Chapter 1738 – Tribulation Of Fate

The Treasure Exhibition? Empress Yu Che’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Presently, we lack over 80 types of divine materials. I presume that if I pay a sufficient price, then I ought to be able to gather all of them at the Treasure Exhibition.”

Chen Xi paused for a moment, and then he continued. “Of course, it depends on whether the Treasure Exhibition deserves its reputation.”

Empress Yu Che said, “You don’t have to worry about that. The treasures of a myriad of races are converged during the Treasure Exhibition, and it draws over Fellow Daoists from all over. So long as we exhaust some time and energy, we ought to have no need to worry about being unable to gather sufficient divine materials.”

Chen Xi immediately decided to head to the Treasure Exhibition right away.

Arambha Temple was situated within Logia Mountain, and Logia Mountain was situated at one side of the Ocean of Fallen Stars, whereas, a floating mass of land that was outside of ‘Putuo Star’ resided on the other side.

The Treasure Exhibition was being held on Putuo Star.

This grand event of exchanging treasures in the cultivation world had drawn over cultivators from all over the world, and it converged all sorts of treasures. It had the reputation of possessing all the treasures in the world, and it was renowned throughout the Ancient God Domain.

All the medicinal pills, cultivation techniques, divine treasures, divine materials, and even all sorts of rare and precious treasures required by cultivators could be found there.

Someone once said that so long as one was able to pay a sufficient price, then even a Natural Spirit Treasure could be obtained!

After he made his decision, Chen Xi paid a visit to the Goddess first.

“The Treasure Exhibition? That isn’t a bad place.” After she found out the reason for Chen Xi’s visit, the Goddess pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “It’s fine to go give it a try. I’ll ask Lu’er to bring you out of here later.”

When she spoke up to here, the Goddess seemed to have thought of something, and she said to Empress Yu Che who stood at the side, “If it’s possible, can you stay behind and help me look after some medicinal soup?”

Empress Yu Che was stunned, and then she gazed at Chen Xi.

It was the first time she’d met this extremely mysterious Temple Master of Arambha Temple, and she’d noticed with a single glance that the Goddess’ cultivation was unfathomable and definitely far above her own. So, even though the Goddess asked her to play the role of a subordinate that looked after the medicine she was preparing, Empress Yu Che didn’t feel that this was a form of insult or humiliation.

These words actually allowed her to acutely notice that this medicinal soup was definitely extraordinary because how could it be ordinary when it actually required an Imperial Monarch to look after it?

“You decide.” Chen Xi smiled lightly as he spoke.

Empress Yu Che wasn’t his lackey, and it was even to the extent her status was far more respected than Chen Xi’s own. If it wasn’t because of his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, Empress Yu Che didn’t have to treat him as an equal at all.

Thus, he would naturally not make decisions for her because that would be like meddling in her affairs.

“How truly indecisive! All of you listen to your ancestor! Little Girl, you stay behind! With your ancestor, I, accompanying this kid, would there be any need to worry about him failing? Senior White was slightly impatient and started chirping incessantly.

Chen Xi frowned as he glanced at this old bird, yet he noticed that the Goddess wasn’t infuriated by this at all, and she seemed to be lost in thought as she gazed at Senior White.

“Then I’ll stay behind.” Empress Yu Che pondered briefly before she answered.

The Goddess instructed casually. “Lu’er, lead them out.”

The white spirit deer appeared outside the thatched cottage and said in a warm voice, “Fellow Daoist, please follow me.”

Outside Arambha Temple.

The white spirit deer moved forward along the limestone path in the forest. However, the path it took was different from the path Chen Xi and the others took to arrive here.

Senior White couldn’t help but ask. “Little white deer, is this expanse of the heavens and the earth not part of the Ancient God Domain any longer?”

“Yes, this is a Dao Domain my Master established, and it’s called the Divine Arambha Garden. Only a small number of old friends in the world know of its existence….” The white spirit deer seemed to have confirmed Chen Xi’s identity and wasn’t as quiet as it was before this. Thus, it started to take the initiative to introduce the ‘Divine Arambha Garden’ to Chen Xi.

It turned out that the Divine Arambha Garden was a ‘Dao Domain’ the Goddess had established with extraordinary ability. It was a world of its own, and it was beyond the scope of the Ancient God Domain.

Moreover, the entire landscape within it was in the Goddess’ control while the Order of the Heaven Dao in the Ancient God Domain was utterly unable to cover this place.

On the other hand, one could only arrive here through special secret passageways.

For example, that path through Violet Bamboo Stream on Logia Mountain that Chen Xi took was one of the secret passageways that leaded to the Divine Arambha Garden.

Besides that, there were still a few more secret passageways that led here. For example, all those figures that resided in the violet bamboo forest earlier had come here from those secret passageways.

Something worthy of mentioning was that if the Goddess was unwilling to allow one to enter, then one would be utterly unable to enter even if one knew the position of those secret passageways.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked by this. It was isolated from the Ancient God Domain and formed a world of its own. Exactly how was this Dao Domain established?

“Silly kid, once your strengths attained the Daolord Realm, you’ll naturally be able to establish a Dao Domain of your own and live free from the outside word, and it would be sufficient to go against the Order of the Heaven Dao.” Senior White enlightened Chen XI with a few words. “Remember Master Xuan’s Divine Temple that was behind the Door of the Grand Dao? That’s a Dao Domain that still exists until now after countless years!”

Chen Xi said with sudden realization, “So, in this way, attaining the Daolord Realm would be sufficient to escape the restraints of the might of the Heaven Dao?”

Senor White shook his head. “You’ll only possess the might to go against it. Want to escape its restraints? How difficult is that! When you obtained the Imperial…. Dao Root on that day, you ought to have sensed it, right?”

The full sentence ought to have been ‘when you obtained that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root’. However, it was very obvious that Senior White wasn’t willing to allow the white spirit deer to find out about this, so he’d concealed it.

This wasn’t the main point. The main point was the Senior White was obviously talking about the ‘tribulation’ Chen Xi suddenly encountered after he obtained the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.

This allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that a Dao Domain could only avoid being monitored by the energy of the Heaven Dao, yet it wasn’t completely above it.

If it wasn’t for that, the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation would have absolutely been unable to descend with the intention of eliminating the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.

But even then, it still caused Chen Xi to be extremely shocked by the ability of a Daolord. Establishing a Dao Domain, avoiding the energy of the Heaven Dao, and even possessing the ability to go against the Heaven Dao. How many people in the world can actually accomplish this?

At the very least, Chen Xi merely knew of a few Daolords up until now. For example, the Master of the Manku Period, Xuan, his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, this Goddess that lived in Arambha Palace, and the Roc Daolord whose corpse had transformed into the Last Days Domain.

As they chattered, the white spirit deer had arrived atop a cliff. The sea of clouds in the surroundings roiled while violet stars floated in the sky and emanated shimmering violet radiance.

“Traverse this sea of clouds, and you’ll arrive directly at Putuo Star. When you intend to return, you just have to break this piece of violet bamboo, and I’ll come to lead you back here.” The white spirit deer held a piece of glistening violet bamboo in its mouth and passed it to Chen Xi.

“Thanks.” Chen Xi cupped his hands.

“Go on. Master has already started preparing to refine the Pill of Fate and Wisdom. Both of you must go and return swiftly. Don’t waste any time.” The white spirit deer spoke in a warm voice.

“The Pill of Fate and Wisdom!?” Senior White exclaimed with shock.

Chen Xi glanced at Senior White, and then he nodded to the white spirit deer before turning around and striding into the sea of clouds.


The sea of clouds seethed, and then it enveloped Chen Xi and Senior White’s figures in an instant.

Putuo Star was situated in South Sea Region’s Cloud Dream Universe. It was extremely large and like a brilliant sun that caused all the stars in its vicinity to dim in comparison.

Putuo Star had existed for an extremely long time, and its existence could be traced back to the period in the primeval times when all the races were vying for supremacy. It was even to the extent that numerous ancient races had been born on Putuo Star.

Recently, Putuo Star had become unprecedentedly bustling. Cultivators could be seen flying around in streaks throughout the star because all the formidable living beings and cultivators in the Ancient God Domain had arrived here successively.

All of this was because the Treasure Exhibition that’s held every 3,000 years was about to begin soon.

Spiritsail City.

It was called the most prosperous city on Putuo Star, and it was like a dazzling pearl that resided on the boundless land on Putuo Star and drew over outstanding figures from all over the Ancient God Domain.

According to the rumors, the Treasure Exhibition would be held in this city.

Presently, Spiritsail City was completely crowded. Its broad and ancient streets were jam-packed with streams of wagons and people moving about.

At the evening, an expanse of fluctuation arose in space at an area 1,500km away from Spiritsail City, and then a tall figure appeared from within. It was exactly Chen Xi.

In an instant, Chen Xi felt himself teleport before he arrived here from the boundless sea of clouds. After briefly sizing up the surroundings, he immediately determined that the lofty ancient city in the distance was actually the objective of their journey, Spiritsail City.

“Senior White, is the Pill of Fate and Wisdom extremely formidable?”

“It isn’t just formidable. Once this pill is refined successfully, it’s capable of overturning one’s fate and nurturing one’s wisdom and spirt. It can be said to be heaven defying. On the day the pill is refined successfully, the slightest mistake in protecting it would cause it to be destroyed by tribulation because its existence is disallowed by the heavens!” Senior White spoke confidently. “During the Manku period, Xuan had once refined a similar pill. However, unfortunately, his strength was still weak at that time, and it caused the pill and its furnace to be destroyed by a ‘Minor Fate Tribulation’. It would be fine that alone was the end to all of it. However, after that tribulation descended, the heavens and the earth fell into upheaval and calamity descended without end. In a short period of a single year, 84,000 cultivators were implicated by this calamity and perished!”

Senior White paused for a moment, and then sighed with emotion. “What was the reason for it? It was none other than because it was linked to a strand of the energy of fate, and it violated the taboo of the heavens.”

“It violated the taboo of fate…. Calamity….” Chen Xi gasped, and he finally understood how heaven defying the Pill of Fate and Wisdom was.

On the other hand, it was obvious that the Master of Arambha Temple, the Goddess, intended to refine that pill to help him completely suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom in Zhen Liuqing’s body.

For a time, Chen Xi’s heart felt slightly heavy, and he felt slightly unable to endure such great kindness.

“What? You’re worried you’ll owe a favor that you’re unable to return? Hmph! In my opinion, the reason that Temple Master acted in that way isn’t because she was seized by a sudden impulse, and it definitely carries deep meaning. All of you have to do is be at ease and prepare all the divine materials.” Senior White glanced at Chen Xi and said complacently, “As for everything else, would there be any reason to worry with your ancestor, I, here?”

Senior White’s sudden remarks caused Chen Xi to feel much more relaxed. He raised his eyes to look at the ancient city in the distance that was bathed in the light of dusk, and he nodded as he said, “You’re right, so long as I’m able to help Liuqing wake up, then what if I owe a huge favor?”

As he spoke, he didn’t hesitate to place his hands behind his back and stride swiftly through space towards Spiritsail City.

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