Chapter 1740 – Black Clothed Man

“Is this transaction considered to be concluded?” asked Chen Xi.

“Yes!” The old man acted in a rather dramatic manner and waved his hand magnanimously. “Little Fellow, remember that you can’t return what you bought!”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t speak any further.

Surprisingly, Senior White actually didn’t make a sound, and he gazed at the old man with a strange expression as if he was feeling pity, disdain, and taking pleasure in the old man’s misfortune.

The old man felt a wave of discomfort from this, so he grunted coldly and paid no further attention to all of this.

“Fellow Daoist, can you let me take a look at that rock?” Right at this moment, a voice that was warm like sunlight resounded, and a black clothed man arrived along with this voice.

This person isn’t ordinary! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed imperceptibly.

The black clothed man had a rather tall and graceful figure. His jet black hair hung loosely on his shoulders, his skin was crystalline and fair, his and his face was angular as if it was carved with a chisel, causing him to seem extremely handsome. Moreover, his dim and pitch black eyes were like an eternal veil of night that emanated a tranquil, ancient, and indifferent aura.

He didn’t possess a shocking imposing aura, and he was extremely ordinary. However, his entire body was suffused with the aura of returning to simplicity in the Grand Dao.

There was a simple and pretty young woman following by the black clothed man’s side. She followed closely by his side, and she held a 1.2m long antique sword chest.

As soon as they arrived, the black clothed man’s gaze shot towards Chen Xi, and a wisp of a refreshing grin appeared on the corners of his mouth.

The bustling and clamorous atmosphere in the surroundings had suddenly quieted down, and it seemed like along with the arrival of this black clothed man, even the heavens and the earth couldn’t bear to disturb him and had become quiet.

“Eh?” Senior White’s eyes narrowed as he exclaimed with surprise, and then he didn’t speak another word.

“Yes.” Chen Xi smiled as well, and then he tossed it over casually.

“Thank you.” The black clothed man took it in his hand and played with it carefully for a moment before he suddenly said, “May I ask Fellow Daoist if you can sell this stone to me?”

Everyone in the surroundings were stunned, and they acutely noticed that this rock was slightly unusual.

Especially the old man. He sized up Chen Xi and the black clothed man with a doubtful gaze, and he seemed to be confirming something.

He was very clearly aware that the Goldwave Rock was found in an ancient ruin, and its quality couldn’t be considered to be shocking at all. It could only be considered to be ordinary. After his careful confirmation, it could at most be exchanged for 3,000 divine crystals.

Earlier, he’d asked for 10,000 divine crystals from Chen Xi purely out of the intention to use the opportunity to swindle Chen Xi. However, the scene at this moment caused his heart to be unable to help but jerk. Could it be that I was mistaken? That Goldwave Rock has other secrets?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard this, and then he said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist, you have good discerning ability. Feel free to take it if you need it.”

“Awesome.” The black clothed man laughed lightheartedly, and then he withdrew a storage pouch. “I can’t make Fellow Daoist’s efforts be wasted. There are 50,000 divine crystals here, please do accept it.”

50,000! Everyone in the surroundings were stunned. In merely a short moment, a Goldwave Rock that was merely worth a few thousand divine crystals had actually been sold for a whopping price of 50,000 divine crystals!

If they hadn’t witnessed this with their own two eyes, they would almost not dare believe it.

The old man was even shocked to the point his eyeballs were on the verge of dropping out of their sockets, and he was astounded. How could this have happened? Could it be that I was really mistaken?

Waves surged violently in his heart, and it was unable to calm down.

“That’s a bit too much,” said Chen Xi.

“It isn’t. This isn’t an ordinary Goldwave Rock. Farewell.” The black clothed man smiled with deep meaning before he turned around and left.

The crowd in the surroundings couldn’t help but erupt into an uproar when they witnessed this. They finally dared to confirm that the Goldwave Rock definitely had something unusual about it.

“That fellow… has a pretty good discerning ability.” As he gazed at the black clothed man’s figure, Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. Earlier, Senior White had sent him a voice transmission that the Goldwave Rock wasn’t ordinary, and it was nurturing a large amount of Jade Essence within it. However, it was very well hidden. So, Chen Xi taken the opportunity to buy it.

Yet never had he imagined that black clothed man would actually determine the true value of the Goldwave Rock.

However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, no matter how rare it was, it was useless to him. So, he went with the flow and sold it to the black clothed man. Earning 40,000 divine crystals just like that within a short moment could be considered as an unexpected gain.

“Fellow Daoist, I never expected that your discerning ability is so precise. It’s truly admirable.” The orange haired young man’s group gazed at Chen Xi with glowing gazes, and they felt extreme admiration.

“I merely picked out something that was overlooked.” Chen Xi smiled.

“Fellow Daoist, can we have a word in private?” The orange haired young man pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke abruptly, and he gazed at Chen Xi with a hopeful gaze.

“Alright.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before he agreed directly because he was just about to look for someone to inquire about the situation in the Treasure Exhibition, otherwise, if he searched blindly by himself, then he didn’t know when he would be able to gather all the divine materials he needed.

Their group immediately left together, and only that old man remained stunned on the spot. His insides had turned green with regret, and he was on the verge of tears. Never had he imagined that after he’d been in this trade for so long, he’d actually been outmaneuvered today!

On the bustling street that was filled with streams of people moving up and down, the black clothed man and young woman walked side by side.

The young woman couldn’t refrain from asking. “Young Master, is that Goldwave Rock really extraordinary?”

“It’s slightly better than an ordinary Goldwave Rock, but it can’t be considered to be rare at all.” The black clothed man spoke casually before he tossed it to the young woman. “You can have it. I have no use of it.”

He spoke in a casual told and seemed as if he didn’t care at all.

The young woman couldn’t help but be stunned by this, and she said, “Young Master, since it’s useless to you, then why did you pay such a high price for it?”

The black clothed man stopped moving, and he went silent for a moment before a wisp of a playful smile arose on his angular and handsome face. He said while seeming to be lost in thought. “Don’t you think that young man is very interesting?”

Interesting? The young woman was stunned and extremely puzzled.

The black clothed man didn’t explain any further.

“Fellow Daoist, have you taken a liking to any of my treasures? All the treasures displayed in my stall are rare and precious treasures that are usually difficult to come by. Why don’t you choose one?” A middle aged man at a nearby stall saw the black clothed man stop moving and instantly started to promote his wares.

The black clothed man glanced at the stall, and then he shook his head. “You dare call a bunch of trash rare and precious? Yun’er, let’s go.”

As he spoke, he led the young woman away.

The middle aged man’s expression turned livid and ashen, and he said furiously, “You’re going too far! That kid over there, tell me your name if you dare!”

“Yea Chen.” Two simple and concise words drifted over from afar, and the black clothed man and young woman had vanished in the boundless sea of people.

“Yea Chen? Which Ye?” The middle aged man was stunned, and then he laughed with ridicule. “That fellow even dared to pretend to be that peerless genius from the Imperial Region’s Yea Clan. He really should take a look in the mirror! The young people nowadays really like to pretend!”

However, a trace of a bad feeling arose in his heart for no rhyme or reason, and it was as if he’d missed something.

After that, he muttered in a low voice. “It ought to not be him. That Yea Chen is an existence that was ranked at the 1st position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. I heard that he even broke through into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm a while ago, and it caused the descent of the phenomena of eternal night that covered the sky while the sun and stars appeared. Now, he’d probably enjoying himself in the Imperial Region, so how could he possibly come here?”

“Young Master, Ancestor sent word for you to return as soon as possible. He said that he has already found clues related to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” In a grand building within Spiritsail City, a old man immediately bowed and walked over when he saw the black clothed man return.

“Oh, there’s news?” The black clothed man was stunned, and then he sighed helplessly. “I just left the Imperial Region for a few days, and I haven’t even enjoyed to my heart’s content, yet I have to return. How dispiriting.”.

“Young Master, the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos are more worthy of your attention than this,” said the old man while keeping his head lowered.

“Forget it. You go prepare the carriage. We’ll leave immediately.” The black clothed man waved his hand and was slightly flagging with interest.

“Yes.” The old man cupped his hands before leaving swiftly, and it wasn’t long before he drove a black treasured carriage over.

Chen Xi, oh, Chen Xi! I finally got to encounter you, yet I have to let this opportunity slip by just like that…. The black clothed man sighed in his heart before he shook his head, and then he ascended the treasured carriage with the young woman.


The treasured carriage tore through the sky and left swiftly, and it didn’t cause a disturbance at all.

At the same time, within a private room of a restaurant in Spiritsail City.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground while the orange haired young man’s group sat in front of him.

Chen Xi had already found out while on the way here that the orange haired young man from the Flame Qilin Clan was called Lie Yuncong, and the flower demon from the Dancing Flower Race was Gu Meilin. She was Lie Yuncong’s Dao Companion.

As for the man with the head of an ox from the Barbaric Spirit Ox Clan and the dwarfish old man from the Earth Battle Dwarf Race, they were respectively called Niu Kun and Huang Man.

As for Chen Xi, he called himself Chen Xun and didn’t reveal his true name. He’d offended many great powers from the Imperial Region, so it wasn’t advisable for him to expose his identity.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xun, to tell you the truth, we’ve gathered a great deal of treasures in Spiritsail City during these days. However, we were unable to distinguish whether some of them are genuine or fakes. So, I invited Fellow Daoist over here this time because I hoped that I would be able to rely on Fellow Daoist’s wisdom to appraise them.” After a moment of small talk, the orange haired young man, Lie Yuncong spoke frankly. “Don’t worry Fellow Daoist, we won’t make you help for nothing.”

Chen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Never had he imagined that they’d actually taken him to be an appraiser.

He was just about to refuse when he heard Senior White cry out. “Cut the crap and quickly take those treasures out. Allow your ancestor, I, to appraise them for you. I guarantee you’ve leave satisfied.”

Chen Xi glanced at the old bird that acted arbitrarily, and the latter chuckled and didn’t care at all while seeming to be utterly shameless.

This caused Chen Xi’s head to ache. He suddenly doubted whether bringing this old bird along was a good or bad thing.

“Then I’ll thank both of you in advance.” Lie Yuncong and the others were delighted, and they didn’t hesitate to successively withdraw three sealed jade boxes and placed them on the table before opening them one by one.

In an instant, strands of multicolored glows shot out, and they illuminated the entire private room. It was a rather extraordinary sight that they revealed.

When Chen Xi looked carefully, the jade boxes respectively contained a bronze bell, a white cattail leaf fan, and a dark grey piece of copper.

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