voice.

The other demon cultivators stared blankly at Senior White as well.

Chen Xi was no exception. Truthfully speaking, he truly didn’t notice anything special about it.

“It’s naturally true. When have I, your ancestor, even played tricks on all of you?” Senior White spoke with extreme displeasure.

“Then…. Exactly what treasure is it?” Lie Yuncong forcefully restrained the excitement in his heart a she asked this question.

“If I’m not wrong, then it’s definitely Chaotic Lightning Fire Copper.” Senior White stretched out his claw to pick up the dark grey piece of copper, and then he suddenly exerted strength.

Crack! Crack!

The layer of rust on the surface of the copper was blasted into pieces, and it was like an eggshell being broken.

In an instant, and extremely dazzling wisp of flames surged out along with the rumbling sound of lightning. It shook the entire room, and the aura it revealed was powerful to the limit.


Lie Yuncong and the others gasped because they actually felt suffocated.

Even Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Only now did he discern it clearly. The appearance of the copper had changed greatly. It was glittering brilliantly yet carried an ancient aura that felt like the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the earth. Moreover, the glow of lightning and flames flowed on its surface while emanating a violent and dazzling aura.

Merely a single glance caused Chen Xi to feel a piercing pain in his eyes.

This treasure was extraordinary indeed!

Chen Xi instantly determined that this was the true appearance of this treasure, and based on the aura it emanated, it could be said to be a world shocking treasure.

“Chaotic Lightning Fire Copper! I remember now! This treasure is born from within the Chaos, and it possesses the quintessence of the Grand Daos of lightning and fire. It’s a matchlessly rare treasure that’s even more valuable than a Natural Spirit Treasure!” The dwarfish old man from the Earth battle Dwarf Race, Huang Man, cried out involuntarily with shock.

Lie Yuncong and the others were extremely excited as well. All of them stared fixedly at the piece of copper while their entire bodies trembled.

We’ve finally found a treasure!

Put it away quickly! The imposing aura of this treasure is too brilliant, and it’ll probably draw the attention of others if it’s left out in the open for too long.” Senior White glanced at them with slight envy, and he sighed with emotion in his heart. A group of young people that’re lacking in experience actually found such a supremely precious treasure. Such luck is truly enviable indeed.

When he heard this, Lie Yuncong seemed as if he’d been jolted awake from a dream. He grabbed the jade box and covered it, and then he utilized restrictions to carefully seal it away. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief while revealing a satisfied expression.

The other demon cultivators were the same. The depression and rage accumulated in their hearts from before had been swept aware at this moment, and it was replaced by boundless happiness.

Even Chen Xi was extremely happy for them. The value of this divine material was so great that it was actually more precious than a Natural Spirit Treasure. He had truly never expected this.

“It’s all thanks to Fellow Daoists’ wisdom that we were lucky enough to appraise this treasure. This is 100,000 divine crystals, please do accept it.” Lie Yuncong suddenly took a deep breath, withdrew a storage pouch, and then pushed it to Chen Xi.

“It was nothing. Please keep it.” Chen Xi smiled as he refused.

“Indeed, we don’t need divine crystals.” Senior White smiled with deep meaning.

Lie Yuncong and the others were stunned. As they gazed at Senior White’s expression that carried deep meaning, all of their hearts jerked while their expressions changed slightly.

The atmosphere instantly became slightly quiet.

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