Chapter 1739 – The Glow Of Treasures

Spiritsail City was lofty and ancient. It stood towering in the heavens and the earth while emanating resplendent multicolored light that shot into the nine heavens, and it caused the sky to be dyed in a dreamlike hue.

It was the glow of treasures!

It enveloped the entire city with a mighty aura that even an ordinary cultivator could notice with a single glance. Countless shocking treasures of the heavens and the earth were gathered in the city in order to create such a shocking phenomenon.

However, there seemed to be an invisible force within the city that caused all cultivators to be unable to utilize those rays of light to determine the exact location of the treasures.

Obviously, it was a form of protection in order to avoid others from locating the treasures and arousing malicious intent.

“Tsk! Tsk! What extravagance! Look at the amount of treasures!” Senior White was already clicking his tongue with admiration before they’d even entered the city. “Looks like the Treasure Exhibition really deserves it reputation.”

Chen Xi had noticed the gorgeous glow of treasures that shot into the sky as well, and a wisp of anticipation couldn’t help but arise in his heart. Perhaps I’ve really come to the right place this time.

“Black Opaque Holygold. I’ll only exchange it for Tendersoul Herb!”

“Fellow Daoists, please take a look. I gathered all of these precious treasures from Secret Realms. They’re of extraordinary worth, and I guarantee you’ll need them.”

“I’m a veteran that has participated in the Treasure Exhibition three times now. All my treasures are genuine, and I carry out honest trades with all. Fellow Daoists, why don’t you personally appraise my treasures first, and it wouldn’t be too late to choose to purchase them after that.”

“Phoenix Blood Crystal, Dragon Marked Leaf, Five Element Sacred Kingfruit, Oceanblue Divine Essence…. I’m selling a total of 300 types of precious treasure. I seek to form goodwill and relationships, and not to gain wealth!”

As soon as they entered Spiritsail City, a wave of clamorous noise assaulted the face. All sorts of shouted rose and fell, and it was extremely bustling.

In his daze, Chen Xi almost felt that he’d arrived at the mortal world.

Dense rows of stalls were set up on both sides of the wide and ancient street, and every single stall displayed a superb collection of various treasures that emanated extremely resplendent and gorgeous glows.

Streams of cultivators bustled through these stalls, and it was a rather magnificent sight.

The atmosphere was really bustling to the extreme.

When he swept his gaze towards the surroundings, Chen Xi noticed at least 100 plus living beings from various ancient races in the Ancient God Domain. A few tens of them had attained the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and there were even some Imperial Monarchs that flashed by.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but exclaim with admiration. This Treasure Exhibition really deserves it reputation, and it can even be said to be unprecedentedly grand.

“Eh, that’s the Cloud Spirit Race!” Senior White exclaimed with shock.

A ball of sky blue mist was moving in midair far away, and it actually possessed a pair of slender wings that emanated brilliant light.

Its entire body was suffused with the aura of the Dao, and it moved in an unrestrained manner. Everywhere is passed, it drew the attention of many cultivators.

It was a member of the Cloud Spirit Race, and extremely rare and ancient race. Supposedly, they were born from within Chaotic Lightning Clouds, and they’re inborn with a foundation of the Dao. They seemed like a ball of mist and were extremely indistinct, yet their combat strengths were extremely shocking.

Moreover, the Cloud Spirit Race were inborn herbalists. They were able to allow divine herbs to grow better, and the divine herbs nurtured by them were extremely filled with spirit and possessed inconceivable medicinal effects.

“I never expected that such a race has actually survived until now. Looks like they hadn’t gone extinct during the battle of the races as the rumors said.” Senior White seemed to be lost in thought, and then he chuckled as he sent Chen Xi a voice transmission. “Little Fellow, why don’t you capture that Cloud Spirit? That’s an inborn herbalist right there, and it’ll absolutely be boundlessly beneficial to you if you make it help you take care of divine herbs.”

Senior White’s voice carried an encouraging tone.

“Don’t cause trouble!” Chen Xi glared at the old bird that harbored malicious intent. “We aren’t here to tour the place. So, you better restrain yourself until we’ve completed our task.”

He was truly slightly worried that Senior White would cause trouble for him. After all, this fellow’s mouth was extremely foul and harsh.

Senior White spoke indifferently. “Heh, don’t worry. Your ancestor, I, am not a person that causes trouble deliberately.”

Chen Xi shook his head and moved forward along the street while sizing up the stalls that were set out in the surroundings, and he searched for the divine materials that he needed.

However, to his regret, even though there were numerous treasures displayed in those stalls and no lack of top quality treasures, there were none that Chen Xi needed.

This was normal because all the divine materials Chen Xi needed were unparalleled treasures, and they couldn’t be compared to ordinary treasures at all. If it wasn’t for that, Chen Xi wouldn’t have to make a move himself at all before the Goddess would have gathered all of these divine materials.

“Skyearth Rock, Lightningsoul Rock, Earth Essence Flamerock, Treasure Suppression Bloodrock, Souldraw Netherock…. My stall only sells true precious divine ore. Fellow Daoists, please look carefully. All of these were obtained by me from a Fiendgod Abyss that I barely escaped from.” An old man with a goatee was shouting before a stall, and there were numerous figures standing there as well. It drew Chen Xi’s attention.

It wasn’t the ores in the stall that drew Chen Xi’s attention, and it was those figures instead.

The person in the lead was a young man with orange hair. His pupils revealed a brilliant jade green color, and the skin on his bare upper body was branded with mysterious tattoos and totems.

By his side were a flower demon which branches that spread out towards the surroundings, an armored man with the head of an ox and two horns, and a dwarfish old man that was only 66cm tall, had snow white hair, and a pair of sharp ears.

Surprisingly, this strange group of demon cultivators were those demon cultivators that Chen Xi had met before he headed to Arambha Temple.

If his memory still served him correctly, then they were from the Flame Qilin Race, Dancing Flower Race, Barbaric Spirit Ox Race, and Earth Battle Dwarf Race. All of them were extremely ancient races.

The young man with orange hair said, “I’ll take this Lightningsoul Rock. Tell me, how much does it cost?”

“8,000 divine crystals.” A wisp of delight flashed through the old man’s eyes, and he feigned indifference as he spoke.

“That expensive?” The extremely charming flower demon was shocked. Her voice was gentle, lovely, and extremely pleasant to the ear.

“That’s a Lightningsoul Rock. It contained the soul of lightning energy, and it’s rare to come by in 10,000 years. If I didn’t need divine crystals urgently to purchase medicinal pills that I required for my cultivation, I wouldn’t be willing to sell it even if you paid 10,000 divine crystals.” The old man sighed and seemed to reveal a pained expression.

The orange haired young man and the others were slightly hesitant. A Lightningsoul Rock was very extraordinary indeed, but they were slightly unable to accept such a price.

“Nevermind, all of you seem to really need this Lightningsoul Rock, and I can’t bear to make things difficult for young people like yourselves, so I’ll sell it to you for 7,000 divine crystals.” The old man sighed.

“Then thank you.” The orange haired young man was delighted, and he was about to pay the divine crystals when a sharp voice suddenly resounded at this moment.

“Evil old fellow, that’s slightly unfair of you. If one doesn’t look carefully, this Lightningsoul Rock can really deceive others. However, those that know the business are clearly aware that it’s a horrible defect!”

Surprisingly, it was Senior White that spoke these words, and he gazed at the old man with a disdainful and contemptuous expression.

The orange haired young man and the others were instantly stunned, and their expressions were slightly unsightly.

The old man’s face sank, and he erupted with rage. “Fellow Daoist, you actually made such irresponsibly remarks to spoil my business! Tell me, exactly how is this a defect? If you’re unable to give me an explanation, then I definitely won’t spare you today!”

His tone was furious, and he seemed as if he’d been accused unjustly.

This caused the orange haired young man and the others to be stunned and slightly puzzled because they were unable to figure out who was lying.

“Eh, so it’s you, Fellow Daoist.” Suddenly, the orange haired young man recognized Chen Xi.

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t say anything else.

“Oh, you won’t spare your ancestor, I? Old Fellow, you really refuse to give up until you’re exposed.” Senior White sneered and said, “This lousy rock of yours has been polished with Lightning Crystal Powder and padded with a strand of completely worthless multicolored jade liquid, yet you dare try to pass it off as a Lightningsoul Rock? Your ancestor, I, finished playing with such methods of creating fakes a long time ago, yet you still have the face to utilize it to swindle others? You’re truly shameless.”

In an instant, the old man’s expression changed slightly, and he spoke in a grim voice, “That’s a lie! I won’t show any mercy if you continue spouting nonsense!”

Meanwhile, the commotion here had drawn over many gazes from the surroundings. All of them seemed to intend to watch the show, and it caused the old man to wish for nothing more than to use his gaze to kill Senior White.

Senior White couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to his instead, and he pointed at the orange haired young man and said, “Little Fellow, if you don’t believe me, then you can utilize the innate technique of your Flame Qilin Race, the Azuremoon Five-colored Flame, to test this rock. I guarantee that it’ll instantly give itself away.”

“Alright.” The orange haired young man nodded.

“Wait!” The old man cried out. “I refuse to sell it, alright?”

These words alone completely exposed that he was afraid of being found out.

The orange haired young man and the others instantly came to an understanding, and they gazed at the old man with hostile gazes yet didn’t make a move against him in the end.

“Thank you for your guidance.” They thanked Senior White.

Senior White said complacently, “It was just nothing. Don’t mention it.”

“Fellow Daoist, looks like you don’t know the rules of Spiritsail City.” The old man’s expression sank as he spoke abruptly. “The transactions that occur in the city are carried out through mutual agreement. As it’s said, a true gentleman should keep silent while watching a game of chess. Acting in this way has violated the rules!”

Chen Xi and Senior White exchanged glances, and they couldn’t help but be stunned. There’s such a rule?

The orange haired young man seemed to have recalled something when he heard this, and he suddenly slapped himself on the forehead and said from the side, “There really is such a rule. If one encounters a bad purchase after the transaction is completed, then one can only blame oneself for lacking in ability, and one can’t blame the seller.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “If one gained a treasure that far exceeded its price, then the seller can’t refuse the sale as well. Otherwise, it would be a violation of the rules. Moreover, once the rules are violated, then one wouldn’t be welcomed by all the sellers of the city, and a serious case might even cause one to be banished from the city.”

“Little Fellow, then why didn’t you say so earlier! Isn’t that like leading your ancestor, I, into a trap?” Senior White was exasperated as he cried out.

The orange haired young man immediately felt embarrassed, and he spoke with embarrassment. “I never thought of it just now.”

The old man with a goatee said complacently when he saw this. “Nevermind, I’m not willing to make things difficult for all of you. I’ll forgive your offence this time so long as you compensate me with some divine crystals or purchase some treasures from my stall.”

Chen Xi swept those rocks in the stall with his gaze, and then he casually grabbed one and said, “How much for this Goldwave Rock?”

“9,000… No, 10,000 divine crystals!” The old man seemed as if he was confident in his ability to earn divine crystals from Chen Xi, and he couldn’t even be bothered to conceal the fact that he was declaring a false price.

“Fellow Daoist, allow us to pay for this.” The orange haired young man spoke apologetically.

“There’s no need. I’ll just take it as paying for a lesson.” Chen Xi smiled as he casually tossed a storage pouch to the old man, and there were 10,000 divine crystals within it.

When he saw Chen Xi toss it over so readily, the old man who was extremely elated because he’d exploited Chen Xi’s wealth was instantly stunned on the spot, and he immediately felt a wave of regret in his heart. If I knew this kid was so rich, then I should have been even more ruthless just now!

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